How to Sell Cars, Manage Social Distancing, and Still Make a High Impact

What’s up game brian maxwell checking in hope, everybody’s doing? Well, a mister, the the slow reopening of the us and them as thing starts to reopen, and everything starts to to move in the direction that it’s gon na go.

You know.
I assume that since the world has changed so have the processes and procedures that were used in it change too.
So as we move back into our places of employment, whether you’re in real estate, whether you’re in retail or whether you’re in automotive sales and that’s my niche, that’s the arena that i play in, and i know that a lot of dealerships are staffing back up.

Bringing people back in because customers are still buying so now we have to learn.
How do we move forward? How do we close sales? How do we build relationships in a post, corona world, while maintaining social distancing? Now that can be done a lot simpler than it seems the process itself can maintain and be exactly the same.

The only thing that has to change is how we, or should i say what we replace certain things with now to go in depth and those things can take a little bit.
So what i’ve done is i’ve compressed them all into a free audio program? That’s available that you can click that link right here in its district in the description, and you can listen to it right there on your phone soon, as you click the link going over, listen to it and check out the ways that you can approach a greeter Customer i maintain the same impact, if not more than what you had in a pre car on the world.
What you do, when you’re going out on a demo, drive that you can still build that credibility while at the same time allowing that customer to be able to enjoy that vehicle if you’re on the drive with them or of your stories allowing people to do it.

On their own, how do you sit down and qualify where you still have that type of intimacy with your customer and maintaining social distancing? All of these things, it’s all brand new.
This has never been done before, so no one can say hey.
I got this all figured out if you have not taken the time to be able to look at the day to speak with people from all over the country like i have put it all together and you determining you, you put together process that works and we’ve Been implementing it and guess what people are getting 5 stars, as far as on their surveys, still moving units selling 2 or 3 vehicles in a day right now in a poster on the world, and you can too so click that link in the description go over And check it out, take a listen.

Only take you a couple of minutes, but I sure you can make you a whole lot of money.
So I’m Brian Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you back at the dealership over and out .

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