How to Motivate Your Staff to Be Confident, Effective, and Successful

Hey it’s Brian Maxwell, your success, coach for the generation of changing.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from different managers, VPS of sales trainers and whatnot that have been asking.
What are some of the fastest ways to be able to develop a team, create a team atmosphere and the creative team that has a winning attitude and that comes into work, ready to win every day and that does whatever it takes.
In order to be able to improve their skill set and really want to be better, want to be better developed to be able to make more money to be able to live a better lifestyle to be able to improve their position with the company.

And one of the things that I train on your talk on quite often is that we really have to remove ourselves from the previous ways in which we thought that corporate America, or that management should be ran.
At one point, managers were known just to really just sit in their office and when they come out as kind of a do, what I say do because I say do it and they lead with the will, as opposed to leading by example, with motivation and encouragement.
The fastest way to get your team to buy into any system that it is that you’re looking for them to buy into to truly really take more ownership and their own skill set and in their own participation within the organization they have to feel like.

They are.
A part of it if people feel like they’re, just a number, you know they’re not going to really be too motivated to want to do anything or to improve themselves.
They don’t really think you care yeah.

They know that the numbers and the quotas are important and that they’ll do just enough.
They need to do to bidder just avoid being fired, but they’ll never push themselves to the heights that your team will really and your company will need them to go to in order to truly be impactful on the team so start by spending more time out and About with your team, encourage them really take a moment to sit down and ask questions and listen to them, not about work related in technical things, but about what’s really going on in their life, because it’s always easy for us to say: leave your problems at the Door and don’t bring a man, but it’s it unless somebody’s been trained and conditioned and taught how to do that.
It’s tough and if you have people taking lead that you spend valuable money on the last thing you want is them taking it with any type of garbage are rubbish that they brought in from their home life that, if you would have known you may have been Able to provide some insight to help them out and what happens is when they realize that you truly do care about them and their well-being and their family.

They can sense that, and that feeling of sincerity, and that feeling of commitment from you is that which really which drives them, which motivates them, which encourages them to want to do more, to want to be a have, a more impactful role on the team.
The fact that I matter is that what we do between the nine to five to eight to five hours, that’s what pays the bills and, if you’re, attempting to train your sales professionals during that time when they should be engaged in the game.

It’s kind of like LeBron James, decided, he’s gon na work on a brand new shot in the game, doesn’t work that way he spins off season.

He spends before practice time.
He spends time after practice so that, when he gets in the game, he’s far more comfortable same thing with sales professionals and our teams with his customer service or sales, because at the end of the day, sales and customer service, I wanted the same and we have To see it that way, but you have to make sure that you treat your people like you, want them to treat your customers cuz.
In essence, they are our customers, the teams that we teach and we train and we work with their our customers.

And if we want them to be able to want them to ask questions and build rapport and truly understand our potential clients that are coming in or calling in and we want to become a solution provider.
We have to be the example and set the example by treating them the same.
So if you want to build loyalty in your team, you want to, you know, really have your people want to be more want to do more, show them that you care first and that your intentions of doing that is for their well-being versus just for the bottom Line of the company for your bonuses for your job security, if you do that, you’ll find you’re developing a winning team is a lot easier than you ever thought.

Well again, i’m brian maxwell, your success code for the generation to change, and I apologize for my my my camera’s constantly slide down.
I have to get a new poll and my sister hasn’t gotten here.
Yet it’s about 6 30 in the morn, I’m already in my office.

Getting getting ready and thinking about you so go to new clock generation com download one of my audio programs, which is the five success strategies to instantly transform your life again.
This is brian max with your success coach for the generation to change.
Saying i’ll, see you at the top .

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