How to Sell Cars on Facebook for Free and Using Facebook Ads

Now I want to share with you for a minute how you can bring this all home and get people calling you that are looking to buy the product that you offer at your dealership now a lot traffic.

The one thing I train is that light traffic should be icing on the cake light.
Trapping is what has resulted in the lazy 18 minute car salesman, they’re, not even automotive sales professionals, because they just blow through people until they get what I call the lay down.
That’s that person that, whether you sucked at what you do or not you’ve got the vehicle they want for the price that they want.

They’re gon na get it simple as that, it’s not that you did good, even though a salesperson think they did.
It had nothing to do with them.
It was all about you have what they wanted.

They were going to get it regarde, okay, so making sure that not traffic yeah you’re gon na have to step out there, but you want to make sure that you’ve created an automated process, a system so to speak, to where you make it easy for people.
In your city that are looking for what you do to know how to find you think about this, have you ever forgot to call back a loved one, whether it be a parent, a spouse, a child, a close friend? Of course we had and we love these people and so the arrogance of certain salespeople at dealerships well they’ll approach.
The person on the lot say: can I help you? The person will say no and then the seller say: ok well, whenever you’re ready just come on back up here and ask for Brian, as if that person’s gon na remember they name five minutes after they left.

That is the arrogance and the ignorance and ignorance only meaning lacking knowledge of most salespeople.
They think so highly of themselves that they really believe that in the routines of everyday life, this person’s gon na remember them guess what they’re not they’re, not at all.
So you have to make it easy for people to find you.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don’t know where you are they’ll, never they’ll, never, you know get to you.
So how do we do this? Social media has really tore down or traditional ways of doing our business, and this is why a lot of the old dogs in the business and I’m talking about the guys just cannot get out of the 80s and keep bringing up the old stories and they refuse To adapt the social media, that’s why they fall by the wayside.

That’s just why they end up being moved into the service departments, start watching when you see that guy that been at the dealership a long time go from a sales for the service.

You know what that means, and this is what aren’t the respect.
They couldn’t cut it anymore and they just have been there so long that the dealership just didn’t have the heart to fire them, so they put them over in service.
But, what’s even worse is when I meet Millennials and people that are around you know 30 and 25 that aren’t using social media to drive business now, every chance they get their own they’re posting the pictures showing sandwiches snap chatting with people, but yet don’t think about Sharing that’s taking the same time to use those resources and monetize them.

So let’s talk about how we monetize those Facebook, Facebook is the number one social media site on the internet.
Right now, I think over three billion people on Facebook every day and three billions, an outrageous number, but yours people in your city.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of people in certain cities that are on Facebook, and I wouldn’t care if you’re at a Mercedes, BMW, port Toyota, it doesn’t matter.

There are people in your area that are looking for a way to buy a vehicle that you offer right now, and you know what they’re typing in on Google, where to buy a blank where to buy a good blank in the certain zip code or in such-and-such See these are the most common keyword, searches where people are looking for a particular dealership to buy from because they’ve already been online looking at some specific vehicle now it’s about which store do I want to go to so they go to the store they go to.

The website you do all of this stuff and they submit their information through the company website.
Now Italy comes in management gives it.

You know who won their more senior closer.
So might they know don’t get it done so if you’re fairly new to the business or you’ve been doing it for a while, but you having moved into that high level of respect with the management team, where they’re gon na give you any of those internet leaves Guess what create your own, or, if you’ve, been doing this for a long time you just want to create that funnel.
Do it on your own? How do you do this? I actually have a full fledge step by step system that I actually give you everything that I use and that the other people in sales at dealerships nationwide are using right now that are generating 5, 10, 15 and 20 additional sales every month.

It’s automated and you totally control it, okay and what it is it’s about.
Just knowing what type of images you use what’s the most effective wording that stimulates people and gets them going? How often do you have to post to be able to get people to notice it to respond? How do you get them into the dealership for you to learn? These types of things will probably take a few months and maybe $ 50,000.
I had to invest a little bit over one hundred and seventy thousand dollars to learn from some of the best people in Facebook marketing really what it’s about, because so few really really really know it and really grasp it.

But man is so effective.
So, let’s just give an example: okay, let’s talk about a post, now people post pictures and things a family all the time and have hundreds, if not thousands, different friends on there, but at their dealership, something simple that can be done.
It’s just by taking your phone and going out and snapping one picture of every make that you all have, so you don’t need to get every limited edition and base model of a particular maker model.

Now all you need to do is just one image you choose, which one take it put it up, put a description of it, don’t put any price on it, just put a description of it and then put a nice invitation where they listen.
Looking for great looking for great options, good credit, bad credit, no problem come see me give me an opportunity to help you drive out.
You know in a vehicle that helps you feel good or whatever it is.

You want to use us as word.
If I have many many templates available, because this is highly effective, because these people know they trust, you guess what it goes up, you put your telephone number, which not your cell phone number, but there’s our.
What you can use is a Google Voice.

Number Google Voice is totally free.
You go to Google, you better, have a gmail account.
You sign up put in your city and state it’ll assign you a telephone number.

The cool thing about it is, you can download the app to your cell phone and you can make receive calls from this number on your primary phone.
You can send text messages through it.
It’s phenomenal, but you don’t have to give out your private number to different customers that way, you don’t have to worry about anybody harassing you or anything like that.

If, if that ever comes up, so you get your Google Voice number you put your dealership email address.

Your telephone number and you post it and you post every one of those pictures, and you do that five days a week every day you have several pictures of a vehicle.
Now don’t expect this because you’re doing this only through family and friends or through natural.

What I call organic post that if you don’t pick up anything in the first week, don’t worry think about this McDonald’s, one of the most successful and biggest companies in the world in the world.
People all over the globe know them kids, two years old, know them, but guess what 365 days a year 24 hours a day, McDonald’s is on your radio and on your TV every hour on the hour.
So if a conglomerate like McDonald’s over stands the importance of stand in front of people of stand in front of people of stand in front of people, how is it possible that an individual sales person working at a dealership can possibly be that arrogant to believe that They can just put something up one time and everybody’s just gon na come running.

It’s not the way.
It works, that’s the illusion, but if your own social media start making it work for you another thing, you can do contact two or three of your good friends and family members and say: look I’m over at such-and-such dealership.
Whenever you see me post something relevant to the vehicles like it immediately formal, so guess what now your image went out to you? You got five ten different people that you know are gon na like every picture, guess what is expanded, what you’re offering to thousands of other people, maybe hundreds right in your area, now there’s a more targeted and very specific ways to put your Facebook ad in front Of a person in your city that has went to Google and have typed in that they are looking to buy your specific brand from your vehicle and they have just looked for it either recently that day or the previous night, there is a surefire way now.

Imagine how high your closer percentage can be if everybody who spoke with you know that they were looking for it did.
They saw your information on Facebook and they contacted you, my goodness, learning how to create a value, video and what you say in it.
How long it should be what it should say where you should put it, which will be a funnel stream, which is just up on the internet constantly, which is what you can target specifically for your city, for people to see that sends them into you.

There’s a number of different ways: leveraging Instagram you can post these on Instagram and targeted to a specific area, but people in this particular area to see it.
Don’t you realize that companies now they realize people don’t watch TV.
Hardly at all.

You know that everybody’s going to social media, all the companies are advertising on social media.
Remember you are boss, you’re in business, so you have to do what they do when in Rome.
So you have to be consistent.

You have to consistently put these images up you’re on there every day, anyway, take what 5 10 maybe 15 minutes to get that done, but if you pick up one or two deals a month from this free way of doing it from this way, this is this.
Is not and there’s other ways that I could show you how to do it organically, as a matter of fact, I’m gon na make that available to you, too.
I want to give you so you can know how to do that.

You can drive people doing it without paying a dime on LinkedIn Instagram and all that so I’ll show you.
How I’ll give you an opportunity to uh to check that out too.
But you want to make sure you automated get people contacting you.

They saw your value.
Video, they saw your ad post on Facebook.
They saw you that your ad on your post on Instagram, they know what you offer they’re looking for it.

You get an opportunity to either communicate with them through the so or maybe a phone call, maybe a face-to-face visit.
But ultimately the goal is to get them inside the dealership, and then I go really in depth with this, because I by me, working with so many salespeople a lot of the people that are trained.
That became twenty car and thirty car a month produced unit among producers did so by using this exact method that I’m talking about now and just skyrocketed what they were doing for their dealerships and most don’t even want to go into management because they’ll take a pay Cut um: this is how you close over 50 %, because when a person is contacting you reaching out to you wanting to buy from you remember you can’t close what you can’t control so by them.

Calling you from the house that you’re in control, which increases your probability, they know what you do, they have an interest, they saw everything that they did was solely voluntary and you get an opportunity to kind of build with them, learn a little bit about them before They come in, so you have more of a common ground.
You have more rapport as they’re entering the establishment.
Your credibility is higher because they are already familiar with.

Who you are they’ve saw your face.
They saw your social media page, they know what you do.
They know who you are think about how powerful this is alone.

This right here, being able to do this right can be worth an additional three thousand dollars a month to you alone doing just this right.
You can make an additional three to six seven.
Eight thousand.

Ah, it’s really up to you how big you want to scale it or how much you want to put it back, but you control it totally all right, also a good way for you to get people to send business to you, referrals it’s by giving them a Reason, folks, all the time just go to people to say: hey, send me some people if you got any give these cards out for me.

What’s in it for them.
Imagine somebody coming to you and say: hey, listen, paint, my house and I’ll tell you uh.

If my, if my cousin likes it, that’s insane so we’re saying, hey, go out and work for me talk to people on my behalf about coming to see me at a dealership, which is probably one of the most negative experiences that a lot of people.
You know that people think about when they, when every when they think about coming into a dealer, it’s not pleasant, they think about a horrible experience they have now until they deal with you after being on this webinar.
Anybody that deals with you from now on won’t feel that way and you’ll help change their mind, but for the most part, I’m sure some of y’all know what I’m talking about all here.

You see it, you hear it.
You know some of the things I said you might have caught yourself doing it before so you know what’s going on out there so, but to entice people to send people your way, motivate them hey.
Listen! Let me do this.

I’m gon na come.
Take you to lunch.
He got 20 bucks man.

Here’s a couple of cars.
Do me a solid put your name on the bag.
When you hand it off to anybody and anybody that comes and buys, I got a $ 50 for you, okay or I have a gift card to Starbucks or two.

I have a $ 10 Walmart gift card, it’ll be ten dollar gift cards $ 10 start back card, but the law of reciprocity to get anybody to do something for you.
You have to be willing to do it for them.

So if you want them to give you something and work to help, you make money, what is it that you’re willing to give them to motivate them to want to work for you, and there are some areas that very few salespeople ever look as far as resources To generate referrals, one that I would like to share with you that I share with the people I work with our tow truck drivers.

What is it that tow truck drivers do every day they pick up people and broken-down vehicles, and so you have a potential customer right there just dealing with them, let alone all right so make sure that you’re looking for creative ways for people to send your business And who’s in your network, who’s, anybody that might work in vehicle insurance fixing car windshields, maybe car tinting, maybe bodywork that you can get with or that you know that you all can do an exchange.
Hey, listen! Anybody! I get that coming to the dealership! That don’t have insurance I’ll, send them your way, but any of your people who get into an accident in the local area – and you know they’re gon na – be getting cut that cheque and looking for vehicle.
Why don’t you refer them over here to me and you work it that way, a biz work and that’s a win-win very few times.

Do you have to give them any money or anything because they’re making money in the business you sin and be willing to send them? Somebody first get them that first insurance, company or customer or that person who gets they windshield repair.
I guarantee they’ll bust their tail for you from then on.
Watch they’ll go hard, okay, but you want to be able to think outside the box to be able to really hone in your business you’re running a business with inner business.

You must see it like that in order for you to win, if you still see it as a job and you believe, they’re working a nine-to-five and being told what to do every hour, an hour and being sitting inside of a cubicle or tethered to a phone For eight or nine hours a day is, is your idea of excitement by all means knock yourself out, but if you enjoy the freedom of being able to interact with people, get up and walk around, you know innit laughing joking and really that’s the benefit of being In the business then take it serious and when I say serious, don’t mean I’m not fun, this business can be fun, it is fun, but the more money you make the funner he gives so make sure you apply what you hear in this webinar.
So you can start having more fun because you make it more money PS before you go, make sure you click the link in the description go over to the website.
I have some excellent giveaways for you.

That’ll help.
You immediately start closing more sales, making more money and enjoying what it is that you do with the dealership.
One is 25 closes to help you overcome the objections like I want to talk to my spouse.

I want to think about it.
Your price to I everything that you did went on the date of day.
It’s gon na be in this playbook to help you also.

We have the how-to dominated the dealership, webinar free webinar, that’s coming up online right after the first of the year.

So when you go to download your book will also notify you when the webinars coming up, you can look at it on your phone.
Your tablet, your PC, all of that you’ll, get the notifications, even if you’re unable to be on it, we’ll still make sure that you’re notified.

You get the information, but you want to be there because there’s gon na be some excellent things we gon na be going over and for those that were fully committed to making their lives better and being on this webinar.
I have something that is over $ 10,000, that I’m gon na be giving to the attendees absolutely free, so make sure you click the link go over, get 225 closes and wait.
We’re gon na be notifying you for the powerpack how to dominate at the dealership webinar.

Coming up right after the first of the year, I’m Brian Maxwell salute to you and again I’ll see you at the dealership.

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