How To Sell Like a Champion at Your Dealership – The McDonald’s Method

Going on Brian Maxwell here and if you’re getting ready to start your day, you’re getting ready to roll into your dealership, you ready to rip getting ready to get your day started.

The only thing I want to say to you just remember this one thing that you’re going into your dealership make sure that you realize that if you had a vision of everyone to own your own business, if you had a vision of wanting to make more money, Then you had made before working a typical 905 and you really want to have the opportunity to be able to experience a little more fun and excitement more.
So in your life, when you break away when you take vacation, begin to take what you do at your store, a lot more serious thing about this McDonald’s Burger King, these are coca-cola.
These are three of the biggest companies known around the world and kids, two years old know their name.

If we took their names off the logo, everybody would know who they are, but yet they’re in front of you on your TV and on your radio 365 days.
A year seven days a week, 24 hours a day on your TV on your radio every hour on the hour.
Now these companies are well-known.

Everybody knows them, kids know they are, but yet they know that they need to stay in front of people right.
Why? Because, with all due respect, the general public has a DD with so much things going on so many things going on in our life.
It’s difficult for them to remember that you work at your dealership that you offer a particular brand, even family members and friends, that we told what we do so make sure you remember as you go in there do everything you can to make sure that you stay In front of as many people as you can, when it comes to prospecting, a lot of stores still say make your doubts, we’re thinking about like this yeah.

You can make the phone call.
But what about? If you look that person up on Facebook and send them a message on LinkedIn on Instagram or whatever the name of the game is about touching somebody and about doing things that other people that they may interact with on the sales side won’t.
So if they made it went to other stores – and you know you don’t feel like doing that – you don’t want to send them a private message.

You don’t even want to take those extra steps.
Well, if you don’t feel like doing it, the other person that they spoke to at another store doesn’t feel like doing it either and what makes the winner and what makes the loser.
The winner is willing to do what the losers, not in spite of not wanting to do it themselves, but they do it because they know that they should do it and that it’s the right thing to do so as you go in there today think positive, be Positive be motivate, don’t let a manager that might be living a horrible life drag you down, don’t let another sales rep who might be pissed that they’re, older and life didn’t go the way they wanted to go.

Drag you down, don’t let somebody else who may be living a miserable life and don’t want to be there drag you down.
If you love your family and you love yourself, damn it when you go in there do everything you can to do more than fill your space and watch what happen.
I know what it was like.

I’ve been on that floor and I sold myself and I sold my way out now I get a chance to travel all around the country enjoy different exotic places and get a chance to train to help other people be able to sell their way out and into Other things, so you can do it too, so I’m Brian Maxwell make sure if you’re not already subscribed subscribe, like the video post, a comment, if you have something that you need some help with supposed to comment, everybody that’s one of my subscribers will tell you.
I replied to every comment so please, but I do my best to reply to every comment in a timely manner, so do what you can do more than fill your space.
Think like a champion, be the champion and you’ll get the results of a champion.

I’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership over and out .

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