How to Overcome the Price Objection

Have you ever lost a deal before because the customer hit you with a price objection and you just totally didn’t know how to answer it, what to say, or you responded in the wrong way that caused them to get up and leave.

And if you said no, you probably lying to yourself because everybody has gone through that and up until now, most salespeople don’t know how to handle it.
But watching this I will lay out to you the word tracks, the things that you can say so, the next time somebody hits you with a price objection.
Not only are you prepared, you’ll be able to move forward past it go on to the next step.

Hopefully, convert that prospect into a customer.
Now, let’s talk about it, I’m gon na be coming at you with all types of tips on how to overcome objections, as that seems to be the big issue and, as you all know, I’m Brian Maxwell and the first thing about objections.
Is it it only breaks down to five, and so, if you’re in sales and you’re still struggling overcoming objections, or you feel like it’s, this huge mountain that you can’t overcome, there’s only five five, and that is the price is too high.

I want to think about it.
I’m gon na shop around.
I want more from my trade and I’ll talk to a spouse, significant other somebody like that, and anything else will fall under one of these five, so think about it like this.

If you have at least one rebuttal or response for each one of those that puts you 80 to 90 percent above anybody else, that they’ll possibly deal with, and the biggest thing is that if a customer comes to your store and you have what they looking for Within the budget that they want and they like it, but they still don’t buy it simply because they just didn’t understand so, let’s, let’s, let’s really get in it and get into it.

Let’s think about today’s consumers, what everybody carry many computers that we call smart phones in our pockets, purses or pocketbooks? Wouldn’t you agree that most people are going online before they even come in the store? And do you agree that most of these websites? They also offer payment calculators on, and you have to believe that a large majority of people will find whatever wilk they may be interested into, and just kind of throw that information into that payment calculator to get an idea of where it may be.
So when they come into your store – and you sat with them for an hour – I want to have you show them a product, you all went on a demonstration driving.

You come back and all of a sudden there’s like.
Oh, my god.
I had no idea that the price was going to be like this many times.

What that actually means is that I don’t feel that what you are asking for this is worth that.
You have not proven to me why I should invest this, for that.
You have to know that that’s really what it boils down to, and so the price objection is nothing more than a smokescreen, a smokescreen that will help most weak sales.

People just say: okay, well we’re a price.
You want me how many times they hit you at a price objection.
You got right where they wanted, you to be and they still didn’t buy and then they walk out and we said man, those people were broke.

No, we just didn’t help them see the value in what it is that we were asking for a particular product or service, and the biggest reason is because we thought price was the real objection and we didn’t know how to isolate and identify what the real issue Is up under the smokescreen? Okay, so the next time somebody tells you that the price is too high.
They want a better price, here’s what you say: hey other than the price.
If everything about the price was perfect, what do you feel would help? You feel? A hundred percent confident moving forward and driving this vehicle right away.

What do you feel would help you be more 100 percent, confident and moving forward and enjoying this vehicle right away.
You know it’s when two words I never say bye or today because remember another videos.

I told you most people they leave the house to say I’m just looking, I’m not buying anything today.

So when they hear those two words, those are trigger words.
It helps them.

Oh no.
I told myself this morning that I’m not buying anything today and this salesperson trying to force me to buy today and they’ll resist you just because their ego will will cause them to okay.
So you want to make sure that you can use what’s called synonyms, and that is the words, but I mean enjoy right now means the same thing is by today.

So when they tell you hey the price to our isolate okay, if the price was right, where you wanted to be – and everything was in alignment right there, what do you feel would help you be a hundred percent confident or a hundred percent comfortable moving forward and Enjoying this vehicle right away, so now we’ve taken price off the table and we’ve asked them.
What do you feel other than that will help you be a hundred percent, more confident or a hundred percent more comfortable or hundreds in comfort, moving forward and enjoying this vehicle right away? Here’s what that does it forces them to tell us, but not only us, think about when they’re speaking of us they’re speaking of themselves, so it forces them to tell us and themselves what it is that will help them feel 100 %, confident or comfortable moving forward.

So guess what that does for you? It gives you the opportunity to hear what it is that they feel will help them be under percent confident other than the price, and really help to build value in that area.

Remember, most people don’t buy on you, god what they want assembly because they didn’t understand how having this benefits them, how the investment it is far outweighs the risk of not happening how the the benefit of this far outweighs the non benefit to them of non ownership.
So isolate other than the price of everything about price is perfect and we was all on the same page.

What do you feel will help you be a hundred percent more confident or be a hundred percent comfortable moving forward enjoying this right away and remember we said not what do you think? Because, when it comes to thoughts, people think many different ways.

Some people have psychotic thoughts, but when it comes to feeling because people buy 90 % of emotion and back it up with 10 % logic.
So when we asked what they feel, we get a more genuine response and we get a chance to trigger that emotional side, which is what motivates people to buy so the next time.
A customer issue with the price subject remember to isolate and identify a boy doing the negative approach where people say okay.

Well, let me know you do this other than price.

What else do you feel would hold you back from moving forward? Why the hell do we want to talk about? What would hold you back? Why would I want you to emotionally experience what would hold you back if I’m trying to get you to move forward so as opposed to ask you what’s gon na hold you back, I don’t care about that.
I want to know.

What’s gon na help you move forward, keep it positive rather than negative, and so many salespeople have diarrhea of the mouth that they don’t know how to ask the question and shut the up and let the customer talk.
But till now you will so when they asked about the price, isolate and then ask what do they feel will help them be 100 percent, more comfortable, moving forward, okay or 100 percent, more confident moving forward and just sit back and be quiet and when they feeling, When you think they’re finish, talking, give them some more seconds and let them go because remember he or she who speaks first loses, and we have two years two hours of one mile, which means to listen and watch twice as much as we speak and good salespeople Practice what to say, while great ones practice what to ask alright, so the next time you run into the objection, make sure you isolate, identify and as opposed to using words like buy and today think about what synonyms, what words you can use that avoid using buy.

Today you know: hey, let’s enjoy it immediately, drive it home right now, you know see it in your driveway.

You know things of that nature because they help you minimize, if not eliminate, bringing up those trigger words.
That’ll cause an internal turmoil in that customers, mind where they told themselves no and now you’re trying to force them to do something against their own will and ego.
Ah, I hate you salesperson because I want to do it, but I can’t do it because you’re telling me to do what I told myself, I’m not gon na do avoid then avoid that all right and if you think this is something listen.

People put comments in to send me messages all the time bar.
You know I want to get better.
I want to do this, but that’s bullshit.

If all they do, is they come and watch a six-minute video and believe that somehow they’re gon na start really getting it out there at the end of the day, myself and anybody else, that’s out here, putting blood, sweat and tears and years to get to this Level and guess what only a fool will learn from their own experiences.
A wise person will learn from the experience of others.
So if you’re still gon na bump your head every day at your dealership and you still every month, bitching moaning and complaining about how much money you make it or not, make it, but yeah you’re not doing anything different you’re insane, because the definition of insanity is Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

When do you realize that if we want other people to invest in us, we have to invest time and resources in ourselves, and so with all the people that have experienced tremendous benefit from utilizing certain information? Shortening the learning curve and benefiting from it if you know that that’s available, but you choose to keep running in that mousewheel.
Shame on you so again, right now, there’s a link in the description.
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I look forward to seeing you at the dealer: .

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