How To Sell a Car – A GreanPea Guide To Selling Cars | Selling To Survive Podcast Ep #6

The first thing I want to talk about is how do we close 15 20 25 deals a month.

The biggest thing that holds people up a lot of times is that they waste time dealing with the wrong person and when I say waste time that doesn’t mean going up some money and asking them hey.
Do you want to buy right now? What I mean, when I say wasting time, means that they’re out speaking with someone without having any understanding of really what’s going on with this person of what makes them tick when you can understand.
What’s going on, as far as in the lives of the people that you interact with and that you greet at your a store, your role to the battle is halfway won because a lot of folks when they go up and they greet a person they do.

I call the 18 minute presentation, which is they want to rush through it as quickly as they can and feel like.
They want to save themselves some time without really identifying the fact that, up until this point, when this customer showed up on a lot they’re a stranger, they have no idea who you are.

You have no idea of who they are.
If they’re, not a referral of someone that sent you in sent them into you, so people go out and they greet these people and they ask them crazy questions.
They say things like.

Can I help you, which is a silly question, because you’re hired by the dealership? Your responsibility is to help every guest that shows up on the lot.
So when you ask a guest, can I do for you what my employer hired you to do and they say no you’re done anything.
You do after that now, you’re invading on your privacy.

Also any time when a person reaches walks out to a guest, and they greet them with how you’re doing that’s another mistake due to the fact that by us not knowing how they’re doing and being unfamiliar with this person anytime, we ask someone how you’re doing it Forces them to take a mental trip back through their morning, their night and everything, and so by us being unaware of what’s really going on in their life.
We may have just potentially forced them to take a trip back through every negative experience.
Think about it.

Have you ever said how you doing to somebody and they say aww stubbed, my toe? Ah, my dog ran out this morning.
I was late.
I got stuck in traffic, they got a ticket on the way to work.

We got into an argument that can’t get from they go through every negative thing and in sales.
The objective is to keep a person as positive minded as possible as we go through the process, so there’s no need to rush as part.
It’s all about greeting people.

The right way, the most effective greeting that I teach cells can so that I work with this.
You want to welcome a person to your dealership, because welcome is on the floor map for a reason you want to make people feel comfortable.

Even though a person is excited about that potential person they dread coming to deal with you.

They go online preparing to do battle with you.

Their parents have taught them how to avoid being screwed by you, so there are expecting you to come up.

There expect you to not be concerned about what they really want.

Their expect you to come up and try to overwhelm and overload them with information and try to sell, sell sell, which is why you really want to disarm this person by only being focused on greeting them.

Welcoming and hey, welcome to ABC dealership.
My name is, and you are you know finding out, what’s going on with them, are you here to see anybody else, or is this your first time here asking them? Can you write their name down gon na give it to you all the types of things that really show that you’re totally focused on that customer? Okay, so the right the first way for you to be able to close 15 20 25 deals.

It all starts in your greeting.
Who is your customer? What do you know about them? Do you greet them, welcome them to the lot, get their name find out what product they want information on and then bring them into the dealership to sit them down and ask them questions or are you walking out to people, greet them and then bounce them around Vehicle to vehicle now, if you’re greeting folks and bouncing around vehicle to vehicle, let me tell you the risk you running, that you take a person on that you just walk up to and you just greeted them to your life.
Now you start walking so you’re walking.

There’s a lot of cars, a lot of things going on they’re, looking all around they’re looking at the vehicles, there’s other people walking and whatnot.
So you are maybe asking a few questions and then you get to the vehicle, and you say: okay, you like this one wait right here.
Let me run and go get some keys.

Now you run the risk of them, walking back to their vehicle, get men and leaving or if it’s a hot day they’re out there standing in the house sweating or a physical day, they’re standing out there freezing you go, get the keys.
You come open up.
The vehicle, if it’s a hot day, it’s a sauna in there, if it’s a cold day, it’s freezing, so you never got an opportunity to set the stage and differentiate yourself from every other dealership.

They went to because most salespeople they’re inwardly focused rather than hourly focus.
So they want to speed it up and save themselves time, as opposed to slowing it down and making sure that it’s comfortable – and they know everything about this guess.
Hopefully you at your dealership, you’re slowing down you’re, taking the time to find, welcome them, get them inside.

So you can sit them down to find out what’s going on, there’s nothing worse than spending walking spending time with somebody showing them this vehicle spending another hour and a half in two hours of just to find out that it was the wrong thing.
So you want to bring the person here and sit him down find out what their problems are, because you want to make sure you can even help them.
You may not have a product that can help this person, so the only way to identify that is by greeting them.

Welcome into your love, getting giving them your name.
Getting bears ask them.
Can you jot it down? You write it down.

Finally, not only here to see anybody thank them for coming all from a business car early that way if they do have to cut out you’ve got the card.
When I see folks, their charm is old sales tactics, which is when the customer asking for a car to say I don’t have any on me, follow me inside then they bring them inside and they try to bombard them.
That really turns people off so giving them a car earlier in the process is so different and everybody else plus any event that they do have to go.

They have a way to communicate with you in the event you didn’t already get their information, so once you get them inside and you’re asking them the questions you’re finding out is.
Are you looking for new or pre-owned? Is this for business or personal use, you’re, going through your information sheet that your dealership provides you or whatever question questionnaire that your dealership provides now now that we have the information, it’s all about presenting them with a solution? So once you get that information from the guests, what they’re going to be using it for already looking for light medium and dark color, what budget range are they used to? What is it on their own vehicle they’d like to see on their new? What other digital features would they just like to have they have to have? Now you go over to the management? Now you get with the management team and you’re, giving them two set of conditions.
What they’re, looking for what they’re gon na be using it for what type of money they’re making what type of money they’re looking to spend or invest or whatnot? Now they help you identify a specific vehicle and you go and you check out the keys now when you’re, when you’re presenting a solution, a vehicle solution for a guest making sure that you have the right product that from where the features of this particular vehicle solves A particular problem, a specific problem of that guest.

We that’s how you identify if you’re on the right product, it’s not about trying to sell them a car, it’s about helping them buy.
As a matter of fact, people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
So never try to sell someone.

A car always ask the right questions so that way you can help them make a smart, safe, buying decision too many sales folks.
They want to rush through rush to rush through there’s no communication.
There’s no report established everything.

They speak about with this guest is all about the vehicle.

So if they’ve been to two or three different dealerships and they’ve dealt with the other reps, they did that’s all they spoke about was that car was the vehicle.
They didn’t ask them anything personal about them.

You know what will happen is the only way that this guest will be able to make a decision on what the best option will be it’ll be about price, and when it’s all about price, you lose it’s about finding out what their problems are.
Whether pain is who you’re dealing with who they are show them that you genuinely care about getting to know them, because people do not care how much you know what do they know how much you care once you find out putting them on that right product now, Once you’ve identified that product bring that product out into the lane or pull it up to the front of the dealership, make sure it has no leaves on it.
It looks clean if it’s a hot day outside crank that a/c on and get it going on.

If there’s a cold day crank that heat on get in there make sure you know how to work the controls so you’re familiar with it.
So when you’re short of everything you’re smooth, once you ever pulled out pop that hood okay, because the next step is gon na be to go in there, get them and pull out.
Remember presentation is everything cuz once you get a person in you find out? What’s going on and you’d have identified the product once you go to show it to them.

This is where you really can build value and, let’s face it, price is always going to be important to people, but when you’re great at building value, they’ll pay a little bit more something for someone, because they feel it’s worth it pS before you go make sure You click the link in the description go over to the website.
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I want to think about it, your price, to our everything that you did went on the date of day.
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I’m Brian Maxwell salute to you and again I’ll see you at the dealership.

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