How to Improve Qualifying A Customer to Sell A Car

All right now, contrary to what a lot of people may want to really take into consideration.

The reality is, is that life is going on, things are going to reopen and everything is going to go back to a certain way and I won’t even say, go back.
Things are going to move forward in a certain way, but I will tell you this one thing: the human beings are extremely resilient and this pandemic has seemingly bad as it is.
You know, there’s been a whole lot of other tragedies and things that have taken place.

That us, as human beings, have bounced back from – and this will be no different it’ll – just be as we move forward, we’ll move forward a lot more intelligent meaning.
We have a lot more knowledge, but people will still be people which means that the things that motivate us that stimulate us emotionally will still be that which dominates our decision-making or our top right patterns.
Now this specifically talking about the automotive industry because, again, contrary to belief, there are 320 million people in the United States, and I believe, when I just recently checked unemployment, 17 million people have filed for unemployment and the economy has been in a shutdown for about a Month and a half going on two months now, all right, so what that means is that a vast portion that portion of the workforce is still employed, meaning their vehicles are their transportation even now, more than ever, it’s important for them to get to and from their Place of business service departments have still been maintaining appointments.

People still been wanting to make sure that vehicles running smooth and efficiently vehicles still been breaking down.
Accidents still been happening where folks still for having to replace them.
Just age has still been accumulating on these vehicles because, regardless of what us, as humans are going through that piece of machinery, it doesn’t care about a pandemic or what season it is or anything.

So I say all that to say this most successful people distance themselves from the pack during recessions are during economic downturns.

Now this one is more, so isn’t it’s not just so much economic as it is to psychological and physiological, but at the same time it’s still a down time, and there are folks who are utilizing this time to really build themselves up, putting their ideas out, because When the masses are backing up, saying whoa watch out what was mean, they are a few to say: hey competition is down.
Let me move forward matter of fact.

Let me grab as much information as I can, because the plan pill may not be this leveled again for a long time, because we don’t anticipate anything like this.
So I say, let’s say this, that while you have the time, if you are someone, that’s pearl oil Furlow from your dealership or if you are somebody still working at your dealership.
One thing we want to touch on is a few things to help you out.

Look at I’ve still had the fortune of being able to work with salespeople remote, providing them with sales training for their dealership remotely either at their stores or at their houses.
And let me let you know something: people are still selling one two three units a day.

It’s still happening.

Customers are still going in and buying vehicles all of the states, weren’t even heavily impacted by these things.
So you have to know that as unfortunate as it was and as it is, life is going to go on, things are going to reopen and you want to make sure you’re prepared.
So the first thing you want to do is remember something that there is a transference of energy at all times between you and your guests, all right.

So when you approach a situation from a fearful state of mind, meaning there are some facts you may want to know about the situation that went on like number one.
It has not been scientifically proven that any types of virus Korona related has been transferred via physical contact or touch okay.
You have to know that now does that mean people are going to want you to shake their hands? No, but you want to get used to wearing long sleeve, shirts, okay, so you have as little as the little skin as possible showing and you want to approach the person.

You know something that I’ve spoken to sale feel the bomb and I suggest it and they are really having a good time with they’ve been doing shoulder, elbow people.
Customers are getting a kick out of it and they respect the fact that the salesperson is still making an attempt at being a human while at the same time knowing that thanks for that long, sleeve shirt we’re not touching the skin.
I appreciate it now, if somebody’s not comfortable with it they’re just not, but by all means you want to make sure you have their hand sanitizer with you that you rubbing it on your hands, so make sure that you’re in the right frame of mind be confident.

Know that everything is leveling out and that the people that you’re engaging with, if they’re there they’re extremely serious, they see the same media as you, so you might as well go at it just maintaining a specific distance and space, but at the same time, there’s still People, it’s still the same questions you ask when you’re qualifying, regardless of what’s going on, you still want to ask the right questions: finding out, is they using this for business or for personal use? What type of work do they do? You know what type of how long have they been doing it? Is there anybody else’s gon na be driving it? I eat that may be a cosigner or a decision maker with them.

You know what are they currently driving? Are they interested in selling that you know? Well, did they buy that new or pre-owned a blah blah blah? You know going through the sequence of questions where you’re asking questions about the vehicle, but you’re also asking them personal questions, because more now than ever, if you’re gon na lose that physical contact of a handshake.
Okay, if you are a fist pound, if you’re gon na lose that that means that your attention to detail has got to be heightened, then the only way that you can find out more specific detail is by asking more specific questions, and please know that with people Being quarantined off away from each other folks will be happy to be out and be interacting with somebody other than the people in their house trust this.

We are itching for it.
There are places right now when people are rioting to get back outside so they’re itching for it, and you know what if they seem like somebody.
That’s not that way.

That’s fine, but let them do it.
Don’t you go into it, assuming it will change, meaning that they don’t want to be asked those questions, because anybody making a 20 30, 40, 50.
60 $ 70,000.

A buying decision trust me.
They appreciate the fact that you are making the effort to learn about them and not just what you can take from them.

Okay, all right so making sure eight we’re confident, be that we’re going through we’re asking the right questions and see when it goes through.

To present the vehicle now make sure that you do have the option where they can go on the demo drive by themselves, but if possible, give them the amount.
You should have map up a pre-approved demo drive route.
It helps you be able to maintain and kind of know where they may be at any given time and it allows them.

You know the opportunity to make all right turn is minimizing them going across any lanes, and all you have to do is go to Google Maps type in the address of your store, pull out the map blow it up to a certain distance where you can see The streets make copies of it and you can give it to them where they follow it, who knows but likelihood of them probably increase before you.
Let your customer go make sure you write down that Stan will wipe down the vehicle with some wipes.
Okay, when you bring them back in, you still give them a tour of the service department and when you set them down, you still make sure that, rather than getting into negotiating you educate, then, when you’re talking about a specific thing on that sheet, that you are Prepared that, if they have a question, if they show concern about something that you can intelligently educate them on, why that’s there and how that being? There is a part of them being able to start enjoying this particular product.

Okay, I think oftentimes.
If a person leaves and there’s something that they like that’s, there is within their budget, it’s just because they don’t understand.
That’s all.

It is so take the time to make sure that we are educating okay.
So all things stay the same.
The only thing that will change is how you greet so making sure you wear long, sleeve shirts, as opposed to green with a handshake.

You make sure you why welcome to NBC dealership, I’m Brian and you are, and you might even make light of it.

Typically, I will go out and outfit around you I’ll, shake your hand, but I want to make sure that I respect your space if you like, we can do an elbow bump, but other than that, let me get you folks inside.

Ask you guys a few questions and find out what I can do to help you all out? Okay, then you turn and you go if you like these methods, if you can see the use of fit in the things that I’m sharing with you now is the time to make sure that you make the best use of your time and your resources, because, yes, If you think things are tight now, they’re gon na get even tighter, and the best thing that we can do is are is have the ability to be able to bridge the gap between people to have a need and don’t love a product to be able to Fill it treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself, click that link go over and check it out.

I promise that you’ll be happy that you did it’ll.
Take your automotive sales to a whole nother level and included in there is the 100 success tip, and this is something that’s not just for you, but for the family for your spouse, your significant other, because it’ll really help everybody maintain your confidence that level of positivity Through this and being able to help all of you launch your way out of this situation and grin to greater and new heights, so click the link in the description check it out.

I’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership real soon over and out .

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