How to Handle Automotive Sales Objections (Live Role Play)

Did that lower payment over here that you’re able to save some money on interest similar to where you are okay, you’re in control the numbers so take my pen this little one? That makes the most sense on with your car all cleaned up in a way to go yeah.

I just need more for my trade.
Well, you guys go to these 10 5 or 11 well, so I knew exactly what word 10.
5, 10, 10, 5 or 11 came.

However, what I’ll tell you is this? We hope that we’re going to get ten five or eleven thousand for this trade.
In fact we’re kind of counting on that.
That’s what we’re going to do and if you wanted to go say traded on your own American excuse me, sell it on your own or would want to sell it around really.

We both have the same things that we ready to do.
That vehicle is eleven thousand dollars.
We have top dollar.

I don’t know if you look at private party listings on it, but where that came from, but, however again there be some things that has to be done.
So let me just go ahead and show you what we do so for us to get to say eleven thousand.
That would be so the big top dollars and things are going to have to do.

I think you can get 12 to 13 out for that.
That might be top down.
Well, I tell you welcome getting idea, we’ll try we’ll see.

Word will come up.
Okay, so repairs on that.
Now on that vehicle, it’s a nice car, it’s 96 thousand miles on its four years old.

However, it does have a few dents and dings, so it doesn’t sand the things not a lot.
You’ve got about five or six of them on the one side, the passenger side on there so they’re, okay, that happens, I’ve got I’ve, got I’ve got a garage to see the peppered with.
So it’s probably that kind of costs as much as it would.

In the past, we don’t have to do body shots work on it.
What we’ll be able to do is do paintless dent repair.
We’ve got a person that does that.

Actually, during that facility, usually costs someplace between 50 and 100 bucks for something like yours, okay, so we will probably do it actually, if we’re charged with customers, our private mortgage that you charge for that, but for us, we’ll probably really get it done for big dollars.
The next thing that you had mentioned on that vehicle that you need to have done or actually might use for manager mention it when you look at it with an alignment, so he knows exactly the alignment.
So, what’s one hundred hundred fifty somewhere in there are tents where I go and then also, I think it needs a power steering pump right.

He said a new invention when you and I drove it up front to go short to the appraiser it can.
I need the power you think.
That’s gon na certainly try to pick one up to use the jump here for about five or six under dollars and then the Installer that you install yourself.

I mean I am mechanically inclined so yeah.
So let’s see five money.
That’s five hundred to do that.

Yeah, you would install the result, but when you got ta install now, that’s what appears and that’s just assuming that we don’t find anything else, but we said use karlie under practice, so minimally we’re looking at what six fifty years.
So the other thing that you’re going to want to do if you want to get top dollar, if you want to get this kind of dollar you definitely definitely, so you probably know that the car looking nice smelling nice standing tall is going to draw more money For it so minimally, what you’re going to do to get top dollar on that vehicle is you’re going to get wash and wax it you’re going to need to clean the inside and outside of those one of those you need to polish up those wheels you’re going To need, I mean hey, I have it too, but there’s been improved, obviously, and that vehicle McDonald’s and they’re surprised you smashed here and there.
So what they’re going to have to do is detail that if they find brush out of its simpler, like a little q-tip type of deal, and they have to go in and outside those crevices and clean that up and really go, find a neat deal on that Detail is usually professionally done or in a word from 150 to 300 dollars.

People can do it, their selfies forget the materials.
What do you think you would end up spending on Anita? Well uh.
I mean if it runs 300 for a good cop end.

Well, I probably go up the top at one point for most money out of this 340.

So the next thing you do is that you currently make a payments of 250 bucks you’re going to want to solve this quick.

So the next thing, your advertiser, so here’s the good news – you don’t have to go into two different newspapers and spend that kind of money.

In fact that was usually quite a bit of money to put it in the newspaper every single day.
However, now what you can only goes out to the low republic now what you can do as advertised as a private parking on cars, comm, eBay or Auto Trader, I’m not going to fib to you, you can do it for free.
I wouldn’t suggest that if you’re trying to kind of get top dollar, aren’t people going to want to have pictures in that car.

I think probably, and if you want a power you’re going to want to know tonight’s video.
So what you would do is you want to get they’re nicer packages.
The nicer packages are where things are from 100 to 150 bucks.

So minimally, can we just use a hundred yeah, so we’ve got those there so the next things we really need to do on that think we’re better prepares.
We better detail.
The next thing you’re going to have is people that are looking for a private party vehicles.

Private parties, where, if somebody is much more over the market price on this vehicle, some example in charge of the market price on it, they’re gon na – want some type of a discount there’s.
One thing I didn’t share with you that my manager actually figured out for me whenever I was one thing he figured up for me was this: I asked him if we were to sell that vehicle approximately or if you were to sell that vehicle approximately on there And so I printed this up.
This is the market value or for a private party.

So my points, this is the top end of it yeah.
You can ask 13 for it, however, the pure essence, 13 or Jefferson 11, either way you’re trying to get top dollar.
Here’s my question: if somebody is looking for a private party vehicle and I’ve heard of that kind of arbitrator, or something like that, don’t you think they’re gon na want a discount they’re, not gon na want people retail to it, Hartley, probably so.

What type of discount that they want got ta take a grand off, maybe 2 grands they’re, close friends, there’s 1,500 there.

Now the last thing.
I wonder that we got a better time, because if you mechanically inclined that’s gon na take some of your time to age of the money but labor, but it’s gon na take your time there you’re, probably lettin somebody you do it for you here, take some time.

Listening this advertising and taking photos of the vehicle this here, you’re going to take some time – that’s so much time there, but here’s where I guess the time to be involved.

Besides all these things, if you put it on curse.
com on a printer or any of these types of places, you’re gon na have to be willing to take phone calls texts, emails, any kind of life, also you’re going to need to be willing to.

Let people come to your home.
Look at that vehicle.
I don’t you know what the insurance is since you’ve got a payoff on there, I’m assuming they have kept every insurance, so you’ll probably be ok with somebody driving your car.

However, they be coming to your house.
Taking your car driving it for a demonstration driver, if you didn’t that didn’t make, you feel good.
You’re, like wanting over at your house internet the parking like Walmart again, some type of a designated place take me even more time, even if it’s still on the first shot, you’re gon na end up taking some of your time.

Typically, though, it takes us anywhere from 60 or 90 days to sell our car.
So what’s your time worth on something like that, what do you think 5? So 5 minutes? Let’s add these up, so do me a favor, so we’ve got $ 8,000 is what we’ve got into the car before we could get it on trade at and we’re going to put 650 unit minimally on repairs and then we’re going to put and those are $ 300 on it for detail and then $ 100 advertising, it’s taking $ 1,500 discount and 500 for time.
What’s that come on hang on I’m sorry, I lost eight plus six.

Fifty that comes up to 11 okay, so you got 11 right now into the vehicle.
So if you sold it for 11 it I was a hack to sell them to the 13.
However, that may be a little problematic, because people who are doing research are going to have notice that you’re asking quite a bit for the vehicle.

Even that aside, here’s the thing that also we have to remember, say you did sell it for the more money someplace in between these two.
Let’s say you sold it for Club someplace in between which would be based on some of the research we’re doing right and that would be top dollar.
If you get 12, you need to come work here.

Okay, you’re gon na be working I’ll.
Have it in here for that, so here’s the things that you have to take account, though, if you don’t trade that vehicle in you get 12,000, you feel good.
You made a cool thousand dollars right.

However, if it takes you two months and you’re paying 350 a month because it takes anywhere 60 90 days, but let’s say you sell quick, that’s $ 700 there in pancetta, bacon, okay plus you get the $ 400 tax credit in that meaning again.
So, where do we look at it now we’re basically I’d be twelve.
One I’d be crazy to let you not rate this thing.

You’d actually be going in the whole 100 hours come on.
I know that you know you like the vehicle.
I know it’s.

Maybe a little bit more, but that’s why you got ta get it.
You keep it longer and it’ll save you money in the long run.

Let’s wrap this thing up I’ll, get your hot water pipes away finish up some people.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but you know these payments are a little too high for me, I’m at 350 right now, I’m thinking more 375, maybe 425.
It’s the highest I’ll be able to go okay, so it sounds like mean.
Everyone else sounds you’re gon na fight yeah.

So if we were able to find some more money in the budget able to find a way to make it before we yep isn’t anything else, can we take if you take not the price? Well, I take away.
Let’s go back up to address for me, so it does it off the price.
Let’s look at that for a second when’s, the last time you three years ago.

So let me ask you this: when you want that car in the past, did you have to in fact I’m gon na make an assumption here because Jane you’re, pretty good negotiator, alright, so Jane you’re, pretty good negotiator? I’m gon na make this assumption when you went to the dealership last time.
Did you happen to? In fact I know you did you probably did a pretty good job of working over the sales person and the sales manager going back and forth, but you Andy go in there and fight for this time.
Hey, I wouldn’t say it was a fight, but it was a struggle.

Okay, so you didn’t work for the distant.
If you remember once we started talking about the third-party pricing, it’s been free negotiating and we’re gon na pay.
You an extra 10 %.

If you would go find this car a little bit lesser priced, don’t you think we’re going to put our best foot forward and make that price as low as we possibly could.
So I get I get the again.
You want to try to get as much money off this.

You can, however, really when it’s all said and done, it sounds you’re like me, and everyone else does sound like John right yeah.
I guess so, let’s see if we can find a way to fit this into your budget.
So again, if we could find some more dollars, so you felt comfortable.

I wouldn’t want you to do anything as you’re uncomfortable if we were to find store dollars in your budget to make it to what he felt more comfortable with that okay.
Well, let’s do this! For starters, you can think about it all day long.

Let me make sure I help you a little bit whenever you’re thinking.

So let me do this.
Let’s look at the budget that way.
It’ll help you in that we’ve got some solid.

Think about this right now it sounds like, as you know, what’s there on the price, you don’t we’re here on the trading, but the payment may be kind of in that general right.
It’s poking at you a little bit.
I don’t like it okay, so let’s do this.

Let me see if I can help you out there, because most bunch of minded customers really really want is to look at the whole budget of the vehicles.
It’s not just using the monthly payment, there’s other things involved.
So, let’s look at everything and see if we can’t even find a few more dollars so when the appraisal doing we’re doing the appraisal noting on there.

I remember that on that appraisal, you said that in the past 12 to 24 months to help me out there with math, let’s look over the last 12 to 24 months, which you’ve been averaging and prepare, so he takes 1500 divided by sixty-two dollars.
And so let me take that same 1,500 and divide it by twelve 125 now take that 125 and have the $ 62 take the 62 25 and them together.

So right now, currently in the last 12 to 24 months on this new quartet 96,000, my love life instead of 93 dollars of repairs and maintenance.

Now over time, obviously the view bills going to age.
So you think the repairs are going to go down or go up on they’re, probably going to go up one up now on the one view, looking at heater, your payment’s excuse me: the repairs on that mm.
Cr-V, there’s gon na be zero for the next five years.

This way, my sheet up, if I had written on my proposal because for the next three years or 36,000 miles, I’m not going to have any type of plan you get up, you get a powerful window that goes out your the air-conditioned room that is taped over Here for the next five hundred sixty thousand miles, powertrain warranty engine goes out of the meat potatoes, the drivetrain, the transmission, the things that cost you a lot of money.
They go out, gon na happen to pay for and then any type of, worksite assistance issues for.
Three years so virtually zero very loud, so you’re saving 93 there, but that’s not the same blending gas.

And so let’s look at that.
Oh it’s comparable! So if you told the movie growth, twenty thousand miles looks like $ 1600, 6 hours.
We read to fix a pen or something what state 1787 XO 1717.

Let’s figure out how many miles excuse me, Emily gallons, a month you, okay, just take the 17 once /, 4 5 6, sometimes like foot premium in there.
So, let’s say up to 75, depending when I garden, let’s say to 75, to take that we need to over here on this vehicle.
We’re only seeing 4 miles per gallon would see if that ends up doing so, we’ll take that 17 again and / the 2958.

I did not even make that thanks, so we’re saving what 25 there right yep.

So really when we take a look at is if payments so 6,000 miles from 35 year 60,000.
One said the road set assistant: it’s got the leather seats with the NAB that you said that we’re gon na make those trips down to Florida, SuperDuper comfortable and the less stress for a little bit stress-free, because you’re not going to get lost and you’re going to Get through, I know it’s a little bit more money than what you want to spend Jane, but again, that’s why you should do it you’ll, keep it longer you’re going to enjoy so much more and you’re, going to get more for to trade in time.

We’re this close: let’s just go ahead and wrap this up in what a popcorn or Pepsi what you said: .

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