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One will always make sure you got the numbers fold it up.

Okay, that way you not land them on the table.
You later numbers on the table prior to you, go on doing being able to explain anything.
So you know what they’re doing looking at the numbers, while you’re talking, we won’t always maintain control of that paper.

No matter what just anybody else.
Do you maintain control? So when you come out, you want to be able to set up the fact of what you get ready to go through it.

So we blow the ball came out now.

You share with me that you wanted to put down two thousand dollars.
Okay, so I have three different options here: level for you: the first option at sixty months, you’re looking at 4 v, 2, 3, 4, 51 and 461.
Now, if you look at attended, oh okay, they’re not going to show you the higher price, hang out.

You know what no one that’s scared and number two me and I’ll focus on helping you out, because in reality, by taking advantage of the seeking one option, two gives you a little bit up is number one.
You get a chance to pay them even offered to build equity.
The sooner you get to get that title, pretty clear: okay and you actually save money over the finance arts for the light of of the ownership that you’re making things up.

And how should I see you here a little bit at 68, 72 months? Okay, now, if then soon, when the game is only over 3, 3, 4, 3, 4, 13, far more comfortable, but at the same time, at 72 months, get more flexible.
Also because it’s 72 months, you can take advantage of the 60 month benefit if 72 months you can still pay off pretty there’s no prevent empty.
You can make large gains that real equity and faster and get that title free and clear swimmer.

The only difference is the only requirement is between 403 413 and in a 66 months when our customers call.
This is the best of all worlds.
Okay, because this hub is a little bit lower than 60 months, just a little bit higher than 72 months, but it gives you the opportunity to say advantage of the city model of business.

In particular, you can still pick up soon, they’ll be paying penalty, real equity and pasture and get that type of printer also, and that is between 425 and 435.
So all that I need for you to do is tell me which one is server which one of these options where let me give you a program here and let me go down one key to the farm and get them this P.

It will shine all private and ready to wrap things up same for two up step: two uh, so you try get some little bit more.
Yes, I’m okay, but I’m totem Sandman.
Ah, I love a day that everybody comes in here, just clap for joy.

When we give them the initial payment options – okay, um so but other than that Pig you take one which one are you leaning more for sixty six months of survival for men, it was our Father, okay, okay, so other than the pain J, which is that between 425 435 everything else else when people is good because it came to everything you wanted everything’s good everything’s good, so that meant this opinion totally get it totally good.
Alright, I’m sure that you up that your awareness Thomas, but we definitely in that payment to be more reasonable for where you just want to be on.
How close can you come to that? Fortunately, five or 35, you make it so for about you and say that we can get it there.

There’s another option that you have number one: by putting down a little bit more on the initial investment that will decrease the monthly payment.
Is that you know meaningful committed with you, they want more practice, but they want to put a very little upfront and then they also make great little things.

But look I’d love to be able to do it if Matt Maggie can be a little bit difficult.

But Tony you willing to put down mm okay um, how little bit extra? Can you go down? You download it.
You did without anything, nothing! Oh yeah! That’s what I’m saying, but one thing’s we get four or five right! Yes, okay! So if we were weak digipen without a robot, inject 500 editor and profiles and gives your payment or you go has turned really important – are the biggest things you get that painting where asthmaticus hit, that penny was magic.
Okay, do me this favor come on.

Do it in right here so we get depends down.
The 405 will drive home.
We get the approve that right there just put off the date right there on the boat with us, the manager and we all go to work and take.

We take this home on today’s main of all and we don’t run.
We go go: okay, .

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