Hey brian maxwell checking in in this video i’m going to be real brief, but i want to talk about how you can start helping more customers make buying decisions with a higher payment than what you probably are getting right now and if you’re in management.

You’re probably wondering why is it every time your sales reps come in? They come in with a much lower payment than what it is that you not only hope that they came in with, but that you ask them to make sure that they try to come in.
With so let’s, let’s really talk about number one thing you know and i’m all over the country i speak and work with sales, people and automotive dealerships nationwide um year-round and one of the biggest things is you’d, be shocked.
How many sales people believe that, if they offer something at a lower price that they would get more sales, and it’s not just new people that think that sometimes people have been in the business for a long time still hold on to this false reality.

And if that was the truth, then every dealership would try to be the lowest price.
But the reason why that doesn’t happen is because nobody could ever be the lowest price because they would go out of business and think about yourself if everybody’s offering something at one price right and then you got this company or this individual offers something lower like out Of the norm lower, what is it that the human mind typically thinks? Uh? Oh must be something wrong with that one, and it happens more time than not so offering the lowest price doesn’t mean that you’re going to get more sales as a matter of fact what it really does.
It puts you into a position where it’s a no-win situation.

Hey you’re gon na have to give something away and not make any money or b you’re gon na lose a customer just because we failed to do a couple.

Small things: easy adjustments that’ll make it that much easier.
When you go out with that worksheet and you present it to a customer watch how many more times you’ll be able to go back to the desk with a much more reasonably priced option that you both have agreed on.

So let’s get this right number one expect that when you deliver that worksheet, every single time expect that the customer is gon na have an issue with the price uh, whether it be the monthly payment, the total payoff um i mean the out the door costs or The monthly payment um they don’t have a problem with what the dealership is willing to buy the the vehicle for or better known as trade um, just prepare yourself that there’s going to be an issue.
So what you want to do is this number one you want to set the stage, and how do you do that? That means that after you’ve got done speaking with your guests and it’s time for you to go, get some numbers make sure that you set the stage.

How do you do that? You say all right: listen, um, john and jill uh, one of the things i’m going to do, i’m going to them my manager right now, based on the information y’all told me, i feel very confident that we’re gon na be able to help you guys start enjoying Your vehicle right away, okay, but the only thing i ask is this – is that when i come out with the options, what the options are for you please, if there’s something that you have an issue with, please share it with me and the things that you like About it, please be willing to share it with me.

Can we at least agree on that? Okay? Well, uh, yeah, okay, listen, who’s, gon na, say no they’re, not gon na agree to share with you things they dislike and share with you things that they like.


This does one thing: it opens up the line of communication so that if they dislike something, as opposed to holding it to their chest, that they dislike the price they dislike to trade them out, they dislike the out the door price their it’s open.
They don’t have to feel uncomfortable sharing that with you, a lot of people have really good hearts and they just don’t want to let that sales person who tried really hard down okay, so set the stage before you get the numbers, hey, listen! I believe we got something that’s going to help you, i’m gon na go get with my manager and i’m gon na find out exactly what options we have for you that you guys can start enjoying your vehicle right away, but i’m confident that we’re gon na be Able to be able to help you out, and the only thing i ask is this: can we at least agree that anything that you have an issue with you dislike your share with me and the things that you like, and that you’re good with you’ll you’ll share That with me too, can we at least agree on that yeah.
Okay, now you go, get go, get the number now when you come back mistake number one.

I see a lot of managers that are giving sales reps the the worksheets, with the options of 48 60.
72: here’s the issue i have with that.
Most people have a poverty mindset, they’re terrified when it comes to talking about money.

Why? Because they feel like nobody, has any or they’re afraid to ask this, because this person has been saying how they’re so limited and that’s fine that the person has been saying and trust me.
It happens a lot of times, but you have to realize something in the internet age.
Nobody is getting up coming out of their house wearing a mask and coming into a dealership without some idea of what type of investment it’s going to take for them to start enjoying a vehicle from your store.

So please, and at the end of the day, what’s expensive to, you, may not be expensive to them.
So who are we to judge we’re really here to help these people? You should present it without any problem.
It’s not you just being asked to pay.

So why did you care – and please realize, when you act like payment options – are a problem that energy is going to share, spread off into the people you’re dealing with okay? Now what should be happening, and you should encourage your managers to do this? They should give you worksheets with 36, 48 and 60 month, options on it and here’s.
Why? Because at least if you do have to go uh uh longer than your 60 month, you can come through with a 72 month option where you then went back.
Did some work – and you came here with an option that may work for them and help them get out the door.

But if you start off with a 72 month option where you’re gon na go from there, you’re going to 84 months and you’re gon na make it that much harder for these people to get approved, especially if it may be a pre-owned vehicle.
They may be credit challenge so to make it easier on your customer.

You owe it to them 36, 48 and 60.

Also, most salespeople want to come out and they’ll present the lowest option on the worksheet first, if you’re in sales, when you get that worksheet, you say: oh damn, they told me.
They only wanted to spend 400 and the closest thing to 400 is at 60 months or 72 months.
Whatever your dealership is giving you i’m gon na offer that first, but remember something when you start off with the lowest option.

Where do you go from there? You have no room to work and you have to know this if your managers haven’t talked this to you, i’m going to share with you right now.
If your objective is to truly save a customer money and it’s to truly help a person, do you realize that the shortest term available is the best option for them? What seems like the highest monthly payment is actually the lowest priced option.

Here’s? Why? Because the higher the monthly payment they pay, the vehicle off quicker, they build equity in it much sooner and when they pay it off, they get that that uh that title, that free and clear tire much sooner and the title is like a piece of stock.

You can trade against it.
You take out loans against it.
Whatever you want to do, you can sell it.

Okay, so the highest payment option is actually their best money saving option.
So when you have that worksheet regardless, if they say they want to be at 400 and that shortest term is at 9.
75, when you come out, you start listen.

John jill.
I know you all told me that you uh your your budget range.
You were hoping to stay around was 400, but listen if my responsibility is to help you all get the best option.

That’s going to give you that’s going to be really good suited.
It can actually save you all the most i’ll, be doing you a disservice.
If i didn’t at least point this one out to you know what this is, this is our 30s.

This 36 month option okay in 36 months.
The one good thing about it is that there’s no prepayment penalty.

Okay, so if you guys decide that you pay the vehicle off quicker, you know you can you can take advantage of that option without any issues there.

Also, at this particular option it gives you the benefits of being able to pay the vehicle off quicker, which means you build equity in it much sooner, and you get that free and clear title in three years: okay, so if you’re looking for the best savings, this Option actually is the best suited for you, okay and then you you presented against the best like it’s gold, because it is and then you go through the other options: okay and then, when you get to the lowest one saying listen, you also have this option here.

Okay, if this is going to be best suit you to play this right here is 60 months now.
The one good thing about the 60 months is: it also does not have a prepayment penalty, so you get the same benefits as you do at uh 48 or at 36.

The only thing here is that your only monthly payment amount is 607 okay, but at 607, within the next 60 months, you’ll be able to pay the big lot build equity in it.

Get that title free and clear.
Okay! So do me a favor which one of these options circle, which one of these options is going to work best for you, but you present the shortest term as if it’s gold and you go through them and that way if they end up on the shortest term.

At least now you have room to go in there and rock with the manager.
Okay, don’t be afraid, do not be afraid, do not be afraid in sales.
Your objective should be to always go for the best option for your customer and that’s typically, the highest monthly price.

Okay, the highest monthly payment, the highest monthly investment, gives the longest the best savings, the shortest the lowest monthly uh payment or investment.
Actually, they end up spending more and if you’re a customer watching this, you have to know when they’re offering you shorter terms and then about them making money, they don’t make a dime off of that you’re, the one that benefit all right.
So when you go out to present numbers, hey don’t be afraid two, if you don’t, if you only have two dollars in your pocket, you need to believe with all your might that everybody you speaking with, is doing better than you and nine times out of ten.

They will be see when you go out there to present you present with confidence with passion and like an expert and you watch people do gravitate to that all right, i’m brian maxwell for more information.

I’m gon na give you the opportunity to download a free audio.
I got on how to make a positive first impression: click that link in the description download your free audio, totally free click, the link download it listen to it on your phone, your bluetooth, whatever you want, is my gift to you, i’m brian maxwell and i look Forward to seeing you at the dealership, .

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