How to Handle the Kelly Blue Book Trade Objection – Automotive Sales Training 3.0

We give you the trade at $ 5,000.

We love it.
We want to buy it.
Okay, we’re going to be $ 5,000 for your trade rebates $ 1,000, so that brings you’re out the door price to only twenty four.

Fifty four sixty okay.
Now we have it in multiple different payment options, for you take so at forty eight months putting $ 5,000 down because most lenders like to see close to twenty percent investment initially on a vehicle, so it would five thousand dollars down at forty eight months.
The payments are between 484 and 502.

Okay, now the benefit of the 48 months, because a lot of our customers they want to get that that title in their hand as quickly as possible.
So what we’ve done? We’ve incorporated something similar to what the market industry does.
You know in the mortgage industry right now, rates are at an all-time low, so people are taking advantage of it and refinancing.

The thing about that will refinancing is that they’re getting lower rates, but they’re walking on their with their payments exactly the same.
Why is that? Because if by maintaining the same payments with the little break, they can pay the house off quicker, they can build equity and investor and they get a free and clear deed.
A lot sooner.

The same thing that we’re making available to you: okay.
So, at 48 months you can pay that vehicle off quickly as possible.
You can build equity in it much faster and you can have that title in your hand, free and clear a lot sooner.

Okay, so, and also if you have a savings which I’ll share with you later choose in 48 months over any another or any other options like give a significant savings there.
Now, at 72 months, okay, with $ 5,000 down, your banks are on between 353 and 371.
Significantly less than their 48 months and a lot more flexible, because there’s no prepayment penalty means that you can also take advantage of the same benefits to 48 months off.

To pay it off sooner.
Build equity faster, get that time for you clearing out faster okay.
But your only obligation between 353 and 371.

So that’s really up to you now the 60 month option we have right here most of our customers consider that to be the best of both worlds.
Why? Because it’s a little bit more than 48 months, significantly less than the 72 months, but you still enjoy the same exact benefits because you can pay it off sooner bill.
Eight would be faster to get that time, free and clear a lot quicker.

Now your payment’s, there are between 405 and 424.
You also have a significant savings.
It’s by choosing that sixty month, which I’ll share with you here in a little bit, okay, so based on those three options which one of those work best for you.

I just need to a circle and an int which one you want works best for you not going to get our detailed apartment, get it cleaned up.
I would like to have more trade allowance and we’re offering you we give you $ 5,000 for your trade right now, and you saw it was how much six down on okay.
You know what Jeff! I totally understand you know, and if it was my trade and someone told me I can get six thousand fourth, someone else was offered me five thousand four.

You know what I want.
I’d want $ 6,000, for he said you went on Kelly Blue Book.
I totally understand that you’re, not one of the first people ever coming here, going on Kelly Blue Book.

Looking you know looking for whatever value could be a beautiful going off that whether they share with you sell about Kelly Blue Book that you probably already know Kelly Blue Book is owned by Autotrader, okay and auto trader buys and sells vehicles.

Now, when Kelly Blue Book makes their money is through advertising, because they have a ton of people that flood the site trying to learn the best value of their vehicle arming themselves before they come into a dealership.
I totally get it, but the one thing that most people don’t know is that they’re also willing to buy your vehicle.

So what I’d like for us to do? I want to pull up Kelley Blue Book and I want to see what Kelly Blue Book would be willing to pay for your vehicle.

I know they told you what we should offer, but let’s see what they feel, and the only thing I ask you is that we agree on three things.
Number one is that if we can check out Kelley Blue Book and what they’re offering is much higher than what we’re offering man I’ll take you to go, get the check myself.

Okay, it benefits us the quicker.
You can sell this vehicle, the quicker you come back in here, you’re right now with that f-150.
All right number two is that if we look at it and we’re all for maybe just one hundred two hundred bucks either which direction I’ll make it right and the third is that and what they’re offering is much less than what we’re offering we’ll just agree that This is a good deal fair enough.

All right, then, at that time we go to Kelly Blue Book type it in – and this is where all of the questions that you have to in portrayed walk come into play.
Do we have two sets of keys? Do they have the service maintenance records? We looked at any of the scratches and dents.

Do they have an additional warranty to take care of any of the body bumps dents and things like that? Never on the vehicle? Okay, and by going through that, when we go through killing little book, it’s also going to ask them those same exact questions, and what will come out typically is that it’s going to be much less than what the person expected it should be, and it’ll be significantly Less probably than what it is that we’re offering, which is why we wanted to agree on that good deal.

Okay, so remember, .

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