How to Sell Better and Be More Confident in 2018 | Selling to Survive Podcast Episode #3

One of the main things that keeps people from achievement anything and any dream or any goal they have set for themselves – is fear.

What does it stand for? Fear stands for false evidence appearing real.

What does that mean? That means that many times the thing that stops us from moving forward is our mind.

Our imagination runs wild.
It has us thinking the worst case scenario of the situation.

Yet in reality, once we actually immerse ourself into the situation, we realize there’s not as bad as it may seem.

It’s like someone has a fear of fly they’re afraid because they saw a news report of a plane crashed and it might have happened 2, 3, 4 or 5 10 years ago, and because of that they’re scared to death, they literally panic.
They shake them.
The environment and all of it, but then once they get on the plane, they sit down they get to the destination.

They realize that it wasn’t that bad.
As a matter of fact, air travel is the safest way to go the same thing.
It is we’re moving forward in our career, no matter what is happening.

Your past people may have called you ignorant dumb.
They may upset you’ll, never accomplish anything.
You might have done some things in your plans been arrested, done wrong things that people said things to people that makes you feel like somehow.

You are not worthy of success, but guess what I’m here to tell you all of us any of us that have achieved anything in this world have made mistakes, have hurt people by mistake along the way, have done regrettable things, but it’s not about doing those regrettable Things it’s about making amends form it being able to patch it up together mentally and be able to keep moving forward.
Okay, so with fear being false evidence appearing real.

If you want to go back to school, but you’re afraid of how you gon na balance, work and family and school, do it many others have done it, learn from how they did it? There’s the old proverb that says only a fool learns from his own experiences.

I prefer to learn from the experience of others, so what that means is that there are other men and women who have been through similar situations having a family raising children working a full-time position that went back to school.
So you can do it too.
If it’s for that new career opportunity, but you say you don’t have the qualifications, you don’t have the experience.

There have been many who lack the experience who lack the qualifications, who have moved on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.
It’s about beginning to learn and piece together.
The things that you can learn now learn how the company was started.

Learn the ins and outs of the position that you have right now then begin the enquire and ask question: read books to improve your skill, set all your positions and all the technical skills that it takes, and you too can do it if you’re afraid to approach That person about being in the relationship is you’re afraid of the rejection.
You want to know something.
What I’ve found is that many times the people that we are afraid to go approach are never approached by anybody, because many people feel, like you they’re afraid to take that step.

Go in the worst thing they could say is melt, but you just might say yes, so you have to understand that fear.
Monster that runs around in the back of our mind.
Can stagnate and hold your growth back begin to break three of the trains of fear and move forward? 17 years ago I was evicted on the street, with my family was bouncing job.

The job had no money, cars repossessed and everything, but I watched a video just like you have somebody will step in and help me just like.
I am doing for you and I took grab them everything they gave me.
I read everything I could get my hands on.

I invested and the resources in myself and you will do, but I one point was terrified of success.
I was terrified to make the right moves, not from fear of successful from fear of failure.

Okay, so begin to overcome that fear begin to fill your mind with the tools to help you succeed, be successful.

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