How to Make Money Selling Cars – It’s About You…Not Price

Hi, I’m Brian Maxwell, the owner and founder of sales professionals of America, recruiting I work with automotive dealerships nationwide and one of the biggest mistakes I see being made by Greenpeace or by newbies as they enter into the automotive sales profession, is that when green peas are Entering in they hear about all the money that could be made in the business they might, you may even have a 20 car 15 vehicle a month producer on your floor, so they see how nice they dress.

They see if money is being made, but they just cannot seem to get over that home and break through that ceiling and start making that money themselves and then before they ever give themselves a fighting chance to actually be successful.
They’re already gone and off to the next thing, so my advice is this: if you’re new entering into this profession number one it’s an excellent profession, but just like with anything you get out of it, what you put into it.
Most people have $ 100,000 a year.

Tastehh with a $ 10,000 a year, work ethic, and you know as much as I would love to tell everyone that if you just show up, have a heart beating you smile, you’re, gon na make a lot of money.
It’s just not true.
It requires commitment, and what do I mean by commitment number one? It means understanding the psychology of selling and really what it is that you are at the dealership to do the primary objective of sales consultants at any dealership.

It’s a greet every customer that shows up greet them without any focus or any thought on selling a vehicle at that time.
If anything, the only thing you’re selling as a greeting is yourself and the fact that you are here to help number two get this person inside, so that you can sit them down and actually find out what their needs are.

You want to identify what the problem is and then based on the problem or a certain set of situations and conditions.

You want to work with your management team to provide a solution for them once you’ve got with the management team, and you believe that you’ve nailed it down to a vehicle that will help them solve whatever transportation on their habit.
The next thing we need to do is to show it all now.

This is where the bottom really falls up, most Nelson songs.
You never take the time to do a genuine presentation, highlighting the features, benefits and advantages, and also getting this guest or this customer to confirm that they also see – and over saying I should, as they understand the features and the benefits and the advantages of this particular Vehicle now, after we’ve shown them the vehicle, we want to take them for a test drive in it.
Let them get a feel for it, hopefully as a sales and so and you’re starting off driving, but take a port feel for it.

Let them get a chance to see how the vehicle field you know, ask them certain questions after they drove for a little while to get their mind assuming ownership, you know: hey who’s, the first person you want to go visit in your car.

If it’s a truck or a minivan or some type of vehicle that they traveling, hey, where’s, the first vacation place you and your family or you and your spouse or you and your partner plan on going.
You know, when is the first time you plan on taking the kids to the park you in the vehicle, whatever it is things that get them.

You know thinking about ownership and that’s the mother point that we can go more in detail on in another vehicle, because I really break all of these down now when you get back to the vehicle, you want to go ahead and have them pulls up in the Sold lane now, once you bring them back in bring the folks back in, introduce them show them what a service department is introduce them to the service manager, make sure they feel important, because at the end of the day, that’s all any of us want make sure You ask them again what they like any coffee or water when you initially brought them into the dealership.
Hopefully you offer them coffee or water, and I didn’t say that and again I touching that more so in another video um, you know how to make a dynamic impact in the first 30 seconds, but open them, coffee and water once you brought them back in alright.
Now it’s time to sit down and up to this point, all the fun and the laughing and the joking you all have been doing now is time where they really get tight.

If the numbers are coming out and you want to learn how to educate rather than just negotiate many times, the reason why customers bucket certain prices a certain monthly but is because they just don’t understand or unable to see either how they’re already panda or how they’re? Actually, paying more and it’s really up to the sales consultant sales consultants are hired for their personality and for their ability to help guests make a smart, safe buying decision and do business with you at your store.
Selling at the dealership is a lot simpler than what most people make it, but it’s not where you just run out.
You greet this person, you close the deal, no sales, a lot of individual and compartmentalized successes that have to take place.

Ok, so when it gets down to it, you make it easy for this person to make a smart, save buying decision and do business with you with your dealership.

This is really where you want to hone in your skills and if you keep checking in, I have some excellent videos.
I like to call it selling with sizzle, or, should I say, helping people buy with passion and if you are looking for.

Some tips are helpful.
How to close more deals at your dealership by all means shoot me a message and I’ll do whatever I can help if you’re looking for talented, strong sales consultants which we do at or you looking for someone to come in and really educate and help your team Get up to speed start closing more deals, holding more growth and just having more fun and creating a a better environment.

I encourage you give me a shout shoot me a message: let’s talk for a minute see what your needs are and how we may be able to help for additional information of how sales professionals of America recruited and go to work for you visit our website spin Us an email or give us a call again, i’m brian maxwell.

I want to say thank you and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership, .

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