How to Overcome: “I want to think it over”-Take as many days as you need.

Hi Christian green here with another sale spot of the day, today’s sales thought centers around the.

I want to think about it stall or reflex objection, and it helps that this close is going to help us really just get to the real objection.
That way, we can maybe close it and put something together, so I believe it was made famous by Grant Cardone II.

It’s called how many days so I go something like this hey.

We need to think it over a little bit and get back to you.
You know what it seems like you guys need a day or two to think it over take a day or two or three or four or five days, be better okay, just a couple days, wellhe them what the facts are no matter.

What amount of time you take to think about it, there’s gon na be really three things that you need to consider, and the first thing you need to consider would be this, and that is one.
Is it that you don’t like the car? Okay? Is it that you don’t like the car? Oh you do, okay! Well then, the next thing you need to consider is: am i or the dealership done something to keep you from and prevent you from moving forward and getting this car? Okay good? We have it! Well then, the last question would be: how does it fit into your budget? Oh okay, you know if we went and sat back down took another look at the figures found a way to go ahead and get it into your budget with just the 500 down.
Do you see it in the reason why you guys wouldn’t go ahead and take it home tonight? Oh great, you know what why don’t we go ahead and not get you a pop water or coffee? What we go ahead and take another look at the figures, which would you prefer and then we’ll go ahead and continue to work the deal we were able to find out.

It was a payment issue with a down payment amount when we asked those questions, so I just continued on by having something just kind of hanging in there.
A lot of times were able to get a little bit of information that we can use to go ahead and hopefully put a .

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