How to Qualify Customers Buying a Car

I think I ought to take down some notes.

Man, everything you say, doesn’t make sure I have everything.
Actually, okay, that’s all it was a camera all right.
Now we doing your wife and I bought back at you all.

I have to do any on negotiating a little bit back, afford to make sure you got the numbers that you wanted.
One person actually did it started window ship.
Where were you living around? We went around with the after about 30 days, couldn’t get it the after that we wanted.

We reached out for someone, someone else or related one, so we left there became we can’t slide out.
We got Slidell because, unless you’ve your process, we were negotiating, they were working with us as we lay down.
They went down with a speed like they just even with flow thing and allowed us to be caulking along and making a purchase.

Man, not a person that, where you did all you go, she ate them in the back and for for three days.
How enjoyable is that another way, two hours, not not doing anything? Why why you drive around had other salesmen, they weren’t doing things that happen is all for something we let’s just sit there.
While you deal with something else, I mean I’m going to tell you some that you probably already know um.

The automotive industry has been able to aggravate and upset millions of Americans, okay and rightfully so occurs on plain old people’s intelligence.

Someone like yourself fiance, coming in looking for assistance to business and in this game, is being played, which is I’ll start high.
You start low.

We meet somewhere in the middle, and I just want to make sure that you fully understand which I’m sure you probably already do, but just keep on that.
That’s the last thing that you’re gon na have to expect from me.
You won’t have any of that.

As a matter of fact, Chris, I don’t one thing.
I can assure you that any discounts any rebates anything that you’re eligible to receive want anything that you are interested in on his left.
You’re going to get it right up front, you won’t have to do any negotiating with me any going back and forth.

I’m going to give it to you right up front, okay and also another really good, that most people would hear they really really like that.
There was one time where dealers just priced out their own vehicles, so you had a lot of discrepancy between one place in another place.
Well, that game is changed to Judas if no longer even priced out, they will be able to spoil anyone’s died.

There’s a third party software and what it does it scans and survey the 250 mile radius and it picks up every single, comparable sales in the area mileage for miles.
So if you look at a regular Iran, its deadly the 250 mile radius for all diagram sales of the same mileage, the same year same a same our own.

To make sure that any pricing offers that we have available gives you the most competitive one.
That’s out there is that cooling you all right.
Another thing that I want to assure you is me: I know your time is done yourself, a fiance, so my typical to make this the fastest and the most enjoyable part experience you have had, and if you don’t mind me doing that man um, I’m ready just Go ahead, little work for you, so um.

Let me ask you now.
I know you said you and your wife, oh you’ll have a better day.
Just you and her calm enjoy time right now.

Allison Jason.
Everything here leave my son.
How do you go wow? Did you get it done, they would get forceful till you get, you think, you’ve already a younger.

You want him to develop his own identity.
That can be a tough face.
The most data talking they like wan na have a jingle name.

Other being are like you.
They want their son to talk.
Girl may have the own idea.

T robbed right, babe, I’m talking you and you’ll be happy together.
That signals really got me, sir.
I went after Albert today.

Yes, he walked but listen well, the mother for side.
It was one of them guys kind of work, your way in good wrong.
She is said that Jerry brother, oh yeah, she’s, having downtown.

Also you saw her frequently I worked where furlough up and then we went both quit that job.
You went somewhere else and asking her.
They are home and I said her later on.

What’s common, we had you ever talk to us.
You working up like that, but whatever they also have a conversation, you or not, Miami here, Sal, that’s it one Sigma will go on clown, get married.
He doesn’t you know.

After about another big month, the life gon na be nicer like he offered you ring to propose anything.
Yet you know what they say.
Man, happy wife, happy life course always remember that yeah, yes, peasant initiated is awesome.

What do you want? You know you? Don’t it to lose all of their property to going down yeah all right now, that is your question um.
As far as with any our vehicles, you want information on.
Is she gon na be driving it also, or is it just only you we both you? Okay, now yeah, if you see anything that you really like do you need her to be here? None of you to make any little bit.

Okay, all right! Um, now they’re gon na be using this for business or personal use, but both Britain stopped working the minute.
A per say thank you for your military service, brother plus camera branch, I’ll be oh wow.
What motivated you to get in, I was 17.

I always want a soda.
I want to finish graduation, stop making threats or anything that blew them up.
I would get that job done, so I’ve already looked there.

You know definitely first thing, I’m doing, but I think your parents to happen because without people like you can make it impossible for people like me to just enjoy all the simple, the free liberties.
I have to be able to run to the store and buy the river lon trouble any state that I feel like, and I greatly appreciate that I wasn’t.
I guess here rolling enough at that time to join the military.

Is always my hats off my give a big-time salute to people like yourself, you see any time overhearing any of the any of the world’s energy on IRA, as its you’ve got ta think about so expensive years more here in Iraq, when you’re in Afghanistan and now Don’t get along just absorb the draft came brewery say with that see any real firepower.
Did you lose your job of the infantry okay, so you’re free to play like some people like radioed infantry, is the job? Oh I’ll.
Never do that.

I thought it you’re an energy member, but you still have another time good job they’re.
Not definitely not.
You have a different career tables, basically just like that here, everybody hiragana one more than company Wow in you all of the your job within that company, and you make one move a team man on that sekolah guys emptier toward like you and tell you the truth.

They said man we got far away in the trenches and shuffled bullets flying over your head.

He said be honest: he wasn’t thinking about the American flag, he wasn’t thinking about.
America said the only thing he was thinking about with his brothers that he had to his right and left all sittin okay.

Does it really get like that it does, when you smoosh, not when your dishes up for military, you’re, all gung-ho and all America and everything else same as when you come out, you come home.
What were you there is? Is you your survival with your other sister victory, I mean you got to take care of each other between each other when you fall down and take it doesn’t matter what no matter, what it is, take care of each other.
All these were pinned up or in the units which you have to over.

My gears are trenches to we had a few into some time.
I mean it wasn’t as many they were ran out there, but we have to knows.
We had our signals that we have to take on patrol with the students and their culture was culture.

Men are not allowed to say.
How am i deserts that woman if she right and she can’t be cut by me – how I know she can you want? How do I know if she’s carrying weapons or effort held onto that you know to make up for that? We had happy meant, so I go to intelligence group.

Take him but see.
If I take one that came out of his own control, you were going down bring himself of that and she goes out music slowly skills of his agenda Wow good reading.
For me, I’m sure you probably have stories today and obviously you know be it some like that.

It’s not the most enjoyable thing to talk about, but I do appreciate you even sharing that little bit right here.
As far as I know, you said business and personal use, you all do any traveling or anything or they’re gon na be a daily driver um.
They would probably use its drill.

Okay without food.
Ladies y’all wan na go check out our station in Tennessee or for parents NC so Naturals.
Like my second home, I like to go to Nashville for a weekend or so 7:5 save that will drive up there or wish it over to Orlando or something like that.

Hangouts or during summer take kids to Disney or something like that.

Thank You, Man.
That’s a gallery.

You can be able Franklin Tennessee to this regular yeah, we’re familiar that I got.
I go to Cool Springs and a bottle to Franklin, and I deal with a couple of company there and uh and there and I really enjoyed it something about stepping out and I’ll, be able to see mountains and stuff.
Like that, you know, engines are really cool.

So things get out, you guys spend some time and you’ll get a little R & R um just relax.
Now, as far as on your daily driver about how far you to be on a daily basis, father your mom.
So after an around should be about safety rules, okay and it just did you want to murder, you drop it and wipe off.

If you have the always going up, if only thing from house, it comes to each other or is it down blessing? Let them come.
That’s good for you stay care who we have with average simply goes there.

First, okay, oh now, with the vehicle.

If you drove a Ave – and I thought that’s a really nice-looking field for you up – are you looking to sell it because we may be really interested in buying actually yeah the trade over that vehicle? Excellent? Okay? What I’ll do is hearing a little bit? I might get keys from your outlet, somebody look around and I already tell you how much will win the buy from before cycle alright for as long to tell it are you looking for light medium or dark? I love you I’ll make your medium.
The dark now take any other black way.
What features do you have on your present vehicle? Did you know for certain that you would like to see on the Nubia got ta have a fermion, sound leather seats, backup camera, preferably the technology bluetooth with that and our power together, but I hope ego would go okay.

You do a little reasons on my own.
Now I nearly emitted a powerful what particular vehicle, whether that you were interested in learning more puppy house.

They make a charger too challenging.

Now, if you driven one over for this a dribble dribble charger, I hope he takes challenger, neither okay! How long do that about two years ago, Talton adolescent begs me: he said: dark cover it as far as on your monthly budget.
Where are you hoping to keep your monthly budget around monthly? I don’t wan na over fortepiano 450, okay and as far as your initial investment, how much would you be looking to add down for you additional bit? I got grandpa great okay up what up 25? Is there anything else that you can think about that you would like to either learn more about it, take a vehicle or that you would like to see one it.

Yes, I actually like to go.
Take the fuselage they have like 40 materials, maybe some ergo stuff like that: okay! Well, the good news is that, based on information that you gave me, oh my believe we have the exact vehicle.

That’s all you know it has everything that you’re looking for.

So what I’m going to do with this I’m gon na run and I’m gon na go get with my manager, real, quick and get your key okay and I won’t be running back before, maybe a little bit because I just want to make sure I have all Your questions answered, I’m doing it is um, so I’m gon na give you top notch ever, but there may be times if you have certain presence of information that I don’t have to laughing.
I want to do is make up something so I’ll, be going back and forth.
Make sure I got everything answer an awesome run out, make sure people it’s still here.

Do you pull it up? So you and I walk there.
Look at the cool all right I’ll! Go back 20 copy of our enemies are for additional information about sales professionals of America, Recruiting’s, automotive sales, training and staffing programs.
Send us a message: give us a phone call at nine.

Oh four, four: three, eight eight five, five six send me a message through LinkedIn Instagram or Facebook, I’m Brian Maxwell, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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