How To Sell a Car, Make Money, and Help Your Customers

What’s going on Brian Maxwell, I’m out at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge of Crestview Florida and real quick, we keep this vehicle.

It’s just this video very brief.
You know all of a sudden you got we’re, not your sales people that complain that customers are asking for the price to be dropped.
Our things are such a nut so desert.

It blows my mind that it still surprises a Sales Professional at a dealership that the customer wants the price to be Lord.
They said they didn’t like the payment or no crap.
You know.

We know that this is going to happen.
There are certain things that that are just standard in our business and an objection to prices number one, and if you haven’t done the research to figure out, why, then you might want to really pay close attention.
I highly encourage you, haven’t already go to Google type in how to avoid being ripped off buying a car go to youtube type.

It off you’ll realize there are blogs forums, groups that are created to teach people how to avoid being ripped off by people that work in automotive sales, but what’s really happening, because a lot of this information is put out there by people that were customers a lot On this crowd, okay, and what they’re really doing they’re, making the process that much more difficult for people coming into the store? Because people want to be tight-lipped, they don’t want to smile they’re afraid to tell what’s going on because they fear being manipulated.
And you know what every industry has some bad apples in it, but I will tell you this in this business.
I’ve seen to open more doors for men and women than any other thing.

I’ve been around and so they’re bad doctor they’re bad lawyer.

There’s bad athletes and that preachers, but yet the automotive industry is the one that seems to be placed on the pedestal as the poster child for scumbag salespeople are a scumbag, ripoff, artists and cheats.
So what we must do is continue to change the paradigm of the public by doing everything we can to make it easy for people to make a smart, save buying decision and do business with us at our store.

Now, how is that done? One of the key things is this: sales reps are so outwardly.
I mean so in really focused that when I see a rep that will go up and approach a customer in the first five or ten seconds say how’s your credit and do you want to buy today? That is insane to me.
Imagine yourself in Walmart, going grocery shopping, okay and you pull out your credit or your debit card, because the self checkout lines are backed up and the register is wide open.

You pull out your credit or debit card and, as you get Smike, the cashier says: hey how much money you got on your debit card.
It would blow your mind, you would freak out, like you know, or if they say how’s your credit.
What are you doing to try to not be alternate? You know, kill me and take my identity.

Why you want how much money I got and what my credit is is crazy, but there is no difference between us being in Walmart and a cashier as soon as then, we pull out our car and it’s approaching a stranger on the parking lot expecting that this Person gon na be honest with it think about yourself.
Do your family, members and friends know really how much money you got.
What your credit is? No it’s none of your business.

So imagine as a stranger when we go ask another adult that it’s invasive it’s intrusive and it increases the apprehension, it elevates the defenses and we just took three steps back and and when you sell, especially in automotive sales, the objective is to keep the prospect as Positive as possible as we progress them down the process pathway, that’s really what it’s all about, so the only thing we should be doing is greeting welcome in them giving them our name, so we can get their asking business their first time.

You all ready to see anybody, thank them for showing up and then ask them which vehicle what they like some information on, because that’s what it’s all about is information.
The only time they make an educated decision is when they have all the information and words like information are very non-threatening.

Okay, so you go through.
You get a person that you find out.
What’s going on, you go to our lab, you might get outside and you might do an excellent walk around you’re really good establish a rapport um.

Even during your demo Drive you come back and you know what their defenses go up, because they know it’s numbers time and you know what most of people do we bring them in and sort of write down at the desk and go into it.
There’s a thing called pattern interrupt and what pattern interrupt is when we take a standard or a familiar situation and we just alter it in a way that is not familiar and not common to the prospects to the customer or to the individual.
So, knowing that everybody’s ready for you to bring the right back and slap them down at that desk and start trying to sell them mm-hmm when you bring them on that demo Drive number one, you want to pull back up and have them part right next to Their vehicle and if there’s no partners base by as close as possible, because you want them to get out of that new one.

Look at that old one, either that they’re training in or that they are currently driving, but just to say, Oh, be happy to when I get into this.
That’s number one when you bring them in knowing that their defenses are.
I take them on a tour of the dealership and to the service area when you’re bringing them back in Naples.

Follow me what I’m gon na do.
I’m gon na show you where you’re gon na bring your vehicle to when it’s time for you to get a service.
As a matter of fact, as we get everything done, I’m gon na help.

You schedule your first service appointment.
All right.
Follow me back here.

Take them over there.
You know, if you have it to where you can walk in the service center, introduce them to the service manager.
Matter of fact set the stage by laying your service matters now: hey, listen, I’m gon na be bringing people back there.

When you see me introduce them in just noted their customers and I’m doing this to familiarize them and make them feel more comfortable, and do something for me that nobody else is doing which is caring, giving them a good experienced service director, the parts manager, whoever shakes The person’s hand, you know, if you can, if you can show them the bays where the vehicles go up.
This is all cool.
Why? Because nobody else does it, and it is something that your customer will have to know where they go.

What to do when they serve is their vehicle.
So you actually killing two birds with one stone.
You literally are giving them a tour and showing them where to go and you’re helping them assume ownership by hey.

Listen, I’m gon na show you where you’re gon na bring your vehicle when it’s time of you to get a service and, as a matter of fact later on, I’m gon na go ahead and schedule and set up your first service appointment for you and now we’re Assuming ownership and we’re planting seeds and we’re giving exceptional service okay, so we want to make sure we keep that in mind.
Then we want to take them back and sit them down and even prior to that ask them again hey pose.
We like any coffee or water, it’s all about the law of reciprocity, to reciprocate the more good things we can give to our customers when it’s time for us to ask for something in return, the likelihood of them being willing shoot up tremendously.

So now, when we sit them down, we go through, we present the numbers and they object.
Of course, the monthly payment is too high.

Okay, now, up to this point, you did your walk-around and during the walk around you should have touched on certain warranties and whatnot that come with the vehicle touch-tone, but now the first objection that they give you on that monthly price.

Great expected.
You know what mr.

customer, the fact that you, you know felt that surprises to our.
It just makes you intelligent, and it shows me that you know your budget I’d love to say that everybody that sits down and looks at this just jump for door joy, but they don’t.
You know a lot of them really felt like that.

That was too high, but when they found out of all of the things that they get with the vehicle, that brings tremendous value and real cash real cost savings for them.
They they felt far more comfortable with moving forward with this decision.
So if I can show you how you can get as much, if not more value out of this vehicle, and/or real cost savings, like my other customers, are you at least willing to learn, or at least willing to listen? What they’re, gon na say, no and show me how you get real savings, of course, they’re gon na say yes and what you do at that time.

That’s when you turn that paper over and say: okay, I’ve showed you the vehicle and what comes on it now, I’m gon na show you what comes with it.
Alright included with this vehicle.
You get our three year and you grab your PIN and you write three yr / 36 K basic limited warranty, not bumper-to-bumper, not through your 36 bumper-to-bumper, but the bumpers aren’t covered and three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper sounds so small.

But you get our three year, 36,000 mile basic limited warranty, and what that means is that if any manufacturer Park goes on on a vehicle radio starts working the rear, dash cam the power seats, the power locks.
Anything you call me you text me, you email me, I’m gon na get that vehicle back in here and we’re gon na get everything prepared for you all the labor costs.
All the printer costs are covered, but you keep your money in your pocket where it should be, and you’ve got that coverage for the next three years or 36,000 miles okay.

But on top of that, you also get a 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty put that pin down now the powertrain warranty.

What that means is that your engine and when I say engine I mean the block they have the seals.
The guest is all the internal lubricating parts.

If if your engine starts acting funny or you have some issues, don’t waste time, you call me you text me or email me: I’m gon na get that vehicle brought in here and we’re gon na get that into repair and that’s whether you broken out anywhere in The United States I’ll get your vehicle bronze, closest Chrysler dealership and we gon na get it taken care of for you, and you know how expensive it can be to get an engine repaired in today’s market.

Luckily, for you for the next five years 60,000 miles, you don’t have to worry about that, because I’m taking care before you, okay, we want to make sure that we make the warranties that come with it big.
So if you don’t know what comes with your vehicle – and all you saying is three year: 36,000 mile 5 year, 60,000 mile powertrain, let me explain something to you mo in in our business.

We throw words around and there’s people that dealership right now they couldn’t tell you what a powertrain was.
So we expect the customer know before I got in the business.
The only train I knew about was Soul, Train, okay, so don’t assume they know matter of fact.

Act as if they don’t and give them an hour, listen mister, miss customer, I’m sure you are familiar with this, but I’ll be doing you a disservice.
If I didn’t leave share it with you and then you go through okay, but when you’re going through your warranties that come with it, take the time to explain them, make it big increase the perceived value by increasing appreciate value, you’ll, minimize the amount of price reduction And potentially eliminated in other situations.
Okay, it’s just another fast, a fast tidbit coming at you hey! My objective is help everybody get better, perform better, close more and make more all right.

Now I did my three ways to sell cars using social media webinar.
It was a blast it took off matter of fact.
I got so much demand, I’m coming at it again, alright, so be on the lookout for that, as a matter of fact, I’ll be putting the schedule up sometime.

I have my team put up sometime win tonight.
Okay, we’ll get it up other than that, I’m Brian Maxwell.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership and if you got any questions post them in the comment but like like, like it share this video y’all.

Thank you I’ll see you at the dealership, yep .

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