How to Prospect, Set, and Confirm Appointments in Car Sales

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But if you hear what we’re gon na be talking about is how to prospect, how to set appointments and how to confirm your appointment, so we’re gon na give it a couple of minutes.
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Let me know that you in here um, but when it comes to prospecting, you know making phone calls, especially if you work at a dealership, um you and I both know that could be one of the most dreaded tasks that a salesperson has to do.
As a matter of fact, is one of those tasks that a lot of times um, it could be a pain in the ass and salespeople typically will avoid it if they can.
So what we’re gon na talk about in this live stream is eight.

How can you make prospecting become enjoyable B? How can you become more effective at it to where, when you reach out other people, you’ll connect rates are better.
The conversations are better and the amount of appointments that you set are much stronger, confirm, dub.
So that’s what we gon na become person as people are coming in.

If you come in make sure that you share who you are um, like I stated earlier, we had a live stream going, we lost connection, so I had to start a whole a whole new one, so it might take a minute or two for people to come Back in and finance um, but I’m gon na go ahead and I’m gon na get to it.
So, let’s uh.
Let’s talk about the prospecting aspect of um.

If you work at a dealership, what typically happens is especially if you’re new, when you come in, to have you start going through the customer management system, calling back previous guests people’s old prospects that they spoke with or what happened if you’ve been there for a while And you know that you know you’re, typically doing your follow-ups with people that may have submitted information online folks that may have came into the dealership before or what happened.
But like I say you know, I don’t remember back in the day when I started at my store that when I had to do my, we had $ 40 a day that we had to do and I absolutely dread it when it was time to make those Calls as a matter of fact, when I used to make my dials, I would literally hope and pray that I will get somebody’s voicemail.

I really would.

I would hope that nobody picked up the phone and it was ringing and ringing and I’d be sitting there like.
Please please PLEASE boom the voicemail comes on, I’m extremely excited and you know I’ll leave their foot smell as energetic as I could, and that was another dial down a nanny got to the point to where it pretty much everybody on our team, we’re just going through Blowing through the dials just so, we could have that done.
Okay, because I think that one of the mistakes dealerships make they focus too much strictly on making phone calls without realizing.

There are so many other ways for us to touch people today, especially with social media and whatnot.
I feel like if you’re gon na touch a customer, a touch touch, meaning a phone call email, the text, a social media interaction or what have you.

Those should all constitute as a contact or as a touch, but when it comes to just straight the phone, I’m a lot of stories still believing just that make it 20 30 $ 40 and that’s long saga.

And at the end of the day, everybody has caller ID on their cell phone, and so when they see that number come through the first time and then they know what it is that you’re calling about the odds of them.

Picking up the phone they’re next time diminish big time unless we leverage to use some of the things that we don’t be going over in this in this video.
So let’s talk about it.

When I go into dealerships – and they have me – you know, I’m working with the sales team and I do train the BDC Department when I listen to phone calls one of the first mistakes that people make they call in in the s4 8, the the prospect or The person whose information is on the lead that came through the internet department or the way the lead was giving you whatever they call in and they ask for the person by first and last name.
Let me explain what, when you call and say: hey man speak to John Smith, why this can, you know bring on a high defensive wall from the very beginning.

You know what, because anyone that knows somebody or anyone, that’s friends or somebody, never calls and ask for them by first and last name now.
We know that we don’t know these people we’ve never spoken to them before I get that.
But the objective on the phone is to keep this person this prospect as cool and calm as possible, as long as we can so that we can ask certain questions and get certain pieces of information.

So when we call and say hey, Matt speak to John Smith.
One may know sales person or bill collector.
The second thing that a sales person doesn’t say well.

This is Brian over at ABC dealership and I was calling to touch base with you or I was reaching out to you to see if you were still interested in that 2019 blah blah blah now.
So when we call – and we asked one of my first and last name then we’re saying I’m such-and-such from ABC dealership now right there, that prospect knows that person knows that we’re calling is that a when you called up – and you asked for this person my first And last name that lets them know.
You are not a friend and you don’t know, okay.

So when you make sure when you’re calling a prospect, of course we’re gon na get you all to their last name stuff.
But when you make that initial call, if the name is John Smith on the league, calling as a man speak to John now again, we know we don’t know them.
But when you ask for a person, my first and last name red flags go up in the mind of that prospect because no friend no acquaintance it’s nobody of familiarity, we’ll call and ask for a person by their first and last name.

The second thing that I hear salespeople do is they ask for my first and last name, then they say: hey, I’m Brian over ABC did and the reason why I’m calling it because I wanted to touch base about a 2019 yada yada yada that that you put Some information in on – and I just want to tell you all about so we call up – we haven’t confirmed if we got the right person and then we just start steamrolling this person with information and if y’all coming in, do me a favor tell me who you Are put your name me, you know what what city you checking in from.
I want to make sure that I give you a shout out and that I answer any questions that you have and hit that like button too, because what we talking about is how to make prospecting, calls how to set the appointment and then how to confirm it.

Up so when making the calls in case, you just gave me mail, missed it one of the mistakes that people make when they initially call people.
They call in the ass for this prospect by first and last name: okay, when we call – and we ask for somebody by first and last name – defensive walls go up because they know that we don’t know this person read the bill collector or a salesperson and it.
Secondly, we go into who we are, what Dimmick ship we’re from and then immediately people just go in and they just start drilling it down: hey, I’m Brian from ABC tiller ship and I’m calling because we’ve got three or four 2019 uh yadda yadda yadda in here And what I wanted to know is: when do you want to come in here so now the defensive wall is up, we’ve never confirmed it, we’re talking to the right person.

We introduced ourselves, but we immediately went right in to the strong heart pitch when, at the end of the day, what you want to do is you want to make sure when you get someone on the phone? There are certain steps that you have to take and that you have to make to make sure that this prospect is willing to lower their defensive walls to engage with you in the conversation.
So when you initially call just ask for the person by first name, what is a way.
This is John, as opposed the first and last name which red flags that you don’t know.

Secondly, before you steamroll and go into what dealership you’re from and all this information about, the vehicle making sure that you get some type of approval from them, because here’s why? If you don’t get some type of approval or copper from that, it’s okay! For you to proceed, and you just steamrolling, you proceed yeah you’re, getting all the words out, but guess what they’re doing they’re sitting there staring at the phone ready to hang it up and think about yourself.

Have you ever had that total telemarketer call your phone and when you pick up and say hello, and you confirm that you are, will they’re looking for they just steamrolling and they just go straight through and you don’t get a word in until they’re finished, with their One-Minute their two-minute or their three-minute steel right, they go through.
All of that, just let’s say: hey, I’m not interested, Oh or call me later BAM and what we want to do is we want to pull it that the reason why so many people dread making those phone calls when he initially call and they give them with Someone on the phone, it is so uncomfortable for them.

Why? Because they don’t know exactly what to say and like I shared earlier for those of you who may have missed years ago, when I was at my store, when I would make prospecting calls, I would hope and pray that I would get somebody’s voicemail because I didn’t Know what to say and when I live present picked up as I uh male speaker to Charlie Brown.
This is Brian Maxwell at ABC dealership and we have some 2000 and blah blah blah and wanted to know.
When are you gon na come in here and yada? Yada yada steamrolling the person they say: hey, listen, I’m fine boom man upfront.

So what I want to share with you are some were dirt rags.
Some ways that you can make these phone calls that will get people to a be willing to open up will get you to confirm that you’re speaking to the right person and get it okay, hey thanks Anthony, hey mate preciate.
It may help us in the Kia guy on an estate.

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For me, too, alright, so, let’s think about it like this.

Okay, when making a phone call number one, you’ve got the prospects, information, okay and you have an idea of what they may be looking for.
So the very first thing you want to do before you make that call, let’s just say that they are calling in for a 2019 vehicle or they are calling in for a preowned of the particular brand that you sell.

You want to do a little bit of info gathering just to make sure that you’re prepared in here as well, when you initially make that phone call, so you may reach out ring ring hey.

May I speak to John.
This is John John.
This is Bryan and John, I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Okay, so right there I say: acaba, hey, I’m! Looking for John, that’s John John! This is Ryan to make sure that John has my name a level of familiarity there, and I say John I’m.
Looking for a little hill now, here’s the reason why, when you initially reach out to a prospect – and you say that you are looking for Hill, which is called a sales pattern, interrupt here’s, why that’s so powerful because, as I stated earlier, the average sales person is Calling in or calling that prospect and they’re just gon na steamroll them trying to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell you got ta.
Remember some people have been buying meals since the late 1800s Early 1900s.

So there’s this part else.
Thing has been around for a long time and unfortunately, back in the day there were people who did not have certain customer etiquette and they mucked up the waters for those of us in present-day.
But the good thing is: we are working diligently and we are turning the paradigm of customers, it’s having a more positive reaction to when people in sales in our business are reaching up and it’s by using these certain methods.

Okay, so when you reach out to someone, you ask well my first name hey.
That’s me John, this John John.
This is Brian and John, I’m looking for a little bit of help.

The reason why I stressing that you’re looking for a little bit of help is so problem is because sales is psychological people buy ninety percent based off emotion and back it up with ten percent larger, and so, regardless of what you may realize, we’re reaching out to This person, what we are really selling a, is them giving us an additional 30 seconds of their attention on the phone which ultimately will help us lead up to being able to sell them, while sending an appointment and coming in okay, so ingrained in human beings.
Is our willingness to help think about any tragedy? Natural disaster you’ve ever seen? No matter what race, color creed, it doesn’t matter at a time of crisis, we are willing to help our fellow man, our fellow woman, at the drop of a hat, we’re willing to help, and we also like to help think about it.
Anytime, you get an opportunity to help somebody and it doesn’t cost you anything cost you maybe a little bit of time.

You are more than willing to do it.
Okay, hey, it helps you feel good and it is ingrained in us, the human being, and so, when you reach out to a customer or to a prospect saying that’s me John, please, John John! This is Ryan, John, I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Now, I guess what you’ve done you put that prospect in a position where their curiosity they’re intrigued.

They want to know what exactly can I help this person with you say, John I’m.
Looking for a little bit of help, some information just came across my desk that John Smith was looking for information on a 2019 Kia Soul.
To make sure I was speaking with the right person John.

Is that cute now the reason why we did that is a I call.
Then I asked him for my name leave once I got the name I gave their they’ve asked for a little bit of help.

Then after I asked him for help, the next thing I explained was some information came across my desk.

That John Smith was looking for some info regarding a 2019 Kia Soul or 2016 uh.
You know whatever pre-owned vehicle you want, so I called in.
I got their name, I gave mine, but then I gave a brief explanation of the purpose of my call because oftentimes when we called in a prospect, they have no idea what we’re calling for.

They think it’s all about sales to sell when really what we’re gon na do is reach out to the person.
I was looking for the information to make sure if they have any questions or anything to eat, what can we get for them? That will suffice enough for us to get them any point of point.
So hey John I’m looking for a little bit but he’ll John some information just came across my desk that a John Smith was looking for some info on a 2019 Kia Soul.

Just to make sure I was reading to the right person.
John is at you.
Yes, it is awesome with John, as I stated earlier, I’m Brian and the reason for my call is to make sure that any questions and any information that you may need help with that.

I can get that for you.
What questions do you have for me, John? Okay, so if you noticed, the call is all about John has nothing to do with me and up to this point I still have not mentioned by specific dealership name yet, okay, which we will get to hey John.
This is Brian okay and I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Some information just came across my desk that John Smith was looking for some info on a 2019 Kia Soul to make sure I’m speaking with the right person.
Is this John Smith? Yes, it is now at this point.
This is where everyone say with John I’m reaching out to you from ABC dealership here in Jacksonville Florida and the reason why I’m calling is to make sure that any information or any assistance that you may be looking for.

I’m here to help so what information or what questions would you like answers to? John and again, it’s all about John, it’s all about John.
So some information came across my desk that a John Smith was looking for info on a 2019 Kia Soul or a 2019 Ford Focus or a 2015 Kia, Rio, okay, Emma just to make sure I’m speaking to the right person.
Is this John Smith? Well, yes, it is awesome, but John I’m reaching out to you from ABC dealership in Jacksonville Florida and the reason from our call is to make sure to any help or any information that you may be looking for.

I’m here to get that for you, I’m here to help you out in the best way possible.
So John, what questions do you have for me or what information are you looking for so now, we’ve called we’ve got that we address them, my name.
We gave them ours, we explained the purpose of our call and we can find it we’re speaking to the right person.

Now we ask what information or what help are they looking for? Okay, so you may be going through the conversation with this person and one of the questions that comes up a lot.
Is you know, what’s the price, what’s the price? What’s the price and most salespeople you probably have been to are trained to not give out a price on the phone? Okay, can I give a price out on the phone, and that is true, that you should never give a specific price out on the phone, but I want you to think about this with me and here’s where the stalemate comes in, because if people watching my videos, You know I break things down to help us see them in a way that sometimes we fail to look at customer calls in or we reach out this prospect we’re trying to do what we can to answer any questions, get them any information, so we can get Them to come inside right, and so then they ask us what is the price on the vehicle and what most salespeople say? It’s all you know, price, isn’t importantly, that shouldn’t even matter right now or they just totally ignore it and don’t answer it and think about yourself if you were considering making a 20 30.

70 $ 80 on a buying decision, and you ask somebody for the price on a particular product you’re interested in and they ignored you or they steamroll you.

It never responded with an answer that you were looking for.
Would you be more willing or less willing to go into that place and engage with them and if you’re as intelligent as I believe you are because you are here watching this live stream right now? Which means you are somebody that is looking to build and grow and evolve your career, which means you are intelligent, nine times out of 10 you’re gon na be yesterday, I willing to give you the answer that you’re looking for and then on the flip side of That we’re unwilling to answer a customer’s question about a price, but then we want them to answer our questions about all of this personal stuff and always tell people man that customers don’t care how much we know it today, not much.
We care.

How can we ever expect them to answer our question when we’re not willing to answer that, so what you should do is before you make a prospect call and it get on it should only take you a couple of seconds is that if they are calling in On the 2019, let’s say a new beer, okay, what you want to do is you want to find out if you have any pre owns, I mean I mean the base, my lord a particular vehicle from the base model, all the way up to the highest trim Level you have now, let’s just say, the base model is 2075 and the high end of it is 4380.

So whenever a prosper, gasps dude, hey, what’s the price on this, you know what that’s a really good question.
I have them ranging from 2075 all the way up to forty three eight so to help us narrow it down and find the one that’s gon na be best suited, for you tell me a little bit more about what it is that you’re looking for.

So if you noticed when they asked for the price, as opposed to given a specific price, I gave a range, and so I answered their question and then I followed up the answer with an explanation which is you know what that’s a great question.
I have a ranging in price from twenty seven five up to forty three eighty, so to help us narrow it down and find the one that’s best suited for you.

I need is a little bit more information boom and you go right back into your next question.
Okay, just find out a little bit more about what they’re looking for to make sure you set it up, you’d be able to schedule for them to come on here because a lot of times when they ask for price, and we try to avoid that question.
You’d be surprised how many people never even come in for their poignant, because they ask the question: didn’t get an answer.

It says so you want me to come in.
You want me to do what you want me to do, but you was unwilling to do what I asked you screw that okay and to make it even better what a range is even wider.
Let’s just say, and I’m gon na use a Kia dealership just put his purposes.

But let’s just say you are a Takeda store and let’s say they are good little work here.
So and let’s say you do have some crayons on a lot and they say well.
Yeah, I’m looking for a kid what type of price I’m looking for? Let’s just say, you have a pre-owned Kia 2016 on the line for seventeen three okay, then you got your high-end edition trim level for forty three eighty, so you know that’s a great question man.

I got a ranger from seventeen three all the way up to forty three eight, so to help us narrow it down to find the one who’s best suited for you.
All, I need is just a little bit more information boom and then ask him the next question.
Again, we gave them the range, and then we explained to help us narrow it down, find the one best suited for you.

All I need is a little bit more information and you go right back into your question.

Okay, that way, we’ve appeased that guest, and it just makes sense with that big of a range we have to narrow it down, which means I need a little bit more information to help you and so everything you’re doing is customer focused so remember when you’re calling Instead of saying hey, may I speak to John Smith: hey man speak to John this John John.

This is Brian and John.

I’m looking for a little bit of help.

John some information just came across my desk that John Smith was looking for some info on a 2019 Kia Soul, just to make sure I’m speaking to the right person.
Is this John Smith.

It is awesome, John, but, as I stated, my name is Brian Maxwell and the reason the only reason for my call is to reach out to see what information you may want and what I could do to help.
So tell me John, what exactly are you looking for and then we get we get right back into it? Okay, so once they start talking to you and telling you what not make sure that you are writing it down as opposed to trying to retain everything the memory jot it down on, take your nose, okay.
So as you go through and you’re asking them certain questions and whatnot and you feel like you, have a good grip on what they’re looking for always recap: okay, John just to make sure I understand you fully, and I believe that I do what you’re looking for Is a is a 2019 Kia Soul, you looking for something new, you know you looking for a lighter color as opposed you know, like me, timid, are you looking for a lighter color, Yatta Yatta Yatta, whatever their particulars are at that point you want to.

Let them know hey John, if you’re like most people, most of the people that crawl in getting information like you, they at least want to see it and put their hands on it and kind of get a feel for it.
So I have an available time this afternoon, at 2:30 or 1:00 tomorrow morning at 10:30, which one of these work best for you, okay, so now, once you’ve got the information for what it is they’re looking for, and you believe that your all tried, we repeat it Back to them, and then let them know based on your make, you go, you got, we have exactly what’s gon na work for you, but before I get you all excited about it and telling you about it, because I know a couple, people were checking it out.
Last night, hey, I’m gon na, you know make sure I check it out and then I’m gon na have to prepare for you.

Whatever way you could take a look at it when you get in now.
I have an available time this afternoon at 2:30 or 1:00.

Tomorrow morning, at 10:30, which one of these time works best for you now the mistake that a lot of people in sales make when they reach out, they say yeah.

When do you want to come by and check it out? They’ll say tomorrow: okay cool tomorrow afternoon, yeah all right, thanks awesome! So now the person is coming in tomorrow, pollutant sales rep doesn’t know a secure time; they haven’t locked it in and they haven’t done.
The one thing, which is, I call a strong confirmation now.
The reason why, whenever you give someone time options, you want to present the time options is because of this.

If you just leave it wide open, they can come anytime in the morning or anytime in the afternoon if they want.

The perception that you give off is that you’re never busy you available all times.
So how many people are you actually helping? How many people are you actually are helping to enjoy the vehicle that them and her family can can be riding in okay? And if you really pay attention, even your doctor’s office, give you a specific time, a lawyer, to give you a specific time.

Most business professionals give you a specific time.

Why? Because they’re busy? Why are they busy? Because their services are so good that they’re in demand – and this is the perception that you want to make sure that you give up to your guests and it helps you to be able to schedule your day so the pros just leaving it wide open.
You never do that, you always select, so I listen.

I kind of available time this afternoon at 12:30 and another one to see me at 5:45, which one of those alone work best for you to come on in job now, when you give an option.
The reason why you give an option, as opposed to saying, can you come in at 3:00? Can you come in at 1:00 is because those are closed in questions and the only time in a selling situation.
Do you have some closing question and a closing question is one where the response is only yes or no, which means you’ve run a 50 percent chance of hearing no and those aren’t very good odds, and so the only time you should as a closing question what He only has with you yes or no is.

When you know the only logical answer is yes: now, when you’re scheduling a time, the reason why you give them options in u.
, which one works best.
That is an open, end question because it forces the customer the prospect to engage you in dialogue and, at the end of the day.

That’s what you want information in conversation.
But when we ask close in questions, we minimize the conversation and communication.
That’s why it’s called closed in so as opposed to saying hey, you want to come in at two nope and every time your customer or prospect says no.

That is bad, for you because know has never been associated with anything positive, and so you always want to make sure you set the time because you are busy and your time is valuable and damning.
I don’t care if you’re only been in that dealership one day.
One year or two years, your time is just as precious and as priceless as anyone else on this planet and you’ll never get it back, and so in order to be able to to generate the type of respect the type of income, the type of revenue that You feel you deserve.

You have to get in to portray yourself and present yourself as the professional that you are and professionals are busy and they value their time in their clients time.
So, even as opposed to a being just selfishly focused on yourself.
You’re really doing that as a courteous, courtesy to them when you’re setting up listen, I’m an available time at 1:30 and one later on this evening at 6:00, which one works best for you.

So you’re borrowing your time and their time by setting a specific and when you give to time options, what happens is if neither would all time options work, the cousin rose, they um, you know neither one does work for me.
How about 2:30 tomorrow now guess what happened? They just came out of their mouth with a specific time for tomorrow, which means the likelihood of them keeping that appointment shoots way up shoots whale.
So if the two options you gave – and we tested this out with over 700 customer over 700 customers when you give the options hey, I happen, availability this afternoon and 1:30 awareness evening at 6:00, which one of these work best for you.

We found out hey if the customer did not choose one of the two allotted time.
They would give a specific time, and then he show rate for those who gave their own specific time was a little bit over 50 %.
More than half wasn’t half of the people made their appointment when the a lot of time didn’t work and they gave a specific one so always give options.

Never give one always give announcer helped out an available time this after this elia six a one tomorrow morning at 11:30, which one of these work best for you.

Okay, so you want to put that out there like that, so now, I’m once they make their selection.

Here’s where you really want to tie it down and bring it all home after they set the appointment with you, your next question and you can use this verbatim or you can create your own, but your next question should be listen other than a natural disaster.

Are you confident you will make our appointment tomorrow or are you confident you’ll make so hey, listen, John other than a natural disaster? Are you confident that you’ll be here 2:30 this afternoon, or are you confident you’ll be here tomorrow at 11:30 in the morning? The reason why you want to do this is because think about how many times have you set an appointment for somebody thought they were coming.
They never show they never answered your calls again and they didn’t respond to your text.
Message happens all the time.

So the thing about it is that if me confirming an appointment, causes this person to get upset and not come.
They were never gon na come anyway, but when I do confirm – and I get this person who say out of their mouth – yes, I’m confident I’ll.
Be there at 2:30, what happened? Studies show that if a person makes a verbal or commitment the likelihood of them keeping it, they just make it to themselves like I’m keeping it it’s about 20 %.

If someone makes a verbal commitment and writes it down, it goes up to 40 %, but if they make a verbal commitment, write it down to say it in front of someone else, it goes up to 60 % the likelihood of them following through on what it Is that they say so, when I ask hey other than a natural disaster, are you confident that you will be here at 2:30 this afternoon and they say yes, not only did they say yes to you, but they said yes to themselves.
You have to remember cells, a psychological people by 90 percent based off emotion and back it up with 10 percent logic.
So let me run through this one good time all together.

So when you’re, making your prospect call Domingo’s, something like it ring ring hey good morning.
I speak to John please this John John.
This is Ryan John, I’m looking for a little bit of he’ll John some information just came across my death.

Then a John Smith was looking for some info on a 2019 Kia Soul, just to make sure I’m speaking to the right person.
Is this John Smith? Well, yes, it awesome John appreciate you taking the call and the reason for my call.
Is that way any information, or any help that you may be looking for regarding this vehicle, I’m here to do the best that I can so John? What information or what questions would you like me to answer for you, you notice, I can say what question: would you like? That’s it? What questions? Would you like me to answer for you? Well, I was looking for a price on the 2019, so awesome done well.

I do have them range up from 27, 5 up to 43 8, so the help was narrowing down and figure out the one that works best for you um.
I just need to get a little bit more information boom.

Do you may go back into your questions again, you know what in particular, are you looking for? No now what are they currently driving and have you got enough information from them and you feel like you, you get what it is that they’re looking for you want to.

Let them know awesome job.
What I want to do – I’m just gon na recap this with you to make sure that I’m on the right track.

You recap everything they do just sit with you as briefly as possible on that phone call, and as I hey you know it John based on all the information I have here, I’m very confident that we got exactly what you’re looking for.

But before I get you all excited about it, I’m a check, make sure everything’s good to go and whatnot and if you’re like most people, job most people, they look for information like you.
They like to come in and put their hands on it put their eyes on it and get a good feel for it.
So I have an available time this afternoon, at 2:30 on one tomorrow morning at 11:30, which one of these work best for you to be able to come on in and at least take a look at him to put your hands on um.

You know 3:30 awesome.
So, John, do me a favor grab, a pen, um piece of paper.
You want to jot this down.

Okay, our address is one two.
Three four Auto Drive: okay, three, two, two, five, six, all right and our appointment time is it 3:30.
Okay, you got that all written down now.

Let me ask you John other than a natural disaster.
Are you confident that you’ll be here at 3:30 this afternoon? Well, yeah yeah, I’m confident awesome! So what I’m gon na do man, I’m gon na, go ahead and put this in my in my calendar and I’ll shoot you, the text and other than that I’ll? Have the vehicle pulled up and around when you’re not to be able to take a look at it? When you get here, John cool cool, all right, and so the phone caller should be very, very conversational.
But what makes it conversational is how we start where we let him know I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Oh this isn’t just a sleazy sales person.
He recently called him for help then number two letting them know.
I got some information, not a leash.

I got some information that just came across my desk that a John Smith was looking for some info regarding a given specific year later tomorrow, whatever it is, and he want to confirm, is that you now once they say that has them.
Let him know the reason why you’re calling because you’re gon na be the one that’s helping them, and you want to make sure that you answer any questions and get them any information that they may be looking for, then ask them.
You know what information of what questions can I answer for you, then after you get all that information, remember to make sure that you recap go over it with them again to make sure that you fully understood everyday, that they were, that they were looking for and Then, once you believe, you’ve got enough information and you’re good to go at this time.

That’s when you let them know, based on the information that you gave me, I believe we have exactly what you’re looking okay and, if you’re like most people that give information and doing their homework, they want at least put their hands on it.

Put your eyes on it and get a feel for it’s, so you know, let’s see when we can get you to come on in so you could do the same thing.
I have an opening this afternoon available time at 3:30 this afternoon on 1:00.

Tomorrow morning, at 10:30, which one of these don’t work best for you tomorrow, 10:30 awesome.
So do this grab a pen and a piece of paper, because I’m gon na give you some information they’re, not okay.
Our address is one one.

One one auto drive: okay, the zip code is three two two five six again.
My name is Brian and that’s Bri, eight in all right and our time is 3:30 p.
and John other than a unforeseen natural disaster.

Are you confident that you’re gon na be here at 3:30 yeah? Well, awesome? Okay, I’m gon na go ahead and put this in on my calendar I’ll shoot you a text and not an ad I’ll, make sure I have everything ready for you when you get here.
So we can take a look at uh.
Let you get a feel and touch for the vehicle, see you then okay.

So it’s very simple.
So just remember when you initially call as opposed to coming off like the sleazy salesperson, is just from mile drive.
Somebody come in and ask them ask for my first name: okay.

Next, you know after they tell you that you know that their name is John John.
This is Brian and John.
I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Some information just came across my desk that John Smith was looking for some info on a you know, pre-owned this or a new that to make sure I’m speaking with the right person.
Is this John Smith.
But yes, it is awesome and thank you for taking my call, John.

The reason that I am called and, as I said earlier, my name is Bryan is because I’m gon na ask any questions or give you any help that you may feel that you need.
So what information are you looking for John and then they’re gon na start, giving you information that they’re, looking for and whatever questions that you need to ask to gain more information? Hey.
Are you looking for a light, medium or dark color? I mean this is gon na be for business or personal use.

Yeah yeah, you know.
Are we the first person you reaching out to have you been someplace up? Oh man, whatever information you need to get out now, once you get all the relevant vehicle information, always remember to recap it because there may be some.
You may have heard it correctly or maybe something else that they want to add and so John just to make sure I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do I’m just gon na repeat so your recap what we just went over and then you go Back through each one, okay, you looking for this that you looking for this, you look at that and you let him know this darn good news is based on the information that uh that you provided me with, I’m very confident that we can help as a matter Of fact, I believe we got exactly what you’re looking for and if you like, most people that are doing homework and then call in looking for information.

They at least want to put their hands on it their eyes on and get a good feel for it.
And so I have an available time this afternoon at 3:30, once of all morning at 11:00, which one of those work best for you come on in put your eyes on them.
Put your hands on um tomorrow, at 10:30 awesome.

Do this John grab a piece of paper because I’m gon na give some information to you.
Alright, our address is 1 1, 1, 1, 0 Drive and then such a such city.
Again, my name is Bryan and that’s beat our.

I am remember to ask for me, and our time is at 3:30 p.
all right now, John one last question other than an unprecedented disaster.
Are you confident that you will be here at 3:30 this afternoon? Oh yeah awesome what I’m gon na do John go ahead and schedule you in I’m gon na shoot you a text and I’ll get everything prepared and ready.

So when we get here I’ll be able to show you show you what out yeah, ok and then it is straight like that, but look at what you’re doing eight up to that point, I still hadn’t said my dealership name and the FIR 3045 seconds of the Call because it’s irrelevant the first thing I want to do is confirm that I’m speaking with the right person, the next thing I want to do is explain to them.
Why me, as a stranger, is reaching out to this individual and, what’s in it for them? What’s in it, for them is I want to get you any information and answer any questions that you may have then, after we get that, I want to recap with you to make sure we’re on the right page and then, after that, let’s set it up to See what we can do to get you in here? Okay, because that’s the only thing we’re selling when we reach now we’re selling the appointment overall, that’s the big picture, but really every second that you’re talking speaking with them, you’re selling them I’ll.
Give you another sake.

You’re selling them gon na give you another pocket.
It’s like on these video training, you’ll see people that’ll pop in sit for 30 seconds and pop up, and then they wonder why their consistency and their success um it sucks when it don’t make very much money and why.
I think some struggle is because man, when it comes to these things, you have to really develop the skill to be able to do these things, and you know how scary it could be making phone calls.

You know how my person picks up the phone.
Sometimes you feel so uncomfortable and you say the wrong thing.
You get off the phone, you say damn.

I wish I said something else, but that’s because you’re it’s Saturday morning, y’all are on you’re learning how to get better.

We got Jam, we got Anthony, we got.
Will we got me, we got judge the people that are here trying to learn how to get better, which means you have it ingrained in you, and let me explain you firsthand automotive sales, especially is not rocket science.

It is really much easier than what we make it out to be, but at the end of the day, when people go into a store, they tend to be around folks who have this method or this way of thinking which is hey? Listen, I’ve been doing it.
This way for so long, why change it? But yet, as society changes, inflation comes, these are more expensive.
They’re still doing things the same way and have an inconsistent months, getting paid only they’re drunk and then what people ease do they leave the automotive sales business to go back to work on an hourly wage job where they know no matter how hard you work at That $ 17 an hour your church is gon na, be what don’t be, but in this business you give an opportunity to give yourself a pay raise any time you feel like and mostly would have worked good traditional nine-to-five sit.

There dreaming a ways to make more money, I mean when they get an opportunity to make more money many times the struggle or the the difficulty.

Or do you mean that I really have to learn? I just can’t come in and just sit down and do the same thing every year.

Everybody know that is the definition of insanity, but folks have an idiot like myself.

Nearly 20 years ago, you can get started in his store.
I stumbled into forty three thousand five hundred and seventy seven dollars in my first year, not because of skill, because I was at a good store.
They had a lot of traffic of me.

Do it and ask some solid veterans.
That was there to help me out, but once I got serious once I locked in I started learning the word trust I started honing the process.

I started really realizing that working at the village.

It wasn’t a job, a job stands but just over broke.
A job is not designed for an individual, become financially secure and independent.
It’s not so.

When people talk about pyramid schemes, that’s what every job in this country is.
You have a CEO, you have management and you have employees and the money trickles up, not down that’s what a job is.
Typically a person with no vision for their lives, lend up working a job to help someone that is a visionary fulfill.

Theirs think about that.
But when you’re at a dealership, it is the closest to being gainfully self-employed that we can come without having any bar out-of-pocket expenses that, in the millions of dollars worth of inventory, is free, the internet was paid for the commercials will pay for produced.
You didn’t have to pay any money, there’s a staff of people to process your paperwork.

You don’t pay them, there’s even people that will reach out to the banks on your behalf.
You help your customers get financed, that’s all there for you is there and we didn’t come out of pocket once it and, as a matter of fact, the real kicker they’ll even play as a percentage of the gross profit margin, which means before the Vilas get ready.
You get a chump now, knowing that you have that type of access.

One of the things I tell people is that you learn how to utilize invent the system legally, ethically and more.
If you know the bill that you use their facilities to bring as many people as you can through that trying to help them get into a vehicle, they will never stop you from doing it, which means you can leverage their resources, leverage everything they have to build.
Your business with the business, because that’s what you are you’re, a CEO of the best business that you will ever own and that’s you and up to this point this minute right here.

What you’ve accepted as a yearly weight or as an hourly income, is how you valued your business, because when you value your business in your time, you begin to quantify that time.
See when I go out.
I do business with you.

I know I’m worth thousands of dollars now, which means that what I do in my available time, meaning while I’m not training, has always got to be tests.
That will continue to increase my skill and my value.
That way, I continue to earn like I earn, because if I’m not bringing value, I’m not presenting skills that are helping dealerships, business increased tremendously is taking sales people’s commissions and paychecks up tremendously.

If I wasn’t behind most services, guess what you wouldn’t see me all over the country like you, do you wouldn’t see me we’re gon na training us as often as so and please believe I get paid more money in one week to go train as some people Make in two or three months, working 40 50 hours a week and it’s by developing and learning and honing the same skills that I’m sharing with you right now, and I can remember me about the 2002 PM broke as a joke, not knowing what I was gon Na do and if somebody would have told me to go out – and you know, invest in time or resources in myself, I would have said man.
I couldn’t afford to do that, but I still remember when I finally did make a decision to start really invested in myself, a man job, and I said man I came the best.
I can’t afford that.

He said young brother.
You can’t afford not to okay and so again on these YouTube videos.
I appreciate those that do come through and watch those that do come through and check it out, but the one thing that I want you to know is that, in that description is a link into that link is at for you to be able to download over Three and a half hours of real-deal sales, training, automotive sales, training, audio and video, which takes you through every step of the process from even prior to you greeting a person before they even arrive.

How do you get yourself rep when they show up? How do you breathe the keys and the secrets to qualifying now? So it’s not just these stuff, it’s the psychology behind it.
If you wonder what questions you ask, those are involved included takes you.
Do every single step of the process if you’ve never had a manager to sit down and gave you the time that you need it or the people that your store it too busy to give you the TLC that you’ve been looking for.

You don’t have to wait for them, you can do it yourself and it’s all available and the ultimate online automotive sales training programs.
It takes you to do every single step, the entire road to the civil and these videos and audios over three and a half hours of video audio also come with the sales training men that you can pull right up on your phone at your dealership.
You get stuff if you have an issue, it covers everything, but also included in that is people want to know how do they drive business and with social media? Being one of the biggest ways to drive in front of people to you what’s available is also how to drive.

Facebook leads okay.
Now, within this program, it’s over three hours of how you can set up your Facebook Ads account and begin to drive hundreds of people to your social media, page to your blog or just to your phone looking to buy from you at your dealership.
Literally in the last month, I’ve had over a hundred and fifty people that have started with that program and literally within 24 hours, we’re getting results and had people read look in the fire.

So if you some money to keep saying, although I was in my store all I’m gon na make more money, do yourself a favor, don’t click off this video too early like I see a whole lot of other people do, and you know it’s funny, though, the Same people to send me messages all the time.
Hey Brian.
Will you tell me how to do this? We me with that now.

You want me to help.
You would do something for you, but you aren’t willing to help yourself, because it’s all there, everything that I used when I was selling 30 units of one everything that people are using, that I work with nationwide.
There are selling between 15 and 30 units every single month in the so-called tough economy.

You know available to you in this program and how to drive facebook leave you there’s one poor portion of it.

That’s the five minutes set of God will take you to how to get it started, and then the other three hours will literally give you the insight and the step-by-step process not just on Facebook, though you use it for Instagram for YouTube for snapchat, because also included, And available to you is the online traffic surge court, which has also six videos two hours to take you to how to leverage not just even the social media sites, how to leverage blogs and how to leverage Google in itself.
It’s all available, even in these word tracks, if you heard me going through the prospecting, call that entire word Trek and talk out is also available within the program, but not just that one: how to prospect, how to send emails, how to leave voicemail to get people To call you back, this is an art selling is a real science.

There is no such thing as a natural-born.
Salesperson salespeople are developed and built, and I will tell you, as a young male was only 41 years old and I made more money than 90 % of the people in this country.
It changed me and it’s sad to me when I see both who have tremendous ability, but yet are more concerned with damn for their Netflix accounts with going out to eat and do an art.

It’s a bullshit that don’t give up nothing and let me explain some tea.

There was once a point in time where they used to say: if you want to hire a black person, put it in the book.
They don’t say that anymore.

Now is, if you want to hire some from a poor purchase, it put it in a book because they’ll see you see more people walk around with fancy shoes on Jordans and bags.
Do you do see people that are taking their money and invested in in resource and then things that will bring and give them back in the long run see so the short turn game is people invested in shoes and bags Netflix ain’t going out to eat in Lunch and all that shit, when anybody that makes real money, joe girardi who’s, got the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most vehicles ever in history.
The man sold six a day.

He said it is idiotic, when he watches salespeople at a dealership.
Go out to eat every day got the brand new shoes on got the latest brand new cell phone, but can’t consistently make $ 4,000 a month.
It needs to be the same people that I tell you.

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