How to Handle Objections Before The Customer Brings Them Up | Selling to Survive Podcast Ep #4

Welcome to the selling to survive, podcast, I’m Brian Maxwell and as we enter into 2018, I want to talk about something.

You know.
A lot of a lot of videos are being put out.
A lot of books are published.

It have been over the last few years that really focus a lot on closing the sale, closing the sale, closing the sale and, as we start a new year, I want us to really start thinking in a different way, as we really go deeper into the era Of the customer, now with all these books and all of these teachings and everything focused on closing the sale, we got to come to the realization that the consumers us ourselves, because we are consumers – have all become far better informed.
Now I don’t say more, intelligent, I’m cautious with that, but we are a far more informed.
We all walk around with computers in our pockets, so you know there may be times that a salesperson may find themselves trying to do some type of a tactic with a customer and their customer may say.

I know one guy added one of the dealerships that I went out to he said he went to go, use a tactic and the customer said.
What is that? The alternative clothes you know and when things start getting that predictable with us as consumers or the customers coming in to your dealership, then we got to start looking at different ways, and I will say that the automotive industry is one that we really should be extremely Excited for everybody to sit in this industry because you know the the transition, I should have say the change in paradigm.
It is happening, it’s happening, a lot slower than other industries, but you are seeing the change the transition to where people are being far more focused on our customer experience, building value and realizing that, when we’re engaging with the customers, okay, as opposed to focus on closing The sale, let’s start think about how can we make it easy for them to make a decision when that time comes so, as opposed to focusing on closing the sale and overcoming objections? What if we started doing things like blocking the objections before they coming up? What should I say, eliminating or reducing the objection before it comes up, and let me explain what I mean I mean, let’s really think about it, unless you are a green pea and brand-new to this, you pretty much know the typical responses or concerns that people have.

What are they? Let’s go through them, the monthly budget, which is the monthly payment, so, overall our investment of the vehicle total cost.
I should I say, total price of the vehicle are the features.
Is it too difficult for them to use it? They want to talk to their spouse, they want to think about it.

What are some of the other common ones? I mean, if you really think about there’s only four or five, that people really use before we that camouflage what the real concern is so with us.
Knowing that as we go into 2018, let’s start thinking of a different approach to in order to really reap the benefits of the business.
You have to be willing to commit yourself to it.

I say it all the time that people have $ 100,000 a year, taste buds but $ 10,000 a year work ethic.
You know, statistics and studies show that 90 percent of sales people never read a book on sales, never attend their training on sales, never listened to any type of audiobook or programming about sales.
But yet wonder why are their results so inconsistent? How come they can have success one day or one week or one month and then fail and struggle for so many other ones, and it all comes behind learning how to create a process and doing it consistently.

It’s no different than being a basketball player football player through repetition, through repetition, through repetition.
You develop muscle memory and through the muscle memory you develop confidence to do that confidence.
You know things just continue to flow.

So what you want to start doing is really sit down and think about what are the objections right amount? What are the top? The most common five objection? You get the top five objections that you get right, think about them, write them down and then, let’s think about how we could bring them up in the process.
Okay, at a point in the process, because when we bring up an objection, we have the opportunity we control it, we own it.
So when we bring up the objection, we could bring it up.

So we can point out what the objection is and then we can also go into the solution.
Above that objection, we control it.
But when a customer brings up on objection now we’re backpedaling we’re having to explain – and I heard a wise man say many times – that in sales when we’re explaining we’re losing, because that means that the customer has asked us something or says something.

That’s got us backpedaling and when you think about it at most dealerships, you know you hear this ABC always be selling and things like that doing: Gary Glen Ross and everybody gentleness Jeannette and that’s fine, but that was way before there was a social media.
That was way before there was an Internet, and so this ABC always be closing if it’s a small ticket item.
Okay, all right: this is small ticket items that might work.

But when you talk about a bigger ticket item or something that’s more technologically advanced, it requires more of a of a partnership and that’s really what it is, because that’s time that you’ll never get back and guess what you know you allow that customer to leave.
You put them at a 50 % chance of being ripped off by somebody else, because you know you’re gon na do them right.
So the best thing that you can do is do everything you can to give them a good enough reason and then make it easy for them to do business with you.

So let’s go through an example of how you bring up an objection.
You control it and then you present a solution now we all know that monthly payment is a concern.

Okay, monthly payment is a concern for a lot of people in today’s economy, but salespeople are free to bring that up as if that’s not something that every customer thinks about.

But I tell you by you not bringing it up.
You knew a lot of customer to bring it up later in the process and guess what now you’re, backpedaling, explaining and sometimes coming off defensive as opposed to knowing okay, monthly budget or monthly payment is a concern.
Let me let me go ahead and let me tackle this, let me bring it up, control and own it.

What you may say is is mr.
customer, most of our customers had a monthly payment in mind when they came in, but we’re willing to spend a little bit more if they got a whole lot more in return.

If I could show you the same thing, are you at least willing to hear exactly what it is? That’s in it for you, what type of monthly payment are you hoping to stay around up to what now, as you go with the customer, you ask them: hey! Listen, you brought it up.
Okay, most of our customers had a monthly payment in mind when they came in, but we’re willing to spend a little bit more if they were able to get.
You know see a higher amount of return.

If I can show you the same thing, are you at least willing to learn more okay? Now at this point, we brought up the objection, which is the monthly payment, okay and in a lot of situations.
What we find is that when people don’t buy, if they’re they have a need, then you have the vehicle.
They have some features that they’re looking for it comes with that they have a monthly budget in mind and we’re talking about is just a few bucks off and they don’t buy in almost every situation is just because they don’t understand.

There are cases when I hear managers managers saying that it’s all about price is all about price is all about.
Pricing is really not.
We have to understand that people have more than just price that goes into the internal buying system.

Many people for years have consulted with spouses they may have prayed about it.
People have their own belief system their own internal buying system when they are making a decision, and it is up to the sales consultant to sit down and to think about.

What are some of the most common concerns and issues that people tell me they have when buying this particular product or service? Yes, it requires effort on our part to sit down and really think this through and when we really think it through we’ll come to the realization that there’s only a few there’s really only a few very common things are concerns that come up objections or concerns that Come up knowing those now, let’s sit down and really think about it.
Okay, how can we bring this objection up, so we control it? How can we share the concern that others have had in a similar situation and then present how they were able to benefit from a solution and when we bring that objection up and we provide that that commonality between them and others, and then we present while we Work through the solution – and we get this person to confirm with us that they are willing to do the same to experience the same benefit their confirmation.
When we get people to confirm verbally to commit outloud, they are far more likely to keep that commitment with us.

Okay and then just like, if we get somebody to write something down, it’s even more firm.
So when we get someone to confirm with us that, yes, they would like to experience the same benefit as other customers.
That you’ve worked with what they’d like to learn.

More information about it now when you go through it, their defenses are down.
There are a lot more willing to comprehend and not be so on, guard okay, which allow them to be more open with you.
Therefore, you can better understand, what’s going on, so you can present presenting them with with with a better solution at the end of the day.

That’s all we want to do, but we really have to start performing like professionals.

Amateurs get paid, zero interns and amateurs make $ 0 professionals make money, so we want to get paid in the garbages we practice and we perform like them.
We want to get paid like professionals, we have to practice and perform like them too, and when I heard people say natural-born salespeople that just drives me nuts.

You may have certain characteristics, okay and traits that make it easier for you to get into sales and to develop the ability to be a be good at it, but it requires effort.
This is a real art.
You know, helping people buy is a skill.

The days of selling and trying to you know, force something down: somebody’s throat that stuff is gone.

It’s about asking the right questions.
Listening with the intent to understand, focusing on the experience, building value will price always be on the table, of course, but people will spend a little bit more if they feel like they’re, getting a whole lot more in return and it’s up to us.

What is it that we could put value on our time is value.
What other additional things are we able to provide to our customers or to the people that we do business with? That can bring them a lot of value, but just a small additional expense, and whenever that happens, whenever it’s a partnership – and you look at your engagement with the customers like that trust me in 2018, in this new year, you’ll close far more sales than you did In any previous year, but don’t be afraid to bring up the monthly payment, don’t be afraid to bring up people’s concern about that, because it’s real don’t be afraid how people many times consider that they want to think about it.
But when they realize that you know what was there actually to think about and everything that they wanted was right there, they felt far more comfortable going and doing business.

I mean if I could show you how you know we have what it is that you’re looking for the sauce, whatever problem, are you at least willing to learn more about it? So you can make a better decision.
You know, learn how to talk with these people.

Don’t be afraid, but bring up the objections.

Therefore, you can eliminate or reduce it before it comes up at the end, because remember when you bring up the objection, you control it, you own it, but when you allow the customer to bring it up, guess what now we’re explaining and when the salesperson is explaining.
They’re losing because they’re backpedaling, so let’s make the experience great for both individual parties for you for us and for the guests for that customer it’s got ta, be a win-win, but by no means just give price the power over why your sales go up and down Because there’s more than that, but it’s up to us to learn what it is that that that motivate people to buy everyone has different buying motivations and as to was sitting down and being skilled.
I heard a very talented and an excellent sales trainer expert by the name of Victor Antonio, that says a quote, and he says good sales, people practice what to say great sales people practice.

What to ask.
I highly encourage you to focus on what to ask to generate more information.

The you understand the people that you’re engaging with the better suited the solution.

You provide them the more value and benefit to them.
You can present, they don’t mind, spending a little bit extra for a whole lot in return.
Remember that so, thanks for listening to the podcast, i’m brian Maxwell, I look forward to seeing you at the dealership and let this get let’s get this year off to an excellent start.

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After the first of the year, i’m brian maxwell salute to you and again i’ll see you at the dealership.

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