How to Explain the Changes at the Dealership and How it Benefits the Customer – Auto Sales 3.0

Alright, so Ivan you were interested in Toyota Prius and I do have a question for you.

When was the last time you bought a feature about to use about two years ago, and when you were speaking with that sales consultant, did you end up having to negotiate back and forth they started hide.
You started low, trying to be somewhere in the mirror and get that beer.
How did it make you feel uncomfortable? Okay? Well, I got good news for you: okay, because, because of people like you, the automotive industry was forced to change and I’d love to tell you that the change was made out of the kindness of our heart, but it wasn’t good.

People like you were fed up.
We’re going into a dealership having some salesperson, try to run game on them start high and the customers start low and meeting in the middle, then running back and forth, going in and out with the sales manager who’s supposed to be like The Wizard of Oz.
To come out with this magical number, that’s going to make you happy what we’ve done is: we’ve totally eliminated the need for you and I to have to go back and forth from negotiate as a matter of fact, what most people don’t realize, but i’m sure you Probably do is that dealerships aren’t even allowed to set their own prices.

Most consumers are coming to a dealership feel that the need to negotiate and the haggle is because there’s all that is money that set up in there that the dealerships create and at one point that was true but due to people being upset and complaining.
And it’s being sick and tired of going through the rigmarole of having that salesperson fleming their intelligence.
The industry, as i said earlier, was forced to change so now dealerships across the country.

The way their vehicles are priced out is with a third party software and what this software does.
It goes through.
All of the sales of the similar vehicles of the it was of the exact milage year, make and model within a 250-mile radius to ensure that every customer is being treated fairly.

Okay, also any numbers that I want to share with you today, as opposed to you happen to ask me for any discounts or any rebates, you will be provided every single discount, you’re eligible for every rebate that comes in this vehicle right at the beginning.
Ok, so my I’m character with you is to make this the fastest, most pleasurable, buying experience that you’ve ever had in any dealership all right, and I can assure you that any thing that you make a decision on or any numbers that you see are priced at The most comparable level, our competitive level in the 250-mile radius and these prices are subject to change 24 hour seven days a week.
So if any vehicle sells for less than what it is that we offer in the time that you were not speaking, the price will be adjusted while we’re talking 24 hours a day 365 days, seven days a week, whether anybody’s at the dealership or not.

This software is constantly surveying area to make sure all of our customers get the most competitive pricing available.
So everything that you see today we’ll have the discounts without the rebates and it eliminate me having act like I’m holding my cars that you have to ask me for anything.
Is that cool with you, that’s cool and it’s a fact.

There’s a third party software .

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