How to Pursue Your Passion and Achieve Your Dreams Pt2

You know how important is your success in your career to you get the excuse of that, so you want to remove yourself at a time to people all right.

Another thing: I want everybody to acknowledge that you really have to stretch yourself.
You have to stretch yourself, life will get uncomfortable repeat after me.
It’s hard it’s hard on reading it it’s all times.

My life is hard.
It’s hard.
I don’t stand up here and do some song and dance man like life is good for me.

I’ve never gon na do anything, it always homework.
You know ideal, but one thing that gives me good when I was younger.
My parents divorced when I was about 7 years old, young, so abusive marriage in love and we pause used to hit on hearing one day.

He left for work, we packed up and we wrote out all right and no mom.
She got on a for a while.
It was tough, he was tough and I can remember in Detroit bitch and we have restaurant called Kenyatta and it’s all over the place.

It’s everywhere it’s kind of like.
Oh, it’s like I’m what you compared to here, but we have everywhere.
There’s, like hundreds of you know, it’s not a result so when they got the best chili dogs and chili cheese, fries Devon, but my mom.

She would take us to coming out.
She was sing about money.
She was one school to be a nurse when she’s been out for 25 years, she’s going to school and working hard time.

So she was safer for money and she would take us out there to come young and what I mean you would have thought that she would save us.

We want to call you and you guys kid.
I don’t know, you know how y’all grew up.

I and my family, you know yeah one soon.
Now is your sunday soon, God willing to go to put off what will take that Sunday’s from inside.
We want a whole yacht.

You know she would take us out there, but we also used to get hand-me-downs from friends of ours and my cousins were bigger than me in the neighborhood.
Any alarms, a single mother up there and Charles go ahead and kick the in head, and so we don’t stutter and so buddy of mine, Derrick Walker, whose company is over to me I’ll, even send some Giudice pants, always kept them nice, and this was those ten Years old, lady by 80 89 and on it he said, Derek sent you some shoes, maybe balance and the late eighties valleys was no hitting up there.
You know so you got ta Valley.

As I said mom.
You know.
I appreciate the shoes but not wearing nine and a half Derek.

Where sounds man, she said boy.
She told my brother’s head was robbed.
Her brother come to skool skool go get me some Vaseline, my little sister Marilyn England ain’t go run that bad boy she sold.

She started to rub the best lean on my feet: put your signature, but don’t stop to eat this man to get into and start walking back and forth.
Now, madam and ten years old, with some too tight shoes over.
But you know I’m known she had both.

My peoples, I’m walking back and forth, you know and she’s distracting me.
I was school today.
I you get home school.

A school is good.
You know anything 100 ma’am! Well, you know he was talking somebody.
You know how do shoes field, but it fell in love.

It but they still the tide all right keep on walking, keep on walking.
You know I’m going back in for about 15-20 minutes.
It is, but what happened was as the leather absorb the water, the leather begin to stretch, and it became a perfect fit on my feet.

So at times life is gon na be a little uncomfortable.
Okay, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.
As you know, you’re going in the direction challenging yourself, it’s stretching yourself when you’re wearing for the while walking around in it for a little while.

No, it was pretty good at that’s nothing.
You know people talk about fortune, 500 companies, you know going more or less all over been doing that for long, but you have to stretch yourself.
You have to challenge yourself so why you all are in here.

What are you going to do when this school is over? What are you going to do? You know, I know some people who are seminar, junkies and what that is, is every seminar in town.
I see them.
They find the big packages a button, five ten dollars out of bacon.

You know they walk around with the Ravens yeah bought the most expensive back.
But if you do anything with it, yeah I’m gon na doing it a little bit.
But you know I got weight to the things work yourself time.

You know Nick seminar coming down any people there behind the main baggage.
Hey you do somebody it in a minute I am but just kind of lean.
Don’t they try the hook? No, I seminar judges some people of school junkies.

They go to school.
Just you know, just it sounds cool to tell people what happens school.
I’d like to use that when they get home to you, know, don’t make some people are just go, but they don’t ease with you, but also not a lot of people they go through.

They give all that is dedication and give all this time to get out and then the first time a door slams and they’re based on a page rejection.
They quit.
You know they say, because a friend is right there that later right there, I told you little jobs with no jobs.

We know what I found, but people have said all young child’s out there.
The economy they’re right for them, but also know some other people would say man and a down economy.
A lot of money is made some 10 wealthiest people.

This country has ever seen made their wealth during economic recessions and downturns people, because my everybody’s back rim dose you were forging ahead and guess what, when it levels back out, they so far ahead of the pack.
Nobody can have a catcher.
So when you get out here, prepare yourself, you don’t get told no you’re going to apply for that job for that career opportunity, because jobs can suggest overbrook.

I don’t know test over row.
County job, you know career, I have.
The job is just a walking about who have jobs, McDonald be macho, I’m not saying I’m, not our guy from great careers me come, but you got ta change your paradigm of how you see what you doing you’re establishing a career right.

That’s why you here? I soon or hungry getty school junkies, but if your blood there, you know competition, member co-department ready how many people english homework in your class or for the same exact position you are.
So what do you bring to the table that stands up? What do you even value to you, bring to that business or to that organization, but they just have to have you? What are you reading what talents do you have it’s not always the most knowledgeable people who get the job understanding.
I have a lot of straight day: people with a lot of degrees, don’t have a pot to piss in a window to throw it up.

And yet i know some people who barely graduated high school, but I’m hungry at at goals and they go forward because every time they hear a no to get excited.
When I hear no, it doesn’t the device to rattle me.
When I first started speaking, I’m calling around zanjeer hug right on coming here tonight, can I do it? Then I come to speak for your group.

You got any credentials diet.
I went to school for three years, but I dropped out, but I do have some college, but if you have any formal training fell.
I’ve been a couple months.

Sorry, sir, can help you you know and do an egg-based navigation I parked apart.
I pulled right off the highway, we’re going through my comfort zone with yourselves.

You know when that becomes a pull-up road, but a friend of mine, my best friends since 1st grade named Damien slump, he’s an author of a new book.
The ancient 20 hope you had your chance.
Just go: google, the ancient 20 check it out and he say Brian: were you doing man? What are you doing? I see once people don’t like giving me a shot.

You know I’ve been holding my skills read night, I’ll record myself.
I video myself.
I know I guy, but no one give me a chance man.

I need to just stick with sales name.
You said you’re Brian Maxwell, man, don’t let those couple rejection, stop you.
It might have they go for it, and I did.

I did about 15 rejection later finally got my first.
We can engage in the rest.
Is history so i’ll say that this lady says you go out there attack it like it’s your last day alive, attacking everything.

Every day because it very well may be, you know, i say the ideal situation for a person when they passing away is the VA.
They depend have a wife and kids and family members around with you know, maybe saying a prayer up their last goodbyes and you know seeing them all bid them farewell now.
Imagine you on your deathbed okay, when every dream, aspiration and gold that you ever had around with your in our room, saying became to you and only you going to give in his life.

Are you gon na make this happen, but now we must die right here with you.
Go forward stretch yourself, be all that you can be give it all you’ve done.
What do you have to lose? Like Donald Trump said, you got ta think you might want a positive Helen Keller said it best lightly short eat the dessert first yeah.

So we aren’t want their script yourself.
Challenge yourself when that door shut.
That’s another no walked away.

Another, no doubt next, but you have to do your part.
A lot of people have an entitlement mentality they make the world owes them something somebody owns them.
Some, the only thing I’ve heard people tell me, you know what I’m not gon na work harder to.

They give me a raise, you know, that’s what i call bass ackwards the waywards tell ye olde you anything.
You want yourself period.
So when you get out of in school, don’t let this be the end of your education.

Don’t let this stop! They don’t stop with the teachers, shut the doors and you get that certificate.
This is the lifelong commitment.
Don’t be one of the people attention one day out of the box hey what’s up, did you get that position you’re doing your day? Oh really, or did you face a cup nose and check it out, tuck tail and running high, so ask yourself that you know: what are you willing to kill to keep what you want? You know what the city about it in order to be successful and have the veins that others don’t have.

You got to be willing to do the things that others don’t do.

You have to so stretch yourself over and make know your vitamin so why you are hearing you approach these positions and these companies got to be the other via the other thing, outside the box, the days of tax in a resume or emailing the resumes over.
Fourteen hundred forty million unemployed people and as a lot of here in Jacksonville, so that one position may have 300 people going forward.

So have you stand up? What do you? Do you get creative? You get proactive! You find that office that you want to be.
You go, introduce you that person you hand, deliver that resume today, order some lunch up, ditching office be the best twenty dollars you ever spent on some regions.
I do it all the time.

Physical always behave.
This think about that.
You stand out how many other people will do they they, they remember, you be unconventional.

Think outside the box, stand out, make it count.
Okay, if you do all those things all you will be absolutely fine, and I wish all your best hope that everybody achieved what it is they came in for, but I 112 remember that each one you have something very special, each one of them practicing and I Wish you all the best of luck? Thank you.

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