How To Make $8,000 A Month Selling Cars in 22 Days

What’s going on Brian Maxwell here down in southern Illinois, up here on Ward Chevrolet, you know one of my favorite places to come out to into and to be.

They got today going on.
Everything’s going well got a few emails from different folks over the weekend.
Some that attended to under the trainings that we had last week and we got one going on this week, but the question was Brian.

I see your videos and I see your trainings I’m talking about making $ 100,000 a year.
I really do want to do that.
What does it take for me to do that and I’m going to do what our call we’re breaking down to what I call the reduction to ridiculous? I notice you to make 100 grand a year and let’s say let me make it real simplistic, so you can do mathematics, let’s break it down to that’s $ 8,000, a month, eight $ 8,000 a month.

Now, let’s say it’s your dealership.
You only work.
Twenty-Two days out of the month now, I know most stores do more than that, but I’m only giving it that your stores closed on a Sunday, and maybe you get another off day during the week.

So, let’s do it in 22 days, not even adding in that additional extra day or six days a week we loaded 22.
So that’s you know taking saying that you get a two day off days every week and 22 working days in the month.
In order for you to make $ 8,000 what that breaks down to is 364 dollars a day.

So that’s one deal, you can nail 364 dollars a day and you can do that five days a week.
One deal 360 for five days, you’ll make $ 8,000 for the month.
You have to begin to do that.

Most sales people, if I go in and I talk to them – I say: hey – wait for the money, how much money you make they have no idea, they don’t know what to the end of the month.
When the watch out sheet comes or their Commission sheets come, and that’s not the way that you can strategize to create a successful business, you have to know – or you should know exactly where you are every deal that you do.
You should make sure you create a spreadsheet for yourself and put it up.

Then you can see the invoice you work for the dealership.
Look at the invoice see what the invoice is adding all of the dealer fees, doc these taxes and things that you know your store offers, and then you know what it is that you presented to the guests for now.
Of course, finance factors internet.

You may not know everything that’s going on there, but you have a good ballpark picture of where it is that you should be, even if you did between three and four hundred our 450 and 550 whatever it is.
You want to do just to give yourself an idea, so you know that if you’re falling behind and is later in the month, what you need to pick up in order to make sure that you can hit that eight or, if you’re, ahead of the game.
How you know not to take off not to get lazy or whatnot but you’re ahead of the game, so you want to stay aggressive, but you may not have to be as aggressive because you’re on track or you’re ahead of where you need to be.

So if you want to make $ 8,000 a month realistically in the car business, what that is is one deal a day with three hundred and sixty four dollars of what you made in commissions, not in total gross and, if they’re, giving you 25 %.
If they’re giving you 20 % are 30 just make sure you do the mathematics and make it work, but three hundred sixty four dollars a day.
One deal you do that 22 days out of the month, you’ll make eight thousand dollars for the month.

You’re made 96 thousand dollars for a year now tell me that you can’t do at least one deal, one where you make three hundred and sixty-four dollars on it a day.
If you can’t, you don’t need to be in this business at all everybody’s ready to do that.
I’m sure you can do that, making sure you’re leveraging social media, but if you’re, not if you’re somebody that is struggling, we’re getting people coming in you’re struggling closing the deals whatever it is.

I highly encourage you to make sure that you click the link below register for my free lives.
Automotive sales training course called how to dominate at the dealership, and it I give you three ways for you to code 20 deals a month, make $ 10,000 a month and get people calling you one to buy from you if you’re in automotive sales – and you are Not taking the time to invest in your mind, how can you possibly ever ask anybody to come into your dealership and invest in you, it’s an instant saying and it’s more people that try to get people to do that.
Then you might know, that’s not the way it works.

If you want people to invest in you, you have to develop the skill set and the abilities to motivate them to invest in you.
So really at the end of it all.
It’s all about you.

So click the link register for the event it doesn’t cost you a dime, just cost you a little bit of time, and I assure you that when you get done the things you’ll pick up you’ll be able to pick up tools that you can apply at your Dealership immediately that will bring you its results right away.
All right so make sure you click the link register for the webinar, how to dominate at the dealership, I’m Brian Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you on the training from Southern Illinois.
I’m signing out, hopefully I’ll, be seeing you at a dealership near you and yes, I just bumped into that truck, come by oh yeah.

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