How to overcome: “We’re going to shop around for a better deal. “

Hi I’ve got another sales by the day for you, so today’s sale spot is sewn around the objection.

We’re going to go shop and see if we can save money.
We’re gon na shop go to some other dealerships.
The objection technique we’re going to use is the thymus money clothes.

I learned it from the Joe Verde training group years ago and I’m just going to go ahead and show it to you today.
So without further ado time is money.

Okay, you know what this sounds.

Like you just want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, I’d probably do the same thing.
If I was in your spot before you take off, though let me ask you: is it that you don’t like the drunk? No okay? Well, since we’re all in them? For the same thing, how much money did you think you were going to save 50 75 Wow? You know, I can’t doubt it with the way margins are nowadays, but let me tell you what I’ve seen some of our guests do and keep you from doing the same.
You see most of our guests, their time’s worth money, just like yours, I’m sure is in fact, do you have like all those extra time on your hands? Yeah.

Okay! Well, you know.
Sometimes you can take weeks days months to shop it around looking around trying to find the right vehicle when really you’ve got the right one right here and then once you’ve found the right vehicle can take more time even more time.
Trying to just save a few bucks cash by the time you end up shopping around looking around based on you.

What your time is worth.
You could actually gone in the hole just trying to save a few bucks.
You know, I think together.

We’ve discovered that this trucks worth every penny heavily yeah, okay, well, hey! Why don’t we put all this shopping behind you and save you, some of that precious time and get you out of here? Let you start enjoying this new truck.
Did you want a Pop Warner? Coffee, what we go ahead and finish up the paperwork? Okay, great and then we would go ahead and we proceed with with writing up the paperwork.
So if you want to learn, closes like this one, plus many many more we’re going to be doing these in our closing objection clinic that will be coming up here, real soon, so see us for more details.

Thank you.

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