How To Qualify Your Customers By Asking The Right Questions and Listening

All right now before we get started man so Chris, do you mind if I, if I take some notes and the reason, why is any information you share with me? I just want to make sure that everything you say is accurate, because it’s very important is that cool? Yes, all right! So Chris imagine man are you looking for something for business or for personal use, the toy? So when you say to it, meaning what so you’re gon na build it, so you want to buy a new vehicle to build okay, so help me understand better, because I know you said the toy and you said, build and we’re talking about new.

So to make sure to them, sometimes I’m my comprehensive level could be a little off so now help me understand what is you’re saying.
Are you looking to buy something new to tear it down to rebuild it? Are you looking to buy something new as a toy Sunday before just for pleasure for pleasure? Okay, so will you be riding it? Yes? Will it be a daily driver? No okay.

What type of things would you plan on doing with really Oh sweetie? So then we have all given racing, but actually just want to start doing this.

What made you get into that watching? Dale Earnhardt jr.
away, no, my buddy milk to the track now saying it’s cool and the speed does gattie with the smell of the rubber.

What was it they got? The dress we get in the car was a determine arrest and on the side, how fast did you guys get up to okay? So where do y’all reset out here? Oh sweet, so up in the master, so you looking for a toy.
You want to get that you gon na, be doing some drag racing in it.
Oh there’s a money on the line with those races, y’all pay for pink slips Racing for slips either than that.

Okay, man, Emily that’s on me for somebody like yourself really.
I just want to say my hats off to you not too many people who come in here and even consider buying a new vehicle as a toy that they gon na get out there and race it.
So it says a lot about you.

Whatever work, do you do me this day? Really you buy my cell build remodel.
Okay, I want you been doing it five years well made you get into remodeling home and was that something you thought about as a kid either did you kind of evolved that as a man did you go to school for that I’ll start doing structures in the Duct work and AC work all kinds of stuff, and then I decided you know I was a commercial building decided go into residential areas, and so then that’s what I got my certification.
That’s awesome now any of the commercial properties that you did anything that I’ll be familiar with.

I did a lot of things on the Air Force Base with all the dorms over there.
You know it again for somebody like yourself to take your skill, your services, in your time, to give back to our men and women of the Armed Forces.
My hat is off to you.

I shake your hand again for that brother um.
So, as far as with this particular vehicle, okay, are you looking for a light, medium or dark color vehicle for you to get out there and tear tear the guys up on the track? Um.
I want some kind of crazy color.

Oh, you know crazy color.
Now you know no orange, so I’ll kind of a metallic sheriff, okay, so a metallic, so that will be considered light all the way through dark.
You just become as long as it lands black or a white.

Some Plain, Jane how’d.
You come up with a mixed combination like that, for you so try the green truck.

Let me ask you a question about that round, because I get a lot of questions on that people asking what you’re showing really are you interested in selling there Chris, because I get a lot of people asking and they maybe just student buying that, from you looked Over 100, really so to and from the site see why now do you own the company? How do you work for the company really new all day for five years of employees? Yeah just me my brother Wow, so it’s a family business.
How big is your family Wow now, as far as in your now? That’s your family family, and what about your immediate family? Anybody in the household that that may be coming out to check you out at the drag races or you kind of just out there running free as a as a single man.
Fiance really, oh think about popping that question soon.

No, how long really good three three years? What’s her name Kristen now you know that, and you know they say everything happens in threes, never three years.
She call me, as you put that ring on finger, especially people might be out there potentially risking your life on that track.
What would you know Sam when you think about doing that anytime soon? Well, what time’s, right and as far as children, you and Christian fortunate enough to have any children or did you girls really, but we don’t have any kids together, just bringing together the family of the family? Oh, what’s your daughter’s name, yeah Jamie and what’s her daughter’s name, hey Jay, Lee and Kylie? How old are they one’s for one’s 10 Wow? Our take is pretty close, yeah actually very close.

Okay, do they ever hang out with dad and go to our mom and go to any of the construction sites or anything just so you are you doing that work yourself.
I mean what is that like to be able to handle your home remodels and do all that yourself would happen to do what somebody like me, who doesn’t have the skills that you have that has to pay somebody to get that done.
It’s fun! I love doing things one of my hands just watching something come from nothing, that’s something things changed, seeing something changes the disagrees, my hands off to you.

What did you do prior to that prior to starting your construction? Coming? That’s what kind of local gas station wow! That’s a huge transition, so someone just offered me a job one day.
I see no I’ll, try it and that’s when I started doing all that, so you went from a little gas station to work in the job, and so when did you start the company? No next about five years ago, I just kind of started to do inside side works, develop enough money, and then i started doing so.
It’s definitely a stage.

How long did you work for somebody else build an upside money? I worked with this company called Sampson for about two years, so a next round to keep it in the business for five.
You work for someone into two, but you’ve been independent for three still commendable.
People like you, help stimulate small business, big time um.

So let me ask you this: as far as up is there anybody else? You know you find something: that’s got that metallic coat you’re gon na get it out there on that track.
It look good.
It goes fast.

Who else is gon na be helping you make a decision on what’s the best vehicle for you to drag race? No one cuz, I’m Anna.
Do you not have an account saying that we’ve already talked about everything about a year six months now, so she knows where you are right now yeah.

So you are the judge in the jury, excellent commendable and then they say: happy wife, happy life.

Every man, good man, yeah yeah, smart move.
I thought the man asked you a question um.
As far as on your appeal originally racing what particular feature, maybe you might have in your RAM or that you just say you know Brian, for this thing, to do what I needed to do.

I needed to have this what particular features or things included on vehicle.
You said man I need to have this in order to be competitive, I want the biggest v8, and now I don’t need the Hellcat motor to have any of my research.

Well I’ll need the help.

I don’t want the five-seven.
Oh, what you know something like I heard you say: research again kudos to you.
I wish more people would jump online.

Do some research before they came in it will make it that much smoother.
So talking to somebody, that’s intelligent.
That knows, what’s going on, makes this a lot easier for you on any other need that you can think about.

Did you say man I got ta have this in there? I don’t need a whole lot of teachers.
I mean I do like the 1/4 screen.
I mean even though I’ll be dragging this more often back somewhat.

Take it on the road yeah for me, milady, whatever dig, but Clough is fine.
I don’t need anything anything crazy inside if it has love their great.
Evidently, that’s how the deal breaker 120 hundred forty hundred sixty miles an hour.

I don’t know how much time you’d have to actually look at the TV screen, but you know still having it gets good show.
Now you plan on, like you know, really spicing this thing up, throwing some nice on there and whatnot to get it where it goes up.
What type of renovations you plan I’m doing it to be competitive, of course, exhausting and new cans mmm.

But I don’t like nitrous I just too much for me.
It scared a little bit.
They have a supercharger on there as well, but I do like the bigger motor just because of how big it is.

The horsepower I mean, I think, if you build something more specific videos now tell me most definitely definitely now those were the needs right and what would you say you know if I have your kicks and giggles, not even sure if this is possible, whether if you Could wave a wand and you can get something that you wanted on there? What would that be? I feel like a hawk eating, cold seas.
Thing I can see the Vinny is hot yeah, it’s hot yeah.
A lot of my most of my customer came in about that same theater, just like you being in Florida.

Their biggest thing was heated and cooled seats.
As a matter of fact, one person I knew who made a decision to buy a vehicle that we had it was a pre-owned strictly because they had heated and cooling cupholders so that way, when they didn’t want to drink, they couldn’t finish their coffee in 15 minutes.
It’s staying warm if they didn’t drink their pop in 15 minutes and I smells it is still staying cool so again, man.

That knows what you want anything else that you could pick up on if you wave that magic wan na know really just like you know what the LED lighting and everything like that, when is the the next time that the races are gon na, be the one That you may consider being it.
I don’t know what I want to no longer practice developing having a good time with it.
So whenever I feel comfortable down ready to own the stakes we go, I really want to start working on our reason why I don’t want to pre-owned because I’m a person before – but I told you it, especially if you’re gon na be out there – you don’t want To you know pick up somebody else’s problems whatsoever now how soon you think you gon na start practicing and getting your skills right.

Okay, I mean they’re just for us weight to be able without you want to get started practicing.
Let’s put this problem: okay, so they get it.
They get that now.

As far as your monthly budget now most of the people I deal with that, come in just like you live a full vehicle for whatever particular reason they share with me, which I really do appreciate.
He said that you know Ryan.
When we came in, we had an initial a specific monthly budget in mind that they we’re looking at you know.

Sarah are hoping to stay on, but when they drove home, then that are spending a little bit extra, because the vehicle bought a far more value that they have never noticed and provided them with real hard cash savings.
So what type of monthly budget are you talking statement? I really have a monthly budget.

I know that I don’t want to too high, so sixty seventy thousand sixty seventy thousand excellent and as far as a where 60 $ 70,000, I totally get that and just like my other customers, they have a specific monthly but at least try to stay around.

Nobody knows your budget, like you, so give me some type of rain where you hoping to keep your monthly budget far as on your your RAM, what do you watch a depends on that? What were your famous previously so look man? You should somebody short-term! You hear some of the things I heard from other people so backed up on the bag, because those those are fairly good right there.
As far as your initial investment.

Now let me explain most lenders what they’ve been asking people today is they’d like to see a 20 percent.
Now we realize – and I know that that can be challenging for a lot of people – twenty percent of a sixty seventy thousand dollar vehicle.
So what type of initial investment were you hoping comfortable now as far as anything else that you feel would be important for me to know that you know as far as way to select your option is there anything else? That’s important to you that you feel is important.

That house, you know okay, what I’d like to do.
Cuz, I’m gon na recap this with you real, quick, just to make sure on the same cake, you’re gon na be getting out there.
You’re gon na be drag racing, ripping it up now putting money in or the pink slip.

But you want to get your practice on first and preferably as quick as possible, you’re looking for a metallic type of color or just something that combines different colorations when the light hits it so we ranging from light to dark in essence, as far as you looking For heating and cooling see few like the v8, the 6.
4 liter engine um the LED lights.
You really did like those you’d like to see those on the vehicle and the 8.

4 inch screen that, hopefully you won’t be watching while you’re riding on the road.

But if you’re sitting up relaxing or if you are got you Beyonce Kristen in the car or you guys, Jenny here or Kylie in the car, they can at least watch it and enjoy it.
You know your monthly budget you’re looking to stay nine hundred dollars and as far as your initial investment, ten thousand okay, is there again anything else that I may have mister that you’d like to add on it needs to be a standard.

I’m sorry it needs to be you save it.
Okay! Well! Here’s I’m gon na do! Okay, because I know, as you saw, we had several options but based on the description you gave, I believe we may have the exact charge out there for you, but here’s what I’m gon na do.
Okay, before I start telling your body keep you all excited, I wan na go make sure you’re still available cuz.

I do know we had a couple people asking about it this morning and I’m going to get you all excited may come find out that somebody’s out to stake claim to it.
So I’m gon na go check on that.
I’m also gon na get with my manager.

I want to make sure that any information any questions that uh you know I may have that their answers to make this the best option available for you in the meantime.
Would you like any coffee or water? Okay, so I’m gon na get the vehicle to dissipate.

I’m gon na get it pulled up pulled around for you and I step on look at.

Let me do this as if we’re going out to look at it, I’m gon na get a copy of your driver’s license.
That way.
If you like it, we want to take it for a quick spin.

We don’t have to come all the way back in to get that done.
Okay, let me get a copy of dramatizing.
Hummel run the data .

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