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Going on everybody, Brian Maxwell here, I’m here at Chrysler, Jeep Dodge Ram of North Savannah, as you can see, rocking out with one of my one of my training classes as they going through working on they’re working on their walk, arounds and whatnot.

This is how we do when we train.
We do real deal real life.
You know we don’t mess around, we don’t play, they have to do it because, in order to be in the game, you got to know how to play by the rules.

But one of the things I want to talk about in this video is I’ve been getting a lot of questions on people about dock fees, because you know when customers ask what the dock fee is.
This is something that can really really stomp.
You know and stunt your deal if you don’t know how to articulate that the right way.

So, let’s talk about it when customers ask about the docks fee, I hear people say stuff like it’s pure profit to the dealership.

Everybody has to pay it.
You know.

Even I had to pay it, the owner uses it to to travel around or pay for his wife’s plastic surgery.
All of those are totally incorrect answers that will rub a customer the wrong way.
Why do they care? Why would they care if it’s pure profit to the store or, if that’s, how you keep the lights on? They don’t care at the end of the day, only person that they’re looking out for and trying to protect themself.

So, let’s talk about what a doctor fee really really is a doc fee.
Is the cost and profits associated with the documentation, certification and the inspection of a vehicle? Okay, and if your dealership is somebody that when the customers drive off, they actually have their tag on it, they already have it transferred, then listen.
The benefits of that is, it eliminates them having to take time off work and go sit in the DMV.

Now, if your store does not send them out with the tag transferred over with the heart attack on it transferred over, what a dock fee is, is the documentation of cost and problems associated with the documentation, certification and inspection of a vehicle? Okay.
So when somebody asks you that next time, if you can articulate it intelligently, you won’t have any pushback on it.
But if you tell the customer that the dock fee is just pure profit or everybody has to pay it or is how the dealership keep the lights on, they don’t care about that and then once you can explain something to them that make sense.

They’ll begin to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, and it just can make it that much more difficult, if you’re, incapable of being able to articulate it and explain it.
So keep that in mind what a dock fee is the doc fee is the cost and profits associated with the documentation, the certification and the inspection of the VA.
All right so keep going hard, and if you at your dealership, is looking for somebody to come in and get your sales team going, get them up and running, get them converting deals at a high level and keeping some meat on the bone.

Make sure you reach out to Brian Maxwell with sales professionals of America recruiting, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership over and out y’all look at that team.
Get it done.
Take it easy, yeah, .

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