Fastest and most effective pad leasing as your shortcut, ok, so the lease is the bass track and the buys the long room you know.

So you take the road to go straight through or you can take the scenic route and the x is by far definitely the scenic route.
Lease is the shortcut, so my recommendation to you from a guy who barely graduated high school.
Ok, i was, i was a smart student boo intrigued by school.

It didn’t excite me, I didn’t like sit there and listen to six different people.
Tell me stuff ball all day, long that I wasn’t really interested in, but and my dad was really successful.
The car business, so I always kind of have that my back pocket and makes good money.

You drive nice cars, we look at myself like.
I can always do that.
You know like you know.

What do I need to go to school for, but um and that’s the dealership Brad I mean, has a car dealership since I was a little kids, makes my step and was a service manager to UM by watching what the best did.

Super successful is no other than what I preach: um leasing and, like I said when I went to that, store varsity Ford when Isaac Briarwood for I fight at seventy percent new thirty percent used when I what the varsity was more like kind of knew, where usually Sold used to if your son was looking for a car or something like that or you’re causing, you know like only repeats and that type of thing we didn’t take used ups.
But I looked at my partner and I was always just couldn’t quite catch up with them and I looked at he was doing like eighty percent leasing.

I was doing like fifty percent cuz.
I still think that by was the value for me yeah.
I thought to buy was the value for the customer, and once I got on the bandwagon of leasing, that’s how I got past him because, like Tiffany said she has 12 12 Lisa’s coming to a month, and she can probably get ninety percent of X that when You have that repeat business coming back, it’s easy gravy business.

It makes it a lot easier to retain then going in and how many times do you give a customer what they want for their trade, whose other trade number they’re never going to get it yeah every once in a while, because the other dealer tried low-balling them And you know, but rarely or Kelley Blue Book was off because the numbers haven’t caught up yet or some like that.
Rarely do you give a customer what they want for their trade is taking the biggest obstacles, objections, roadblocks and issues that we deal with it.
Every deal, leasing is by far the best way.

That’s how I did what I did.
That’s how I was able to do what I do.
So, if you want the life you desire go for it, you know that’s what I love about commissioned sales.

I worked with this guy, who is, he was dying of cancer.
He’s my dad’s friend since I was a kid and he goes.
You know I could never imagine working at a job where you knew what you were going to make he’s like.

I just couldn’t handle it he’s like that’s why i love car sales.
You know you don’t know what you’re going to make it’s up to you.

You’ve got the opportunity.

You’ve got all the tools there, you get out of it, what you put into it – and I mean you – can make a lot of money in this business.

That’s kind of a little snapshot of like your last year: they’re lots of fun times so the way it’s a success is work smarter and not harder.
I’m hard to fill out there, but leasing leasing is the shortcut buys a long wing leasing saves the customer.

Twenty-Two thousand dollars over ten years on average, and that’s me, no Walsh, conquer what you chase.
Sales, treating 3,000 cars sold two million in commissions 18 years in the business overall, and I did it with customer satisfaction, build relationships being honest, having integrity, taking care of the customer, but not spoiling them too.
There’s a difference between taking care of a customer and spoiling a customer.

I remember my manager would come in and do a tio and he would say: hey if you ever have a problem.
You don’t know, it’ll pick your car up and you’ll drop it off and we’ll get like.
You know i’ll.

Let the were doing that type of thing, but you know time I picked up a customer’s car and I’m not saying not do those things um and i did do those things for certain people, but but they get a scratch in it now know whose problem is That now it’s your problem at the scratch that was there three weeks ago that they never noticed but now they’re doing to walk around because you had their car for three hours.
Doing him a favor they’re looking around.
So I would leave it up to the porters, but I didn’t over promise because then those were the same people that would call you – and I remember I had this lady example – sweet lady solder, a couple vehicles, and so they came in on a 2013 escape when They came out with a new escape body style and we didn’t have any in stock she’s like I’m.

Only getting the 13 only 13 be close to five.
It was like 330 okay.
I wanted a sale that day by five-thirty they’re leaving in the 2012 escape, because I built value gave a dynamite presentation and I’m like hey I’ll, throw in a remote start.

It was built in but i’ll, throw in a remote start and so and she’s like okay.
But you know, and i’m like we can’t do it today.
It takes two and a half three hours, but what I do is you work at thetford, it’s on my way into work.

So what I’ll do for it has that cool keypad.
I’m like I’ve got your teeth.
Your door code here just leave your keys in the center console I’ll swing by here’s the door code for my car.

Just in case, you need to go.
Watch right lunch.
My office I picked it up, got the room, will start in two hours later dropped it off put the keys in like nothing ever happened.

She called me two days later ain’t.
No, you need to come pick this car up.
I go.

Why is that? She goes this remote start doesn’t work and Ford head kind of like a campy remote start like you had to like hold it for two seconds, then let off and hold it again and like anybody over not being aged offensive, but any Oh buddy.
Over, like 55 could never figure it out.
Let me know there are, but this doesn’t work.

You know because they’d hit it too fast and everything so I’m like no, no you’re just doing it wrong and, like you know, she’s like nope nope, it doesn’t work.
You need you come pick it up right now and she’s like the man, you know so it’s like.
I did you a favor.

I know you’re like actor like I’m like you’re, your Porter.
You know it’s like no! No, so I did that, and I said no, you know what your five miles down the road I’m super busy they come in grab me if I’m two or three customers deep I’ll, take five or ten minutes.
You know to walk away from sure, not by 1.

1001 1002 got off 1001 to let off.
Oh, ok, so once again you don’t want to over spoil them.
You know you want to take good care of people, but there’s this just like your kids, you don’t want to give them everything.

You want to give them a good life, but you don’t want to give him everything, so don’t over spoil them and I had a great great career selling.
You can do it.
I mean i worked for 20 months.

I worked only the last two weeks of the month because I built that addicted audience and when you have that addicted audience, people will come back to you and they want to see you and they’ll.
Tell your friends about you and really the talking to these guys.
You know it’s good to pay for referrals, but if you get that addicted audience, they just want to send people to you, knowing that you’ll take care of them cuz, like especially with guys who loves being like.

Oh, I got a guy like bowling league.
You know.
Okay, yeah we’re gon na go car shopping this week.

All I I got a guy, oh he’s the best ever so you want to be that guy, but you want to be the guy when they meet next week at bowling.
They’re, like hey and thank you so much for sending me know a wolf night on just like you said you don’t want to be that guy.
That’s like hey! You sent me sakes head.

You sent me to see Noah Walsh when I waited for three hours and then he kicked me to this kid that didn’t know anything and they pulled up the wrong car.
We SAT there for three hours, so we went down the street about a shabby thanks.
I appreciate it, you know, so you want to create that presence and everybody and take care of every customer.

You have and do I have any questions on leasing.
Please fire man, i just messaged you on facebook.
I can’t quite read all that: no, absolutely all email to stay here, yeah, absolutely yeah, so everybody on a second show I’ll give you know, give you my card and allah i’ll email, your facebook message either the slideshow.

I already got your card so most definitely yeah.
Facebook messaged me on there, everybody who’s connected with me, so that’ll be easier to go through the cards and figuring out who I always what? Yes, we feel a lot of 36 months.
Not 24 is there.

36 is still good.
36 is usually cheaper, mom and really you know that was kind of like a little bit of an old graph there, but and when we were at in Michigan, the 24 at least worked out a lot because the employee discounts, but most people are doing 70 once Anyways, so you just break it down the same for 36.
You know so you just break it down the same for 36 and to another thing in fact, I’ve got some stuff.

Do I meant to hand it up when you kind of talk about how you’re going to do the schedule, but I’ve got like some letters and stuff like that.
I would start going after my two-year customers in 14, 16 18 months with male and my 36 month.
Customers at 22, 24, 26 28 months with my own.

They call in and I’m sending the letter every race like.
Why would you do that, like you’re, just going to piss them off? No I’ll talk to these guys about it, you’re not going to piss them off, because you just hey, hey Sarah, how are ya? What do you think? Well, I got your letter.
It says like to get out early.

We’ve got a great program going on right now that I can help like eight out of ten customers.
Not everybody qualifies where you think and getting into on this vehicle Sarah.
Well, I want to upgrade to the full size SUV, this time.

Ok, perfect how’s the 12,000 miles a year working for me ever well.
That works out fine.
Actually, I’m under, I probably actually do 10,000.

This one! Ok, terrific! Are you going to put any money down on this lease yeah, i’m working with a couple thousand.
Alright perfect! Let me see get an idea what the trades worth to what the payoff is and if they’re going to go from 500 to 550 on a bigger vehicle Sarah come on in, we can make this happen and then I’ll actually get it officially appraised.
But if they’re going to go from 500 to 750, they told you they want to be at the same payment all over their payment.

Hey Sarah! You know what now just isn’t the time, but now I’ve got you on my radar.
So I’ll keep you in mind.
Something comes up, I’m going to continue to mail you and don’t think that it’s because I’m trying to drink you because circumstances change all the time.

I don’t know all the circumstances on your car, so I’d appreciate it.
If you would at least give me the call, and at the very least call it doesn’t take 10 minutes out of our time, is that fair boom you’re getting them calling back once again when they think of a vehicle they think of you any budget for you.
Yes, money down you, I tried to stay away from money down as much as possible reason being just like what you have like when we have like a two hundred I’ll release on a fusion.

I because I knew that wasn’t going to be around forever.
So now they come back and the lease payments 350, and so now all the sudden you’re, the jerk right like hey.
Oh, I see how you guys do it.

You know you wrote me in with the two hundred dollar payment.
Now i’m at 350, oh yeah, my new car dealers were that way, so i was always like you know.
Of course, i’d sell as many as i could buy.

My gosh gon na be fun in two or three years same thing with my gun, or somebody has a trade in anything.
If you tell them me like hey, you got to trade it in for seven thousand.
That’s why you’re leasing this $ 50,000 vehicle for 240 a month? Okay, this is the greatest thing ever you know, then they sign it.

Then they come back in the payment 600.
Oh, oh man, these car guys is just like that.
My friend said you know what Edmonds and Kelly you know this stuff, so I tried to stay away from money down on the lease, because if you get them comfortable with 350 payment, it’s easier taking the 375 or 400 if you can uncomfortable with the 200 other Payment it’s hard to take them to 250.

You know so I tried to stay away from money down, I mean sometimes I need it for finance reasons or that type of thing or they’re, just that type of customer um.
But I try to stay away from money down, because I wanted that payment as high as they were comfortable with, because, depending on the next program, people always associated or night vehicle with what they had last time, you know it’s how we associate.
Everything is what we’re familiar with.

So I stay away from money down any other questions.
We’ve got one more subway fire away, I mean, and you know I would always break that down too hey.
You know what I was shown that I can buy it $ 300,000 house for a thousand a month and unfortunately, it’s just the way advertising is nowadays folks, you can get this payment.

You’ve got to qualify for all these factors and guess what I don’t qualify for.
It either, you know, show a little empathy there and you got to break it on the market.
Place to like people come in and say all your car dealers do that sort of the furniture store.

So does everybody advertises that way and you’ve got to put that in front of them and just not like accept it like? Oh, it’s not my fault.
It’s just the way.
We do things just say: hey folks.

Unfortunately, some guy invented this like in the 40s like this, is how you advertise, and so this is how everybody advertises and it’s just the way it is and believe me.
I wanted that $ 300,000 house for a thousand dollars a month, but when it was 2,300 was out of my budget, you know so it’s the same way.
Everybody else does credit cards are 1.

9 for the first week.
You know I mean everybody advertised that way.
I always say folks The Devil’s in the details whenever I see something too good to be true, like I bring out the magnifying glass and I go to that, you know I go to the fine print.

It’s the same thing.
Everybody else does so you got ta.
You got ta brush that off, like oh, it’s my fault or I did this, you just got ta and you got to do it in a cool fun way that that makes sense tool, but always I always give an example of everything.

Give an example share a story and you create a you know: affiliation well right right, but I mean they still advertise.
You can get a mortgage for 1.
9, it’s a 30-day arm and then it goes up to flee and I mean everybody advertises hope you thanked exactly right.

I’m TV, doesn’t you know yeah, you can get this 48 inch sony for 199 and it’s like 10 pixels.
You know so i mean everybody does the one you want that has occurred to me, that they’ve got up front, yo, five thousand pixels or whatever everybody does the same thing, and you just got to break it with the story, how you dealt with it in a Comparison to how others to other healers add that’ll do like a 15.
I now release with six grand down right and so right, I’m good month, which is pulling up their website and like scroll down to the fine print work.

Let’s just do the math 6,000 / 36 months is about as much we’re all in the same thing, it’s the same program from the factory right just like when somebody comes in with the kelley blue book.
You know like yeah, it’s worth 8900.

Well, it’s not a limited, it’s a base model and you don’t have the mood you know just because all the buttons are there, you click them, doesn’t mean.
You know you just got to kind of like sit there with them and break it down.
It’s like.

I got the same kelly blue book here.
Lets you know, do it together, I mean then break it down yeah same thing with the least it’s like hey.
You know what my league, I’m sorry, my lease is $ 69 for 6,000 down, but I’ve got leather and the moonroof and you know power seat, and you know all these features, so you just got a rather than getting intimidated by it and being defensive.

You just got ta embrace it and say: let’s figure this out together, you know we’re all working out.
The same things are efficient, yes is the least payment on 36 month, always flat over the 36 month.
Yes, the payments always the size.

Anybody ever can see the doing a step payment over time.
Is it legal in those days um? You know.
Some states had well Ford head for a while.

They called it the Flex by which it was like the 66 month-long event in the business.
For what? If we did like a quarter percent of our business was that I mean like nobody got it because II, you get these special rebates and so your first 36 months, your payment was 300 and then your last 30 payments one of the 350.
But no it’s a set price on the lease everything set right.

There I mean, if you’re, if you use the manufacturers, they’ve, got a priest, tight structure on their leases and there’s no gimmicks on some of these other banks through party that will have like balloon leases toward they’ve got ta, buy it out at the end, and that’s What they do on a lot of commercial and everything, but not leasing it if your payment’s 281 in 73 cents is 281 and 73 for the whole time.

Here’s the question: if you’re out of you for 36 months at five hundred dollars a month right, there’s no difference in that versus foreigners.
What’s golden with 500 and 600 right! Well, that’s the same obligation exactly, but they would frown about this.

Yes, yes, they would – and I think that would be considered like a predatory lending and advertising.
I mean I’m by no means a bank specialist but um but ya, know they’re they’ve got that payment and if people say well, you can’t get out of your lease early.
What can you get out of the by early if you want to get out of your three-year lease, because you lose your job after a year? Kenya? Well you got ta pay the upfront, a guarantee payment, yeah, oh yeah, right, exactly yeah, you go ahead.

Rental same thing with your x: if you did this year, old online is 72 month loan and you know 35 this for 25.
You can’t just talk, here’s the keys.
You know we appreciate it, but I lost my job.

Man y’all come back and see you when I find another one, I mean it’s the same difference and that’s what you just got to get their mind set on is build the value.
That’s really the same difference it’s for the customer and for the sales person.
That’s the biggest benefit.

Did you have questions yeah if using the example as a 36-month lease, and you start to hit them at 18 months out, look neighbors over you’re, not right where they need to be, but you know you’re not far off what was your other than Mellors? Was there some way that you’re, like man, that that you know six more payments? Are you know I escaped to an explorer customer that Explorer comes out with the two thousand dollar rebate three months from now? Is there some? Did you basically use a have something in CRM, or did you have a? Was it just memory, or that was that old-school gunslinger guy? It was like memory? No, there is CR I’m in there and I wish I would have taken more advantage of CRM and put notes in there, but I would do it all by memory and then keep the customer, but I keep mailing them to you know the mail on that.
That’s a min.
I tell my mom, I’m gon na mail, you again you know and and let them know that, but I would always still run the numbers like.

If there’s only like $ 2,000 negative, I say hey, I can’t completely pull you out of your lease sure, but with the current incentives I can make it that your pain, anything out of pocket and you’re paying 325 for your escape.
I can put you in the Explorer which has a dynamite program right now for 375, or I could say I can keep you close to.
They never give numbers over the phone, but I say I can keep you close now.

If they’re going to go up to 650, hey now is not the time and I give them a reason why nope doesn’t work you know, because then then you pissed them off because you went after them and then you didn’t deliver.
But you said: hey, I’m glad you called so now.
I know, and i know this well, you had a fresh conversation with them.

So now, the next time they’re hit bowling league yeah and their buddy’s.
Like hey I’m thinking of getting out of my silverado, and I was going to look at an f-150, you all dude.
You got to see my guy no loss.

Man he’s a man now guarantee you have two or three customers that he’s desperate duty is worth away.
What guarantee you know, call them off.
He’ll settle up he’ll.

Do like everything you know, super quick, simple, he’s effective ities, you know professionally knows the product and he’ll work at your speed and that’s the guy.
You want to be.
What’s your? What’s your advice, um best advice, you know my best advice is go after as many orphan customers as you can go after as many service orphan customers, as you can um join some kind of League.

Even if you don’t like bowling bowling leagues, softball try and get your dealership to sponsor that team, maybe build a team um get active in.
If you go to church your neighborhood apartment, complex, put your business cards everywhere, just start, throwing your name out there as fast as you can wear your company Sheard all the time and just get out there get seen, get known and just just hustle hustle hustle, but, Like I always tell people in an apartment, complex and there’s like three thousand agents, I’ve put together like a monthly newsletter and plop it in the mailbox or send it out to him or do a postcard like hey, I’m new in the neighborhood and I’m starting.
My career in car sales – I just had to call it the guy the other day um.

I said you know setting up this way, hey, I’m refresh because he’s like well.
I think I tell people I’m six months in the business and you know especially these middle-aged guys.
They want to take advantage of me and this is that, and I don’t know here’s what you do you break it down: hey yeah.

I know I’ve only been in the business six months, but you started somewhere right, yeah, okay! Well here I’m a fresh college, grad and car sales was the last thing I thought I wanted to do when I graduated college, but you know what I interviewed at 12: different companies, lots of more big corporations and prestigious positions, but I love the culture the way The dealership cared about their employees, the way the dealership cared about their customers and how much inventory they provide if you hit them with that boom their their time.
You know you’re, like 12 different companies, I ever interviewed at lots of more prestigious positions.

Corporations you hit them with that.

Now all a sudden, the new kid is like I want to help this kid grow like you started up somewhere right.
Well, yeah everybody started out somewhere.
You build that story and build that ill alliance with them.

If you do that with every customer you’re going to get to that 12a addiction, a lot quicker than anything else, but yeah just go out there get your name out there.
Apartment complex is the best place, get as many leads as you can from service orphans off.
You can work the service department.

We can talk about a couple, other ideas that I have to, but just get out there get your name out there like.
I said you don’t like playing sports or something like that, create some video game league.
Where you get people and your name’s, you know the Chevy car dude, oh, you know hey or chevy car, you know or whatever you know, just get your name out.

There get a brand out there and then get stuff out to people to like you’re.
Like a 30 day, mailer are those 3,000 you’re gon na piss off 2900.
A lot of them are gon na buy from you like this dude is so annoying.

But that’s what they’ll remember you hey? You know a car guy.
Everybody loves knowing that guy.
Oh yeah.

This is gay.
This is my complex uh.
I think I got this newsletter here here.

You go, you know and you can just throw some specials on there, a story.
That’s in the newspaper online, about your product and it doesn’t, you know, cut and paste.
I mean you don’t have to like figure a hole out a whole bunch of stuff.

It’s going to be information out there that you can use part of your had put a little bio in there about yourself.
What you been up to you know.
I always about my family, but I’m liking people.

What, if I don’t have a family, you have a dog, you go on vacations.
Will you play? No, let me find something because people are like.
Oh yeah, she’s, a dog lover: oh yeah, he’s a family guy.

Oh yeah he’s a game, I mean you know, get this get that brand.
I mean that’s what everybody’s talking about us on a conference call for two hours, the other night with a seven-figure income earner and she’s, like you know, get your brand out there I mean get your brand out there.
Let people know who you are and what you do and once you create that brand recognition, there’s no different than a billboard.

People drive by every day, all right.

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