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I put a lot of videos out and breaking out different methods and whatnot, but let’s really get down to the meat and potatoes of what it actually takes to be successful and actually make money, selling cars and nine times out of ten.

If you on this video you’ve been online, you’ve been searching, different stuff and you’ve probably heard a number of different people say different things right and then, if you got all of these so-called experts saying this way.
That way – and this way sometimes you get caught up in the mix and you really don’t know which way to go who to follow and what works.

You know the Internet has done several things: AMA information available at our fingertips but B.
It also gave us so much information that sometimes you really don’t know who to trust what to actually try and what works.
And then you might find something that you feel works and you go back to your dealership and you share it with somebody, especially if they’re an older person that stuck in their way and they’ll shoot it down.

So a couple of real quick tips.
I’m gon na give you that’ll help you break down when you’re.

Looking for the information, how do you know whose information should you follow? How do you know what processes you should actually go with, because the worst thing a person can do? Is they just believe that there’s any 100 % way to do any one thing and there’s not there’s multiple days to get to the end result which is helping this person make a smart, safe buying decision, but again why you are searching for the information that can Be a little bit challenging.

One thing I always stress to people is this: you have some people who put information and materials out and it’s like you never ever see them in front of a group of people.
You never see them at a dealership.
You never see them in front of an actual class, but yet they’re giving you these tips on what you should do and how you should operate first thing: you should do make sure that anybody whose information you’re watching and that you’re listening to that they actually show You proof in their videos or on their channel, that there are people that actually invest in them for their expertise.

There are people that bring a man.
It’s like myself if you’ve been on my channel, which I can tell by the names that are in here.
A lot of you have is that I’m all over the United States and I take footage at all of the dealerships I’m in.

I have so much that I don’t even throw it all up there all the time, but then at times like right now this week you know I took I’m taking this week off next, with my months lying in on Saturday, we’re going to Orlando we’re gon na Hit all the Disney amusement parks and whatnot and have a good time and hang out, but I typically show you all over the country where I am, and why do I do that is to show credibility to let people know the information I’m sharing with you.
It’s not just perceived as good by intelligent people like you, but you have these major corporations that are investing.
You know hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for this information that I’ll share with you to be bought into their store.

So what is it when we bring it down to a simplest form? What does it really take in order to make money selling cars that dealerships? Let me tell you number one: most people that jump into it never had a vision, never had a dream wanting to be an automotive city, a lot of times.
I see their a person’s been unemployed and they keep looking online and they see a opening at a dealership or they had a friend or somebody.
They knew who ain’t got into it and they say: listen man if they can do it and make some money.

I can do it and, when folks jump into it, think about it like this, if you and I would meet, would have met before you started working at utility, and I would have asked you hey.
What do you one thing about people that sell cars? You know what the typical response is.
Shady can’t trust them liars, keep your wallet or your purse near you, because you don’t know what they’re gon na do and as unfortunate as it is.

That was a very good perception because, prior to the internet, a customer didn’t know went to dealership up the street or across town was doing.
It was doing deals for they have to trust that sales consultant every dealer would and if that sells, concern that the cute between paying a mortgage and being honest their mortgages too, went out morning being on.
So the person drives off the lot they feel like they got cheated on and some of them cases they did in that bad day stays in the mouth or they also go to a dealership and they deal with the salesperson.

That’s super pushy.
That’s trying to pressure them into making a decision when they want it, as opposed to when the guest is ready.
The guest comes in saying they’re looking for one thing, but the sales rep spends the whole time trying to sell them or something else they never talk to them about anything personal.

They never ask too many questions about them.
They only show or give off the perception that hey they’re only there to close the deal and take their money and they can care less about.

Okay, these are the things that people are dealing with and you yourself may not be that way, but I am here to tell you that at dealerships across the country, you have sales reps, who can give a shit less about helping any guest? They can care less about liking.

This person be only be be care about, is making money off of this person and when your only concern is making money off somebody as opposed to genuinely helping somebody and then doing a business exchange, meaning I’m providing you how about you in service in exchange for Cut monetary compensation, if it’s anything other than that one party is going to lose and with any part of the equation losses.
That’s a bad thing because yeah, the seller, I’ve got a deal, but they’ll never ever get a chance to deal with that.
First began.

Okay, so let’s break it down, one is the false as the misperception when people get into this business, you have folks that sing these dreams.
They sell people a dream and deliver them a nightmare.
They have people believing that oh yeah, everybody that walks a make $ 100,000 a year, they’ll all sell 20 units a month, yada yada and that’s untrue.

So when you’re getting into this business are one of the things that help you stay in it and succeed.
Is the one realized you might have had a vision or a dream to be something totally different? You could have wanted to be a pharmacy tech.
You could have wanted to be an author.

You could have wanted to write movies.
You could have wanted to be a musician whatever that is, but now you’re at the dealership.
So how can we use this to maybe help us accomplish that because, let’s be real, even though sales is my life, this is what I do.

I am passionate about my craft and everything I do involves my continuous, my continuation of my growth and my development and my knowledge and experience, and one thing I stress to people is yes.
The reason why I make the money that I make is because I fully dedicated myself, but surely it’s just saying how I dedicate myself to my craft because selling is an art, it is a real science selling is real science.

People got 90 percent based off emotion and back it up with 10 percent logic, and this is why so many people in sales fail, because there is a misperception people believe that sales is about persuading somebody to do something it is not.

People think is about pressuring people, it’s not as intelligent as you are.
You may have a brand new cell phone right now and if I have another cell phone but yeah yours is working perfectly fine, you’re happy and you love it, but I have a nice-looking cell.
All here, the odds are the probability of me being able to sell you and convince you to buy my phone, even though you don’t have a need for it.

It’s slim to none okay, but if you have a slight interest or greater – and I have this phone this option and you do have a slight to a great need – it significantly increases and improves the chances that you and I may be able to do some business.
Okay, so first thing realize when you’re getting into this, is that something is a real or, if you’re doing the selling as a science.
The thing about it is is something that we’ve been doing our whole.

It’s our whole life, every human being you myself, our parents, our grandparents, every human that’s ever been born on this planet is born into sales.
We can’t escape it and here’s what I mean when a baby cries trying to be picked up, be fair to have a diaper change.
Any relationship you’ve ever been in.

You are not the only person that thought this.
Other person was attractive.
You were one of many, but yet when you spoke to them, you sold yourself to them, and they said you know what I’d like to be in a relationship with them.

Get married with them start a family with them any previous place of employment.

You’ve ever been at, you were not the only candidate that applied.
You were one of hundreds, if not thousands, but yet when you went in and they met with you, you sold and presented your skills in a manner where they said we get the highest rate of return on investment.

By hiring them, I mean even going out to eat lunch, and you know how it is it.
The fellowship going on.
He’d love for somebody and the thing backing form is a way you want to go on.

Okay, you want to go so the person says they want to go to Burger King, but you say: let’s go to five guys man, they got way fresher better burgers and their fries are better and the person says: okay, guess what that was a sale even sitting In a room by ourselves, saying man, I’m not doing anything today, I’m just kicking back.
We have just sold ourselves that is better to sit there than it is and get productive.
We get out and do something.

So if you realize sales is something we can never escape to break it down even further, unless you want people to believe you’re a liar.
Every time we open our mouth was selling a perspective, a point of view or or an important being of some kind.
Okay, so make sure you do realize as you’re getting into it is it.

Sales is something that you’ve already been in something you’ve already been doing.
It’s not something you are hired for.
What you were hired for is your personality, your personal characteristics that they feel or they proceed will be of value to the customer base that comes in that store.

Okay, because good sales people aren’t born great sales.
People are born they’re literally created in there mate.
So one misconception that people have when they come into: it is like they get nervous when they sit on the other side of the table and help speak with people they get nervous when they have to go out and ask this person for their business, because we All fear at one point: I’m 32, but a lot of people fear that powerful two-letter were, which is in oh, no, that freaks people out and so what you have to do once you realize that.

No because I just said, and guess what it didn’t hurt you at all one do you have to realize it is just a two letter word.
Okay, that’s all it is.
The word note will make you fall on the ground.

Won’t make you won’t hurt, you won’t kill.
You okay now realize this though the word know has never been.
You know mixed up with anything positive, okay, with the exception of say no to drugs, but other than that.

Well, somebody’s saying: no! It’s typically them shutting something.

Shutting something down: okay, so when we get ready to don’t interact with people in sales, nobody likes rejection, it hurts people, and so you want to realize this one thing: when we get involved in this business in this game of selling vehicles, big ticket items, you speak To strangers each and every day of your life, when you’re walking in the grocery store, if you’re, just walking on the street saying good morning to somebody a phone call, you get from somebody the wrong number or from a company trying to find out where you are Because they want to either you know clear up a debt or get you some money or whatever it is.
So it’s something that we do.

But yet when we get involved at the dealership, somehow our nerves kick up and it seems like our ability to just have a conversation gets minimized and really understand is it is nothing more going on when a guest comes into your store, then two individuals, two adult Having a conversation, exchanging information working towards a common goal, which is to help this guest, make a smart, save buying decision and get what they’re looking for at your store.
That is all it is when you engage with a guest, it is never a you against them or them against you.
This is why the way you sit is so important when you bring a guest into the dealership, if you’re, making the mistake of sitting them directly across the table from you.

That is an error because thing about it.
When two finders are about to fight, they make them stand facing each other.
When you basketball teams are about to play they’re facing each other football teams, the same thing same way, even in politics, the Republicans an addictive grass, they do what they sit across from the aisle from each other.

So when you have a table or a barrier that is in between you and your guests, without you even realize so consciously there is a barrier created in between you and them.

So when you sit down because remember, cells are psychological psychological.

So when you sit down with the guest as opposed to having that barrier right there in front of you, make sure that you angle your chair or you slide over, where it’s closer or so being on their side, then it is away from okay.

What this does it minimizes that barrier in between the two of you and it gives the perception that you are more on their side than not so never sit directly across from your guest? Always when you sit them down, move your chair over slightly closer towards their direction, so it’ll give the perception the self-conscious feeling that you are more on their side.
They were away from okay and then, when you sit down to remember it’s just the conversation now.

What is it about this conversation that really freaks people out well freaks people out is the fact that they say they don’t know what to say, and if you really think about it, ask us of this when you went into a place and bought your vehicle or If you work or of your mother went in, how would you want somebody to treat them? Would you want them to just sit them down and start drilling them and interrogating them like they’re, like they were held up by the law? I would you like somebody that just acts like a human being that Jane really wants to help somebody, so we get so caught up in the sales part.

Then we forget we’re in the people.
Business vehicles are what’s on the lot, but the business that we’re in is the people, business, okay, and so you know the scary part about sitting down interacting with people that only come from not really knowing what to say.

Let’s face it, you’re going to a dealership, they give you this one-page info sheet and then it has these.

These things.
On a give me first name, last name: email address telephone number, yada, yada yada, you know: do they have a lien on the vehicle? How much they owe all of this stuff, but the one thing that that information sheet or the guess sheet, whatever you call them interest or the one thing those guess sheets are missing, is the personal questions you see no matter if you were gon na Ford, Chevy Nice, a Mercedes store, I can guarantee you, it is, if you go to every other store that the same brand as you in your senior state or in this country.
One thing you’ll find is on the new side.

Everybody has exactly the same stuff.
Okay, now, on the pre-owned side, things do very little with something Manuel.
What’s up, Pat, what’s up Shawn Nandu? What’s up, I just want to give some shoutouts that y’all know I see um everybody has the same stuff.

So what is it that motivates a guest to do business at your store versus another one? A lot of people believe it’s about price, but that’s another misconception because thing about yourself: we’ve all spend more money for something that we needed to and we’ll do it again.
Why? Because we felt the value was worth it: okay, and what you’ll find is that the average customer back in the day, let’s say 15 years ago, they will go from 7 to 10 different dealerships before they bought, because there was no internet like that.

You know, or even it was people aren’t really using it like that, so they will bounce around a 7 to 10.

Now people go to 1.
Now here’s a real tricky statistic: do you know that 80 % of the people, 80 % wan na buy old camera? 80 % of the people wan na buy from the very first dealership that they go to 80 %? That means 8 out of 10 want to buy from the very first dealership that they stopped it.
So if that’s the case, how do we end up with this 1.

5 statistic of how many stores people go to? Let me explain you with the 1 point.
For me, that means they go to a store and then they’ll go to another one.

So, on average people will visit one and a half stores, ok, one and a half stores, but 80 % want to do business and the very first one they go to go to, and you know what causes them to leave without it, as even realize that it’s Us you see when these folks one thing I do with my new trainees when I’m at dinner ships is, I send them out on secret shoppers at the end of the very first day, because everybody believes they know what’s going on, everybody thinks they grass, some of The some of the techniques and concepts that I share in the training they fully don’t until they do this part of the session as which is where they have to go out.

Acting like a customer at a dealership, ok – and I haven’t watched how they approach, how to agree to how long they have to wait.
What questions they were asked where they really gene will be trying to find out who or what he just trying to sell him.

Something, but do you know that over 95 % of the time what people came back, they weren’t introduced with a name they weren’t their hands, weren’t shaking they were never invited inside the person just started bouncing around crowded car never asked them.

Any personal questions had no idea about what they did for a living, and when this, when it was all said and done, says everything was on a lot made, it extremely easy just for the person to jump in a vehicle, relieved, okay, now the reason why we Send people out is because I want you to fully grasp and really overstand what a customer’s mentality is like when they get to you they’re, expecting you not to shake your hand, they’re, expecting you not to be very polite.
They’re, expecting you not to invite him in they’re, expecting you to just try to sell, sell, sell and forced upon them.
That’s what they’re expecting, and so when the customer goes to.

Two different dealerships has two different bad experiences.
The only way they can rate, which one is the best option, then it becomes about price when both of the experiences that they have son, the only way that they can choose or make a judgment call on what the best option is and when it boil is.
When it boils down to price and when it only is about price, guess what loses you do? Hey if y’all in the building man hit that, like button appreciate, everybody ticket type come on out, we get these lights up and we help other winners like us.

Continue to improve a skill, okay, so at the end of the day, making sure that we really keep that in mind.
Okay, so today’s consumers, when they come into your store, they’re, expecting you to treat them like crap they’re, expecting you not to care about them, they’re! Expecting you to be rude now, this is why I stress the fact that little things mean a lot.
This is why the importance of when you go out to greet a customer shaking their hand and introducing yourself first and welcoming them to your store.

If you ask, can I help you most? Customers are programmed to say no, I’m just looking, and we know that they’re not in the looking phase anymore.

You know what, because they’re physically at your dealership there in the action phase, you must know that when a person is physically there, they got out, they got dressed, they got in buchen, they drove there.
That’s no longer in the just thinking phase you’re in the doing phase, all right so they’ve already made it easy you’re Horus.

By coming in so now we have to realize that they’re looking for little things to disqualify us they’re looking for little chinks in your armor.

How do you closely look like you can afford to product yourself? Does your face? Look like you enjoyed where you work? Does it look like you just rolled out of bed after having a long night drinking or are you groomed of looks like you ready to perform they’re looking for anything about you to dislike you or anything about you to prove the crap that they read on the Internet was the truth and that’s another thing.

Please know that most people go online now and if you go to youtube or Google, you type it how to avoid being ripped off buying a car.

It will blow your mind how many thousands of videos it is or how to avoid being ripped off on a car and do you know who makes these videos customers and you would think, just disgruntled customers.
No, it could be a customer, they got everything they wanted at the price they wanted, but they’re pissed all because they didn’t get the free floor mats that they wanted thrown in so they’ll go in and they know how to get a dealership or get a business Where it hurts now go online and just type a review, or when that survey comes around there straight screw you on the survey.

Okay, customers are going online, arming themselves to be prepared to come in because they’re expecting battle with you, but we don’t do battle.

We’re consultants, which is why, when they show up be your a lot, you allow them to get out of there beautiful, as opposed to being a vulture pouncing on their cargo.

And when you greet them, you greet them with the handshake and a very pleasant look and say welcome to a beginner ship.

My name is Brian and you are what I’m gon na, give you my name and I’m gon na say, and you are and I’m expected to roll back all right.

I want you to know my name to be personal, be I want to get your name, so we can be personal all right, plus we love our name.
Okay, and sometimes when somebody’s talking to you their mind, could be drifted and we use that name and a conversation it gets in a room home.

That’s why support needs a name now.

The next kicker is when somebody gives you their name, write it down.
How often have you ever been introduced to somebody? I forgot the name in the first 30 seconds.
How often have you been working with a customer and told you forgot their name and little things like that, will put a real bad taste in somebody’s mouth and guess what they’ll pay you back at the end when they get you to just chop down, you couldn’t Even remember my name, okay, I’m gon na get you back.

No, I want to do more to remember your name.
I’m gon na address you the right way and I’m going to show you how important you are.
The objective is to help people feel like fortune.

Ceo, that’s really what it is.
So when we greet them with our name, we get their name, okay, write it down, but ask further hey.

Do you mind if I judge this now? I just want to make sure I address you the right way.

Transparency is the best policy if we leave it up to a customer to wonder what we write.
If we say hey, my name is Brian.

You are and they give us the name.
We just start writing stuff, put it back in our pocket.
You know what they’re saying: are they doing the credit out? What’s that that they’re doing we don’t want that, you want to be transparent the entire way, because, if you leave it up to a guest to decide of what you’re doing is to help them hurdle, they’re gon na believe you’re trying to hurt them and that’s not.

What’s up, you have to be transparent and people think this is a extra step.
No it’s just the way you are is just what you do.
You do more than fill your space, that’s how winning is done.

It’s not doing the least we can get away with and hope nobody finds out.
That’s what losers do, because here we might hide it till.
We know the reality deep in ourselves and it will torment us do you know the number.

One reason why people struggle with anxiety and depression: it’s because deep down in their heart, they know that they could be doing what they know that they’re meant for more, but they just don’t know how to get here and a lot of times our egos get in The way with so many things going on around us in society, everybody wants to keep up with the Joneses, and it’s almost like in today’s era being intelligent.
Is it cool anymore? It’s almost like the more ignorant.
A person is the more likeable they are, but at the end of the day, the last time I checked it’s not so much about likability as it is profitability, and it doesn’t matter to me if a whole lot of people dislike me.

If what I’m doing is helping change the lives of other people, I’m being compensated handsomely for it and I’m able to live a good lifestyle.

Some people are so programmed to poverty to a property mindset that making money makes them feel bad.
There’s got to be something wrong: I’ve even seen people quit at a dealership because they made $ 900 on the deal.

It wasn’t even like a normal thing.
They made $ 9 on the deal they quit because they bad little did they realize.
Is they never stole anything from this person? They just provided them a service so well that the individual are the individuals felt like they were getting the excellent deal and that’s the name of the game? Okay, but you only get that by doing the little things in a big break so when they give us their name, we write it down out of respect even in the utmost, and then we want to confirm.

Are you here to see anybody in particular? Is this your first time here first time here? Thank you so much for coming out.
You made an excellent choice so now we just suddenly we thank them and we complemented their intelligence.

Folks, if you want to know the psychology behind being successful in sales, take it from somebody that played the game on the floor, just like you and sold their way out now.
You know I’m hiring a brought in by the biggest and the best in the groups.
All over the country and interacting consult with different ones around the world.

Why? Because it works, people, think it’s just this new process.
It’s not it’s the way things always should have been, but a lot of times.
People just don’t know and the fact that you’re here even to learn now you’re knowing okay.

So we got that name.
We jotted it down.

Are you here to see any particulars? First, I’m here first, I’m ready, listen! Thank you! So much for stopping it.
You made an excellent choice now which one of our vehicles can I get you some information on? Not only what are you interested in buying today? Not not.
You know, none of that.

Not what are you here for know which one of our vehicles would you, like some information on? The key word in that sentence is information.

You know what information is non-threatening and think about it like this.
In order to make an educated decision, don’t they need the information right, but you’ll go to a dealership again with these super shoppers, yourselves were asking about credit on the line asking if they’re looking to buy something today and if you take an intelligent person, who’s driving Into a dealership it says I’m not buying anything day.

The second day here the salesperson bring up the word buy or today pressures on defenses up there getting honorable, because another statistics show did you know that 85 % of the people who drive home, who showed up at a dealership and drove home in a new vehicle That same day, 85 % would have told the sales rep that they were just looking.
They were shopping and they weren’t doing anything today, but yet 85 % of them drove home and some.
So what does that mean? Those are nothing more than barriers, they’re, defensive walls that are put up there, that we helped them create.

So we just want to hey, welcome them to our to our dealership, introduce ourselves with our name, get their name as permission laughs.
I jot that down want to make sure.
I trust you the proper way once they give that a are here to see anybody particulars.

It’s your first time here.
First time here, awesome.
Thank you.

So much for stopping in you made an excellent choice now which one of our builders can I get you some information on? Okay, now they may say, let’s say you’re in forest store and they say uh before I have 150 awesome.

Well, as you can see, we have several options available.
So let’s do this.

Follow me inside I’m just going to ask you a few questions and I’ll get you all the information on the f-150 that way in the future.
When you’re ready, you got all the information you need to make a decision.
Let’s go so now think about it.

For persons ever asking about information on a new vehicle, I can guarantee you that you have several options available.
So it’s the truth and the help you find the one that’s gon na work best for them.
The best thing they need to do is follow you inside.

So you can ask them a few questions and you will get them all the information but think about that.
Rather than saying hey, what do you instrument buying today an f-150? Let’s do this follow me on the side we see if we get some numbers together and see what a see when we get there to make it work for you, whoa.
We are already putting defensive flags up.

Would we like them to drive home into that day? Of course, the cells are psychological.
So, let’s think about what I said, though, all right, let’s see here, to see anybody in particular.
Is this your first time here first time here really, that’s awesome! Thank you! So much stopping in you made an excellent choice which one of our builders would you like some information on before an f-150 excellent? Well, as you can see, we have several options available.

So let’s do this! Follow me on inside I’ll.
Ask you a few questions and I’ll get you all the information on the air pocket that way in the future when you’re ready, you got all the information you need for your decision now.
You may say Brian.

Why in the world, would you turn them? You know that way in the future.
You have all the information ready for the decision, because when is the future one say from now five seconds from now five minutes from now an hour from now.
That is the future folks, but think about psychologically what it does today.

I guess think about how relaxed they become.
Will you tell hey we’ll just get you I’ll get you all the information that way in the future when you’re ready, you got everything that you need to make a decision, think about where they say.
Oh, my goodness, they’re not trying to sell me anything come on.

Oh, my god, a lot more relaxed a lot more willing to do business with you and again it’s the downright honest truth, because the future is five seconds from now.
It is five minutes from now and there are folks out there that I called the uh.

They try to be moral police, and one thing I say is that I just believe in lying, misrepresenting or taking advantage of anybody, but I do believe and what I call the reductions are ridiculous.

Well, you really break things down to the elementary compound and make it easier for people to die.
Kids all right so now, when you bring this person in the very first thing you want to do, when you bring them in is offer them.

Would you like coffee, water, hot chocolate? We have an awesome machine over here.

They can get you some really really good hot beverages.
Or would you just like a plain old crawl, cold water, okay offer them, would they like coffee or water? Rather than would you like something to drink, because that is a closed-end question? Remember closing questions yes or no, the only time he says a closing question when you know the only logical responses, so do you want something to drink? We run a 50 % chance of them, saying no, remember, Noah’s, never associated with things positive, but when we pulled it out, would you like any coffee water, our chocolate latte, now we’ve given them options that you know what the typical responses are? I’m fine or I’m? Okay or I’m good, okay, so the reason why we’re offering them that before we sit them down is under the law of reciprocity, which means to reciprocate the more things we can give to.
Our guests increases the likelihood and whenever it’s time for us to receive something from them, the likelihood of them doing it goes way up.

Why? Because we gave something to them first, it is ingrained in us as human beings.
Think about that.
If you got that friend or family member, that you’ve always been there for whenever they needed you at their back, but then one time comes where you need them and they can’t do it.

We get fighting man.
Why? Because it’s ingrained in us that we believe what we do right, my others they’ll be right.
My HUS! That’s why I hurt so much when we get crossed with somebody manipulates us when somebody does something wrong, especially when we’ve been giving up our real true loving.

So it can be hurt, it can be hurt okay, but in a selling situation, the more things you can give to this gift, the more respect you can give the more you can listen.
You want to offer them a beverage.
The more of your attention that you can give these folks when it’s time for them to give it back it increases so now, when you sitting them down.

The worst thing you can do is turn their computer screen to you and start trying to type their information in this system.

Here’s why they’re sitting with you, so nobody else can take that deal from if they’re sitting there and number two you will put the information in before you leave to go, get with the manager and select the vehicle will write them when you initially sit it down.
It’s not relevant, you don’t even really know what they’re looking for you, and so now you’ve got this guest.

Looking at the back of your computer screen wondering what you’re doing mr.
car salesmen sleazy stranger and so again, if you leave it up to their mind, just believe you’re trying to hurt them rather than help them so sit them down.

Leave that computer, where it is, and let’s think about it like this, if somebody wrote you a handwritten letter, sat down and wrote it out to you emailed it to you or they type, one up on Microsoft, Word signed in acidity, which one of those would need More teeth, the handwritten one, probably you know why it was more intimate.

It took more time you felt like they invested more of themselves into something for you, and so imagine when you sit against down.
Even if you have that information sheet number one, you should begin to memorize or get to know what information is needed on that heat, but number two flip that dog on sheet over and start taking notes, as opposed to just filling in blanks.
Imagine flipping that heat over and filling in notes and before you write one thing when you sit them down, you ask them.

Do you mind if I take some notes why we don’t want to leave anything to chance for them to wonder while we write it, I want you to know hey.
Do you mind if I take some notes? I just want to make sure I get everything that you share, accurate because it’s extremely important what oh, my god, what does the principal say? No, you better, not write that down.
You bet not make me important to you.

No that’s stupid and guess what we’re showing about you got my undivided I’m here with you.
It’s all about you right now.
You start writing those notes, and then you learn how to ask later question like this is: where people really you know kind of struggle.

A little bit because you know the information that they want on that info sheet, but those info sheets are very personal, and so what questions do you actually ask like help? You get real information about them? What they’re there for what they really are they married? How long they’ve been married, what type of cool things they like to do just to get learning them? These are questions that really really really are so important, but very few ever have okay and you want to learn how to use what’s called layered questions.
It’s like what I try and the very first question after hey, you might have to take some notes.
I just want to make sure I get everything you share with me right because it’s extremely important, oh yeah, awesome.

So are you looking for something for business or personal use, a person you use really so it’s gon na be your daily driver.
Yet to and from your place of business yeah, that’s awesome.
What’s happened, what do you do so now? I was able to get right open it.

What’s awkward to do for real, oh man, that’s cool! How long you been doing that yeah, the other I’ve been doing it for two years? Oh, how did you get involved in something like that in a mansard, and what did you do prior now? You may think these are just frivolous question but think about what I just asked what he did for a living.
How long was there on their job? It was only two years, so I wan na know what you did before that.
Why to give me an idea of your ability to be able to pay, but at the same time I really am learning about you.

I really am okay, so you want to learn how to use player question, and that was it.
They said it’s for personal use.

Yes, what am I saying you know it was business of person use and they say business awesome.

What type of work do you do? I can still lead right back into it, so it doesn’t matter if they say personal I’ll, say: okay, that’s cool.
It’s gon na be your daily driver to and from your place of business yeah.

Well, what type of work do you do or biggest say business? What type of work you do? Okay learning how to use layer questions as you go through, and there are a number of very, very good questions, they’re really drawn information when you’re with your customer.
You should know this much about them and they know that much about you, because it’s not about you! It’s about them and some sales reps have diarrhea of the mouth, and if you believe this customer doesn’t know that it should be about them, they’ll show it to you later on when they try to beat you down on price or they leave they’ve made it.
You made it easy for the next person to pick up your deal.

We don’t do that.
We do the little things in a big way asking those personal questions are critical and if you don’t have them, you don’t know what to say.
You know know what that that can be an issue all right, but after you get them to share with you all the information you’re going through it’s kind of like when you’re going through it and one thing sales reps, do they say hey? Well, you know what you want to pay a month.

What type of payments you know would you like now, when you ask a guess what type of payment what they want? They’re, never gon na give you a real life monthly payment.
That’s gon na be able to to get what it is that they really want.

If you run into those that have done it, god bless you, but for the most part, people gon na try to do what we do as a consumer.

A consumers job is to go in and get as much as they can coming out of as little as they can and everybody tries it.
Everybody tries it, but when you must comes what type of vendor they want, guess what they remember in their mind when they give you that number.
He asked me whether she asked me what I wanted.

I told her what I wanted so when it comes out and it’s different, they have a reason to resist, but it really a good way that you want to phrase that is there’s a number of, and I won’t get into the long one there’s a long one That I share with those that are in the earth.
I have a platinum inner circle mastermind where we really go deep, deep, deep and is it for those who some people are gon na make 5060 thousand years some people? Who would that? But then there are others who really are on this $ 1,000 a year kid we actually just had a session this morning, but for them we got ta go deep into next level type of methods where you cannot only hit big numbers.
Of course you and it’s move, but you really start holding that up holding that Grocer.

But when you talk to somebody about payment, there’s some key words.
You know listen, what type of monthly budget are you hoping to stay around now think about what I just said.

I say what type of monthly budget number one I never used.

The word paint payment is one of those trigger.

Peyman is a negative word, and if you really think about it, what a person pays for their vehicle is their automotive automobile budget.
Now it might be lumped in with the household budget, but that is your monthly budget for your vehicle, and so my thing is what type of monthly budget are you hoping to stay around, so one we’re hoping and stay around you know.

So, let’s just say: hey, listen, what’s up a monthly budget, are you hoping to stay around on $ 500 excellent up to what now the reason why you say up to what because we’re some ourselves up say: oh man, 500 dollars, could you come up with a Little bit more know, do you have more you get in no, but one thing I will say is up to what, because me ask you: do you have more, you can pray? Do you have more, you can put down? No, no! That’s what they’re gon na tell you you notice what they’re gon na tell you why? Because they’re programmed for those type of questions, that’s the same type of question to your typical weak sales person with you, but a skill sales professional, because good sales, people practice would say, while great ones practice with the ask a skill.
One is gon na say: hey what type of monthly budget are you hoping to stay around $ 500 awesome up to what, with that pin right on the paper, just wait and they may say I’m 525.
Who cares? There’s 25 more dollars? You got a month towards the monthly budget.

What did they say? 600.
Also, that’s the extra hundred dollars that you got to be able to help this person and the phrase up to or up to what is so uncommon that the average consumer isn’t program how to respond.

It’s like somebody said.

Can I help you, people from all over the country that have never met will respond the exact same way in that situation.
Why? Because it’s program when, when you say up or up what a person will roll off a number now, if they come back at you with the same exact number, they may have been telling the truth.
That may have been real okay and that’s a possibility sometime.

They may have been straight shooting, but I don’t matter be increased $ 5 $ 10 $ 100.
You know closed mouth, don’t get fed.
So when you say up to what let I mean not the first awesome up, what with that being ready – and they say well, 550 excellent, okay, now, when you get into it about the initial investment, most people say: hey, you know what would you like to put Down this down payment, they say five hundred bucks and just leave it there.

You say: listen as far as your initial investment, okay, what type of initial investment are you hoping to stay around uh? You know a thousand dollars good deal up to what fifteen hundred cool so got my monthly budget up and my initial investment up and every extra little bit just helps this person.
It has nothing to do with personal gain for myself right now.
It really is to make it easier for them, because online they’re telling them to come in and lowball, they don’t give any information and then, when a management go to submit it, there’s a problem know what I’m doing is asking the right questions and getting them to Open up to me, so I can have enough information so that when we do put it through, we need to minimize the amount of time they have to be there.

We can go directly to the management or directly to the correct leaders, and we can rock and roll that way.

Okay, so never leave it to chance whenever somebody just throws at that number, also excellent or good deal up to what okay make sure we in that like button when we coming near y’all thanks and I’m gon na get to these comments so bear with me.
I want to make sure push through this um, and so you know we want to make sure that we ask okay up to what all right.

So now they give that number.
When it comes to the color okay, you want to make sure then, when you’re, addressing the color, that you don’t say, are you looking for red? Are you looking for blue or you looking for this, that the other you’re looking for a? Are you looking for a light medium or dark color beer too many times sales rep will ask the person what specific color they want and then guess what they do that now you just gave them an out.
You just gave them a reason why they can object, because if they say read how many shades read it if they say blue, how many different shades of blue and then, if you don’t have red or if you don’t have to guess what all? What? But I’m gon na do it because you didn’t have that, so I decided that I was uh and I was getting out of it.

Okay, but when you ask, are you looking for a light, medium or dark color? What that does now that expands the options? Okay, so they are looking for dark.
There could be dark black dark, blue there gon na be dark green.
It could be a number of different things.

If they are looking for a light, it could be white, it can be cream, it could be yellow.
It could be what have you it expands your options rather than restricts your options.

Remember that so no, a somewhat specific color they want ask him.

Are you looking for a light, medium or dark hub, okay, same thing with the current vehicle that they’re driving it? If they have a vehicle – and you see them Ryan – maybe hey, listen, um.
What’s how beautiful is that you drove in with 2016 Tahoe awesome? Are you interested in selling that because we may be interested in buying? I had a couple people asking about something similar that the other day are you interested in selling it now you may say what the hell are you talking about Brian.
This is where people get into the trade.

Okay, the reason why customers buck on the trade so much because think about what a trade means if I’m gon na exchange you my drink for your dream, I’m pretty sure you’re hoping that it has equal or greater value.
I’m not gon na you’re, not gon na want to trade me my have drink for your full drink.

That’s not a fair trade! That’s not even a trade, that’s an exchange! So when the customer comes in and automotive industry uses the term trade, so they give up their vehicle that they had to get this other vehicle and typically what they get from the dealership is way less than what they owe when they leave up.

So it’s not a trade.
What it really is is a buy and sell situation, but remember words have power, it sells a psychological and every customer is you theory, trade, trade, trade, trade, trade and it creates resistance.
Well, you say: hey: are you interested in so that because we may be entering the buyer, I get people asking about a truck similar to that all the time I can get it be real simple.

If you’re interested, we I’m interested excellent imma, getting one of our managers was really awesome.
He’s gon na take a look at it and we’ll at least share with you.
Well, we may be willing to buy it for now what this does in their minds.

Carsley and I’ve had general managers and owners of dealership and customers safe.
Then, when they went through this part of it, they didn’t even necessarily feel that same resistance that they had before we’re talking about a trade, but the automotive industry is the slowest changing industry.
Ever we still doing the same crap from 20 30 years ago, even the people they’re working, the dealership.

You still have reps that are coming in and just winging it they don’t want to spend any time training.
They definitely not going to invest any resources in himself and you know what they have up and down, and then they run back into a 9 to 5 job, which is paying them shit money and they complain, or they say all.
I did that before no with so much information at our fingertips 20, 30 years ago.

If you were struggling in sales at your dealership, you could only learn from the people next to you now.
Man is so much great valuable information available, maybe only from a select few who are really getting it in, but it’s still out here.
It’s still there to help you just perform better, but as far as in this business, the word trade versus you know, looking interested in buying and selling is so different.

So when you’re talking to a person, hey, listen, are you interested in selling it their SUV? Because we may be interested in buying it matter of fact, I get people asking about something like yours all the time you hit the rest.
It oh yeah awesome, but I can get one of manager to take a look at it.
They’re all really really good at what they do and we’ll.

Let me tell you when we maybe wasn’t a viable okay.
So now are you going through it in the mix of this? You want to make sure if they are married find out the wife’s made if they have children, are they boys or the girls? What’s the ages in their name? No one will resist you for that, but here’s why that’s important, because when they do give you all the information and you are showing them a vehicle, as opposed to saying you and your wife or you and your kids imagine to say: hey you and Jessica and When Steve jr.
, tompa’s and and a little jewel, we all around it and now, if I’m getting them to paint a mental picture, I’m using the actual names to make the picture that much clearer to make it simpler for them to be able to comprehend.

To get who this is for and what it’s about, as opposed to being generic, I’m gon na, be specific and people love to talk about their kids and their significant others.
So don’t think you’re being too personal matter of fact, if you’re not you’re, not being personal enough, okay, we always let a customer tell us the Tony Dale not as tell ourselves, because we don’t even know them.
So what we to say was too personal.

What’s not, and at the end, the day we didn’t ask for the social security number we didn’t ask them for their for their bank hold over their pin code on their car.
We’re asking them about the people that they care about.

The most is gon na be enjoying this rabbit.

That’s what this is about.
Okay, so you have to be personal, so once you get that information now, what you want to do is recap they listen.
If I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do what you’re looking for is, this was that is this – is that is this? Is that are we on the right track? Yeah awesome! So then, now, okay, listen.

I believe, based on what you told me, I believe I have exactly what you looking for, so I want to make sure one that is still here.
I don’t want to get you all excited and then it’s gone okay and I’m also gon na give up my manager to make sure that I hit everything and that I didn’t miss anything okay.

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