How to Qualify Your Customer at the Dealership – Automotive Sales 3.0

All right, I have a deep mind if I take some notes.

Okay, I want to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything that you’re talking about, because I saw the port and you’re interested in the freeze.

What model of prey are you interested? What is it about? The priest? Wasn’t strictly the gas mileage their car to attention, or were there some additional features and benefits about it that you really like so gas mileage is extremely important.
What sallim ala jami’a can be time for a change, especially something like the Prius we’ve got such a huge gap in there.

I want the biggest reason that people come in and they buy degrees is the tremendous savings that they get on gas mileage.
So I could totally see that now you looking for a light medium or dark colored vehicle I’d like other and what basic equipment, or are you looking for your Prius to have GPS sound system Bowl system or beats by dre? Okay, now are you using this Prius for personal use, or is this your business view? Okay, how long you’ve been doing that? You know what made you get into pharmaceutical sales, so that’s something that you just always had a understand our well, you just talented communicator and somebody recruited you it how’d you get started to make.
Did you go to college premises? Yes, listen! What’s good, you go to what stay so you’re super, throw it through all right all right, but Silva knows: okay, excellent and our nice air, for business and for personal.

Are you the only person who’s gon na, be driving this vehicle, or is there someone else? Okay, all right now is there.
Anyone else needed to be here, just in the event that we find something you like, you need to have smiles here to be comfortable making.
That decision say the buck stops with you, okay.

Now, what what’s your monthly paper that you’re making on the vehicle that you drove it, did you buy a new or used now? Is there anything in your previous credit history that may prevent us from using one of our primary letters and what were you hoping to keep your monthly budget around on this particular vehicle for fifty up to what okay, now that beautiful, that you wrote in on a Nice, video cool, I mean I’ll, say right now, we’d be totally interested in buying it.
Are you looking at? Are you looking to sell it? Alright? Well, listen! Here’s! What I want to do! The good news is based on the information that you told me.
I’m sure that we have a Prius, that’s gon na fit all the parameters that you were looking for.

But what I like to do is: is I’m gon na go and run? I won’t for a.
I want to make sure the vehicles available and I’m be coming back and forth, and I’m gon na give managers and I’m gon na make sure all of your questions answer and get that vehicle pulled up and around.
So you can at least take a look at okay, not in the meantime, while I’m getting up like Annie coffee water, your popcorn anything like that water, okay, I’ll get to what you want one or two.

Okay, all right! I’m gon na go check on that.
I’ll bring you to water and I’ll, be right back: okay, .

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