How to Overcome :”I Don’t Need A Demonstration Drive.”

Here again, with another sales thought of the day, today’s thought centers around demonstration drives so in the new millennium many times, because it’s an efficient market, I think we feel like we can shortcut or should shortcut the sales process, because the customer has already done all these Steps but the one step that they really do want to do, and one of the main reasons they come into a store is to drive the vehicle.

In fact, na da says 99 % of the customers stated that they wanted to drive a car before they purchased.
It and then going with that statistic: 50 % of customers said they bought on the spot when they got a good presentation and demonstration drive.
So if that’s the case, why would a customer or a guest tell us they don’t want to take it for a ride? Two main reasons: one would be time.

The other number two would be that they drove one in another store now with time a lot of times.
That’s just a reflex objection, they’re, saying: hey, I’m on the short time here, lunch hour, kind of gives them an escape clause in case they don’t like the place like the dealership like what’s going on so for that, and maybe it is time but either way.
I think we can accommodate them and help them out and also help them do what they really do want to do, which is drive the vehicle.

So we could just say hey folks.
I understand I tell you what we’ll just take it on on the short route.
It’d only take a few minutes, hop in I’ll Drive, let’s go and jump in and just start moving forward again.

Nothing bad will happen to you if they really really really don’t have time.
They will stop you and let you know that now, let’s take a look at the number two reason: people don’t want to take it for a drive and then as they drove on down the street, and I know that myself.
I trust my presentation, skills and my demonstration skills and investigating, and my reporter stablishing skills a lot more than I do another sales person.

So I’d want to go ahead and take control and take fate into my own hands by moving forward and asking them to take a demonstration drive again.
So nothing bad happens.
I just say: hey folks, if you already drove a vehicle at another store and didn’t buy it that concerns me, you know that salesperson of their store must not have told you everything about the car.

Let me show you a few things, a couple of things that I think you’re gon na love.
It won’t take very long, in fact, we’ll just take the short route hop in I’ll Drive, let’s go and if you move forward many cases you’ll find the customer kind of they look at each other and say: let’s go along because again we know they want to Drive it statistics say: 99 % of the customers want to drive the car before they take it home.
So I believe really what you’re doing is just kind of helping the customer save them from their self, helping them along doing something that they really want to do.

So again, the demonstration drives a very important step that really we want to make sure that happens and if, for whatever reason you tried both of these word tracks and the customer still said, no again, nothing bad happens.
You just took another shot at it.
So that’s the thought of the day.

I hope it helps have a great weekend.

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