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Very good, okay, so make sure you keep your total numbers cuz.

If you lay them down customer you look at them as opposed to you being able to present it the right way, so all right hi.
What I have right here, in my hand, is an offer that we feel is extremely fair.
Okay, but at the end of the day, I totally understand that you are the judge and jury of what’s fair and what’s not, and if what I present to you doesn’t seem fair to you and doesn’t solve whatever.

Probably looking for I’m a realist, I know happens.
Okay, what happens is you get up and you leave you have back in the car that you were hoping to.
You know get something different to drive around in and you’re gon na go okay, and if that happens, the shame on me either or if what we present to you doesn’t solve your problem at all and it’s not the right thing and you have to go someplace Else, shame on us because that’s it for the day.

The reality is is no matter what that what it costs, no matter what the features are.
There is no such thing as a good deal on the wrong vehicle.
Am i right? Okay, all right, so here’s what we got here: foot all right, Ida’s, open on that Prius; okay, the price on that Prius is 36 11.

Now we’re going to discount that three thousand eight hundred and ninety two dollars.
So that’s three thousand eight hundred ninety two dollars that you get to keep in your pocket.
So that brings your adjusted price to 30 to 119 for that tent and the floor mats, and that night right at you, were interested in sports, giving it that Prius will pick up and go that’s 698, so your total price is thirty-two 817.

Now, as far as for the Florida tire battery fee that standard at every dealership, anywhere, it will have to put on the vehicles it’s a surcharge for that now, as far as your trade allowance, we love your trade.
Okay, we want to buy it.
It’s fourteen thousand.

Five hundred dollars is what we want to give you for your trade, all right.
What that does that brings what it is that that you would pay for the vehicle.

317, all right now any of those filing fees, that’s something by the state.
We had to put that in that’s what it cost to be able to process your paperwork to registration and the titles, and things like that: okay, that’s 694, Florida, lemon law.
What that is, is that, if you, you can drive to be around for three days if, for any reason anything goes along with that vehicle, you could bring it back to us.

We have to take it back, you can get rid of it or we can put you to something else, so we have to buy back from it either which way, but that’s they never protect you for the taxes Uncle Sam has to get his there’s nothing.
We could do about that.
Those are only 11 90 105 okay tags and fees.

That brings your net 224.

Okay, with the paying off of your trade, we’re giving you fourteen thousand five hundred dollars for that’s how much we love it.

The total payoff for it: okay, there’s 2160 392, which brings you’re out the door price for your new 2016 Prius, 246.

Now, as far as with the famous artillery that I was going to give you a couple of options here, all right now with 3156 dollars down because most of our customers are interested in how they can pay the vehicle off as quickly as they possibly can.

I’ve, given you this opportunity to do so in 36 months.
Okay, your payments are 11:28.

Now that may be a little bit higher than what you were expecting to see and nine times out of ten.
If you went to any other dealership in the city, they wouldn’t need to be willing to show you those that price.
But here’s the reason why I getting you that option all right.

It’s because you told me that your primary objective is to get some of the more fuel-efficient and to save money, and in 36 months.
This gives you the best opportunity to save money and here’s.
Why? What we’ve done in the automotive industry is something very similar to.

What’s being done in the mortgage industry and the mortgage industry right now, rates are at an all-time low.
Okay, so you have a lot of people going in taking advantage of also I’m low hitches rates, they’re refinancing their houses, but Ivan here’s what’s happening, they’re refinancing house getting those really low rates, but they’re walking out with their payments just the same, if not a little Bit higher, why that’s because, by getting a lower rate, keeping the same payment, if not taking it up a little much, they get the opportunity to pay it off some build equity in it much faster and get that deed, free and clear.
A lot quicker same thing that we make available to you: okay, a lot of our customers like the 36 months, because at that 11:28 monthly, you’re gon na pay bills paid off quicker.

You can’t build equity in it faster and you get that title free and clear.
A whole lot sooner: okay and you also save money on the total life as far as the financing of the entire of the vehicle, as you would with any of the other options.
So, at 36 months, 11:28 best savings may be a little bit higher, but has the most benefit now.

The next Hudson is 60 months now, a lot of our customer, most of them we’re realistic, like the 60 months.
Why? Because the payments are substantially less at 60 months, they’re, seven, ten, okay, now those payments at sixty months are much more comfortable, but I have not only are they more comfortable, they’re, also flexible, because at sixty months you can take advantage of the same exact benefits up To 36 months there is no prepayment penalty, which means that you can pay it off sooner.
You can feel equity in it faster.

Get that title free and clear, lock sooner.
The only difference is your only obligation.
Is that seventeen, but there’s no prepayment penalty.

You get the same exact benefits of the 36 months now at 48 months.
Our customers refer to this as the best of both worlds.
Why? Because it’s a little bit higher than 60 months substantially less than 48 months, but you still get the same exact benefits up to 36 months.

You get to pay it off sooner.
You get the bill equity faster, which means you get to have that title breathe clear! A lot quicker: okay, now the savings that you get over the life of choosing the 36 month versus the 60 month are 48 months versus the 60 month is calculate.
I’m gon na push that over there you favor multiply 11 28 times 36.

Okay! Now, let’s do 17 times 60.
Okay! Now, let’s do 866 times 48.
Okay! So do me a favor Ivan if you would, from forty thousand six hundred and eight subtract from 40 to 6 subtract from forty two thousand six hundred dollars subtract.

Forty thousand six hundred eight okay, now from 41, we’re gon na clear down, do 40 1568 and subtract 40 thousand six hundred, eight okay.
So the savings that you get and choosing the 36 month price option.
You say 1992 dollars over the life of paying this vehicle off.

That’s how much you save a finance charge.

That’s almost $ 2,000! You get to keep your pocket.
So not only are you getting them three thousand eight hundred and ninety two dollar discount.

You had another one thousand nine hundred ninety two dollars on top of that you’re saving almost six thousand dollars at the 36 month, and that’s it at a forty eight months, you’re saving, nine hundred and sixty dollars.
Okay, so all I need you to do is just circle which one of those payment options work best for you and in addition down there and then I will get the detail Department to get you .

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