How to Make Prospecting Calls, Set Appointments, and Sell Cars

How do you make phone calls and set appointments that people actually show up to where you can help them buy a vehicle or give yourself an opportunity to gain a new client instead of car? So in this video, what I’ll be talking about is how do you make that prospect and call one, that’s memorable, one that seems non-invasive and one that allows you to be able to gain information, share information to be able to set that appointment and have that customer? Actually show up said you can help them.

So, let’s think about this number one most people making that outbound phone call is the last thing that they ever want to do.
Okay, it’s probably the most despised thing that most salespeople deal with at their dealership.
I’ve seen tons of new people actually quit because they had no idea that it was that much outbound telephone calls involved in the actual position.

But let me talk about something real, quick first, things first, is when we talk about telemarketing, okay, it’s looked at in a very negative light when, in reality, anytime anytime, that you’re on the phone with somebody and you’re discussing business, product or services, you are marketing your Services over the telephone, so that’s telemarketing, but we’re not talking about in the traditional sense where you just open up a white page just flip through and do a name.
And you say, I’m gon na call this person and see if they’re willing to buy one of our vehicles, not that okay, most of the information, as far as the leads go that you have are people that either went online came into the store.
Previously, maybe was in the service department, or maybe their service warranties are getting ready to expire okay.

So these are what you will call warm to hot leads, but even with those, it requires a certain set of skill when you’re making that outbound phone call to engage them on the phone not come across Scelzi and get them to open up and be willing to.

Ask you any questions that they may have for you to be able to share any information that may be beneficial and ultimately set a time and a day to have that person come in, so that you can both put eyes and hands on a particular option.
That may be best suited for him, but how do we do that? First things: first, when you’re making that outbound phone call most sales people start the outbound phone call off very wrong with less that gives the alert sales person first, these first, when you make the outbound phone call, even though, on your lead form, it has the first And the last name certain other pieces of information when you’re making that out by on phone call, you always want to ask for the person by first name, because when someone that’s familiar with an individual calls them very rarely if everybody used a first and last name.

So you want to call and ask for them by first name.
Secondly, once they you know, give the they say that it’s them or you know, you’ve got the right person or to get the right person on the phone.
You immediately want to go into what you’re who you are and what your reasoning is for the call, because once you ask for them by first name now their mind is racing.

Saying do I you know, and then you you give your name.
There might not be racing saying do I know this person and you don’t want them to spend their time, try to figure out who you are for too long, because they’ll miss out on some of the question you may have.
So you want to address who you are where you’re calling from and then the purpose of your car.

The reason why you’re calling, then, after that, what you want to do is you want to let it be known to them that you’re you’re you’re there to be able to answer any questions that they may have provide any information that they may be looking for.
Okay, so the way that would go is you may go up ring ring.
Hey man speak to John this John John.

This is Brian Maxwell calling from round three more Toyota here in Jacksonville Florida.
The reason for my call is that some information came across my desk that John Lewis was looking for information regarding the 2020 Toyota Tacomas um.

Am i speaking with the right? John okay.
Now it’s just the confirmation.
Well, you had a simple with John.

The reason for my car is just to answer any questions that you may have provide you with any information you may looking for may be looking for so John.
What questions do you have for me or what information would you like for me to get for you now at this point, it turns to call from one that seems could have seemed Scelzi and to one that’s all about calling to give help to be up servitude To that guess, okay, and so any questions that they may have any information that you that you have to share.
You want to do that if they ask you about a price.

Remember when customers ask for a price or the phone you’re taught by your managers is probably drilled in your head.
You never give a price over the phone, but here’s the issue when we’re unwilling to give what they’re asking us for now.
We want to ask them to do something like come in and we expect them to be willing to trust and listen to us when we totally ignored them, doesn’t really work out that way, which is why you want to always be prepared if you know that you’ve, Just received a lead and it has a specific vehicle that they want information on, especially if it’s a new vehicle.

You want to always find out what your pre-owned option.
Pricing is on that particular model and then what your highest in or your highest trim level pricing is on that particular model.
That might take you a couple of minutes right before you make that phone call, but when you make your phone calls, you want to make sure you have as much information that you possibly can prepared and ready.

So not really knowing what question they may ask.
That’s fine, but we do know that how much it is may be a question that they may have, so you always want to at least have that one prepared.

So when they do ask you for that price, remember as opposed to giving out a specific number give them a range okay, so yeah, I was checking to see what type of pricing or deals you guys had on on the Tacoma stare.
Well, that’s a good question and John: I have them ranging from 17 3 all the way up to 40 to 5, so to help us narrow it down and to find out which one is gon na, be the best option for you.
Most people like to come in and put lay their eyes on it, put their hands on it before they make a decision.

So I have an opening this morning at 10:00 or 1:00 this afternoon at 2:00, which one of those are gon na work best for you to come on in to be able to take a look at what we have.
Ok, so again, you’re flipping it back to you gave them the range you answered that question.
So instead of stonewalling, like a lot of other salespeople, do we’ve actually answered it.

We gave them a range and it’s a fact that to help us narrow it down to identify which one is gon na work best for them, most people do like to come in and put their eyes on it and put their hands on it.
So that’s a factual, remember something I never believed in lyin, but I do believe in breaking the truth down to his basic fundamental element, which is before a person makes an educated decision.
They typically want to have the information.

Okay and the information is bigger than just pieces of paper – is actually the Ahtna site and the field test, which is why demo drives, and things like that are so important.
It’s so critical, okay.
So when you’re making your outbound phone calls remember, as for the person by first name, okay and then once they say this is him? Okay, you want to introduce yourself who you are where you’re calling from what city of cinn, because you don’t know how many dealerships they may have called that are in your city, in your state or some and surrounding cities, or even another state you’ll.

Be amazed.
How often somebody has to go out of state to get a vehicle? Is that a shame yeah, because there’s no reason people from your backyard, you have to go to something: go someplace else to be able to get what they looking for when you have it there, but always make sure you give your name what city and what dealership You’re calling from and then you just want to, let them know the reason hey.
Some information came across my desk that John Lewis was looking for some additional information on the 2020 Toyota Tacomas are for Mustangs, our Ford f1 to f2, 50s or whatever.

It is.
Now, the knee you want to confirm am i speaking to the right, John okay, so now we’re setting up.

Yes is also, and now after that, it’s letting us know.
John I’m just here to answer any questions you have or provide you any information.
You may feel that you’d like to have so what questions do you have for me or what information would you like for me to get for you and remember not knowing what questions they’re gon na ask we’ve never spoken to this present before we do know one That may come up.

That typically does, and that is price.
Okay, so you want to just if it’s best, if it’s a new vehicle, you want to find out what your pre-owned option, your your lowest pre-owned option and that particular model is and then what your highest trim level option is and what the pricing is on.
Those both and give a range, if they’re calling just about a specific pre-owned, a specific pre-owned vehicle and they ask for the price.

You still give them the range, because guess what the pre-owned option you give them that number.
But you also have the higher trim level model if it’s a pre-owned option that you all have, that is not of your particular brand and they call and they say well, yeah, I’m looking for the you guys had a 2017 Mercedes on the lot and I’d like To get some information of some pricing, what surprising is on that awesome and that’s a good question so, as opposed on just to give you uh, you know basic pricing.
I really would like to be able to give you the best option we have on it.

Okay, so I’m gon na ask you a few questions: we’ll set up a time for you to be able to take a look at it and we’ll see what it is that what the best options are.
We have for you, so if they have that one specific pre-owned vehicle that is not of your particular brand okay and they’re, asking for pricing on that, they want to know what it is and that way to hand it out is hey, listen as opposed to just Throwing you out a price, I want to make sure that I give you the best option available available that we have.
So I just want to ask you a few questions then, after that you know set up a time for you to be able to take a look at it, just to make sure that this is the right one and then I’ll be able to make sure that We don’t just give you prices, we give you the best options that we have available.

Is that fair to you boom? Okay, so making those outbound calls remember to make it natural make it smooth? And if you looking for more word tracks and better ways to be able to do that, click, the link in the description go on over and check out.
I got some awesome tools available that will help you be able to master making those phone calls, leaving those ear or voice mails, sending out emails and, most importantly, taking your customer from A to Z, straight line through the process.
So click the link in the description.

Going-Over check out the tools, i’m brian maxwell, .

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