Hey Brian Maxwell here and welcome to Episode seven of the podcast selling to survive, and lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests.

As far as on, how do I leave a voicemail that gets people to call back and let’s face it, making phone calls is the least enjoyable part of the sales process for a lot of people.
As a matter of fact, people will do everything they can to avoid making those calls or remember when you’re making those calls – and you are hoping that the voicemail picks up.
You are really literally hoping.

No live person picks up the phone because you really don’t know what to say.
You are hoping that you get a voicemail and when we’re making phone calls hoping that we get a voicemail, that’s a problem, because our objective should be to get someone on the phone to either talk to about what type of problems or situation they’re having and how.

Your product may help or to schedule and set up the next appropriate time to talk.
So, let’s talk about how do we leave voicemails that get people to call us back? Okay, because making the phone calls is as easy as pushing buttons or allowing an automated system to dial the number.
And if we just were given the right words to say that will generate us a much better return where we could talk to people and have an opportunity to promote our product or services, the entire sales process gets fun.

Why? Because we’re making more money? So, let’s talk about it, so I’m gon na give you three different voicemails that you can leave that will increase your return phone call rate.
Okay number one number one is plain and simple: we’re just gon na leave, my name and my number hey, John Brian Maxwell.
Nine, oh four, four three, eight eight five, five, six very plain is just customer name.

My name telephone number, not much detail.
Remember that our goal is to get a return phone call.
Okay, number two! Here’s the second one, hey John! I think it may be a good idea for us to talk nine.

Oh four, four, three, eight, eight five, five six remember tonality voice, inflection now leaving a message like that, hey John.
I think it may be a good idea for us to talk.
Call me now.

You don’t want to put too much be too dramatic with it like it’s just imperative that they give you a call like one of their family members.

Lives depend on it, but you know just just kind of straight to the point: voice, inflection and tonality is important.
Now the third one, which gives a little bit more detail but is really specific.

Here’s this one, here’s the third one, John Bryan Maxwell, learning a little more about the vehicle you’re looking for I’ve helped other men and women in Jacksonville.
Maybe even a few people who are looking for what you’re looking for um, I have a couple of questions.
Give me a ring.

Oh four, four, three, eight, eight five, five six now these three voicemails will generate you typically from the other folks and myself.
They use this that I’ve trained on this a twenty-five to thirty percent return, call rate and let’s face it, nothing’s perfect, but if it can get you three or two-and-a-half or three customers that are calling you back versus the voicemails you’re leaving out of every ten.

I think it’s well worth using that and always be looking for way to improve that, but apply those three and I assure you you will get a much higher return rate, so write them down practice, saying them, make them relevant to your product or to your service.
For your dealership again, I’m Brian Maxwell helping you sell to survive.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership talk to you soon.

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I’m prayin Maxwell salute to you and again I’ll see you at the dealership.

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