How to Quit Your J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and start a Career – Secrets to Success by Brian Maxwell

What’s up y’all Brian Maxwell here, I’m coming at you from Carbondale Illinois.

I recently received the email from somebody because uh I’ve been focusing a lot lately on really hoping the empire power people to start thinking more like CEOs more like bosses and not like your employees.
Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying: there is nothing wrong with people going to work provide for their family, but there is a problem.
If your sole intention is you just go into that job, doing that thing and never seeing how you can take yourself to another level, maybe within that organization, but what about applying those same exact skills that you’ve been selling to that company for that hourly wage or That annual salary and figuring out how you can in turn, take your skills and empower yourself.

You see today we got too many folks that believe that if they just go work a job and by the way, Jo B Jobs stands for just over broke.
Most jobs pay you enough money just to pay a couple bills, but you got to come back the next week or the next two weeks and get another paycheck to pay the rest of the bills.
If that’s enough to cover men, we’re a career, allows you to afford a lifestyle and to build and evolve on for that lifestyle.

So nobody should be eagerly seeking a job.
Everybody should be out there career and if you have to seek a career and if you’re going to go and be providing a service or selling a service, why not figure out how you can empower yourself now? I will admit thirteen years ago.
Nobody could have convinced me to believe that I one day we’ll be running a successful training company nationwide being called in to different colleges and and by major corporations to provide sales training for their employees and empowerment, training and leadership development.

Nobody could have ever sold me that bill of goods – I’m not sure I would have believed him, because I was about as ignorant and as lazy as they come.

I too was raised what I would like to say a slave type of mentality.
Today, the only way I could provide for my family is that if I had to get a job at that job, I have to just work it every day and be there and stay there long enough to get some benefits and blah blah blah.

Nobody around me ever say: hey, listen, Brian, whatever skills and talents you have, you can par load it and parlayed oils into a business for yourself and be your own boss and call your own shots.
You know how can somebody that has kids really be proud of the fact that they haven’t pushed themselves to greater heights empower themselves to leave something behind for their kids? I heard Daymond Dad say this and he said it best.
He said that we should work for our last name and not far.

First, if you have kids and you’re not doing something to leave something behind for them or empower them where, when they get a vase to work where you can hire them or they can at least see you pushing yourself to another limit which will expand their way Of thinking and will give them the type of motivation and the confidence that they too can pursue their passion and push themselves up and can be gainfully self-employed, because the fact of the matter is majority of people that work for someone else do so because they didn’t Have a vision for themselves, people without a vision of where they want their lives, to go end up working for other people to help them fulfill their vision.
Think about it any job that anybody’s ever had I mean.
Am i telling the truth straight up any job that anybody’s ever had many times our people don’t have a vision for the old life, so they have to work for somebody else to help them fulfill their and again, there’s nothing wrong with doing what you have to Do to provide for your family, but we have to begin to begin to take personal responsibility.

Our own choices and decisions put us in each situation.
So if our own choices and decisions put us in these situations, our choices that decisions can get us out of each situation and Rome was not built in a day, taking small baby steps to learn how you could take your skills, your services that you put selling To these different companies for an hourly wage or for a yearly income or yearly salary and how you can begin to parlo parlayed owes and the business for yourself and with the internet I mean you can pretty much promote advertise and begin any business of any kind.
That you want, you may have a full-time job, but your full-time career must become your part-time job.

That makes sense, meaning you go.
Do your full-time job thing, but in your free time you want to start devoting it to your part-time job should be building your career.
That’s what it should be, your free time should be spent facebooking and texting, and watching TV you should don’t dedicate at least an hour a day to seeing how you could take your skill, set your ideas of your vision and begin to parlay doors into a business.

For yourself, if you’re, not how can we ever call ourselves loving parents by not being somebody, that’s showing our kids, hey, listen, I’m not just gon na talk about imma, be about it too many parents say do as I say, not as I do well, if we’re Not showing our kids how to get out of here and go get it.
They learn from licky minaj, they learn from little Wayne, they learn from the celebrities they see on TV, and we all know that that’s fake.
This is real life.

Okay and life can be hard, but it also could be an enjoyable.
Life is not a sentence to be served, as meant to be enjoyed so starts a date to learn how you can be your own boss.
Empower yourself show you a children, a hey.

We are creating a legacy and do something leave something for your kids.
You know make your spouse proud, be being a contributor to society, not saying you’re, not right now, and I’m not talking anybody per se.
But if you’re waking up every day going in spending 8 9 10 hours of your waking day to someone else’s business.

Providing your services and your skills imagine with the profits that they’re making over that.
Imagine what would happen if you know how to transition and turn those internally and work for yourself.
That’s what I’m saying you know Society makes people believe that you have to work a job or you have to work with somebody to provide.

No, you just have to be willing to put in the work, do what it takes and pay the price life will give.
You anything you want if you’re willing to pay the price for it.

So are you willing to pay the price? That’s not a question that you need to answer to me, but to ask yourself: are you wasn’t a paying a price and if so, let’s get started? Let’s get to it, let’s make it happen, I’m Brian Maxwell to success coach for the generation of change and again I’ll see you at the top .

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