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I’m right, you are like Michael for there’s gon na be two micro.

Do you mind if I uh? If I just got a name down, I’m terrible with names? I just want to give you the utmost respect.
Michael, let me ask you, man: are you here to see anybody in particular? Is this your first time the Chrysler Jeep Dodge before it won’t be first time for some years? I was that really do appreciate you stopping in which one of our vehicles, like some informational, see what you actually a lot of people do this, so we just make it an information day.
So let’s do this.

As you can see, we got a ton of options available, so follow me inside Mike I’m trying to a couple of quick questions and then I’ll get you all the information on whatever you think is gon na be best suited for you.
Okay, all right come on.
You wan na come for your water.

Okay ego made up seat right.
I’m gon na sit down right here and Mike.
Let me ask you: do you mind if I take some notes? Man, because I just want to make sure that everything that you and I cover that I have it accurate as possible that cool all right, okay, so my thumb as far as any vehicle that you’re looking for.

Are you only looking for something for business or for personal use? It’s personal personal to use? Okay, so it’s gon na be a daily driver.
Yeah! All right! You went from work yeah.
Whatever work, you do, sale, sale! Really.

How are you gon na sit over three months? I mean I hear a lot about people in sales.
Give me give me your house are going.
Tell me how you feel about it.

So far, just take my money rip me off, not get you the best deal possible.
What made you get into it just been able to come the talk and the people always been able to talk to people.
What you do probably say, you’ve done this for three months, but you can pour that correct.

Oh my god, yeah now, please do tell and I’ve met a lot of Korea Thompson and they have some of the coolest story.

What’s one of the craziest stories getting punched in the face by a 15 year old kid, that’s 6 foot, 3 240 pounds, that’s pretty great and you’re not left wingback can do is try to restrain really what made you get up on the correction was it’s something That you just really had an affinity for one to help.
People are to help somebody in there some kids in there.

That can be helpful.
So you know hospitalized 1600.
So is anybody else gon na be driving this vehicle? I usually ask me, but how are you buried are happy , [ Laughter, ], take them wherever the ark travel it off yeah.

How long you stay me! Do that really? Okay, now they need be a good entry driving.
Is that what you’ll also use for that? Okay, all right, so we’re looking for some more like a up a contrite SUV and I sold a minivan that you drove Internet.
What puts up a minivan is that lucky man? Let me ask you a question, because my manager, they really may be interested in buying that are you interested in selling yeah all right? Well, what I want to do.

We know why we’re talking and having fun and whatnot I’m gon na get one of the actors.
Just take a look at least you’ll have some more features? Are that you just all right? Okay, now as far as your monthly budget, where are you hoping to keep the monkey budget around? I know you know I know realistically, so if you are living in Pitman soul around 450, if you give up, do it for 60 and most lenders – okay, they like to see at least a 20 % initial investment.

Obviously, I know that this can be somewhat difficult for some people day, but what type of monthly investment where you consider today now as far as witness vehicle, have you all stopped? Anyplace else are.
How soon are you you know just say you know all the stars aligned and everything vision right, exactly with you.
Looking for how soon are you looking at you gon na vote with a lot of other smart people that come in I’d, love to tell you that everybody that comes in assists now, and they say you know what I’m just ready to go ahead and do it Right now, but just like you they’re smart, they want to make sure in today’s economy that they get the best bang for their buck.

And let me ask it: is that many vendors you had did you have to go out? Did you get that from a dealership and another question just from from the things that I hear from people, they do end up having to go back and forth with that salesperson to negotiate just a gate where you want it to be at how enjoyable is that I’m Carolee well my one of the things I won’t guarantee you is that anything you need any discounts and you rebased anything that you’re eligible for.
I won’t give them to you right up front man.
I know that people in this business been able to piss off millions of Americans by playing this game, starting high customer going low going back and forth, and then two hours later before the customer leaves this magical number comes out and that’s the last thing I want To do for you, so my commitment is to make this the fastest most enjoyable, buying experience you’ve ever had in dealerships that covered you all right.

So here’s what I want to do.
Okay, amongst one recap, rip this real fast to make sure I’m fully engaged.
I wish you keep its name.

Oh now, the snake must go on.
It just wanted to make sure you know most teenagers.
Do you know yeah we’ve got to be cool, so just to make sure that I can recap this on what you looking for you looking for an SUV or a minivan that could fit.

You may give me Erika and Brooke, and on the inside of it, preferably a light color vehicle you wanted.
You want to keep your monthly budget around 460, with an initial investment of a thousand down, as far as on the features and whatnot want to make sure it has a rear dashcam, because obviously that was important in the previous mini man, and also we are going To get you the numbers on what we would buy, your current minivan from before, based on everything that I just went over, is there anything else that you feel relevant or as important that I should know my current school, because that okay, what what is it is There anything in your previous credit history that will prevent us from using a primary, Linda, , how many bad credit card red credit a rocket riding around in Chrysler’s right now, so maybe the best thing about it goes.
We can’t get a home loan all right, so here’s what I want to do.

I’m gon na run a little deal with my manager and okay I’ll move over everything is doing.
I just discussed, I’m also cuz.
I believe we have exactly what you’re looking for.

So I want to make sure it’s available and I’m gon na go grab the keys.
I’m gon na grab your keys and that way we go ahead and get them to start looking a joke vehicle in the meantime um as I step away, would you like any coffee or water? Okay? Sometimes I got here to here’s a brochure about the particular a couple of SUVs that we have just you to look over in the meantime and I’m gon na get that full round I’ll come back regular and you announced, if I’ll, take a look at it PS.
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I’m prayin Maxwell salute to you and again I’ll see you at the dealership.

You .

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