How to Overcome the I Want to Shop Around Objection – Automotive Sales 3.0

All right Jeff, so, as I promised you earlier, those long I’m having three different payment options for you.

Okay, now you told me that $ 2,500 is what you want to put down.
So here are your price options: we’re $ 2,500 $ 2,500 innocent investments, okay, the 48 months: your payments are between 548 and 565.
Okay, the good thing that most people really like about this option is that similar to the mortgage industry, you get to take advantage of the opportunity to pay it off much quicker and the more you did the screen right now.

The rates are much lower than they’ve.
Ever been so, people are going in and taking advantage of the lower rates, but coming out with the same payment.
Why buy the payment being the same and the rates being lower more money is going towards the principal they’re gon na pay it off a lot quicker, build equity sooner and get that deed, free and clear.

So we give you the same exact opportunity at 48 months.
You can pay it off quicker, build equity sooner, get that title free and clearing your hand, much a lot faster now.
The next time do we have it with a 2500 initial investment.

Is that 72 months that’s 72 months, the payments are significantly less than 48 months, but a lot flexible, also they’re between 400 and 400 $ 18.
The reason why they’re comfortable is because they are much less but why they are flexible, is because you can take advantage of the same exact benefits of 48 months.
There’s no prepayment penalties who pay it off sooner.

You can build equity much faster.
The only difference is you can do it at your own pace.
Now it’s 60 months.

People refer to this as the best of both worlds, significantly higher than 72 months, significantly less than 48 months, but you still get the benefits of paying off sooner you’re building equity faster.

Those payments are between 459 and 477.

Now how the Nell’s explain you the overall savings that you get on this when you at 60 months and 60 months you’ll be saving 1332 dollars that could stay in your pocket.
You know, as opposed to 72 months and at 48 months, you’re saving.
Two thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars.

That’s it! That’s awesome.
Twenty-Six hundred you get to keep in your pocket just by taking advantage of panadol lot sooner.

The only thing I need for you to do Jeff is to be able to circle which one of those work best for you and initial right at the bottom and I’ll go ahead and get the detail Department to get your vehicle shine, buffed and ready to ride.

We’re gon na go with sixty months all right all right now.
I do want to shop around there, okay as far as shopping, where, as far as the beautiful goals, everything about the vehicle, the vehicle itself were eaten by this well see if there’s my cash buyer.
Okay and shopping around and most people are self around at the end of the day, making an investment like this.

You want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, right, okay and and true, it all goes down to the money.
Am i right shopping around? You want to make sure you’re getting the best possible price.
That’s out here and available touchin.

You are just like everybody else that makes your normal human being want to do that.
So what I’m going to do the army, with some information that’ll, help you out doing shopping around matter of fact I’ll, provide you a day with a map? Okay with the addresses and the locations of the other four stores in the area to help you out.

But I want to share with you some information that you may already know, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share with you: okay, at the top six automotive dealer groups out there, lithium motors, Groupon, asbury, Penske and Sonic a nomination okay.
These are the top six and they’re all publicly traded companies and they list their annual reporting’s and they’re according to recordings online.
Okay, they don’t want a list these they actually list how much money is made on the vehicles, because, let’s face it, there’s no such thing as the highest price dealership, all the time, just like there’s, no such thing as the lowest priced dealership, because we’re the highest Priced generous they’re losing customers, which means they’ll, go out of business, whoever the lowest prices they’re losing money.

They have go out of business, which means that all of the dealerships, all the senior, are right there in the middle now which one and was the difference between the highest and lowest.
Don’t know let’s see, but I will tell you this any difference if it’s in that they have the lowest price and they’re just throwing it out there, because there’s no way for them to know who’s got the lowest price.

They have no idea what another dealership will do, which is why someone like this.

I want to make sure you have all the information to help you make the best possible decision, so you can be as educated as possible when you’re doing this.
Okay, these companies all report their records online.
So what I’ve done is I’ve actually printed out the financial reports of each one of those customers on each one of the other groups? Okay, so, let’s start off with Penske one of the top ones.

Okay, now, as you can see, Penske their gross profit on their vehicles, spa percent, okay for auto nation, their gross profit on their vehicles is also add.
Five percent, because profit for automation is that five point three percent for sonic is 6.
2 percent for group 1.

The gross profit margin on the new vehicles make sure have fun, bro mashita coming guys.
Ok is 5.
1 % alright.

So what that means is that the difference between all of them was between six point two and five percent.

Okay, so the median in between then that’s a 12 point different.
So by five point, six percent is the average okay, so the difference between the highest and the lowest is about.

You know one point, two percent, so the asking price on your vehicle out the door was 24:05 for system.
So twenty fifty four sixty different failure.
Multiplied 24:54.

Sixty by one point, two percent for his money.
So go get a 24:05 for one point two and then hit the percent under two hundred eighty eight dollars: okay! So, okay, now, in order for you to be able to decide which one of the highest and whose the lowest and to be able to save that to an eighty eight dollars.

Jeff, do you have to leave on here? You’d have to drive over to Pascagoula and go over to easterbrook forward okay and going to Easterbrook boys simple to sales guy, one two three hours of what not and the nd one drive another 30 miles over the butch after sitting for and stupid their sales guy.
For a couple hours, then you want to make sure you drive out to intercept for to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Okay, and so you want to have to hit all of these different dealerships.

Stick with different sales reps to go through a process for two three, maybe four hours, just to save your serve on either to save yourself two hundred eighty eight dollars.
The thing is, though, they’re not going to give you two hundred eighty eight dollars in cash now I’ll get to one hundred dollar bills for 20s, one five and three ones.
What’s going to happen, is this two hundred eighty eighty dollars? We broke it up over 60 months that you’ve elected.

So do me a favor divide 288 by sixty, so the master now four thousand eight four thousand any sense.

Now, if you feel that it’s worth to drive to go to three or four different for store, sit through two three four hours of sales presentations, none which is us as goodness as friendly as I am to be able to save yourself, four dollars and eighty cents By all means, shame on me: someone must have did wrong or you can issue right there.
Let me go ahead and get our service department get this thing shine, prime bug they’re ready to go and get you all right and enjoy fun vehicle.

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