How to Explain Fees Like the “Doc Fee” and Sell a Car

What’s going on, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up all right, we’re gon na get into it this morning this morning, what we’re gon na talk about real quick is one of the things that I know it blows.

People’s deals a lot and that’s how do you explain the hidden fees that are that are on the worksheet when we get in front of customers? Let me know Justus camera and think about how many times have you sat down and been talking to a customer, and they ask you a question about the fees on the side.
Now let me address one thing and I’m typing something real quick.

I apologized.

Let’s address one thing: real, quick: you ever notice how management, typically instructs you when you sit out that you just ignore the numbers that are on the right side, typically of the worksheet.
Now let me ask you a question as smart as you are, if you’re going in and you’re about, to make an investment in a vehicle and you sit down with a sales rep that has a whole lot of numbers on and they try to ignore the numbers That are, on the right hand, side that talks about taxes, dock fees, dealer fees and all of this stuff, and you just ignore that, and you go straight over to the payments.
Do we not believe that these folks did not see that think about you yourself? Would you allow somebody to sit down totally ignore those numbers, and then it goes straight over to the payments, not less I get it twisted payment typically, is the most important thing to a person if it fits within their budget.

They’re good with that payment is the most important thing to a person, but when you’re sitting down with that worksheet and you totally ignore the numbers on the right side – typically, we say: hey, listen, okay, the price for the vehicle is thirty-nine 750.
You know you’re out the door TaxACT Ireland fees out the door is a forty to 540 now over here to the payments, and then we take our pin and we direct them over to the payment.
Now, if you believe that they are not paying attention to all of those figures that were on the side of that worksheet, you’re, sadly mistaken okay, and if you aren’t prepared to be able to answer those questions intelligently, it’ll blow a deal and one of the things Are always stresses that the hardest objection to overcome is the one that we don’t know it is and J.

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So you got those fees that are over there and you’re going straight to the payment now one thing, a common question that people bring up is: what is the dark feet? Okay – and I’m addressed this previously, but it seems like a lot of folks, still are having issues with it and as you’re coming in.
Do me a favor hit that, like button share with me, who you are what dealership you’re at and what not so that dark feet, and let me explain what the dock fee is and we can put this to bed.
The dark fee is nothing more than the cost associated with this certification, registration and inspection of the vehicle.

That is all the dark fee is Jerry.
It is the cost associated with the inspection, certification and registration of your vehicle or documentation.
Excuse me, the inspection, certification and documentation for your vehicle, that is a far more intelligent winix planted in, is pure profit for the dealership, or is something that everybody pays.

Who gives a damn that everybody pays it at the end of the day as a consumer, I’m trying to do the best for me.
So if there’s a way for me to minimize the expense or minimize the cost like to do that, and so when they ask these questions and a sales rep says something like it’s pure profit or everybody.
Does it what’s up Frank camp? Our Hamilton 401 ought to appreciate you coming in the building, but if somebody asks you this question you’re unable to explain it intelligently, you will lose so for one small.

What the doc fee is is two costs associated with the inspection, the certification and the documentation.
For your vehicle, mr.
Mis customer, it’s standardized across the board and boom move on and as far as everything else when it comes to the.

If you have taxes in your state – and you see that there’s a nice lump sum of taxes, if they ask about that hey, what’s what’s this figure right? Oh, that’s the taxes that you know Uncle Sam, that’s one of our responsibilities that we all have to contribute boom, a quick way to explain it.
But what you want to make sure that you do is if there are any numbers on the right side of your work sheet, whether it be dealer fees, non tax fees, any of them, and you don’t know what they are, ask somebody.
And yes, if your dealership instructs you to never ever ever, discuss those things, that’s fine, but you need to be prepared where, in the event that it comes up, you are prepared to handle it.

And we know that in the minds like I said earlier in the video for those you may have missed, you are an intelligent consumer.
Could somebody sit down in front of you if you’re about to make the twenty thirty forty thousand dollar investment and have a right side of a sheet with thousands of dollars, weren’t four figures and numbers that are going into your bottom line? And you don’t at least wonder what exactly those are and I’ll stress this again.
The hardest objection to overcome is the one.

That’s never asked you see in my belief system and the way that you know I work with people.

Unless the dealership tells me they have a specific way that they want their people to handle it.

I am huge on taking people through each one of those lines out of meaning the sales rep and explain it to them.

What each line item means because in the battle you’re not prepared, if they ask the question, you have no idea what it is, so you got to make something up and any time we have to make something up.
The customer loses and we lose especially if they know the answer, and so with those fees on the right side of that sheet.

Please believe that their role around in the mind of that guest and the hardest objection to overcome is the one that we never bring up.

They never bring up, so we never get to address it.
Okay, so when it comes to the fees on the side of the sheet like the doctor fee, the doc fee is the cost associated with the inspection, the certification and the documentation for your vehicle.
Okay – and you want to make sure you at least have an idea of what those are.

I get messages all the time from people who customers will they got everything they want.
The the monthly budget is where they wanted to be.
It’s the video they want.

Has a bright features, but yet they need a lot of times.
The reason why they leave is because they feel the dealership is trying to pull the wool over their eyes again.
By laying down all of these figures, and not one day explaining and seeing when a sales rep as a sales professional, when we shy away or we try to hide numbers, what we do is we actually heighten the attention on the numbers, and so, if we’re gon Na do that, where you sit down and you’re gon na point out, one line item which is the the sales price then, whatever their discount is and what bit with the adjusted price is and then tax excise, no reason and you’re out the door be prepared.

So, in the event that they’re hesitant, you can say, hey, listen, explain to me: what’s really holding you back, we got checked the monthly budget.
You want it’s.
The vehicle that you want to have the right features.

Tell me: is there something that I said or something that you saw, that you feel is holding you back? You know ask because it don’t be afraid to ask give them the opportunity to tell you because again the hardest objection overcome it’s, the one that you don’t know exists.
Okay, so things like the doc fee is the cost associated with the inspection, the certification and the documentation for your vehicle.
It’s simple and it makes sense every sales rep that I’ve given this tool to when they explain it.

It never comes up again: okay and each dealership is different for what they have certain fees.

Therefore, so I could go through every line item on one particular worksheet at a dealership, but I’ll be doing you a disservice, because if I haven’t been to your store, I have no idea exactly what your dealership, what the fees are on the worksheet and what they You know how they want you to explain them or what they’re there for, but one thing you want to do is make sure you have a good understanding of what those are, and in case you missed it.
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My son saw that my son see me travel all around the United States.
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They see the the impact of people all over the country in the different parts of the world that are making more money in automotive sales than they ever did.

Work in a nine-to-five jobs, they’ve seen the people that I’ve invested.
They have taken money instead of spending it on Netflix, instead of going out to eat for the week.
They said you know what I want more out of life and they’ve heard my story and where I share it, I’m no better than anybody.

That’s on these lives or working at any dealership.

It just so happened that one day I got sick and tired of walking over dollars to pick up dimes, and I realized that my way of doing things wasn’t gon na get me to the next level, because if it was Apple already got me there, and I Know how powerful the ego is and we’d like to tell ourselves.

I can do it on my own.

I can figure it out and there’s not one successful man or woman.
That’s ever achieved success on their own, even Isaac Newton from way back said it best, and I’ve quoted it a lot of times.
If I see further than others is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

The things that I learned to help me sell 30 units a month at my store were things that came from me.
There were things I learned from other people when I invested in sales training seminars when I was reading the books.
These things help me blow past everybody in my dealership.

Now the irony is many times I go into a store in Jacksonville that I maybe used to work at or somebody I used to work with work at and you should see their face when they just realize the fact that we started together.
But yet I turned it into a career that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and you can do the exact same thing.
Remember it’s not the skill at a man or the woman, it’s the will at a man or the woman that gets them to the finish line and his learning things like.

How do we explain the fees and articulate that do you know in sales? I firmly believe in education rather than negotiation.
What that means is when a sales rep expects to negotiate the reason being that negotiation kicks up is because there’s something in the mind of that customer.
They either don’t believe, or they don’t agree with, or they just don’t understand, but the reason a lot of sales people don’t like getting into these type of conversations is because they just don’t know what to say and if you know you’ve been caught in the corner Of what it did like I deal with it within headlines.

You don’t have to go through that.
Do you know how much money that cost you? How much money? That’s costing you every time you engage with a guest that has an interest in what you have, and yet you are unprepared or unable to answer it the right way or you use the line of somebody that works next to you and here’s my motto: you can Do this, you can listen to the man, a woman that works next to you in your dealership or you can follow, but you can listen to somebody who sold their way out.
That’s the goal if they work next to you, yeah they’re, making some decent money.

But is your objective to be like them, or is it to use this as an opportunity to build your career, whether it be to move into finance, to become one of the desk managers to be a GSM or to be a GM or just to be able To increase just kill said: well, yes, you’re helping people buy a vehicle you’re, making enough money to provide that lifestyle for your children.
So now your efforts are helping lay the foundation for your kids to go to the next level.
But why do we have to wait until our kids get grown to teach them the techniques of what it takes to ask the right questions to become solution providers to think bigger, because as parents we’re the first superheroes our kids ever have and if we’re not teaching Them how to be successful, we’re not teaching them how to invest in ourselves, how to build ourselves up who’s teaching them.

You know what they learned it from the rappers and the athletes on TV, and we know that’s bullshit, it’s faith, and so, if your child sees you every day, sit at home on your phone text and they see you every day watching TV, they never see certain Parents reading they don’t know that their parents didn’t invest in anything to make their lives better, but yet the family is struggling, but that individual, that leader, is more concerned with paying their Netflix bill every month, rather than vesting in information.
That will not only help them.
But will help their family and their children if you take care of your mother, if you take care of your grandmother, if you take care your art, if you take care of yourself, you take care of a family, it’s bigger than us.

You owe it to them, because at the end of the year, if you’ve spent invested $ 200 buying and watching Netflix movies, they won’t give you anything back as a matter of fact, stop investing in Netflix to see.
Won’t they stop allowing you to watch the movies or you have an opportunity to take advantage and look at the comments.
You see the people who are telling you that day to follow the information.

Nick Evans hit 30 units last month and Nick you owe it to you.
I am tall, I’m 6 foot 5, but you owe it to you yeah.
You follow the information and I remember when you started getting involved with the training.

A while ago now, you’re selling 30, you know Marty’s Frank’s brand new to the business dedicated to watching so 15 in his first month and sold you’re looking at this, and you know, you’ve been struggling to hit ten.
You know you’ve been struggling to sell 12 and we got people that are following the information within these training programs that are selling 15 units in their first month or 30 units in a month.

There’s something to it and guess what none of us are any better than you, but the decision has to be made, and I know what it’s like when it’s tight.

You got this bill that comes up.
That builder comes up and guess what the bills are going to keep coming for the rest of your life.
They will never stop.

So, if you’re waiting on the moment when the bill is dry up and they stop for you to do something for yourself – you’ll – be waiting a long time and guess what, when we’re not moving forward, we’re actually falling behind, because society never stops.
And so there is no such thing as the perfect day on the calendar.
There is no such thing as the perfect time on a watch except the one that we make and if you feel that invest in sixty five dollars for a program that can help you make 70 80 90 100 thousand dollars is too much.

The question goes back to: how much do you value you, you see, we’ve been the CEOs of the biggest and the best business will ever own and that’s us what companies pay for they buy our time from our company.
So what we accept as an hourly wage or a yearly income is how we value our business, and so you accept 12 $ 13.
An hour of you accept for $ 500 a week.

Then that’s how you value your time and how does any business get bigger? Better and more successful by increasing the value by increasing what it offers to the public and that’s what we do.
We have to increase and improve our skill set and, if you’re unwilling to invest in yourself, how can you ever expect any customers, any people any anything to invest in you? Let me break down the equation.
Success is when preparation and opportunity meet, and so, if you’re not prepared, when the opportunity comes, you’ll miss it and there’s an Eminem song, y’all heard anyone say lose yourself in the moment.

The moment you own it you got to never let it go.

You get one shot and that’s so true and so many aspects of life.
When you get that customer you get one chance to make a first impression and shame on us if we’re unwilling and incapable of doing what we need to do to give ourselves a pay.

Raise anytime, we feel like because that’s the benefit of being in this business.
The person is working at AT & T making 14 to 15 16 17 $ 20 an hour who care no matter how hard they work.
They will not make more than that period period and as adults, how can we ever allow some corporation or some person to tell us how much money they can give us to take care of our families because the amount they want to give us? Probably ain’t gon na be the same amount that we need to do it, but yet we continue to put our lives in the hands of somebody in the corporation and then we wonder why shit don’t go right.

Their objective is to minimize the money that they spend.

Their objective is to maximize profits.
So if you ain’t know some company to give you you’re just do you’ll be waiting a long time, because today, just what we got more men and women that are seven years old or older than a working job, not because they want to because they don’t have A choice we have more people that have families moving in with other families, not because they want to because they can’t afford to live on their own, but then will tell you that they don’t want to get involved in sales because they missed this.

One fact for the moment we were all born we’re born in the sales we can’t escape.
Unless every time you open your mouth, you want people to believe you’re, a liar you’re, always selling an idea of perspective or point of view always and it’s owner ability or inability to give somebody a good enough reason to do business with us to hire us or Even to stay in a relationship with a do you realize even being in a relationship, is a sale you’re selling to that person every day why they should stay loyal to you, why they should stay with you why they should believe in you.
This thing is bigger than just moving vehicles.

The information in this training helps you live, build a better life, and I’ve told this story before about the Chinese bamboo tree.

When you bury it in the ground, it takes five years for a bulb to come through the dirt, but once it goes through the dirt, it grows 90 feet in two months and the reason why I takes five years, you would look at a neighbor like they Were insane it for four years 11 months and 23 days, they were water in a dirt spot and nothing showed up.
You would think they were nuts, but the reality is in seven more days a bulb will bust through and in the two months.

You have a big beautiful tree in the neighborhood, but if they would have stopped at four years, 11 months or 20 days, guess what nothing wouldn’t happen.
But the reason just five years of good those roots have to stretch out and they had to get a firm grasp and a strong foundation, because that tree is gon na grow big and it’s got to be able to withstand the pressure from the winners withstand the Pressure from the storms and that’s exactly what you love.
The reason why certain struggles and obstacles come up is to strengthen your foundation and the reason why you want to continue to fill your mental rolodex up with tools that make you more efficient in selling.

In thinking.
Bigger in having more confidence is that when those storms come and they will come when they come, you are strong enough.
Your foundation is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure.

You see.
A lot of people can’t take the pressure when things don’t go right.
They tuck tail and they run back to the safe zone.

They run back to that nine-to-five job that they ran away from.
You know where that road goes, a job is not designed for anybody to ever become financially independent.
It is not, but yet a person will think it’s more sane to work thirty years for one company and we’ll celebrate that person if, after two years they get a $ 1 raise.

So after two years of selling your traveller company, you make 40 more dollars a week.
People will applaud you, but tell somebody that for the next couple of months, you’re gon na be dealing with the adversity of improving your skills, because you get paid on a commission and yeah.
You don’t know what your cheque is gon na be every month and that’s the beauty of it, because you can make it as big as you want.

That’s the beauty of, and so why I get so passionate about this because it changed my life and I’ve seen it change the lives of many men and women, some with GED some college-educated matter of fact.
I know a lot of people with degrees all over.
They wall couldn’t hold a stick to what it is that I generate, but they got those degrees, not an architect, but they lost factor the sight of the fact that, even with those degrees, you still got to know how to sell your skills to that company.

Guess what cuz you ain’t, the only one with the degree, but you are the only one that can be you and so when they get when it comes to us, helping people and it’s bigger than just automotive sales.
The more you embrace! What I’m saying my confidence in you, the more you embrace what I’m saying about when you know that you put in the work to hone your skills, the level of confidence that you have you could run through all because you know you put in the work and You could deal with the results because at the end you know you gave your all.

You know I mean people I see, get in the automotive business and get out never read a book, never watch training, they watch the firemen, a YouTube video and consider that doing something excuse, my friends that ain’t shit and I put them out – but that’s not enough To get you to the next level, if it was there, be millions of people that’ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and it’s not because people believe somehow they can slick their way to success.

You can’t sometimes taking the shortcut, will take you the long route here you and this investments that you’re making yourself I’ll call them investments, because you keep these materials for life.
You can’t keep Netflix for life.
You won’t even keep the vehicle you drive right now for life.

You won’t keep the apartment.
You live in for life.
You probably won’t be in the house you’re in for life, but when you take information and you feed it to the supercomputer, that’s with you for life and so you’re, not just learning how to make seventy eighty thousand dollars one time.

You’ll have this to be able to build on this forever for as long as you choose to use it, if you have children, pass it to him, what better gift them can we give our children over Jordans and over the newest, Xbox RPS game that giving them The information and the tools that’ll make them be profitable in society.
What better example can we set for our children rather than get up like a robot, walking into the place of business, doing the same shit every day, living insane expecting different results? What better gift and we give them the name shit we showing them it anywhere.
You start is where you finish, and I love you so much that I’m willing to invest in myself to give you a better lifestyle or to set an example for you, you see.

That’s real love, any man that loves his family but will say he’s unwilling to invest in himself to provide for them.
That’s not a man.
That’s a boy he’s a pump because he’s making up excuses and how can there be anything more important than building yourself up to provide for your team or for your tribe if you’re a mother? What better gift? Can you give your kids me showing them? I love you so much that I’m willing to invest in myself to provide a better life for you.

Y’all got ta, get what I’m saying.

Even the Bible says it’s better to give than to receive and someone people are on their hunting and digging that they gon na somehow find a YouTube.

That’s gon na teach them how to make a hundred grand it don’t exist.
But when you give up your time when you give up your resources and when you put some skin in the game, The Powers That Be the Most High whatever you call that universe has a way of saying you know what I see, what you’re doing you took One step I’m gon na take five.
That’s what it’s about, but for those that continue to walk over dollars to go pick up and stress.

Over dimes life is gon na spank them on the ass until the day that they leave this planet and then, when it’s time to go, that’s when the true history says.
Damn this whole time, I was in complete creative control of everything that I want.
Do you know when one of my favorite books Think and Grow Rich, there’s a poem and I’m a paraphrase the poem and it talks about a gentleman that was getting ready to pass away a matter of fact.

I posted it on my LinkedIn and on my Instagram yesterday, and the man made a bargain with life for a penny, and a penny was ordered like pain and as this man was getting ready to die away, he realized that life would have paid him any ransom.
That he would have made, and so the problem with people in goals is not.
We set our goals too high and we miss him.

We set our goals too low and we hit him every time if I could just make up enough money to pay my bills.

Okay, that’s all you make.
It is up money to pay your bills, but you can’t do shit else and then we start complaining.

But that’s what we asked for man, I’m just looking for a job.
Then you get some old bullshit knees, say I don’t like it, but that’s what you asked for, or somebody said man you can make a hundred thousand only to make a hundred thousand as long as I could just make thirty or forty and guess what, when you Get that you bitching, but that’s what you asked for.
Why not ask for it all is good here.

It’s not meant for myself for everybody else to enjoy you to get a piece of it too, but the only way you learn how to you can’t learn how to make a hundred grand for somebody that had just made 40.
You can’t say learn how to move 30 units a month if somebody’s doing 15, and you can’t learn how to be a boss from somebody that still thinks like an employee.
It’s so click that link in the description.

Let me take a second to get some shout out, Nicholas Johnson Ford, Lincoln a could feel.
What’s going on ain’t, my pleasure man, I keep giving the advice and the tips the manner dork Matthew from sunny came forward and Anniston Alabama.
What’s up christian portugal, if you want to eat cereal with vinegar, thanks, bro z, Hey click that link in the description Z going over there and once you get started, you’ll get an email from me, making sure that you know the days that we’re gon na be Getting together for the coaching, but you get a chance to download the material right there and it’s not one of those things where you pay for it and you got ta come back.

No, you get the download and all to your laptop or to your phone or whatever, all the videos and audios are compressed, and it was called zip files because they’re so big, and so once you download it, you can go to Google and download a free, zip File over there, it’s totally free and then you’ll be able to just watch and download everything.
There are people who have downloaded the information that morning and used it to close two and three deals that same day.
That’s how powerful it is.

Hey, listen, Z.
You know.
So many people arrive here on social media that, like you say, sharing bullshit and it amazes me the videos that do nothing but promote drama and the bullcrap they get all of these views.

But those of us that are really out here giving people real world tactics real world stuff.
You know I watched recently a dude that was talking about boxing and I watched this man get oh, so many donations.
He wasn’t giving the people nothing to help and change.

They lights on my box, people just donate on it, and then I say you know what, though the world is bass ackwards, because when somebody wants to be more successful and you take information that other people who have invested thousands thousands injured and you make it available For pennies on a dollar, sometimes that pisses a person off because they no longer have an excuse.

Now the excuse becomes all you know.
I really got no money for that, but then they go out the spending a minimum of ten dollars every single day that week minimum and that’s just for lunch, let alone a day, stop and get them a break from breakfast or Starbucks coffee on the way to The dealership or heaven forbid they stop and grab up some on the way home.

It’s real.
I hear y’all and I know better than anybody, but the difference is is if anybody’s gon na compete with me, they have to be willing to die because I’ve been at the bottom.
I know what it’s like to be evicted.

I know it’s like to be broke.
Have $ 5 in my pocket, and I know I’m gon na put gas in the car.
I know it it’s like to have every single person calling your phone except the right people, every bill collector the landlord, the electric bill phone bill, everything I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like, but I also know what it feels like to travel to exotic places and have a good time and take cruises and to take my lady to some of the nicest 5-star restaurants around.
I know what it’s like to be able to enjoy time with my family at resort.
I, like that side much better, so there’s no excuse that anybody can give me as to why they’re unable to get started besides just the desire, and if you fear what, if it won’t work for me, what if it won’t what if it does you’re no different Than everybody else that it’s working for – and I do you one better than that, if it doesn’t after 90 days, if you haven’t increased yourselves, you don’t feel yourself thinking and being bigger.

I give it not give you your money back.
That’s how that’s not how confident I am that’s, not willing.
I am to put my money where my mouth is hell, I’m already giving it away.

If we could do it for free, we would have, but if I did it, you may not appreciate the material.
You may not appreciate the weekly sessions, if I just gave it to you, so I do the next best thing, which is pretty much.
Let you steal it from $ 65 for $ 1,000 program that has information.

That’s making people 70, 80, 90 $ 100,000 a year, not just one year, but every year they, like Tim Lewis, what’s up man, hey figure Tim Lewis invested in the program.

Folks is not even me talking just read to check okay, but let’s get back to the feed, so remember you sit down with your customers that you’re going through that worksheet you’ll worksheet.
Okay, let me go to this question real, quick Z.

What are your thoughts on people make their month off and favoritism, not a complaint, just saying those are part of the reason that made me seek help and stumbled upon your videos.
Here’s the thing about it.
I hear a lot of people say that, and you know every dealership has they pet favors? We call them house Mouse.

Every store has one.
So you got ta.
You got ta, embrace that and expect that, but here’s the kicker about it.

Just what you said you want to do, which is investing in the resources to build you up.
You have to be responsible for you, because, no matter where you go in any aspect of business and in life, there’s always gon na be some nepotism going on and it’s really in truth, it’s really nobody else’s responsibility for our skill set to build up for us To eat is their responsibility to make sure we got customers to make sure we have a roof to make sure we have inventory, let’s not get it twisted a dealerships, only responsibility to its employees to make sure it is inventory, make sure there’s people that can process The paperwork make sure there’s a building to be able to operate in and that’s pretty much it if you’re looking for ways if you’re looking for somebody else to be more concerned about you making money it’ll never happen, maybe your mom, maybe your children, but even they Can’t do it for us at the end of the day, as our parents are getting older, it’s our responsibility to do what we can to take care of it out, and so every dealership has the people to get favors and if y’all are in the building, make Sure y’all hit that like button for me, please thank you so much in advance.
I really appreciate y’all for doing that, hit that like button, because those lights is gon na help other people in our business that are looking for help that can benefit from this video.

This is what gets it out there so hit that like button y’all, I greatly appreciate y’all for doing that for us.
But yes, that’s gon na happen at every place.
Ok, it does happen, but you have to do everything that you can do.

You are a CEO.
That’s your business and if you aren’t taking care of your business, nobody else will and, as a matter of fact, let me share this with y’all too, as you begin to develop as you download these materials today, as you begin to grow and make more money, be Prepared, as some of the people at your dealership, that you’re cool with will fall away from you, they don’t say who the hell, you think you are trying to get better.
Who do you think you are investing in materials? You know why they get pissed about it because by you, taking an extra step shows them what their not doing, and so they’re gon na hate on you all you selling out or you kissing, ass.

Oh you yada yada, you! Let them laugh and talk as you go all the way to the back, but leading okay, don’t let anybody sidetrack you, you know when I first got in it.
I was all about my homeboys.
I was really did I was 24.

It was all about my homies.
What I thought was my friends, but as I started reading as I started taking my career seriously as I started changing, I noticed they would say I was a sellout Here.
I am reading books.

What am I trying to be? I’m trying to be white and for those of you who may be right on here, don’t get mad at me, but in the african-american community.
For some reason, whenever you trying to be intelligent or you speak articulately we like to label it and that’s bullshit, because color don’t have there’s no color on intelligence.
So no I wasn’t reading because I wanted to be white.

I don’t talk a certain way because I’m trying to be white, I talk a certain way because I feel I’m intelligent.

I read certain things because I’m working to be even more intelligent increase.
My value – and one thing I noticed, is that in certain communities we look down on people that do go on, invest in themselves and take risks, which is why you have certain certain cultures that are served to have surpassed other cultures.

Now, from lack of ability is lack of a willingness, it’s being willing to be trusting and have enough faith to say if it’s helped other people, it can help me instead of sitting around and just hoping for some magical thing to just fall on our left.
It doesn’t happen the quote from one of the most popular books.
If you take one stood up the universe, the powers that be God are larger over whatever you call it we’ll take two three four or five: how can we ever expect life to give us more when we not willing to do what we got to do to Give us more, you see it’s never gon na work that way.

We can never expect people on the outside to be one to do things to help us when the individual on the inside is I’m willing to help himself.
That’s like you see if somebody get into a fight, they’re, unwilling to fight and you’re just gon na jump in and take a beating form and they take off running on.
How silly is that, if that person, ain’t willing to stand up defend themselves, I mean if this, your mom or a child, maybe, but if one with a friend of mine and somebody just starts beating on them and they’re willing to fight back protect themselves.

What the hell do I look like jumping in there, they were unwilling to do it for themselves same thing as in success, same thing and making money same thing and being good in sales.
How is some customer gon na be whether to do business with you and they won’t even know why they don’t want you? Why? It’s because we never took the time to invest in ourselves to improve our own skillset, the greater value we build in ourselves, the easier it is for people to want to de see the value in us and want to do business with make sure y’all.
Even that, like button, will you five likes and we’ve got more far more than five people in here this morning, if they’re like button, y’all use a Foursquare and that’s cool weather before square all work sheet, it’s all about delivery.

Remember when your mama used to say is not what you say, but how you say it.
You know what I mean JB, but do you have information for bank reps as far as for bank reps? In what way, at the end of the day, JP sales is sales.
Okay, the product may change the price.

I called it the triple Peas.

The only thing that typically sells in any situation is the product, the person in the price, but the foundation, the fundamentals or what it is that we’re going after, which is to be a solution provider, which is the ask relevant questions and listen with the intent to Understand to do everything we can to help this person solve a problem.
That’s why every successful business businessman or businesswoman is successful.

It’s because they identify a problem and they provide a solution in the automotive industry.
We help people solve their transportation problems.
If they want to talk politics, they can watch CNN Fox or take it to the ballot box.

If they want to come in and talk about religion, they can go to the place of worship on Saturday, Sunday and whatever day during the week, did they go when they step into that dealership? My only objective is to help them solve a transportation problem and that’s it, and that should be yours too.
Okay, so the information within the training, absolutely JP.
The fundamentals will help you the exact same matter of fact.

I’ve had people from insurance in real estate who have looked at the videos and they identified that you know what I can use everything that he’s talking about in my industry and they’ve invested in it you’re using it to win no doubt and at sixty-five dollars with A guaranteed money records you can’t lose anyway.
Okay, so we got TNT barbecue actions, Nissan Nashville, Tennessee, I’m out there quite a bit of in a little bit but uh, I’m out there Franklin I deal with our affinity and nice on a cool spring work for bang.

That works at the old man, but if you weren’t my brains that deal with dealerships most definitely it will benefit you because you know when you going in and you’re trying to make that initial contact or you’re trying to get that dealership to use your services to Submit more deals, it is the exact same way.

It’s all about how you can win one to even get the gym to be willing to listen or to get the F & R director or the managers to be willing to listen number.

Two, what benefit do you bring? You know if we’re gon na use your brain, what type of yields we don’t get on the back? What type of specials y’all gon na do for us and then the third thing is: when I have a problem, are you gon na be there so yeah JP? Definitely because I know a little bit about that side too.

I’ve had people like I say that deal with dealerships from Europe that are partaking in the coaching programs, all right, so y’all, I’m getting ready to head to Illinois this week, so I will be checking in with y’all I’ll, be it up.

Car no GMC, then I’ll be a highway GMC and then I’ll be a courtesy.
Gmc one is in Belleville Illinois.
The other one is in El Paso Illinois, not El Paso, Texas, El Paso in the north and then the last one is in hey, where’s, courtesy GMC.

It I forgot it’s up there near Chicago right, all right, all right, okay! Well, she walked out the room.
She handles my logistics, but uh.
That’s what I’ll be and I’ll be.

Checking in you got n, ladies letting y’all know.
What’s going on there I’ll be going live there with with the crew and whatnot? Well, you ain’t Chicago yeah, I’m doing training up on Friday, I’ll, be it courtesy GMC, which is like 30 35 miles right outside of Chicago.
Let me give you exact city where it’s at man it’s in uh.

Well, it causes Chicago, but I know it’s really not, but you know that’s what that’s how they explain it to anybody that is not from the area, but give me one quick.
Second, let me look it up real, fast and I’ll.
Tell you exactly courtesy all right.

What city is that courtesy GMC hang on? Do you remember and what was done, the one on Friday, you’re still gon na live, so they can hear you’ve.
You cursed like that.
Oh I’m getting it now.

Mine says Chicago, so Chicago yeah.
You know, you know how that is so I’ll, be there on Friday, but I’ll be in Belleville Illinois on Monday tomorrow.

So, as you know, we’re about to get ready to get up out of here, but what other questions y’all got for me right here and, like I said man, the link matter of fact, let me post it again just in case it got too far.

I’m gon na make sure I put it give me some other question.
Give me some quad get off here to make sure y’all can use this stuff at your stores immediately and the Facebook training.
I know people been using that to draw people in right away.

So um, like I said, y’all, see just how much information is in this program.
You’re gon na say one.
You see why people had spent $ 1,000 on it and if you look at the comments of some of the other videos, people say it’s an absolute steal and you’d be insane not to download it at this price, because it’s going back up y’all know that go.

I have to do that just to be fair to the people who do decide that they’re gon na download it that’s, they benefit um, that’s the benefit for them getting started, and that’s just my way to incentivize folks that want to get going there we go.
I just shared it again for those that want to get going and what’s up are none sob, hey, listen! I appreciate you for watching man and you know, for those of you are on it.
Click that link in the description click the link in the chat going over to check it out.

When you see the list of things – and you see what it’s available for, I assure you it’ll blow your mind and uh on Mondays, at 8:30, you’ll get the access link, you’ll, be able to jump in and chime in with us.
But if you miss it, if you missed a lot of coaching sessions on Monday because you’re working are you going out to eat? Oh you made so much money you your family on vacation.
You will always be emailed the length of the session that you may have missed, okay, so other than that man.

If y’all don’t have any other questions, I just wanted to jump in and talk about the fee.

So again, if your dealership requires you to ignore them.
Okay, but make sure you at least know how to intelligent, intelligent ly address each one, because I will tell you a customer were looking at and see that you know 395 doc fee not understand or hear.

Some I say is pure profit to the store pure profit to the owner.
It helps the owner pay for his private jet or whatever it’s stupid, crap.
I’ve heard before, rather than the intelligent response, which is what the doc fee is.

It’s the costs associated with the inspection, the certification and the documentation for your vehicle, and then you move on to the next and that’s really what it is.
That’s, truly what it is truly and guess what it’s standardized.
Everybody pays it.

But if you tell the customer what everybody paid, they don’t give a damn.
Why do I care what everybody else paid or there’s any other? No, let me explain to you what it is and why is there and how it’s beneficial? It’s the car, inspection and certification and documentation for your vehicle boom and move on all right, but other than that.
Folks, click that link in the chat click the link in the description go ahead and take advantage of it.

Sixty-Five dollars, you get access to that $ 1000 program and you can get started today.
If you know you all Sunday with your family or get out a little bit, but tonight turn that audio on or why you in the car onto the beach are going to hang out, let it play through the Bluetooth.
It’s acceptance.

We immediately downloadable and you’ll be getting the email for me, just letting you know confront up and give me the information on the Monday sessions, alright, but other than that y’all.
As always.
I love you guys and when I say that I don’t say that just meaninglessly I genuinely do, I have admiration and respect for anybody that takes time out of their day to do things that’s going to improve their skill set.

I admire and appreciate anybody that clicks that link and goes over and get started.
This is the winner’s circle and that’s why I won’t pick with skip in the game.
So I know I’m dealing with those who true I go, get it but other than that.

There’s always much love.
I look forward to seeing y’all at the dealership much respect over an hour job.

You .

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