Hey brian maxwell here and i’d like to extend an invitation to you to join me this saturday from one to three at the automotive online sales master class.

Now in this online masterclass we’re going to be covering some jaw-dropping techniques that you can use at your dealership.
Immediately and watch the impact it has on your production, we’re going to be covering the psychology of selling you’re, also going to be getting conversion and closing techniques used by the top 1 percent in the industry.
We talking about the quarter million dollar a year earners and yes, there are people that are still earning a quarter of a million dollars a year in automotive sales, and you could be one of them when you have access to these closing techniques.

You’re also going to pick up some awesome conversion tactics that you can use that can take your customer.
That’s sitting on the wall, indecisive and topple them in your favor, where they’re driving home, enjoying their new ride, you’re, also going to learn how to use facebook live and youtube to create a steady stream of leads of people that are interested in your brand and are Willing to come meet with you at your dealership.
Now here’s the real picture you’re going to learn how to get your team members, your co-workers, to work for you and help you become number one at the dealership.

Don’t know if it’s possible, i guarantee you.
It is and if you’re still not quite sure, this is even more the reason why you should join me this saturday from one to three in the automotive online sales master class.

Now, here’s the beautiful thing about it, for whatever reason, if you’re unable to catch us live a replay of the master class, will be sent to your inbox of your email, so click that link go over get registered and i look forward to seeing you in the Master class over and out .

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