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Based on the information that you and I spoke about, you’re telling me you’re looking for some midsize for yourself for your kids to ride in and so based on all that information, the 2018 Camry seems like an excellent option for you, so I’m gon na head and Pull it up, so I’m going to show it to you a little bit now showing them one of the things that people tell us that they really like a lot about this 2018 Camry.

One of the modifications that Toyota made is that, with the logo on the front of the vehicle, the load, the Toyota logo is on all of them, but on these newer models, the modification it’s smooth, as opposed to protrude now.
The reason why it’s move is because behind it we have a sensors to cruise control sensor.
So what that means is while you’re driving on i-95, you might be going 70 75 miles an hour.

The kids may be playing or fighting in the back.
You may get a text message which we should be doing while we’re driving, but if it does and we take our eyes off road, if somebody stops in front of us that we didn’t know, what’s gon na happen, what this sensor does, it will detect it and It will slow the vehicle down, but one of the real cool upgrades about it is where the typical cruise control, if you slow it down, you have to use the accelerator to get it back up to speed, use the buttons on the steering control with this, when The sensor detects it and slows you down.
It would automatically speed you back up to your normal pace.

Another really cool modification is that the front part of the vehicle has been updated.
It’s been giving a much stronger, much more aggressive these sensors, these little white sensors.
You see right here on the front, those are the pedestrian, so any event, somebody’s walking across the street – and you might have been looking to the right or to the left for looking down the systems, will pick that up will alert you and again will help to React so you don’t make mistake and hurt anybody.

The lighting on this vehicle we have the LED lighting on this 2018 campus now with the LED lighting, is allow you to do.
It allows you to see further up the road and wider across the road.
Now, from the older models, the lighting was much poor and you know this is Brunswick Georgia.

So, if you’re driving on one of those roads as horrible life and there’s a deer grazing on the side of the road or it is somebody changing the tire – and you don’t see it in enough time – the deer darts out it BAM potential accident and hopefully nothing Works and at the end of the day, shondor you’re gon na make an investment in the field that you and your family don’t run in.
You want everybody to make it home in one piece right right, so what these lights do by giving you better visibility in the distance and wider across the road, if that here is grazing or if that person is changing a tire, you should have enough time to Be able to react appropriately and be able to avoid any any type of collisions.
So now, let’s take a look now.

A lot of customers really applaud Toyota because the modification they made up about the hood has made it a lot more convenient for people who like to who have a DUI, a DIY mentality, doing it to sell.
As you can see, the reservoir containers have been lifted up higher and moved close to the front.
Also, the dipstick has been brightness even color-coded.

Now I don’t know if you remember, but once the point of time, if you want to detect your boy, you’d have to lean reach all the way over in the back.
Please get your hand cut up and dirty, and if you’re gon na be dressed as nice, as you are going to your place of business, you want to stay looking good as you can for as long as you can right right right.
So, with everything being elevated close to the front, if you do have to check your oil so avoiding having to be able to touch your body, if you do want to shop, ok! Well, if you want to save a couple of bucks, you could do so.

Ok, the battery also easily accessible.
If you needed to get a jump, what you can do is you don’t need 10-foot long cables, there’s some standard cables.
Have it another vehicle, pull up, caddy corner or maybe straight ahead, you’ll be able to get that junk going on.

Also, this installation that has been installed in these vehicles is for sound proof.
It improved.
It helps you minimize any of the sound coming from the engine, so you don’t have to hear that in the car, while you’re riding up listening to some of your favorite music.

Ok and also these vehicles are crumple, free, ok, so, in the event that you do get into a collision, I mean it will crumple okay, but the good thing about it is having crumples.
It actually gets stronger the further back.
It goes to keep it from makes it much more difficult for anything to fly in there and go through the or hurt you or your family.

Also, most people believe that in a front end collision, if the vehicle does have the crumple capability that the engine drops out and falls flat to the ground, it doesn’t what it does it rolls it back.
So it lays it down backwards again to keep it from going through that and hurt yourself or somebody in your family, as we stated earlier, is extremely important.
This juncture now these come with 17-inch alloy wheels.

Those days of having hubcaps are long gone, so you don’t have to worry about, hitting the curb, while hope, kept rolling up to three and you’re riding around with three.
You know your vehicle looking got the.
Sadly all of these alloy wheels are standard in your feet.

That you do like Chrome or you would like a color, that’s more coordinated with your style.
We do have those options available.
This right here, this pearl.

This is a very unique color Jenny.
This is something that is available, but has to be specifically ordered from Toyota and, as a matter of fact, Toyota spends 1 million dollars an hour on research and development to make sure you and your family, you guys have the best safety features of the most updated Technology as possible and again being that we are in today we’re in the technology rules the world’s having the most updated capabilities on your vehicles.
You can get the best user performance.

That’s important to you right turn! Ok, now, right here we have our side bears.
We have return student lights on the side mirrors now once the point-in-time on previous models, where they did not have these turn signal lights, okay, which are nothing more than an additional notification and indicator before they put those on there.

If your real turn signal light was out – and you didn’t know it to the right or to the left and the person said it right up to the left – you didn’t know – you got ta merge over BAM accident, if not worse, so what these indicator lights? Do they just let the people know to the right and to the left, hey, I’m get great emerge watch out.
These side mirrors are also heated so on those cold Georgia days.
So if there’s a real foggy day, they will go ahead and defrost it and make it an easy for you to be able to see out okay now step one over here on the inside of the mirror.

We have the blind spot indicator now again.
No, those days will be rind if we can’t see that person in our blind spot and we go to merge over, we get the deathblow we’re a millionaire where it’s like you’re standing on the horn, letting us know to watch out what this blind spot indicator.

Does it lets us know if we are going to merge or somebody’s in that blind spot, that black spot indicator will start blinking okay and will create a noise that notify us hey watch out somebody’s right there? Also so you over care so much that what they did they made roadside assistance available.

You get roadside assistance for two years or 25,000 miles.
Whichever comes first so do you have roadside assistance to your cell phone company or anything like that? Yes, sir, okay, if you did you’ve, been able to answer that and save some money.
But since you don’t guess what is just another ad for anyone like yourself who talks a lot on the island, you care about your children.

This means that if you and the kids ever have a flat tire you run out of gas, you have something going on you get locked down in the car.

You love your toyota care service, we’ll get somebody out there.

Take care of you guys get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Ok, now the gas tank I’ve been doing you a disservice.
If I didn’t at least show y’all open – and that might seem so basic but you’d – be amazed at how many people have to search like they dig up a goal to find our hard work.
So the good thing about this – the gas tank monthly button – is right here next to the left of the steering wheel, push that it pops open right next to the trunk, but I want to push that one right here now as far as the gas tank open, It up very simple twist off cap boom and when you put it back on, are you listening for is be the click once you hear that click you know you’re good, to go now the lighting.

It’s also LED lighting, so anything that this for me, it makes it that much easier for people to see hey, I’m getting ready to break, or I have to have some song now.
The trunk space has gotten rave reviews for people, because it’s much wider and a lot deeper.

Now, in previous models of cameras, the trim is a lot smaller, so people were complaining that they will go big grocery shop and they could put a lot of the groceries in the trunk.

But they’d have to put some in the backseat and if you put that milk on the backseat, that condensation gets the Lincoln.
The last thing you want is water.
Getting on your seats, if you’re gon na be riding around in something like this, you want that leather and that cloth being it’s French and that’s mildew, free as possible right right.

Ok! So what this additional drums brake does it allows you to fit more groceries? All you need when your kids play sports.
Yes, okay, what sport? You play basketball, basketball! Well, you could fit several gym bags in case you do like most moms do what they got to carry their kid.
A couple of friends to practice is in the game.

You do have that capability.
Another really good thing is, then you fit you ever moving gon na get a bad boy, so you just need some extra space because you went real real, real big grocery shop, the old Christmas shops.
You pull these numbers and the back of the rear seats.

They will link down completely okay, so now that gives you even more space also shot up you step over here right up under here for one okay, even though it seems really really simple.
The fact now that you can lift up to go to your spare and hang there look up.
There is just extra convenience and all of the tools that you need.

As far as for your flat earth located right here, easily accessible and one of the really good things that Toyota did, if you look right here, Shawna you have a full-size spare.
It is against federal government regulations to have donut on the front tire.
So, by having a tire that is the same exact height as the current tires, it keeps you from having to change two tires in the event that you don’t want to wait on roadside.

You want to knock it out yourself.
You can do so.
You don’t have to worry about riding thirty miles an hour, because it’s a really small tire you can maintain speed and keep up with deployed traffic, so just another way to Toyota really is given their gratification to their customers.

These engineers, they work, really really hard to make sure that they bring you and your the best updates of graces.
Everything to make you convenient, I mean hex Haven adjust at the point.
We call the doggone vehicle to make it that much more classy.

For some.
I, like you, run it as you see right here.
You have your camera for your rear dashcam, for your backup.

If you’re getting close to something it’ll start beeping you’ll see the lines they’ll get rid if you’re getting too close to something beeping to let you know, hey watch out step over here, just look at the backseat now I know you got those boys and they are Growing, so you got some time and you can see that the front seats have been modified where they have the curve which gives additional nice space.
Also, they minimize the wires of under the front seats more so like airplane seat type elevation, where a person could put their feet up under the front two seats much more comfortably and Toyota has removed the hump in the middle of the two seats.
So it’s these three comfortably in the back.

Everybody has their own seat belt.
You also have two cupholders bottle holders whenever so, if you ever have little children or car babies or even teenagers, everybody has a place to play to set their drinks and whatnot.
I want to point out something else: I’ll show you here on the front to be a lot better.

This stitching here that is double stitching.

Whenever you see double stitching on the interior of a vehicle that lets, you know that that is very high quality and again another way the toyota goes about making sure their vehicles it’s what makes the vehicles number one on the road as far as in mid-size.
Ok now the front seating, as you can see, it is a three-tone seating and the headrests have been modified.

Ok and they’re slanted somewhat on a 45 degree angle, and what that does that gives you better support, any event that there is a rear collision.
It minimizes your neck from snap before and backwards.
I’m I’m not sure if you follow racing at all you familiar with the other.

Are yes, ok? Well, the accident deal huh Earnhardt got into that.
Didn’t look like it was that bad, but it was very bad and killed him and what it was is.
The lack of support was in when it jerked back snapped his neck when he hit that so with the seatbelt, and with this the headrest bill tilted somewhat, you can minimize that complete, okay, now something what I’d like you to do is step on inside here, because I’m gon na show you some of the controls and I’m gon na go over to the driver’s side.

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