How to keep the customer intrigued through the Process

No Walsh, back again with conquer you and in this module in this video we’re going to talk about how to keep the customer intrigued through the whole process.

I can’t go over enough process process process, but we have to have the customer engaged and intrigued and interested in the process that we’re walking them through ways to do.
This are asking questions about their wants and needs.

What are they trying to accomplish? What can I help you find today, mr.

and mrs.
Smith, you came in to my dealership my place of business on here to offer you the service that you are looking for, so you can find what you want need ask some questions through the from family recreation, Occupation money when people start talking about themselves, they feel like they know you, because they are telling you a lot about them, so you know them so they feel they know.
You keep everyone in the party involved through the whole process, little Johnny little Sally and Betty who came along grandma Smith, who came along, keep everybody involved in the process.

That way, we have a family full of advocates, rather than one person we’re engaging with, and five other people who are trying to get out of there focus on what they value.
What they value is important to them.
It doesn’t matter what you value it matters, what they value, focus on that showcase, your product, knowledge, don’t be that know-it-all salesperson, who I know everything about everything, but I don’t know how to close, show that you know your product knowledge and give them facts that are Beneficial to their want and need, when we walk through all this get them to agree with us at certain points.

In the conversation, it’s certain points in the process.
Do you agree that this back up camera would add value and security to your daily driving habits? Yes and then what we have to focus on is we have to open them up and let them have fun, make the customer enjoy.
The experience like I talked about great experiences, create high-paying endings, get the customer in an experience that they truly appreciate and enjoy.

Always remember keep the customer intrigued through the whole process.
Therefore, you will own control, you will walk them through your process and you will have a higher closing ratio guaranteed.
No walls with conquer you, .

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