How To Keep Your Deals From Falling Apart While In Finance

So on this video, what I want to talk about is a lot of times.

You know I’ve been hearing a lot of reps talk about how you know, they’re building rapport with their customers they’re getting them inside they’re sitting them down.

They’re asking the right questions.
They’re doing presentations on the vehicles they’re going on the demo drives, and everything is great, they’re coming back, they’re, present numbers and then for some reason when they going into the box.

The deals are falling apart when they go in the box, with the finance manager and typically whenever we, our customers, go in with the finance manager.
You know we expect it’s gon na be a done deal.
We expect that it’s gon na come out and we just got you know we got, we got.

We got some money on the line and you know that feeling when your customer goes in there with that finance manager, all you’re hoping is that it does not mess up that it don’t fall apart and really we say boy.
I hope this finance manager doesn’t talk too much and get these people to walk out and, let’s just say when the customer goes in the box with the finance manager.
If the deal does blow out, which we have all had it, where we knew we had a deal in the bag, they go in with the finance manager and then they blow out – and you know who we tend to blame.

We tend to blame the finance manager.
So in this video I let me put my comments up cuz.
I see we got some people getting on.

What’s going on my man, mr.
Stein, so what we gon na go over today is how we can avoid.
You know our deals falling apart when they go into finance, go in there with the business manager and not only how we can keep them from falling apart, how we can actually help the business manager or the finance manager make us more money on the back end.

Okay, so here’s what happens, we’re sitting out with our customers and we’re going over a lot of different information, and the one thing that I found that a lot of salespeople are terrified of is to really go too in depth about the numbers.
And how do I notice? Because when I was in the game, then I just first started.
I was terrified to go over the numbers many times when customers start asking my numbers, sales people are trying to say stuff like oh, don’t worry about that or you know the most important thing is us finding out the right vehicle and blah blah, and we have To remember today’s consumers are extremely extremely intelligent.

So here’s why your deals why a deal will fall apart when they go in there with the business manager, when your customer is going with the business manager, the business managers responsibility is the finalize.

The paperwork go over to payments and offer extended protection and other options for our customers.
Now the reason why most of the customers, and when they get in there with the business manager that whole feeling of being scammed of the dealership trying to get over on them, the reason why that comes back falls on the sales rep.

Now, let’s think about yourself or maybe not just up, it might be somebody you know.
Typically, when a salesperson is talking with a customer about a vehicle they go out, they do a presentation on it and that’s a whole another video we’ll get into that.
But most salespeople do a very minimal presentation.

They walk the customer out there to the car.
They show them different points.
They would not talk about features, touch on little things, then they bring them inside and they set them down and then right away.

They start hammering those numbers so number one once you’ve gone, that demo drive with that customer as opposed to parking that vehicle and bringing them right back in and sending them down and going over those numbers, which is what they’re ready we’re waiting on.
They are bracing themselves for as soon as y’all got back you’re over the numbers.
You know how y’all been smiling laughing to kick in, but when you get back and you get those numbers, they turn into somebody that you didn’t even know who they were all the smiles and all the left is going out the window because now they’re here, for What they actually came for this entire time, which is the numbers and trust me they are expecting and waiting for the bullshit to be pulled out and for them to say I knew it.

They were trying to get over me, but it’s not that we ever try to get over on people many times in most situations.
The sales professional has never been taught what to say how to articulate certain things to the customer and how to set it up so that when they do go in there with the finance manager, it minimizes eyes have been falling out and it helps them go into Additional protection, so, let’s think about it, so you sat down with your customer.
You’ve gone over the numbers.

Okay, you presented the numbers which we’re gon na talk about real quick now, so when most people present the numbers, okay, a sales rep walks out, they have the numbers they lay the sheet down.

On the paper I mean on the table when the latest sheet down now this is when they want to start talking to their customer.
Now you and I both know once we lay that sheet on the table, they not been attention to anything we’re talking about they’re.

Looking directly at that sheet of paper trying to read it, so the first thing you want to do is when you’re coming out from being in there with it.
When you get those numbers from the desk, make sure that you maintain absolute control of those numbers, both a sheet of paper and a half keep it in your hand.
Another thing is that, while you’re at the desk, while you’re at the desk, just realize they’re watching everything you do so your body language, if you’re sitting there saying yeah, I got another Lavoie about to nail this.

One and y’all are high five and deafened, while you’re at the desk, your customers seen it and if they see y’all, smiling and kicking too much guess what they think y’all are plotting on.
So you have to be mindful that these folks are watching everything you do and they’re looking for a reason to disqualify.
You they’re looking for a reason to believe that you are just like everybody else, trying to rip them off so, while you’re at that desk.

Talking to the manager, no matter what maintain a professional face, even if somebody else is cracking jokes, if you want to crack a life smile, don’t act so giddy and excited up into a certain point.
Now, when the manager hands you that pencil when they hand you those numbers, this is when you need to look at it and act like you.
Just saw the greatest thing coming so when he hands it to yours, like oh man.

Thank you all right, appreciate it and they’re gon na love this and you have to do it.
Put some energy man a soon as the manager gives you those numbers, because you know you’ve, given them all the information they give you the numbers.

The people are watching.

You so you need to act excited when they give you.
Those numbers, like.
Oh man, pretty say that, yes, they don’t love this.

So when you walk back over to the table, you’ve got the numbers under your control.
You got ta fold it up.
You sit down.

Okay – and this is where you talk to them now, however, you want to verbalize it you do it your way, but just be mindful that you want to be completely transparent, the entire time you deal with these people, so one of the things that I trained on It that I did is that when I sat down, I wanted to make sure that they fully understood.
What’s going on.
So when I said I’m I’ve got the paper, so I was like hey, listen, Jane tongue.

I got excellent news.
You know just got the information back from my manager and based on everything you guys shared with me and the information you just gave me.
You all will have the opportunity to start enjoying that vehicle right away if you like, and just to make sure that you fully understand that I’m well aware of what’s going on.

And that is that Jane Tom, that you are the judge and the jury and that, if the options that I have here to present for you don’t work or fit with what you’re looking for.

I know what happens and as you all get up and you leave and if you all have to leave, because I was unable to help you find whatever transportation solution you are looking for.

Then shame on me and if our dealership, it’s unable to help you find what it is that you’re looking for it is gon na solve your transportation problem.

Then shame on us, alright and then this is where you go over the options with them and you want to present your numbers now.
Different people present numbers different ways.
So the way I’m gon na angle, the camera.

I want to talk about a couple of things.
So number one: when you sit down and we’re going over the numbers, a lot of stores, they don’t have it to where an avid deal sheet right here without I don’t want to show the actual company’s name.
If I, if I can, I’m not sure if you can, if you can see that, but you should be able to okay.

As you see, we go over all of these different things and you have multiple different line items there: okay, and what most dealerships train their salespeople to do? They say well, Lizzie had a purchase, price is 29 2750 tax hike and title you’re out.
The door is 33 450.
Now here is where the problem happens.

We skip over all of these line items and go straight from the purchase prices.
This tax hike your time with these you’re out the door prices is as if this customer isn’t smart enough to look at every single line item that is there.
You got docked fees.

You’ve got taxable fees, you’ve got non-taxable fees.
Um, you got any type of a trade payoff.

You got any type of trade allowance, you have a number of things there and if you don’t go through these line items and make sure that you explain what they are, you run a risk of this person walking out because in some cases they won’t even tell You that hey listen, that’s $ 7.

99 doc fee uh.
I don’t know what that is, but I do know that the other dealership up the street one was only 399 or maybe they hadn’t seen it anywhere, but they don’t understand what it is or the non-taxable fees or the fee.

So, let’s really talk about what dock fees are? Okay, so when you present your numbers, you’re gon na do all right.

So you may say: listen so I’m gon na go through this, and I know you may be challenging for you to be able to see the actual paper, but I’m gon na do my best to go through it with you, where you can uh get a good Good view of okay, so let me grab a pen real fast right, so all right, so let’s go through it.
So, if we’re looking at so, if we’re looking at the sheet, okay, we’re looking at the numbers here and I’m gon na put something here to cover this up: okay, cuz, I don’t wan na.
I don’t want to have their information out so, as you can see, okay, you guys see this sheet pretty good.

Okay, so right here, as we have the numbers, this isn’t working out too well.
For me, we’re gon na try this whole another way.
That’s not working out to it.

Let’s just go through so I’m gon na go to it.
So I say mister cousin, all right.
So your purchase price on this Wilk was twenty nine, twenty five all right! So uh your tray.

We love it.
We want to buy it from you, your trade we want to buy from we’re gon na, give you fourteen thousand dollars for your trade, okay and your discount on the vehicle.
It’s $ 1,500.

Now your taxes Uncle Sam Uncle Sam has got to get his cut.
We can do about that now, the dock fees, what the dock fees our dock fees is where we process the paperwork for you, registration, that’s the title, that’s the certification and what this does our team? They go ahead and handle all of that, for you, it eliminates you having to go back and forth to the DMV within the next 30 days.

All you have to do is call me.
We’re gon na.
Have your license plate here, ready for you to pick it up? Okay and depending on the the purchase price of a vehicle, the weight, these type of fees can vary and can get substantially high.

So we handle all that in-house for you and expedite the process and for you, those dock fees are only $ 7.
Now that brings your net price to 32 for owner 409, 27 you’re out the door 32 for 907.

Now, as I promised you, okay, I have three different payment options available for you.
Now you told me that two thousand dollars is what you would like to put down.
Okay now in two thousand dollars the three options that I have available for you all right.

Forty months 48 months, 60 months and 72 months – and let me explain those to you now at 48 months with the two thousand dollar initial investment, your monthly payments are only six sixty two.
Now, if you go to nine out of ten dealerships, the sales rep will be extremely terrified to show you that number.
Why? Because it is one of the highest on the sheet, but based on what you and I spoke about, you told me that savings was extremely important to you and at 48 months and it’s 662.

This option actually brings you the highest amount of savings and here’s.
Why? Because, by the terms being shorter, at only 48 months, you actually save money and the finance charges and fees over the UH, the term of the the time that you’re making payments on it and what that means you get to build equity in the faster you pay.
It off a lot sooner and when you pay your vehicle off, you get a free and clear title and what a title is a title is like a piece of stock: you can trade against it.

You can sell it.
You can take out a loan on it.
It is cash in the form of a TI tle, and that is given to you and at 48 months that payment of 662 brings you the highest amount of savings.

Now the second option available, for you is 72 months now, a 72 months, your payment’s drop big-time.
Your famines go from 6662 all the way down to 450.
Now here’s one of the things that our customers really love about the 72 month option and what that is is that there is no prepayment penalty.

So if you get a raise, if you hit the lottery, if you get an inheritance, if you want to pay a little bit extra, make an extra payment a year pay an extra $ 25 a month whatever it is, you like to do, you can do so, And by doing it, you can take advantage of the same benefits of the 48 months.
You can pay it all quicker, they’ll equity in it much sooner and get that title free and clear that you can again you can trade against it.
You can sell it.

You can take out a loan against it, it is yours, but your only monthly obligation is just at 450 now at the 60 months.
This is what our customers called the best of both worlds.
It is the fan favorite, and the reason being is that it’s 60 months, the payments are much less than 48 months.

It’s just a little bit higher, then it’s 72 months, but they are much more flexible because, just like at 72 months, you can take advantage of the same benefits of the 48 months because there is no prepayment penalty.
So again, if you hit the lottery, you get a raise, you get some inheritance.
You want to play a little bit extra, please by all means, do so, but your only monthly obligation is the 534.

So, in order for me to get the detailed apartment, get your vehicle, Shyne, primed and ready to roll.
All I need is your okay right here and you can start enjoying that vehicle okay.

So when you’re going through and you’re presenting the options, the options you have to do it with flair, most salespeople, they sit down and say: okay, here you’re out the door prizes, twenty nine twenty nine thousand twenty-five dollars, txtag toys and fees raise it to 32 409.

In the payments I’ve got for you or 48 months six sixty to sixty months, five thirty for 72 months for 50 Circle, but all that bullshit no, it’s got ta, be Flair, hey, listen! You know, based on what you share with me, and what my manager gave me.
You will have the option to start enjoying that vehicle immediately and you all can start riding around and looking good on the town and just like I promised you, I’ve got to have several options available for you and you tell me which one works best for you.
Now the first option at 48 months is 662 and remember.

The shortest term is always going on the highest payment.
Now most salespeople are terrified to present the high payment, even if the customer said they wanted to be at 400, but the 36 or the 48 month.
Payment is much higher if you are truly customer focused, and you are truly about helping that person.

You should be aware that the higher the payment and the shorter the term is actually the best option for them, because they do save money.
As far as in the finance charges over the term, they do get a chance to pay the vehicle off a lot quicker.
They do get that title free and clear, but what happens is if we, as salespeople, barely have five dollars in our pocket or they’re looking at a vehicle that we wouldn’t piss on.

If it was on fire – and we don’t feel it’s worth it – we tend to start thinking for the customer, and I’ve been married for 19, going on 20 years, and my wife still amazes me and I’m sure I still amaze her let alone this stranger that we Just met 30 45 minutes or an hour ago, we’re gon na think for them we’re actually doing them a disservice when we do that, and so when you present the numbers who’s to say what’s expensive, if the payment is nine hundred and seventy five dollars, and they Told you that their budget was four hundred, but the three payment options you have available form at 36, 48 and 60.
One of them is nine hundred and some change based on what they want to put down who’s to say, what’s high, who are we to say, was high what if the last story went to their 36 month term was 1100 or 1200? You know what I mean so as the expert as the person that is at the who is perceived as the expert by the customer, if you believe it’s hot guess what it is to them.
If you act like the payment is high, guess what it is to them now we are not the judge and jury over.

What’s a high payment, they are so guess what hey listen at 48 months, your payments are only 662.
Now that most sales people will be terrified to show you that payment.
Why? Because it’s higher than everything else on the sheet, but you told me that saving money was extremely important and here’s why this is the best option and explain it to them in sales.

It is our responsibility to educate these people if we believe that they’re just gon na self educate we’re wrong, they go on blogs, they go on forums, they read books and in these books and forums, guess what they talk about the fees.
I highly encourage you to.
Google, how to avoid being ripped off buying a car go to youtube.

Look at what these people talk about and the main thing they talk about is watch out for hidden fees.
So if you aren’t able to explain and articulate what’s going on you’re done so if a customer asks you hey, what’s a doc fee.
Well, that’s a great question.

I’m glad you asked a lot of our customers.
Ask that what a doc fee is.
The document fee is where our in-house staff processes all of the paperwork for you.

What this does the benefit for you, it eliminates you having to go back and forth to the DMV.
It eliminated you having to fill out all of this unnecessary paperwork handling the registration.
Getting everything certified we take care of all of that in-house, for you, it expedites the process saves you a lot of time and money and within the next 30 days, I’m gon na be calling you to come in here and pick up your license plate because we Take care of that, for you too, so that’s what that doctor is a lot of people want to hide that, but everything I want to share with you is completely transparent.

I don’t want you to have any issues with anything.
Why not explain it to him, because if we think by skipping over it somehow we know I’ve heard salespeople say if they don’t ask, I won’t tell well guess what, when they walk out and don’t buy, you don’t even realize it was just because that one thing You didn’t want to share with them or if we skip over it and they come back and they ask well what’s the dr.
V now we explain it and it’s kind of like, but why didn’t you tell me about that in the beginning? Why did you try to hide it? Why’d you skip over.

It don’t play these people like they’re ignorant because they’re, not today’s consumers are far more informed and I swear to you any sales person that believes by skipping over certain things or trying to hide it and not show it.
They don’t give a shit about helping the customer, they don’t give a shit about the company they’re terrified and they need to get out the business, because the top producers, I know, are the most transparent people in the world, and you know what it meet me and 100 percent, honest and transparent with a customer, causes them to feel uncomfortable, making a buying decision with me.
I’m all good because it eliminates me going through all of that work for them to bring it back, and you know and be all for naught and us get bad reviews.

People will respect you even more and trust you when they know that you’ve been honest in an area where you could have been misleading.
You could have been like others and skipped over but you’re transparent.
So so, let’s talk about it.

So now you’ve gone over everything.
You presented them with an option here is where deals fall apart, go on in the finance department, so you’re presented it with them and, let’s just say they say that you know what the price is high.
You know the payments still a little bit high expect they’re gon na do that now when they tell you that the price is high.

Okay, this is where you should lick your jobs.
You know Brian or the vehicle, that’s a little bit more than what we wanted to spend.
That’s a little bit out of our price range um.

You know more than what we expected excellent okay.
This is where you have an opportunity to shine now: most sales reps when they’re doing the walk around they might touch on the warranties that come with the vehicle, but very few do many do what I call the three minute walk around.
They take customer onto the vehicle, they say yeah.

This is the 2018 blah blah blah.
As you can see, it’s black got leather seats.
Oh yeah, here.

Why don’t you jump on in bullshit type of a walk around? It takes them three minutes.
They got the person in the car and they miss out the real skill sells people while they’re doing the walk around they’re, also touching on the different warranties that are involved.
Now, when you come back in and you sit the person down, okay, you’ve gone to you presented them with the numbers, they may tell you that the price of the vehicles too hot or the monthly payments to odd this – is where you let them know.

You know what I totally get it I’d love to tell you that everybody that comes in here when they initially look at those payments or they look at the price of the vehicle they jump for joy.

As a matter of fact, most of my customers told me that when they initially came in that they had a specific monthly payment in mind that they wanted to stay around.

But when they drove home and their vehicle, they ended up spending a little bit more than they expected because the vehicle bought them far more in value and in real cost savings than they ever imagined.

So let me ask you if you can receive as much, if not more, in value from this vehicle and real cost savings as other customers, just like you, if you can see that, are you willing to at least learn how what are they gon na say? If that don’t show me how I could benefit know, most people, gon na, say yeah, I’m willing to listen.
This is where you go in to go mow.
This is where now, I’m gon na use just some standard, warranties and stuff like that, but whatever yours is at your dealership.

This is where you get a chance to show.
Now, I’m gon na go through that again, you presented the price option to the customer.
They either said the total price of the vehicle was too hot or the monthly payment was too hot and immediately when they say that most salespeople get defensive.

All the payments too high, but that’s what it is or but I blah blah.
No, you know what mr.
customer, I totally get it.

If I was in your shoes, I feel the exact same way.
I tried to get the payment, as if I was in your shoes, I tried to get the payment as low as I possibly could to.
Okay and I’ll tell you straight most of my customers.

They told me that when they came in, they had a specific monthly payment in mind that they wanted to stay around.

But when they drove home they ended up spending a little bit more than they expected, because the vehicle that they drove home in bought them for more in value and in real cost savings than they ever expected or could have imagined.
So if you could get NC as much if not more value out of your vehicle and real cost savings, like our other customers, have, are you at least willing to listen? Think about that now and the person is gon na say yes, they’re, not gon na say no, don’t show me now the reason why that’s important, where you got their permission, to show them how other people in a similar situation had a specific dollar amount in mind, But when they drove home in their new vehicle, they ended up spending a little bit more than they expected, because the vehicle bought them far more in value and in real cost savings than they expected.

If you can see how you can receive as much, if not more, I apologize and real cost savings and in real value, like my other customers, are seeing.
Are you at least willing to? Let me share that with you and they’re gon na say yes now.
This is where you’re going to go more all right.

Well, the great thing is that, with this particular vehicle, you don’t only get the vehicle, but here’s what else you get for the next three years or 36,000 miles.

You get our basic limited warranty.
Now: here’s what that does for you for the next three years.

That means that anything goes defective.
That means if the radio stops working the rear, the sunroof anything under the engine, everything with the exception of the tire, if you have any problems with that vehicle, you call me you text me or you email me.
I’m gon na get that vehicle in here and we gon na, get it repaired or replaced at zero cost.

You we gon na cover all parts or labor and you can keep your money in your pocket where it should be, and you get that coverage for three years in the next 36,000 miles, but also for the next five years.
You get our 5 year 60,000 miles.
You get our powertrain warranty now.

You may already know what that is, but I’d be doing you a disservice.
If I didn’t share it with you, because our customers really see the value and this what that means for you is that for the next 5 years, if your engine goes out and that’s the engine, that’s the hiss, the blood, the gaskets, the seals, all the internal Lubricating parts, if anything goes out in that engine, don’t hesitate.
You call me you text me or you email me and I’m gon na get that vehicle in here and we don’t get that engine repaired or replaced at zero cost to you and I’m sure you know and can imagine how expensive it can be to get an Engine repair to replace, luckily for you for the next five years 60,000 miles, you don’t have to worry about that.

I’ll worry about that for you, so you call me, but also under that powertrain warranty.

If your transmission starts, I feel funny if you find out that, while you’re driving is having issues hesitating going through the gear cycles or if you’re going to shift gears and you having some resistance or some issues, don’t waste.
A second text me email me call me: let me get that vehicle in here, because under that powertrain warranty, we’re gon na fix that transmission for you and that’s the transmission.

That’s the case.
That’s the assembly, that is all the internal lubricating parts on that transmission.
We take care of that, for you, you keep your money in your pocket where it should be, but also covered under that powertrain warranty is we cover your drivetrain now? What the drivetrain is.

That’s, where this front wheel, drive, rear wheel, drive or all-wheel drive.
So, if you’re out on the beach having a good time and your drivetrain just so happens to go out or if you’re out in the woods going camping with the family or with friends – and you have an issue there, I’ll send one of our trucks there and I’m gon na get you towed to the nearest ABC dealership closest to you.
That’s anywhere in the country.

You are we’re gon na get you to the closest dealership and we gon na get that drivetrain fixed for you, zero cost to you.
Your money stays in your pocket, but also on top of that for the next three years, unlimited mileage, you get our 24-hour roadside assistance.
So what that means for you and your family, if you, your wife or your kids, are all driving the vehicle they run out of gas, they get a flat.

You don’t have to worry, because all you have to do is dial the number and we don’t send one of our guys out there to get gas in that vehicle help.
You change that flat and if you need a tow, we’ll get you towed to the nearest dealership, no matter where you are in the country.
So that means that, if you’ve been paying for triple-a, cancel it keep that money in your pocket if you’ve been paying for it through your cell phone company, cancel it keep that in your pocket, because for the next three years we gon na have you covered with Our 24-hour roadside assistance and that’s seven days a week, but also just as a courtesy to you for the next six months, while you’re riding in your vehicle and you love and join listening to your favorite music or your favorite sports, talk.

Radio show – and you know how you deep into listening to the jam or you listening to the talk, show and all of a sudden that commercial cuts in for the next six months you get the chance to enjoy commercial, free, music or sports.

Whatever floats your boat, because we don’t give you serious radio for the next six months, absolutely free! So when you guys go on trips, you can listen to your heart rockets off rocket hip, hop whatever you like.
It sports talk, radio, your political radio, whatever it is, but you get to enjoy it interruption free while you go to and from your destination, but also on top of all of that, you get me with it, which means that once a month, I’m gon na reach Out to you, via email via text, just to make sure that if you have any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns any issues with this vehicle, I am one phone call away.
Okay, now for you to start enjoying all the benefits of this vehicle, all I need for you to do is give me your okay right here and let me go get our detail department to get your vehicle shine, prime prepped, and ready to go, and on top Of that, if you see the value in all of these protections that you get with the vehicle like most of our other customers, do when you speak with our business manager, you will have the option to extend those if you like to.

But this is what you get just by joining our family and becoming a customer, so go ahead and okay right there now, no matter what your, what your warranties are, what what it is yours might be three years 36,000 miles.

It might be seven year 100,000 miles on the powertrain whatever it is.
You want to make sure that they know, because, when they go in there with the business manager, which is the finance manager but avoid calling on finance manager.

Because the word finance it freaks people out the business manager.
But if you tell them about all the protections and then let them know, if you see the value in it like most of our other customers, do you will have the option to be able to extend that if you like now when they go in there with That business manager and the business manager begins to talk about extending the warranties, at least they know what they have and how and why the benefit may be extended.
Here’s what most salespeople say.

Well, if you get a three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper and that’s a lie, because the bumpers are not covered under the warranty so telling the customer get a bumper to bumper and then what the hell does that mean when we’re in the dealership? We use the terminology so much that to us is second nature, but to John Q public that buys a vehicle once every three to five years.

They don’t know what a three-year bumper to bumper warranty is and think about it.
To tell somebody you get a three year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper or to tell them listen for the next three years or 36,000 miles.

You get our basic limited warranty and what that means is that, if anything goes defective within this vehicle for the next three years, if the radio goes out the rear, dashcam the window, stop working, something sounds funny or smells funny under the hood.
If any issue with this vehicle, with the exception of the tires, you call me you text me, you email me: we gon na get that vehicle in here we’re gon na get it checked out, we’ll cover all the parts, all the labor zero cost to you keep Your money in your pocket, where it should be and we’ll get it taken care of now, which sounds better a three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper, or that three year, 36,000 mile basic limited warranty where we covered each and every done that or not.
You already know the second one sounds better.

It sounds bigger, just like with powertrain you’d, be amazed at how many sales rep really have no idea what the powertrain warranty covers and how to explain that now.
If a sales rep doesn’t know what the powertrain warranty covers, how the hell is the customer gon na know, and let me tell you something straight up when I got into the business, I knew what soul train was, but I had no idea what a powertrain was.
So you have to imagine and expect that they don’t either and if you offer 24-hour roadside assistance by letting them know, hey, listen if you’re paying for triple-a, cancel it.

You can save that money if you’re paying for it to your cellphone carrier, cancel that, because for the next three years, if you’re in that car, your wife, your children, you run out of gas, you get a flat.
You call one of our guys.
We don’t come.

Take care of you, anytime, of day any place in the country we got you covered as opposed to yeah you get 24-hour roadside assistance.
Many reps, don’t even tell the customer so when they go in there and the business manager is offering them real protection.

Of course, they don’t want to pay for anything extended hell, they don’t even know what they got in the first place and when you’re going through letting them know all of these warranties, these protections they get if you’re a pro, and you want to start making money At this here’s what you need to do you need to find out what the average price is to get an engine repaired in your area, find out what the average price is to get a transmission repaired in your area find out what the average price is to Get a drive, try and repair in your area on that particular vehicle and when you find out what that is, as you go through, so when you’re saying not only do you get the vehicle, but here’s what else you get you take out a blank sheet of Paper or you flip, that number sheet over and you write it down for the next three years 36,000 miles, you get our basic limited warranty and whatever is the average, probably basic, limited warranty.

So you’ll go through that when you go through the powertrain, when you say under that powertrain we cover the engine.
That’s the block is all the internal lubricating parts.
You write that out five years 65-mile the engine you write right next to it, whatever that average price is so of the average price to get an engine repaired or replaced, and your area is nine hundred and fifty dollars.

You write out nine hundred fifty dollar value boom.
Then you go transmission, we’re gon na get your transmission cover and that’s the case.

That’s the axle! That’s the assembly! That’s order lubricating parts that we’re gon na take care of that for you and if the average price to get a transmission repair to replace is nine hundred dollars.

You write that to drivetrain.
You write that to and if you say, okay, the average price for Triple A for someone is boom, whatever the average price is for triple a membership and you let them know, listen for the next three years we got you covered.

So if you had triple-a that would be boom five hundred dollars in savings write that out and then at the bottom you add all of those up there so in real cost savings and protection.

For you, that’s five thousand seven hundred eighty two dollars and you circle that number and then you flip that sheet of paper back over and say now: listen Jane Tim for you to go out and start enjoying all the benefits of this vehicle.
For me to give my detailed apartment to get it shined, prime ready to go all I need is your okay put that pin down and wait, but you have to learn to set the stage, learn what your warranties are think about it.
These are things that your customers get; they deserve to be informed about it, they deserve to be told what it is, and it only helps you imagine that customer that wants a that’s thinking in their mind.

They want to pay me $ 20, less $ 50.
Maybe $ 100 less, but after you get through going through all of the benefits they excuse me, they get from the basic limited warranty, the powertrain, the 24-hour roadside assistance and whatever else you give the service right.

Student, the Sears, radio and stairs radio.
The average subscription is $ 14.
99 and you know you’re giving it to him for six months.

Well, that’s $ 15 times that six months boom guess what you know saying: that’s a $ 90 savings right there or whatever it is.
You write that out total it up circle it, and so it looks big, and that is real cost savings, and you flip that sheet of paper over that might make it to work as opposed to them.

One night $ 20 price reduction.
They may be okay, as opposed to that 50 bucks.
They may be willing to meet you halfway as opposed to that hundred dollar difference.

They may be willing to give enough.
You know to pay it, but you don’t know until you give them everything in sales.
It is our responsibility to make it easy and give them a good reason to buy from us.

It is not their responsibility to make it easy for us to help them.
You have to realize this in a moment we realize it and we take it on the chin.
The game gets easy selling is simple: when you understand how to do it the right way, and if you are truly outwardly focused and customer focused when people say I don’t wan na pressure, I don’t want to pressure.

I want to pressure, there’s a difference between pressure and persistence; okay, because if you know that you’re not gon na rip them, if you know that everything you’re doing is to genuinely help them, if you don’t do everything you can to get them to buy from you And you allow them to go someplace else.
You have really just put them at risk of being ripped off, because there are sharks in the water that don’t give a damn and will take advantage of these people in a heartbeat.

So what assails represent? I didn’t want to be pushy.

You know I didn’t want to do that.
I wouldn’t like anybody doing that to me.
Jaysus went up, the street ran into somebody, that’s extremely skilled and just set these people up in a horrible deal, okay, being persistent learning how to restate things in another way, and if you know that there are only a few objections, truthfully that come up and price Is one of the main ones learn how to set the stage early so while you’re qualifying them? Why not learn how to say things like when you’re getting to the point where you want to ask them, you know, as far as where their monthly payments round most cuz most people like say: where do you want your monthly payments to be stupid question where they Wanted to be free, 200 mm-hmm, here’s a good thing to say all right, so John, listen! Most of my customers told me that when they come in, they had a specific monthly payment in mind today, we’re hoping to stay around, but when they drove off, they ended up spending a little bit more than they expected because the vehicle bottom far more in value Than they expected and way more in real cost savings than they ever expected.

So where were you hoping to keep your monthly budget around? You notice that I use the word hoping and I use the word.
Budget payment is a trigger word for negativity and when we say things like what is it gon na take to get you to buy today to buy today pressure busts pipes, hey! Listen! If I go and get my manager to do this, are you willing to buy this today, freaks them out? It’s about having pattern, interrupts and saying things: different, hey, listen! I can’t guarantee you, but if I can go to my manager and I’m bad for you, but if I can get them to agree to this, are you willing to start enjoying your vehicle and drive it home? I’m asking the same thing, but I eliminate the word buy and the word today, words that are trigger words used by shade tree salesmen years ago.

Remember when your mom used to say is not what you say, but how you say it: okay, so learn how to explain certain things.

You should be prepared to talk about what that dock fee is and think about what it really is.
It really is the processing of the paperwork for the registration for their certification.
It saves them from keeps them from having to call and go into the DMV and take time off, work and expedite the process and, depending on the the price and the size of the vehicle, these fees can vary.

Ours has said we get it done quickly and within the next 30 days, yeah I’ll be calling you to come in here and pick up your license plate, because we got all of that taken care of for you when it comes to the taxes.
Listen Uncle.
Sam has got to get his cut, you know, there’s nothing we can do about that.

Jane, be prepared, be transparent.
Do not believe that just because they don’t bring it up that they’re! Okay with it, because if the customer has an e and you’ve got the product that we’re looking for with N or close to the budget range that they were looking for and they still don’t buy it’s because they just didn’t understand or there’s some thing.
Some issue that we were unable to address either in our qualifying and our presentation or what have you, but when you’re before you sing your customer into the business manager, make sure when you go through the pencil.

The pricing make sure that you remind them of everything that comes with that vehicle as far as with those warranties and let them know, if you see the value in these in this protection, like many of our other clients or customers, do you will have the option To extend those when you’re in with our business manager, guess what I planted the seed so now when the business manager makes those offers.
Brian told me that he was gon na do this.
But if you don’t explain to them thoroughly what warranties they get, what packages they get and when that business manager is offering them to extend it they’re saying what the hell am i extended, I didn’t even know what I’m getting the powertrain.

I thought I was buying a vehicle.
I’ve heard of Soul, Train what the hell is a powertrain and that’s men and women alike.
Okay, so we have to be able to communicate on the third grade level.

Now I know the video ran over far longer than I expected, but I get going and we got some comments in here.
I appreciate the way you guys become an a thank you all so much we cracked 2,000 subscribers so give yourselves a round of applause, and it’s because of y’all the comments.
Man people become an honor saying that they change just the greeting, welcoming people to their life, giving them their name asking them.

There’s asking them.
Are they here to see anybody in particular, or is it their first time they’re, giving them a business card early and then asking asking them which vehicle with a like information on and then bringing them inside first sitting them down? Let them go through the comments on the video on videos.
We’ve got people that are trying that that, literally just with that one change are selling a car a day.

We’ve got people who are presenting the numbers in a way with the theatrics, where you know: hey.
Listen 48 months is this 72 months? Listen.
You can take advantage of the same benefits to the 48 months.

There’s no prepayment penalty.
You get a raise blah blah blah.
Then it’s 60 months, that’s the best of both worlds, because it’s flexible learning how to really go through and I’ve got some other videos on it but uh.

But to start my career as a salesman of videos appear knowledge.
A listen.
My pleasure brother, what’s up Dennis, does switching the switching people to leasing instead of person.

Cree sells it can and the thing about leasing, man, it’s actually no different than renting a house, and it is a better option for a lot of people.
They can get a much lower payment, they can get an opportunity to switch into something new or have the option to buy it.

It was so taboo back in the day, but in reality again, if we’re being customer focused most sales, people don’t talk about it because they don’t know how that’s all hey thanks.

God, let’s see, I appreciate it.
Hey are y’all getting something from these from today.
As far as with setting the stage before your deals go into of the box, if so give me some likes man, we need some likes on this bad boy and as well as likes y’all, see all the bullcrap that people be sharing on YouTube.

Why don’t? We start sharing some of these good videos to help people help customers.
You know you got these folks out there asking people to donate and man.
I would never ask y’all to donate to my channel.

This is giving if you can use this to close, more deals and make more money.
That’s enough for me, but I do ask the one thing I do ask for is less like it, they’re sharing what you say Benny.
I used your method on prices too.

I, when you say I agree, go ahead, settle bottom haha that isn’t hot my object, there’s many times that people say that they use something I said, but what we find out.
They didn’t use what I said and you have to be at a certain level of rapport with people before you say certain things, most people, group or sucks.
You know, and I seriously doubt that the person would get fired because they try to use an objection or try to overcome an objection.

What that is, is an out that’s a scapegoat if a person got fired because they tried to overcome an objection and did it incorrectly.
We all know that’s bullshit, so nice try Benny.
I appreciate that, but if you share with me what story you worked at and I spoke with your manager if they confirm the same thing – oh just playing broken my bad.

Thank you, my bad, because I was gon na, say man.
I was gon na, say brother, a I’ve never heard anybody using my stuff ain’t y’all been II was just joking with me and I got a little sensitive.
You know why cuz I love this man and I really care about this wife, because where else can a college drop off like myself, get involved in a business and then sell his way out of it to establish another successful business, helping other people to be able To get out there think about this y’all, what we do you know getting out there, making 60 70 80 grand just asking questions and helping people remember good sales, people practice what to say great ones practice.

What to ask and selling is simple, but it is an art.
It is a science and if you are waiting until you get to your dealership to work on your skills, that’d be no different than the first game of the season.
An NFL coach says: hey guys, listen, um, we’re gon na start practice during the first game of the season.

So I’m gon na give you all the play books right when we’re running out of the tunnel to get started for the game.
That team is gon na.
Get the shit beat out of them? Why? Because they didn’t practice, know the time that you work on your game is in the morning taking 10-15 minutes or in the evening when you’re riding home, you know turn on one of those through your Bluetooth, just something on overcoming objections.

Or what have you? Even if it’s none sales related, but it’s just something positive, because please know every successful businessman, business, woman or business had to pay the price and in order to build the brand – and you are a brand, it takes an average of seven years.
And if you go ten years consistently, you are destined for success, but most people give up they get into business and they expect they supposed to make a hundred grand or ten thousand dollars in their first month.
Is it possible yeah, but if they’re only spending 10 to 15 minutes a day working on their skill building and they expect that the that the sales guys are gon na just cater to them? It’s not going to happen.

It’s not gon na happen, because the formula for success is is when preparation and awkward meeting equals success.
Okay, so remember set the stage when your customers are going in with your business manager, not the finance manager after you go through and you show them what the numbers are remind them, what they get with it remind them of the warranties, and it’s not a three Year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper – that is a lie because the bumpers aren’t covered.
It is a basic, limited warranty.

That means that if anything goes out in this vehicle, the radio stops working the rear, dashcam the window stop going up and down anything with the exception of the tires.
You call me you text me, you email me: we gon na get that vehicle in here and I’m gon na get it taken care of you.
Don’t pay $ 1.

I’m gon na cover all the parts all the labor for you also for the next 12 months or 12,000 miles.
If your windshield wiper blades go out because every six to eight months, they need to be changed.
You don’t worry about spending a dollar on that.

You call me you bring that car in here and you’re.
I’m gon na slap, those blades on for you also for the next 12 months 12,000 miles.
If your window motor goes out, your clutch, I got you covered call me that five years 60,000 mile powertrain warranty if your engine goes out and that’s the engine, there’s the blocks, the seals, the gaskets and all the internal lubricating parts.

If anything goes haywire with that engine, don’t hesitate, you call me you text me, you email me, I’m gon na get that vehicle towed in here and we’re gon na get that engine repaired or replaced and zero calls to you, and you know how expensive it can Be to get that engine repair to replace, as a matter of fact, the average price to get your intro clarity in whatever city you’re in is nine hundred and seventy two dollars, but luckily for you for the next five years 60,000 miles.
You keep your money in your pocket where it should be with the transmission we covered up, that’s how you go into it.
You make it big, make it big what you all see here on the video, but those of you who have been with me for a long time and then follow me.

Y’all know this is me 95 % now the other 5 %.
Is you know if I’m hanging out with my wife, kids or I get a couple shots in me yeah.

You know I get a little bit loose, but this is me – and I genuinely genuinely genuinely want to help these people and you’ve got to that’s how successful businesses are made.

Now again, I know I’ve been talking about this and I’ve been getting so many mere emails messages and I apologize.
The webinar is coming up and folks when the announcement comes up register.
Quick because when I tell you, we’ve got hundreds of people that have been asking from all over the world, and so it’s all it’s gon na be limited.

Even though it’s a webinar, you know you have limited, spacing, there’s only gon na be room for 500 people on this webinar, okay.
So as soon as it goes up register because the way it’s set um, it’s only fair for those that that are true and they get on it first, the 500 are in it and every webinar it is different, meaning no two webinars are the same.
No and that’s what it is that keeps people coming keeps them engaged and the information given is there to help so make sure you keep checking watching the videos and if you got some videos, if you’ve been doing some walk, arounds share with me.

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