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Now, let’s just say, you’re on the phone, you lose all that visual of the body language of seeing what’s going on, so you want to get really good with lead phrases now what lead phrases do they just allow you to opportunity to kind of be a little Bit more in control, while you’re dealing with your customer, then this is just using things like you know they crawl in and they’re asking you questions.

They may want a price make sure that before you call a lead back, you always know what the amount is of the highest end model.
You have a particular make on your lot is, and if you have a pre-owned or whatever your lowest, investment is on.
One of those particular vehicles you give them the range, hey, listen, I have a range in it.

The good news I have a ranging in price from 16, all the way up to 43 5.
So to help us narrow it down and find out the one.
That’s gon na work best for you, I’m just gon na ask you a few questions all right and then you roll right into it.

So now you’ve answered their question and you followed it up with the questions.
So you still maintain control, then, as you going through you’re answering questions providing information and whatnot, but now you want to get it to the point to where you want to try to set this appointment up because guess what people are still coming in.
Luckily, the showrooms are so wide open now that folks, for the lot come more comfortable, but your first objective should be to get them in and if that doesn’t work being you offer to drive the vehicle out there for them to see it, but there’s a certain Way that you do that, all right, so you want to let them know: hey, listen most people like to put their eyes and hands on it before they make any decision.

So I have an opening this afternoon at 1:00 p.
or 1 this evening at 6:00, which one of those work best for you come on in and check it out.
You know Brian 6.

Ok, so do me a favor here, grab a pen, real, quick and something to write with I’m gon na make sure you have the right address, so you can type it into your Google Maps boom given address all right and the telephone number where you can reach Me direct is now repeat that back to me, so I can make sure I gave you the right number, all right and then John other than a natural disaster.
Are you confident, you’re gon na be at our meeting this evening at 6? Awesome.

Thank you and then you want to go ahead.
Put it together, you can firm it up and boom.
That’s it! Ok, that’s it! So you want to use leave phrases.

I hate, grab a pin and something to write with I’m gon na give you a dress.
So you can put it in your Google Maps over here here.
Take this number down write this number down.

This is the best contact number for me.
Then, once you give it your hand, repeat that back, I want to make sure that I gave you the right number.

Okay, you want to use this or things like, and you know a John.

You want to pay very close attention.
It is because you know you’ll really like this.
You want to use those types of lead phrases all right things that get them to take action with you over the phone.

It increases the likelihood of you maintaining a certain level of control and increases the likelihood of them showing up okay.
So if you like these methods, if you can see the use and the benefit and the things that I’m sharing with you now it’s the time to make sure that you make the best use of your time and your resources.

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I’m Brian Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership real soon over and out .

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