How to perfect the lean in understanding your customers body in sales.

Hello, everyone, Noah wall, share with conquer you and we are on the channel body language.

You know what I want to talk about in this module is the lean, and I think the lean was my most effective skill that I used.
Reading my customers, body language and how this would work is when we were both sitting there across from each other.
At the desk, I would talk to the decision-maker the person who the vehicle was going to be for the person who I thought was gon na make the final decision.

I would lock eyes and I would get in conversation as we were conversing.
What I would do is I would fold my arms and I would lean back in my chair.
I would lean back and if the customer lays their arms down and leans forward, that means you have their attention.

That means that they are interested in what you are saying.
That means that they trust and believe what you are telling them so always remember this.
This is so effective.

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