How to Overcome the “Shop Around” Objection – Automotive Sales Training 3.0

All right click, so all you have to do is select which one of these price options works.

The best for you and initial right there and I’ll go ahead and get the detailed apartment to get it.
Uh shined up clean the bug, prime.
To ready to go.

You know what I’m actually gon na look around for a little bit.

Well, the graph with yet no it just.
The fact that you want to shop around looking around a little bit makes you normal.

Okay, most smart people want to make sure that, if dig on making an investment that they’re getting the best bang for their buck right, the objective is to be able to invest as literature can for as much as you can and at the end of the day.
It all boils down to the money, doesn’t correct, alright, so here’s what I’m gon na do for you.
Okay, I want to share with you some information that you may already know, but I want to make sure our fully armed to be prepared, so you can find out who has got the best price Beauty baccarat.

I’m gon na provide you with the map of all of the other toyota stores in the area.
Okay, with the address the rides, the left, everything to make sure you look the most educated decision, but I want to share something with you: okay, all the dealerships out.
They all proclaim that they’re, the type high volume, low price, store and clay anybody that tells you that they are the lowest price dealership they’re just lying to you, okay, because there’s no way of knowing what another dealership will do alright and clay.

There’s no such thing as the highest price dealership: okay, because anybody that’s the highest price.

All the time.
They’re gon na lose customers, they’re gon na lose money and they’re gon na go out of business.

There’s nobody that is the lowest priced dealership all the time, because they’re gon na lose money.
They’re gon na go out of business, which means that all of us operate right there in the middle okay.

So here’s the way it works, the top publicly traded automotive dealer groups take the publicly traded companies they have to list their returns and their filings on the Internet’s public record for you to check out and I’m gon na use the main five five levels: automotive dealer Groups that are publicly traded okay, because what is the difference between the highest price and the lowest price? Who knows? But what I did is I printed out the quarterly reporting for 2016 for the top automotive dealer groups.

Okay, you have auto nation.
You have lithium motor group, you have Sonic, you have Penske, you have a group, one.
Okay, top five public betray they did a group.

Now I’m going to share this information with you just so you know so as you’re doing your research and whatnot, you can kind of get a feel for what’s going on and who’s making what so, as you see here, let’s use auto nation right here.
Okay, so at Auto nation, the gross profit margin that they are making on their vehicles now make sure we find it okay.
What’s the gross profit margin right here on new vehicles for auto nation, 5 % father’s and for lithium motor group? It is 5 %, and this is Group one and that one is five point three percent and then for sonic.

The gross profit margin here in 2002, the ended in 2016 as well, five percent, okay, so the highest one was five point: three percent and the lowest was five percent right.
So that’s what a point.
Three percent difference between building your vehicle out the door was 46.

2447 multiply.
Twenty thousand six twenty four times.

Point: zero.
Three point: zero: zero: three tenths of a percent; 4:06 four times: point: zero: zero: three: how much that one? 2187! Okay! So that’s one hundred and twenty one dollars: okay, as far as the difference between the highest price and the lowest price.
So let me tell you what you have to do in order to find out who can give you that hundred twenty one dollars say: okay, what you want to do is want to leave out of here and you’re gon na go over to the west side.

Okay, maybe a lot of twenty twenty-five miles.
You can go over to Ernie, Palmer, Toyota and you’re gon na meet a sales consultant.
You’re gon na sit them you’re gon na talk to them for two three, maybe four hours you’re gon na go through their sales process.

Alright, and at that point in time, they’re gon na present to you and you’re gon na be able to see what their numbers alright after that you’re gon na leave there, you don’t go another 15 miles up the road you’re gon na go to Keith Pearson, Toyota.
Okay, now I keep Pearson, you know, go through the same thing.
You want to see where the sales goes on for two, maybe three hours, maybe even four, get that information and never see.

What’s going on, then you’re gon na have to backtrack it.
On the background.
You’re gon na go to coggan Toyota, which is overall Phillips Highway.

That’s another, maybe twenty to twenty four miles away from key Pearson: go over there at the cognate order, stay with them, go through their process, two three, maybe four hours and see what they offer.

Okay, now none of those cells get so it’s gon na be.
Is it’s nice and give you such a fun time, as I have but you’re gon na sit down with them, spend that time spend those hours to find out that you save one hundred and twenty one dollars okay, but claim they’re, not gon na give you a One hundred dollar bill a twenty dollar bill and then one dollar you’re not gon na get a hundred twenty one dollars in cash.

Okay, you chose the sixty month option as far as as far as Whittier with your vehicle.

Do me a favor multiply one hundred.
Twenty-One let me divide 121 by sixty, so there’s two dollars and one cent okay.

So if you feel that it’s worth it for you to leave out of here to stop at two three, maybe four different dealerships sit through two three four hours of sales presentations with different people to find out that you save one hundred and twenty one dollars, which Is actually factored into a 60-month term, which means that you would save two dollars in one sense every month, as far as on your monthly payment, the ball means I can totally understand and more power to you or you can go ahead and save yourself.
That time save yourself that gas save yourself that headache we’re gon na hit it an initial end right there.
Let me get our details apartment to get that cleaned up, prime shine and ready for you to drive out of here today.

You know who the highest and lowest is you got ta go to.
Everyone sit there for two three four hours sit through the sales process.

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