All right, my just came out with the managers, and we have, but in my opinion, is an extremely fair offer for you, okay, but at the end of the day Mike, I understand I’m a realist.

Okay, I know that you are the judge and jury of what a good offer it alright, and also understand that if you don’t feel like it’s a good offer a good opportunity.

You’re gon na need: okay, you’re gon na get up, you’re gon na walk out and you’re gon na get right back into the vehicle that you were hoping to get out of.
It never have to drop again, and if that happens, my shame on me.

Okay, if you have to leave here, because we were unable to provide you with something that fit your needs.
Shame on us, because, at the end of the day, regardless of what the price is of what features are on the vehicle, there is no such thing as a good deal on the wrong vehicle right right.
Okay, so I’m gon na present you with a number of options that, and you made the decision of which one these were the best for you – hit this bit.

Okay, all right, so I got ta, do the seat right here, the MSRP and what is it myself? Okay, damn I start feeling beautiful is twenty five, nine, nine five all right! Now we discounted your price is only twenty three, nine, nine five, so we discounted it $ 2,000.
Four years, that’s two grand did you get to keep me your bucket? Just like I took your earlier, we give you all your discounts up front.
You didn’t even have to raise your voice or ask me, but give it to you right out the back.

Okay, now one thing: government people can’t do anything about that uncle sale.
That’s got ta get is good, you know that and then, as far as India dock fees, not what the dock fees are right there.
That is the money that we, you know that that’s our money right there affected in today.

As far as any accessories yep zero right.
There total taxes you looking at eleven.
Ninety two 60 J for the total price is 25 5.

By for trade allowance, you getting 500 bucks allowance for your trade now also with your trade.
Might you have a 5 % tax credit that you get for your trade, so at 5 % tax credit you got me: calculator do 5 % times $ 500, my okay! So that’s 25 bucks.
If you also get a chance to keep your pocket.

Okay rebates on this particular vehicle, it’s a thousand dollars.
Okay, so you’re out the door price is only twenty four 5460.
Alright! Now, as far as the terms, we gave them the number of options here all right now, in our 48 months, we have 48 months 60 months, 72 months, all right now, if we’re doing this just at an average in an average rate, so with $ 2,500 down As far as your initial investment, okay, 48 months, your payments are only between 548 II and 565.

Okay, now the benefit of 48 months that a lot of our customers that come in they want to see how much they can pay, how fast they could pay this vehicle off.
So what we’ve done? We’ve kind of taken a pity type of the mortgage industry’s book today, because in today, right now in the mortgage, industry rates are at an all-time low, so people are refinancing their houses, but the key thing is the refinance in the houses get much lower rates, but They’re walking out with their payments being exactly the same.
Why? Because now they have an opportunity to pay the house off quicker, gain equity, faster and get that deed on the property.

Soon same thing: we do now in the automotive industry.
So, with the 48 months, you have the opportunity to pay the vehicle off quicker.
Okay, they don’t equity faster, which means you have that free in your hand, when you couldn’t sell it trade on it, do whatever you want to do it.

It’s like a piece of stuff that you get it took that now.
The next is 72 months.
Now, it’s 72 months, the payments are significantly different.

Extend me two months with an initial investment of only $ 25.
Your payments are between $ 400 and 418 dollars.
Okay, but again .

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