How to Pursue Your Passion and Achieve Your Dreams

How many of you have goals that you set for yourself that you would like to achieve? Show him, and I know you’ll, do that’s why you’re looking here tonight right, let me actually is how many of you had your lives to do over again.

You would achieve more than what you’re done thus far, showing look around okay, that I proves a point.
What that proves is that everything that youre lived up to this point is just a tip of the iceberg or what’s possible for you all right, so I don’t want everybody to do tonight.
What we’re going through this you know.

I want you to think about smooth that you like to achieve, because it’s not for me.
Okay, I want everyone to start off with that.

I’m a straight shooter speaker when we have come in and do that.

You know myself up into a lot of different things.
Up until I got this point, 33 years old, alright, i’m sure a lot of you have to and these goals that you have to set for yourself, they’re, not for anybody else in this room.
So, if you’re unable to focus on and come up with goals for yourself, how can you ever plan on achievement hitting all right so the goals I want you to settle and you set a personal goal, just set some career goal and then I want you to Set some a goal that you like to achieve, making some social contribution kind of like you’re going right now.

I think it was Horace Mann who said it will be ashamed to die without making some type of contribution to human kind.
All right now, once you set these goals, i want you to stream attica lee increasing all right, the problem with most people why they failed and life and go through so many issues and hardship.
It’s not because they set high goals and they miss them know the reason why so many people fail in life is because they set logos and they hit up every single time and some people don’t aim at all.

So I want you to dramatically increase those goals.
Whatever those are, I do not.
You focus on the hop okay.

Now, how is none of your business? I want you set those goals you have to commit yourself to achieve them.
I can remember here is backing.
I wanted to be a motivational speaker and I will go to all these seminars and workshops and I would see guys like Les Brown and Tony Robbins and some of these other speeded listen to Jack hair feeling as soon as I would hit the parking lot.

You know I understand Brian, you know I can do that.
I can do that.
I can do this, but here before I even get to my car door, I start saying how how how out of college you have no formal education, no real training as a speaker.

How are you gon na do it? How are you going to do it not ready to a guy mini gym? I was lucky enough that when I got down and tell you story how he got here, I was in of college basketball played high school played in college, cheap scholarship, and I did the one thing that my parents asked me not to do.
They said.
Oh, don’t go away to school and get some girl pregnant or bring home from stray babies and I’ll be doggone.

If I did my best to break going straight act, exactly opposite of what they told me to do, they said in the back right now, so I got thrust to the life.
I could have went back to school completed my senior year, but I made my bed so I took the land best decision I’ve ever made in my life, but I went through some hardships.
My family went through some hardships.

I was forced to take some of those daddy and jobs.
Y’all know what I’m talking about 7,000, our telemarketing jobs, that a 21-20 total geek and only game, seven perfumes, water treatment systems and high whatever was if they got into cell.
I’m gon na try to suffer, but i fumble around, and i was fortunate enough to accompanied with a gym about an angle.

Jim hatten gray and Jim was a young guy, was about 33 of damn about 24 25 mins, Jim drove the 745 black bean and ran a very successful company.
I was working boy, I said Jim.
What do what I have to do to keep what you got? Man, what does it take for me to get back and what Jim did is he reached in his desk drawer and he pulled out a copy of thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon here? Okay, now me being a kid from Detroit got a chip on my shoulder kind of thing.

I know everything I said we can grow rich.
This gon na help me out and think about being rich.
My whole life, but you know he gave me a book and I said I started with some research and every successful man and woman.

I was looking online i’ll read their document.

Look at their doctrine, read about me.
They all reference this book so instead of reading this is going to get me that I’m all for it’s already the first time.

I read it right over my head didn’t understand in here, but I said them it’s some to the station.
Let me do it again running again ready the third time buddy and I had my highlight around okay, I’m a fifth time.
I read it.

I highlighted it so much that you would have thought the pages were naturally yup, but something something started happy and I began to develop a hunger, and let me explain you all you know I am was in high school and college.
I never read one book and I’m not ashamed to say I was your typical kind of high school and college athlete that just knew i was going to the NBA.
So what I need to read these books, the library you know that was the only place you go to study hall.

You asked me to go pick up some girls on campus.
You know so I’ve never read a book.
I just what your call cliff notes.

Ching-He of me working on something: that’s where they hear your story and you go get the feeling that was me.
That was me.
So I’d never been a boat.

But when I read that I began to really develop a hunger and I began to watch v, tech Hannah feel Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Let’s Brown, tawny roberts and a strange things started happening.
I couldn’t notice it in myself because it was hard to see yourself in the picture when you’re in the frame, but other people around me forget it’s a man, be your my buddies.

That’s when you know when your friends when they start noticing something different about you.

You doing it cuz, I’m the first people to point out.
I don’t know who you think whoa, you know, but they said mandy was going on and you seemed a lot happier.

No life is going better for you stable at your position, its job moving up.
What’s going on, you know those books and things that I began to read.

They became a part of it.
They became a part of me, so everybody I highly recommend that you find some mentor or coach in your life.

Somebody is doing what it is that you wan na.

Do you have to make sure they have your your best? The best view it at heart make sure to dare feel ready to the fundamental ever get to meet you need.

You need me I’ll say come on now to tell me we’re near you guys, free school, you got need it, you need some coaching mentor or somebody is doing what it is that you do.
I’m sure you all have great resources around the school of successful students and a comfortable program that you’re in teachers and advisors that are came to the same program and agility right now.

People that are working in positions that you came here to get whether you do or not.

This is your future we talking about.
If you can’t get excited and get fearless about your future, how can anybody else is yes? The thing right now is going on in this society.

Get unemployment is high over 14 million okay, 14 million, but look at everybody in this room you guys could have been in ladies – could have been anywhere in the world but you’re here with me in this food tonight.
So you all have something special, each and every one of you truly has greatness in you.

Unless you wouldn’t even be here, you know one thing: I noticed that it’s always either.

This is a major birth, Lil Wayne coming to town or Jill Scott or something man.
I get as easy to find some people to roll out with what I want to go down to the land and have a drink or something – and I can is easy when you load people up in our trucks and ride that, but tell somebody – and you want To take them to a seminar or just somebody, you want to take them to something: that’s going to prune a quality life uh.

What you do it i can airbend to get going.

Oh sup! I want to sing, you know, would go over that.
Just from you know, that’s what they do they do.
You know this stuff, this stuff that you all are doing right now.

This is something that nobody and nothing can ever take away from you ever no weapon of mass destruction can ever rob you of your knowledge.
Ever so take pride in effect, controller sit here right now, there’s a ton of people.
You know how to use.

People are a lot of people.
Have you got to watch the toxic people in your life? Never quite get up and negative ones.
Y’all know where they are the baby said man.

You know what I think I’m gon na go back to school, but you’ll do that.
But you know you know y’all about any hobbies.
Won’t take your money, you know man, no, I think I’m gon na go for that position and that come from you devil may be profiling and hired a lie.

Like you know what happening i want.
I want to start reading these books and – and I didn’t start studying – you know how to develop myself.
Don’t do that.

Don’t do no good! Don’t you owe me Zane trying to be brand new, those toxic people they do and hate on other people, hey they’re, not doing anything themselves, but they ain’t.
No other people, beware of the toxic people in your life.
Negativity is training.

It’s training.
Have you second-guessing yourself now my mom always told me never listen to somebody telling you can’t do something, especially a thing of the dunny one of the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

You know I make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
I traveled around you know, raise my children live in a nice hotel, Breeland road in mandarin, i’m not saying that to brian home, but the hardest thing that I’ve ever done is what I’m doing right here tonight.

You believing that I could do what I’m now doing is that was the guy I wiling out cousin and going crazy doing everything and when I said I wanted to be a motivational speaker pull my collar, everybody you can who all listen to.

You are younger tips on how to be successful.

You ain t success.
I don’t just my basic money, you ain’t got no really, but you got to think about it like this.

How do you the world ever believed you to be something? If you don’t believe it? Your self virgins think about entertainers and actors.
You’ve seen those movies when they little kids, the whole movies and they’re playing around, and he got the guitar strumming and victory and photo you know, but they knew they had they seen it before.
I even though I had to tell them that, and I had a lot of people – tell me that what I’m doing now would never happened, but what I had to do, I have to change my circle.

I had to change my group and I tell you right now, I’m on a board, I’m a memorable board will come to you Jessica, all right and hitting the board children report when he came in.
He said as soon as I know as much of everybody’s everybody.
In here, you’re all fired, huh, hey everybody that group make sure they kept learning to make sure that you didn’t play.

But if you are the smartest and most positive person in your group, you need to get in the room, comparing yourself to people that are less than you.
It’s not doing any good for you to make yourself feel better.
So remove yourself with those toxic theme, or sometimes they can be that husband.

They can be that life.
They can be there boyfriend and girlfriend that best friend.
Now you know nobody run home would be like you know what husband you got to go.

You know but, but you got ta, be cautious of what you and I went to your mental rolodex.
You have to guard that with everything you got because that’s all you got think about that.
Nobody can take that from you see, there’s no such thing as a bad day.

You know just bad homes, hey buddy.
There is no such thing as a bad day, they’re things that happen in the course of the day and a woman’s time.
But what we do? We drag it along with us and many times we got those people.

You know the old people in their play this room right.
Then it comes to remind you all your men get a good rest.
You got in trouble on it, man i’m changing out.

Oh man, i’m doing something different i’ll, be any change.
You still say whether you like it again got ta watch those toxic people, that’s what i had to head and rid myself of all the toxic baby.
You know.

Negative people are some of the most sickly people.
You’ve ever wanted me, they always get combs body, always aiken.
They come serious.

Anybody always hurting.
Nothing is writing a lie just like they walk around with a great cloud right over there and all the time you got ta watch out for those people.
You got ta guard yourself.

You got to get them out of your life immediately but TV, my friend for a long time.
Right now you get your dad.
You have to climb high school .

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