Welcome to another episode, another podcast episode of car biz in the raw, i’m, the host brian maxwell, bringing you all the ins and outs on how you can succeed, prosper and really make some money in this industry, and i got a request on youtube by one of The subscribers by the name of smoove and i apologize for not having the uh the uh extra parts to the name.

But the request was for me to talk about how to deal with the politics at your dealership.
And let me be real with you.
Every dealership across the country, whether they want to admit it or not, hasn’t and just like any business.

There’s politics when we say politics it is, it is politicking.
You know where some people know others a little bit better than some but a lot of times.
It comes down to a misunderstanding, typically by people who are new to that environment.

Now, let me hit you to something.
If you’re new at a dealership, okay, you got a a bright smile.
You’re excited you’re ready to go.

You want to be a member of the team, but it seems like everybody’s kind of giving you that cold shoulder and they’re kind of standoffish.

Don’t panic, let me explain why that’s happening.
You see the men and women that are working at that dealership and been working at that dealership have been providing for their families for their households, putting kids through college, paying mortgages doing a lot of things.

They take it very serious and a lot of new folks.
Unfortunately, are just looking for a paycheck: everybody doesn’t see the opportunity to where, without a college degree, you can honestly make 70 80, 90 100 plus thousand dollars a year from this business uh many times they got fired someplace else they just looking for a job and The dealership hire and the folks inside of that store, know that they’ve seen them come and go so they stand office until they realize that you embrace it and take it serious as they do, because you’re a threat to them, because every customer that you interact with That you blow off the lot, call them lot lizards, where your new person they’re excited, they’re, running up and just blowing people out blowing people are blowing people off with a seasoned person.
That’s also capable of getting out there in front of people, but maybe making calls and doing other things, they’re upset, because those are opportunities that they may have may have uh.

You know been able to have and capitalized on, and you may say well if they wanted them, why didn’t they run out there and get them well? The professional the seasoned inventor has been there that takes it serious.
That’s really making money understands that everything has his time in this place and if you’re spending all your time, just standing out there on the lot waiting on up guess what you’re missing the boat.

Because there’s a lot of opportunity through phone, really giving a good phone helps you out a lot and folks are afraid of the phone and i’m gon na.

Do a video we’re gon na do a podcast on that soon i want to break down how to overcome that fear of the phone and actually be successful on it, but folks avoid the phone like to play.

They don’t want to use the email and the funny thing is.
I see people on social media on their phone at dealerships right.

There are people there they’re on their phone on social media, instagram and everything, but if you check their pages, there is absolutely no videos of them showing a different vehicle, no pictures of their customers.
None of that you don’t see any of it.

Okay and that’s just a crying shame, so just give it some time when you get in the best thing for you to do is to be yourself: don’t try to be anything that you’re not and learn become a sponge.

You know take the keys play with the vehicle, show them that you are in it to win it, and i assure you, they’ll, open up to you and it’s always better when people open up because you’re a lot more comfortable where, let’s just say, you’re off, for A day – and somebody else got to help your guests if you’re looking for some help, people are a lot more willing.

You know there’s a lot of benefits to that.
So that’s part one if you’re just coming in it’s not that they don’t like you is that they want to make sure that they can trust.

You, okay, now number two, let’s just say you’re in there now: okay and they do trust you and you know you want to get the opportunities that you see.
The more experienced person get there’s a 20 card month producer and they seem to get all the leads.
They seem to get all the lay downs they seem like the management just loves them and let them do what they want to do, but they’re always on your ass well, at the end of the day me being a business owner.

Let me explain something to you, because i come from that world working and selling millions of dollars worth of product in dealerships and now training sales, people across the country and a lot of people around the world.

That watch the videos download the training, programs and whatnot, which is this at the end of the day.

What it is all about is everybody working as a team for one common goal and that one common goal is to help you help.

People with your turn helps yourself make money, that’s it so when you see that experienced person, that’s getting those it’s not because they’re, kissing, ass or just going out to drink with the manager in some cases you know that may be the truth, but smart money says That the reason why they get those opportunities because they want to capitalize and they want to give it to the person that has the highest probability of success – doesn’t mean they don’t like.
You doesn’t even mean they don’t trust you, but if you’re a gambling person are you going to take the odds that are the they have the greatest reward, but have the lowest probability of winning, or are you going to take the one where you know you have A higher probability of winning – and it may not – you know – may not be as large.
You know on the smaller percentage, but the probability of victory and generating some revenue.

Is there you’re going to go with that? Smart business always go with that? Okay, so that’s all it is, and all you have to do to become that person that gets those what you perceive as lay downs, which a lot of times in most cases they’re.
Not they are actual customers and they seem like a low to lay down, because this experienced seasoned person, this skilled person knows the right things to say to ask knows the right steps to take in the process to move them to the next step, to make it Easier for them to make that smart, safe buying decision and do business at that store.
So if you want to move into that group that gets those uh that i guess a special attention, like many people, think you have to prove it.

You have to show it and that’s just being consistent.
You may not be the 20 car a month person, but if you’re that 12 to 15 person consistently, because anybody can have one good month and then suck for two and go back up and all that boils down is to process.

But if you want to be that person just be consistent if you’re consistent and they see okay, they may not be at the top of the board they’re, never at the low part they’re, not even in the middle they’re, always hovering somewhere between you know somewhere.

Maybe three four or five spots out of top place: you’re, fine and you’ll get that trust, but you have to show them that you earned it okay and then, when it comes to management, the general manager is the last person in the store.
Really, you should be run into a problem.

I know a lot of gm’s have an open door policy and they’re willing to help, but you have a sales manager and a general sales manager that are there for a reason.

Okay, now you may think that man, i can’t go to them and ask a question.
They don’t help me, and that may be true, but what i found is in a lot of cases is that when they give answers to and give information the sales rep isn’t writing it down, isn’t recording it, and so it may be retained for that moment.
But guess what, after they go home, eat, dinner, kiss and hug or the wife or the husband play with the kids, come back in the next day, 75 of it is gone as a matter of fact.

Ebbinghaus ebbinghaus did a study that says we forget 75 of what we hear within 24 hours.
So when you’re going and you’re getting help from a vet, if you’re getting help from a manager, write it down, ask them, can you record it, so you can retain it and listen to it, and i assure you the less time that you have to go to Your managers with problems because you’re becoming that person that can handle the small fires and you only need to get them involved on a roaring blaze.

They’ll love you.

You know why? Because they’re desk and deals they’re submitting other people’s stuff to helping others make money and guess what one day is going to be.
Your deal that they’re working and there’s going to be somebody else that needs that help, but they’ve been told it 10 or 15 times, and you too would be agitated by that everybody’s there to earn, but also should be there to learn so realize the management doesn’t Dislike you, they just want to make sure that, if they’re taking the time to help you that you retain it at the end of the day, if you want to be successful at your dealership number one stay humble when you have a great month stay humble because Guess what just as easy as you have that great one you can have a downward and people will be waiting on you to bust, always stay even keel, celebrate yourself and never be afraid to congratulate yourself.
And you can do that in front of everybody.

But there’s a way to do it without trying to make other people feel bad.
Okay, be social.
You don’t have to hang out and go drink.

Whatever make sure you acknowledge speak to people, especially your service advisors, your technicians, in the back most sales people, never even go speak to the text in the back.

Okay, make sure you speak to those accounts.
The ladies to handle your money just saying good morning, with a smile on your face really makes people feel a lot warmer to you.

Okay and, most importantly, don’t quit everybody at one point: struggle and you’ll get over it.
I assure you all right and one thing i advise you to do if you want to step into that realm of the seven eight nine thousand dollar a month, you have to know what to do good sales, people practice.
What to say why the great ones practice with the ass so, instead of just trying to him and hum and figure it out, let somebody that’s helped.

Thousands of people produce hundreds of millions of dollars in product sales help you there’s a free audio that i have to show you how you can make a powerful impression.
Even during the pandemic, it’s totally free click, the link download.
You can listen to it on your phone, listen to the bluetooth on the way home or to the dealership.

It’s yours is totally free.

It’s my gift to you! It’s only! It just makes sense to do it so click the link and do it and watch it’ll blow your mind and be on the lookout.
I’m coming back with another podcast episode where i’ll go more in depth.

I’m brian maxwell .

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