The less is more for the trade now here’s the reason why, in this business, there’s so much pushback because they expect a trade.

If i tell you, i want to trade, you my bottled water, for your bottled water, you’re, looking for something for equal or greater value.

Now think about it, person comes in to trade in their vehicle, may get 5.
10 15, maybe get 20 000 to invest in another vehicle nine times out of ten.

What they’re investing in is going to be more than what it is that they’re trading in and a lot of times you do have those rarities, where it’s not like that, but in most cases that’s what it is now in this situation you can use what’s called A pattern interrupt the way that starts is hey, listen, um.
I saw that you drove in in the 2010 uh toyota tacoma.
Let me ask you a question: are you interested in selling that because we may be interested in buying it? Okay? Now what that does? The word trade was never used so later on.

When you come out with the good news that hey listen, i got with management, they looked at your truck and man we’re willing to buy it from you for xyz number of dollars watch how much that will reduce your pushback because they’re not expecting a trade.

Now, what they’re expecting is a buying and selling situation, which is really what it is? Okay and these i can go so much more in depth on each one of these, but i wanted to touch on because i know there’s somebody out there that gets stumped by one of these each and every day, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you know you’ve been struggling with overcoming these objections and you’re looking for a way for you to be able to overcome and handle them, the good news for you is there’s a link in the description, because i have over 50 word tracks available to help you Overcome and handle these objections that i’m willing to allow you to utilize have to launch your career to another level, convert more sales and make more money.

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Don’t cheat yourself, i’m brian maxwell.

I look forward to seeing you at the dealership .

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