How to Find a Job, Standout, and Get Hired – Pt 1

What’s going on Brian Maxwell here, um, as of recently, I’ve been doing a whole lot of travel and I’m actually in Illinois right now, working with one of my dealer, clients out here and lovely Herrin Illinois just recently had the pleasure of being in Colorado Springs and Back in my second home, which is Baton, Rouge Louisiana and was spent some time down in New Orleans, and regardless of where I am across the country, you know you, you quickly realize a trend that there are a lot of people, good people, intelligent people that are Unemployed right now, they are anxiously seeking an opportunity to improve their financial situation and to do something that they can actually feel good about.

People say I want to be able to wake up every day and be happy that I’m doing it and that’s possible, but even when you’re doing what it is you love to do.
You still run into those periods where it requires.
You know more than any type of external gratification and kind of push you over the hump.

It has to be a true love of what it is.
You do and a desire within yourself to kind of continue to raise the bar and evolve, but when it comes to finding or seeking employment, I ask people.
What are you doing in the most common thing I hear is well.

I went online a lot online submitted.
My resume and folks, i’m here to tell you whenever i place an ad on any of the job boards that I’m affiliated with for one posting, I typically typically get anywhere between five hundred to a thousand people applying for now.
That’s as far as a sales position and in a lot of cases at a dealership or at an insurance company, or something like that.

Imagine just your typical customer service position or clerical opening if sales, especially a niche sale such as automotive sales or insurance, is getting five hundred to a thousand imagine what your more common positions are, getting they probably getting anywhere between 2000 and 3000, people that are applying And the one thing that you have to do in order to get that car back is you have to stand out now i’ll, be i’ll? Let you in on a little secret when we run these ants and I’ve talked to many different business owners and other people enjoy human resources in the hiring.
We run an ad and we create an email address for all of these resumes to be able to flow through right and typically, once you get to about 50 60, maybe 70, depending on many people.
Looking hire you kind of say you know what out of this batch, I should be able to find some qualified candidates.

Sometimes you do.
Sometimes you have to go back into the well, but if you’re not already like on that post, a job listing within the first 24 hours really within the first two hours, you could easily fall by the wayside, because now, regardless of what job board your own as Soon, as the new posting comes up relevant to what you’re looking for email, notifications and text notifications go out, so you got all these people simultaneously hearing about this one opening and everybody goes to try to fly from their phone.
So how do you stand out from that? I’m gon na? Let you in on some tips that I’ve shared with other people that I’ve gotten some amazing stories back from.

First, what you do is you go online, you go to that job or you find that opportunity.
You’re, looking for you want to go ahead and do it to ask you to do, which is apply online, submit your resume now after that immediately if they provide you with the actual company name, but sometimes they don’t.
But when they do, you need to go to that company’s website and get their telephone number.

The next thing you do is you call in to that organization, and you ask the receptionist make sure you’re very polite greet the reception is asking for her, how they’re doing how their day is.
What not, then, you ask them who’s in charge of the hiring many times, they’ll roll off a name.
Well, it’s sue johnson arm Mike Rogers.

Okay, listen! I have a very important email.
I like to send them now.
Police have their email address, or I need to forward over my resume for that particular position.

May I have their email address please, so I can send it over to them and I can assure you 9 out of 10 times they’re gon na give you that email address so, as you say, who’s in charge of human resources or who’s in charge of your Army or who makes the hiring decisions you asked for their email address, email as non-threatening.
It’s a lot different than asking for like a personal phone number or something like that.
Once you get the email address, what you do is you send them a very personalized email.

Make sure your spell check is on and then the title, it’s just say their name, comma candidate for and whatever the position is then your email, your email has to be all about them, not about you, because your resume talks about you.
So when your email is about a listen saw, the ad that you had posted and I know you’re looking for skilled people with specific qualifications to do X, I would be a value to your company, because what I’d bring to you is um or blah blah blah And then just kind of briefly touch on some things: energy and whatnot or um.
If you’re looking for skilled individuals, I most definitely will be a valued asset for your for your team.

I’ve included an attachment that has my qualifications.
In my experience on it, I wanted to get this directly over to you as quickly as i can because being affiliated with a company like yours, it’s extremely important to me, and I want to make sure that I take advantage of this career opportunity that you are Offering I really appreciate your time reading this email, hopefully advise you in good health, and I look forward to speaking with you soon somewhere along those lines, something like what i just said will be very, very short, a small block um and you go ahead and put Your name put your contact telephone number, a good email address and if your email address is something like snazzy, daddy, jazz 01, please go create yourself, a more adult-like or professional email address.
I see people applying with snazzy jazzy super duper, 803 who’s gon na.

Remember that and j who’s even gon na take that seriously.
And i I’d love to tell you that email addresses don’t get paid attention to everything that you present it’s being critiqued and analyzed prior to their making a bind a hiring decision, but make sure that in your email is all about them.
It’s all about what you bring to them when people go to interviews all they talk about is well I’m this and I’m are working and I’m a diamond out.

They can care less about what you feel you are or have been for other people.
What are your skills and experience going to do for their business? Everyone has a selfish gene and, when you’re interviewing are you’re, sending a resume / or an email over to somebody about a potential job, you’ve got to be feeding to their ego.
Also another very important tip this shotgun approach are having this one resume for every different.

It doesn’t work anymore.
What you have to do is once you read the ad the job description for a particular business.

Make sure that you reword your resume to include certain wording that they had in their ad posting that they’re looking for make sure you include that in your resume, if you have those qualifications, so they say: they’re.

Looking for talented, driven, a professional, that’s dedicated with Microsoft skills, if you have those make sure when you’re describing yourself your qualification you put on and you take that exact phrase that they had, you can copy it and paste it right into your resume.
Make sure that you, edit the font to make it fit, but when a person’s reading your resume certain keywords that they had in their aunt should jump out at them in your resume.

It really is an attention grabber, okay, um.

This is just one of the many videos and I’m gon na be putting out really helping people be able to transform their careers jumpstart their lives and start earning some some real money.
It’s time to be a big game.
Hunter, remember, closed mouths, don’t get fed and if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re gon na keep getting what you’ve always got.

You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results if you’ve been sitting around – and you know – you’ve been applying but haven’t been getting the car back.
It’s time to think outside of the box and I’ll tell you most employers love it.
When somebody is proactive, it does things a little bit out the box and really takes an additional step to get themselves recognized.

That shows that this is a serious candidate that has some some thinking skills and is willing to do what it takes in order to make themselves successful.
So take heed to what I’m saying I know some of you will do it, but you you, you might not, but uh good luck to you.
Listen, keep rockin on make sure you pay attention and look out for the next videos.

As I go more in detail about structure in to resume the things that you say and do to really stand out in the resume all the way down to the colors that you wear on to the words that you use all right, hey stay bless, keep the Face stay positive, i’m brian maxwell to success coach for the generation to change, and i look forward to seeing you at the top .

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