Majority of the people currently are actually for.

Lord are only working for 15 days, those who are in full-time employment, many small businesses which are keeping the businesses running.
They have employees work only for 10 days, they’re taking 20 person cards 30 cards, 50 percent pay cuts to keep the business running and the show going on .
You know in in this episode, folks we’re going to talk a lot about um how to navigate through uh job loss or drew an appendix and uh.

Jannika here has written several uh posts on linkedin about this and uh.
It’s just been a very big deal.
Um, for so many people all over the world to be dealing with this right now so without further delay.

Let me introduce our returning guest specializes in hr advisory, recruiting employer branding content, marketing and networking among many other qualifications.
She’s, an hr expert, a consultant working in partnership across various industries providing career, counseling training, coaching services for many companies and employees over the last decade, or so.
She’s worked with over 40 000 candidates.

Folks, optimizing their resumes maximizing their social media profiles towards better careers, including many who have branched off into their own startups.

Her background in psychology management, hr and 12 years of the past 12 years passionately.
Helping people has brought her to create her own consulting firm catering to employers and startups.

So i want to take this opportunity to welcome back jannika to the show all the way from india thanks everyone thanks for getting me an opportunity to speak to more people on the show.

Thank you and you know what, when, when you say that um, you have a ton of followers who checked in the episodes.
The last time like i’ve, never had so many people from india listening to the show, but there’s like hundreds and hundreds of them, uh commenting and uh engaging with us um.

So i want to say thank you to them for engaging with the show for sure and uh, giving their feedback and uh they’re very supportive of you and uh, and i think that speaks a lot to the value that you bring to the table.
As far as your followers are concerned as well, so congratulations for building uh a following of like almost 28 000 uh people on linkedin in a very short time and uh who seemed to be.
You know very, very supportive of you, so i you know, congratulations for sure.

So aside, from aside from the obvious times that we’re in right now janicki um, why does this subject of dealing with job loss and in this pandemic resonate, and why have you talked so much about it? On linkedin, majority of the people currently are actually for.
Lord are only working for 15 days, those who are in full-time employment, many small businesses which are keeping the businesses running.
They have employees work only for 10 days, they’re taking 20 person cards 30 cards, 50 pay cuts to keep the business running and the show going on so to each organization and to every person.

This experience pans out very differently.
There is nobody who is left out whether it is a business person or whether it is an employee, whether it is a freelancer or whether it is a self-employed person.

Covert has definitely had some or the other impact in the way he or she lives or makes a livelihood in every way it has touched them in some form or the other, so it makes it more important to talk about job loss at this point of time And how to navigate it uh right now, i would say if you have any business who’s running and any entrepreneur who’s still paying you salaries.

You must be very lucky the way they have planned their business or they are currently ensuring that they are planning their business to ensure that salaries are on time and they are making payments on time.

So be very grateful if you are still having your job and still your management is trying to navigate the business and ensuring that the ship doesn’t sink.
So that’s what i would say about these current times absolutely! Well, you sum it up pretty good, i mean that’s a pretty realistic summary of what’s going on, you know, making sure that the ship don’t sink and trying to navigate and make necessary cuts or necessary adjustments as needed, but still keeping uh everyone’s interest in mind.

So maybe uh as a team working for a company, everybody takes a little bit of a cut, but it helps to sustain um overall, the business.
So you know for so that everyone can have a chance to to to go longer, to innovate, to create and to last and to come through this on the other side.
So what um? What are some of the trends you’ve noticed as people try to navigate through this pandemic, as it relates to job loss? There’s definitely a lot of things going on with the amount of time that people have now.

So what are some of the trends? You’ve noticed see you some of the trend that i noticed recently is many of the shops or the showrooms, which actually run otc over the counter trade, since the customers are not going to those shops because of social distancing.

Many of them are reinventing to make sure that instead of having the customer come to the market, let’s go to the customer.
Recently, a very leading footwear brand, very leading footwear brand in india said that you know we’ll have footwear on wheels and it actually went to the doorstep of the customer to make sure that you know there is some kind of sales that happened.

So i also feel that this is a very good time to think differently in terms of how you can get your sales promotion done and have the sale piked up.
Irrespective of the fact that you know, customers are not going or there is some way there are people who are still doing sales.
If you look at the e-commerce, e-commerce is where the maximum sale is happening, because people are at home and you would be surprised to know that one of the television brands sold the maximum unit of televisions in the month of june, because people were at home and They have ordered for televisions, so even at this pandemic time there are some categories and there are some industry which are doing exceptionally well when it comes to essential services, food services, uh, you know whole lot of services, it’s just that it is being marketed differently.

It is being promoted differently and uh people are thinking out of the box to make sure that a sale happens.

No, that’s a that’s outstanding and you definitely have to pivot and you have to innovate with your.

You know your thinking and your approach for sure yeah.

You just simply have to keep trying new things every day and, and that and you know speaking about um televisions selling out in india um in in north america here and i know for sure in canada, uh everywhere you went to buy a bicycle.

You couldn’t find one so because all the gyms were closed and, like bicycle shops and retail stores have never sold this many bicycles ever like by the hundreds you can’t.
You know you go into a big department store or a big uh retailer, and the bicycle shelves from big to small are completely gone, so these are just some of the things that people have found time uh found to do with their time is whether they’re learning At home or buying televisions to watch more movies or to do things online or buying bicycles, to go out and exercise as an alternative to going to the gym right right.

So so, and i also see no go ahead yeah.
I also see renting and leasing picking up in a very big way in many categories, which we never imagined previously in this market, a lot of things you know, people use it and then after six months they don’t need it.
So it is again back to be rented, be it all the capital goods also it is now available uh, you know, use it as long as you want, and after that you move on to something else.

So renting and leasing is catching up in a very big way in categories which we have never imagined.

For example, let’s take a bicycle: you could possibly rent a bicycle for six months and after that, if your needs change, you could you know, sell it or you know renew it or take something else.
A lot of new patterns are emerging and it is not the same like how it used to be before absolutely and folks uh just so.

You know, even though there’s a little bit of a delay uh today about maybe about two to three seconds in the audio, but this is because we’re speaking to janaki all the way from india, it is um about 8 15 p.
There – and it is 10 45 a.
m here in in canada or in the eastern time zone anyways, so um yeah, the sound is taking a little bit of time to travel there and back via the internet and janaki is on her phone um.

You know the last time you were, you had a power outage for crying out loud.

There was a storm, you had a power outage and you were on the roof of your building at night with a phone you know doing a show with me like you’re, incredible.
So um folks, the power of technology and determination from this lady.

So i i do appreciate you very much um.

So what might be three tips you could offer to our listeners who may uh before they’re, facing uh layoffs right now due to the covert um as it relates to what they could do to alleviate some of the stress and the possibility of creating new opportunities um? Instead of just you know waiting for things to get better, what could you know what are three things you think people could do to think about right right, see.
First of all, uh, the entire degree of influence is come from outside, so you’ll have to accept the situation whether your business is down or whether your business is shut down.

You have to accept that situation.
Okay, i have lost my job or my business is completely shut down, accept that and really reflect on three skills that you may have uh gathered over your experience in the last so many years, working in that business or working in that job write down those three Skills and make yourself available to the nearest small businesses in what way you can help them, if need be, volunteer yourself to help them boost their sales or any per particular aspect of their business, which means which also takes care of your day-to-day requirements or monthly requirements.

When it comes to a job or when it comes to paying a bill, or these things, you know make sure that you have at least three two to three engagements which keep you occupied with those skills that you can help any business with.

So that is something which you need to really figure out.

Third thing is: if you feel that no business is not for me, but i’m going to give it a try.
This is a good time to do some kind of buying and selling see you know what is moving in the market in terms of essential services, make yourself available and make sure that you know you’re selling some kind of products day in and day out to take Care of your requirements or the requirement of your family on a daily basis, especially with regards to employees.

Okay with respect to business people, it is uh key for them to be flexible in terms of okay.
If one business is not working, let us give a try.
Uh, you know getting into some other vertical or balance it out suppose, if you’re in a business like a office, furniture or home furniture, it will be a good idea for you to try and see if you can do something in home decor and see what is Moving in that direction, it’s also about you know spreading your uh risks into other areas.

Okay, if this doesn’t work, something else might work.
So that is also something which you could innovate.
Third is for business people.

If you have not got online, if you have not explored the digital space, it’s time for you to make those partnerships and collaborate for your industry related products and services, so that it can be taken to a larger audience to a larger set of people and create More opportunities for others in the form of resellers, in the form of employment opportunities for other people under current market conditions right.
The next six to eight months is very crucial in terms of developing a strong foundation.
If you’re starting a new, vertical or spreading your business risks across other areas, wow, those are some very good.

Uh tips janicki – and you know what i like about uh conversing with you – is that this is just coming off.
The top of your head like this.
Is this is like you were born for this in and – and i can see why um you know so many individuals resonate with you and identify with you, because this a lot of these ideas is what people need to hear um in terms of what their options Might be and how to pivot and and how to try something different um and that there’s hope, and you know you don’t – have to sit there in doom and gloom and just play the waiting game.

You can actually um make change and and evolve and contribute to change in the world for crying out loud, and this has been happening.
A lot as you’ve made you’ve made changes and you’ve made a major change now to influence in an effect in other people’s lives.
So um it doesn’t, i mean just a few months ago.

I i never noticed you on linkedin, but here you are now so those social channels are very, very important and i think especially if you know you have something to contribute.

I think i think it’s literally a responsibility to get out there and and put it out there.
So so you never know who you’re going to help or how many people you’re going to help.

True, true now, just to tell you ever old travel food aviation garments.
These are all industries which are so badly hit in the last four five months, they’re, absolutely not operational.
Firstly, because we have a travel shutdown, i mean it is gradually getting released.

People are not traveling like before, so just imagine those people who are uh involved in this kind of service industry.

For them it is a very big blow, so they have to try different things to ensure that you know they are navigating through this crisis till everything normalizes.
Of course everything will be normalized.

There is going to be a new normal, but people will have to keep doing something uh to navigate through these times.
There is no to be left absolutely so when navigating through job transition or industry change like you’re, alluding to right now.
What are some recommendations? You might have to that.

You know that could alleviate some of the added stress of dealing with.

Now you have to deal with job change now, industries, changing everything is changing on top of dealing with this pandemic.

What are, how do people navigate through this without losing their mind sales, marketing finance, all the basic functions? You know, human resources.

In what way can you contribute to any small business or any self-employed person is what you need to look at, even if you’re, not getting the kind of salary or the pay that you wish to? You must be willing to volunteer and mentor yourself or help other people.
That is the best way to navigate this time.

Absolutely yeah and that’s a pretty big deal um, which i think is in one of my other questions here is instead of um.

One should not wait to network and which is what we did.

We did that initially, which is why we’re now having two shows together all the way from india.
I’ve never had a show this far before i think maybe one from uh the middle east, but uh dubai or somewhere there.

I did have a show, but this is all because of networking, so um best practices for standing out in a job search um.
Those haven’t changed and you still have to put your name out there.
You still have to do the network.

You still have to have the professional approach to building relationships and, as as you alluded to is to offer off yourself without really expecting anything or offer help and advice and coaching and volunteer and participation and um things will come back to you, because, if you’re, a Professional and you’re you’re, putting yourself out there, there’s always other people who can identify with what you have to offer and identify with what you say and and will you know, reach out and engage so uh.
One of the things i i recommend is approaching your professional relationship as a place to give rather than to receive in in a time like this.
You know and join relevant discussions on linkedin, like i have with you in in many instances where the discussion just goes up and he and so many people start to participate, and then people start to offer their services and offer their networks.

And you just never know what might come of it even just last week, through another network uh on linkedin, i literally just hired a um another designer um, who i’m working with because of networking, and this specific project that i’m working on requires someone of her uh Elk and that’s that occurred literally just from a third-party network, so these things happen, people find jobs, opportunities, um right here on these networks.
So how have you? What have you seen? I mean you’ve been at this now in a big way in the last few months.
What have you seen during this pandemic time? Janika that has surprised you or where have you seen some opportunities being created right in front of your eyes, um everyone? I see infinite possibilities in this platform for anybody.

Anyone uh because uh whatever we are speaking, possibly somebody somewhere in the globe, is listening to it and it does a whole lot of difference to them, and i personally feel that nobody should be judged whether it is a employee who opens up an influence within his Organization who then helps you into a decision making of a big order, so these things are magical, so this is not just any other platform.
We need to be very careful about what we speak.
How we comment what we write, how we talk these things are all uh very crucial for anybody who is trying to build a social media presence online, so uh it for lead is and networking, and it is important to be polite, and you know straightforward in your Dealings to ensure that there is a lot of trust, trust and, at the same time, good camera during when you’re dealing with people amazing.

So what are some of um some best practices like if you were to recommend best practices to people right now or were sitting at home and they realized the old economy is not coming back number one um.
You know major companies and multiple major companies all across the world.

Some are closing their doors.

Some are laying off some are making some are being bought up and there’s so much uncertainty still um for the immediate future um.
What do you say to those people in terms of you know what to do? What’s their next step, you think right everold.
If you see a generally a career path, uh in most places, you know he starts as the sales executive.

Then he becomes a middle level.
Sales manager, then he becomes a sales head and like this you know 11 years 12 years passes away, but the pandemic kind of situation might give a totally new opportunity for a person who has been in the same career to start a second career, possibly because he Doesn’t uh he or she doesn’t get an opportunity into sales, so there is no other option but but to start their own business or help other people get more sales.

So this is a good option to start a second career or somebody who has finished a second career, a third career as well.

So i personally feel that the resume is all about the past.
You can rewrite your future under correct circumstances, wow.
So how do we, when should people reach out in your mind, um, if you’re at home and wondering what to do um? Should they reach out what are some of the best practices to reach out and where would you start one of the best things happening online? Is keeping a lot of time in social media because they are not at a place, and this is going to be the way for next six to eight months, till businesses really come back and really the work starts flowing right now.

You know people have that extra time to have conversations uh talk to people.

You will be able to get through decision makers more easily than what it was before.
So that’s why i have been always iterating that the next 180 days are very crucial for somebody who is restarting redoing or rewriting their career, because this will uh compound in the next five year or next 10 years time in whatever area they are working into wow.

So is there anything that you have seen uh in or feedback that you have received in the last? You know three months, let’s say in jiren and then in the last little, while anything that has surprised you anything that you think you you say.
Oh, my goodness, i never thought that this would be this way or this could happen.

Okay, okay uh.

When i started building content to generate leads, there were many people who used to tell me that you know you are selling your selling.

I said without selling you will not be able to do anything so amen to that.

So without sales you will not be able to uh navigate anything.

It is the lifeblood of every organization or every person or whatever business or whatever expertise you have unless you’re going to go up, show up, show yourself up, you know there is not going to be much traction or change, and you have to keep doing it again.
Keep doing it again, irrespective of what the outside situations and circumstances are you have to show up.
You know i want to hear you say this again to people out there who always say: well, i’m not a salesperson, i’m not in sales.

You know you know car sales, people.
You know realtors this, that the other doctors, dentists um.
What are they all all doing? Janaki yeah, i proudly say i sell absolutely they’re all selling and if you’re not selling a direct product, you’re selling a service, um you’re, definitely selling yourselves, and – and this is what most people need to to to do today – is to work on themselves, so that you Can have a better version of yourselves to to offer to others um, because that’s where the value is the holistic value in the sales process is in dealing with the person the product they may be able to get anywhere or at different places, or at least a Few options every time it’s extended, i’m sorry.

What was that every piece? Every piece of content, which is text or a video, is actually building trust and it is sales exactly it might be, a little slower, but it is still sales and that’s building that trust.
So that one day you can offer those people a direct product or service, and i’ve seen that you know work for me because it’s been years and years of building content and offering ideas and solutions via my social channels and lately the calls have been coming from Everywhere, i’ve gotten calls from greece, i’ve gotten calls from the caribbean and, of course, local north american calls as well.

But if you continue to add value to people’s lives, which is really should be your number one goal, especially now, it was always important to add value, but right today, if you, if you are not doing something to make the other person’s life better um, there’s really.

No point in even starting because everyone is going through something uh, you don’t know who, in their family, i mean late more and more.
Lately, i’m encountering people on a personal level, whether it’s to be a friend or you know, a distant relative or a neighbor.
A co-worker, a client who knows off or is directly associated with someone, that’s had or been affected by covert, so this is this is coming closer to home on a daily basis, uh every day that passes right right right.

So, in such a scenario, i would tell people you know: don’t take any drastic decisions relating to your jobs, relationships, money extra, you know let the tide pass like the storm pass automatically.

If you calm down at some stage and then you can take it and decide.
Uh from there you know, don’t uh take any drastic decisions when there is a stop, well good advice from from uh from janaki here folks.

This is episode.
72 of the read method, insider podcast.
We are speaking with janaki srinivasan all the way from india, and it is uh.

9 05 p.
m in india right now.
It’s uh 1105 a.

m, uh or probably it’s 9 30.
There right.

Okay, i’m all over the place.
Anyways it’s night time there.

Okay and it’s morning here in canada, on the eastern time zone and uh janaki is a world away, but this is her second episode with me.
The first episode um was received with huge fanfare and appreciation from all over the world and there are hundreds and hundreds of engagement uh from her followers all across india and many other places across the world, and i i serve so much respect.
Uh your perspective in down to earth approach to dealing with what are big, major life change and serious issues.

You know you kind of bring, in my opinion, a sense of clarity and calmness to the situation uh, which i think a lot of people need today, which is why i certainly uh wanted to reach out to you again based on the response from the first show.
I thought you know what this is.
This is hidden home.

People are being positively impacted by your statements and by your thought, process and ideas, and that’s what we want to do.
So, what what do you say about um? You know from a personal care perspective, because you know we’re all going through everything right now.

Our minds are going so fast.

What to do, how to do it? You know uh working from home finances, health um.
You know pivoting and changing our jobs, but what about ourselves? What should people do to make sure that they take care of themselves personally, so they don’t get stressed out or burnt out in feeling like they want to do something silly, because they’re stuck at home.
Did you get that question yeah personally? It has helped me uh in terms of care, when you say personal care or self-care.

Meditation has helped me a lot yes yeah.
So that is very important to keep yourself calm.
Even when there is a storm around.

It is not that you know uh pivot is not happening.
A pivot is happening with everybody, and everything will settle down at some stage.
We just need to navigate this next eight to ten months very carefully.

That’s what i said that you know don’t take any drastic decisions, very big decisions with respect to your jobs, money or relationship, because everywhere everything is changing and people will also have understanding.
People will understand if you have had any issues pertaining to covered or job loss, because it’s been happening all over right, so it’s better to go, slow and gradually take decisions which are very crucial one once everything gets kaaba, which will maybe in a few months from Now, in a new normal, so if we were to sum up this episode, uh janaki, you know we’re talking about taking care of ourselves remaining calm as best as we cannot overreacting.
You know we’re talking about networking and reaching out offering of ourselves learning from others.

Communicating uh building trust um, some vital.
You know key areas.
We would talk about starting up those new businesses or those new ideas that you’ve thought about for years, but never had the time to do right and now you have some extra time at home and how also to deal with job loss.

And you know, companies are shutting down left and right and um the the old economy.

Um is not necessarily coming back.
So what do you do and prepare for the future? So what would you leave as a takeaway tonight or today, depending on where you are in the world um, with this episode on how to navigate through job loss during this pandemic? As we i mean some countries and some states and some cities are seeing surges some places in countries are seeing you know, uh a significant slowdown and a gradual um returned into some sort of uh normalcy in business.

But as as as the world overall looks at this situation, it’s it’s it’s not getting better anytime soon on overall on the global scale, there is still an ongoing issue.

So what do we do? What what? What’s your final takeaway, if you were to leave the audience with a couple of things, two or three, i great ideas on how to navigate with today and be prepared for, let’s say, for the rest of 2020, one of the best ways to live is live for Each day, if you have food on your table, if you have a roof over your head and if you have some money to uh spare for any extra items or luxury, then it’s be very grateful for that.
That is the best way to live the rest of 2020.

If you have wonderful relationships, beautiful people around you who can help you personally, i have seen it in my own life, everyone recently in the last three months there have been so many people who have helped me in ways which i can never imagine.
So i think these are small things which we need to be very grateful for and live life for the rest of 2020 and the future in the same way that there is so much kindness and gratitude around yes, yes, well, thank you and and kindness, and gratitude.
Definitely because i that resonates with you as well – and i so much appreciate you uh being on the show and staying up late, uh to speak to the world and to share your ideas on this episode.

So folks, uh janaki, was on episode.
64 of the read method: a podcast so go to your favorite, um podcast, app itunes, soundcloud shopping.

What do you call them? Uh, spotify yeah.
We are there too stitcher google play wherever you get your favorite podcasts um.

Look for the read method, insider and uh! Our first episode was episode 64, where uh janet has shared so many great ideas on navigating and preparing yourself to deal with uh the current situation, and in this episode, 72, we were speaking about how to navigate through job loss, doing a pandemic, and she shared some Great ideas, so i definitely want to thank janaki and janaki.

Just before you go.
How about you just share with the audience how to connect with you and to get in touch yeah.
You can follow me follow at janaki, i’m there on linkedin, i’m not accepting new connection requests, but you can follow, follow at janaki and if you’re looking to follow my content, hashtag janaki, awesome, hashtag, ki and i’m definitely following janicki.

So she’s got some great ideas and i very much appreciate you so folks.

We always appreciate you as well hearing from you, as we have been a lot lately and we’ve been senior feedback and um countries that i’ve never thought would even hear this show morocco, uh ukraine, uh bangladesh, indonesia, like in india and tons of listeners now from india.
Thanks to to janaki here, we always enjoy hearing from you, so uh send us your feedback at insiderthereadmethod.

com, uh, that’s insider at the readmethod.
com and also stay tuned for some great news coming uh soon we’ll be starting a new feature, automotive podcast as well, because i i’m Largely uh involved in the automotive space as well so i’ll, be doing a separate podcast uh, that’s starting uh, probably the first week of september uh that will be focused on the automotive sector, because we need a lot of help in that sector as well.

So please subscribe and download your favorite um episode via all the different apps itunes, soundcloud uh spotify.

Don’t forget, while you’re there leave us a review.

It helps us to spread the word and uh with expert advice that we receive from folks like janaki we’ve had les brown on the show.
Numerous times tom hopkins we’ve had uh joe jackson from cnn, steve benson of badger maps he’s a great contributor to the show on sales and personal development, and folks always remember, especially for 2020, be thoughtful, be intentional and please be safe.

Thank you very much.
Janaki for being on the show, , you .

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