How to Close a Sale and Turn Prospects into Buying Customers

What’s going on, let’s talk about it, hey bit off been on the road for a minute back off Brian Maxwell, and I do read the comments and I do read the messages and I’ve got an overwhelming amount of requests when people want to know about closing techniques And I’m not talking about the bullshit Scelzi stuff talk about the real deal stuff and here’s the one thing that I notice everybody wants to send me messages on and they love to use.

This, which is ABC, always be closing.
You know from the great movie well known movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, the great scene which is ABC and but I think people have a misunderstanding of what ABC when it’s always be.
Closing that was back in those days when you know being aggressive and being hard to convert.

A big ticket item was commonplace, but with society becoming a lot more sensitive and having more of a system entitlement mentality, things had to adjust.
So when you come out now super aggressive in a deal trying to help a customer, you will lose in almost every situation because remember some that pressure, busts pipes, but the right apply pressure also makes diamonds.
The kicker is is if you’re driving a car real fast and there is turns in the road there’s bends, there’s bumps and whatnot, and you maintain a fast rate of speed and you don’t adjust for those turns those cars are for those bumps.

You may lose controlling that pitch, controlling that building go out the road.
What sells in the same way, you have to learn when to accelerate when to pull back when accelerate when to pull back.
So we’re gon na talk about that.

A little bit number one after tiller shift when I see people still going out and one ask about credit of money in the first 30 seconds.

That’s one of the biggest pieces of bullshit ever because they’re going out and they’re creating the resistance by asking personal information that really have nothing to do with.
What’s going on at that time, because, let’s just say they have a 900 credit score and they got $ 100,000 in their checking account.

It doesn’t matter.
If you don’t have something there.
That’s gon na help them that they see value in that they’d be willing to part with their resources for, and so we ought to avoid putting the card in front of the horse and the name of the game is going out, making an appropriate greeting and bringing A person into our establishment, where every tool and resource we need is that we could be in more comfort if it’s cold outside is warmer in there.

If it’s warm outside is cooler in there, I’ve got every resource.
I need to write document record any information they can get off their feet and sit down.

There’s not all the hustle and bustle round up the outside cars going up and down the street.

Why not? It’s us channeled in and it’s my opportunity, your opportunity to prove to them why and how I’m different than anybody else they may have dealt with or could deal with.
Why cuz I genuinely care about helping them, and how do you prove that and we’re gon na get to closing, because the better the questions that you asked up front the easier it is for you to be able to build value and make it easier for people To do business with you later, the kicker is, is our objective is not to be closing sales as a lot of individual and compartmentalised successes that have to take place, because if you don’t greet the right way, they’re not coming in if they don’t come in they’re, Not sitting down and you get information no info, you don’t know what they’re looking for, don’t know what they’re looking for you can’t present it.
No presentation, no demo drive, no demo drive no deal, so it all begins with our ability to gain in to gather information.

Now, when it comes to closing the better, you are at asking questions later, questions questions that allow you to ask the question, and regardless of their response, will allow you to go into another one, and let me give you an example like if you ask the customer: Hey, are you looking for something, that’s new or pre-owned new awesome? Is it gon na be for business or for personal use? Oh business, really, what type of work do you do, or even if they say personally, is OK for personal use, so it’s gon na, be your daily driver or kind of a recreational car recreation? Well, what type of things do you typically do for recreation in your spare time or for business really um, you know, but it doesn’t matter.
It allows you to be able to open the door for another question because he or she who was asking questions number one is in control because they dictate me guide the conversation and remember your guest has no idea of the way the process should flow.
You do and that’s the profession now it is our responsibility to just take them by the hand or by the arm, not physically, mentally verbally and kind of take them on a mental trip throughout this entire process of assumption of ownership.

I really digging in to find out what their goal is.
What the objective are, what is their wider brought them in to that place out of all the places they could be in the world they’re there with you at your establishment.
Why and then the better? We are gaining that Intel that information now will represent it.

We could present and custom every feature and benefit is such a customized format that really shows them hey.
Based on the information you gave me, this particular thing here will help you achieve that which, in turn will improve your life like this.
So it’s always about making sure that you outline the more information you got the easier it is to paint a picture of reward versus risk, okay of investment versus cost, because when a person gets to the end and they’re just one offense and they don’t know to Make that decision? The only reason is they just don’t understand how it benefits them.

They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have the resources or the inclination to at least be interested now consider getting it, but at the end they just start saying: oh, my god.
Does the risk of me doing this I’ll rate the reward of me hammer and the better? We are in gaining information when we put it together at the end, the easier it is for them to paint the picture and gain the assumption of ownership.
The dealerships I’ve worked with one of the things that they loved about me training, their salespeople is that it’s all about the psychological aspect.

People buy ninety percent based off emotion, and we back it up with ten percent logic, as human beings were not logical thinkers.
If we were, we wouldn’t eat meat, we wouldn’t smoke, we wouldn’t drink liquor, nobody will buy three cars and they can only drive one at a time and buy multiple houses and only sleep on one bed at a time, but damn having some steak with some fat.

Some a1 sauce on it short enough tastes, good regardless, if it’s carcass and taking a shot of that captain or some crown after a hard day.

Who may not be the healthiest thing, but it relaxes me, you know art man having three cars may not be the best investment, but damn assists some about my staff whatever it is.
It’s an emotional reason that we backed up with logic.
Well, I have to be cars because the case one brings down and got another and done it up.

I have multiple houses because you know in the summertime its cold there and hotel whatever it is.
We justify illogically.
So if you communicate from a logical standpoint, this is where you’ll lose and you’ll miss out with your guests.

But when you come at him from the emotional place, which is why you want to avoid ever ask somebody what they think about something, because some people have psychotic thoughts and the way we think and very depending on our upbringing, our surroundings, but as human beings.
How we feel is a lot more commonplace.
Okay, we all share the same emotions, happiness sadness after sadness.

I mean a client joy pain.
You know anger, you know whatever it is.
We all share those.

We all don’t share the same thoughts, though so, as opposed say.
Hey what do you think about this because now you’re making a person be analytical where you say hey? How does this make you feel you know? How does this sound you? How do you feel about this? Now it’s coming from a more emotional standpoint: people about ninety percent based off emotion, Baga, double tippers in logic.
So in order to be able to convert more customers, the better your Intel and information gathering is the easier it is for you to educate rather than negotiate.

The reason why so much negotiation goes on to customer beats them down on price because they don’t feel is worth what they’re asking for.

Why? Because nobody took the time to learn specifically point out and show reward for you versus risk.
Okay reward for you versus risk investment for you versus cost.

That only comes from our Intel.
We gather and a lot of folks just don’t know what to say how to ask it, because the real pros, the majority of the work is done before they sit down present numbers when they present numbers, because they got a full understanding.
What’s going on.

They know the areas of importance.
They made sure that they’ve identified what those hot buttons are so now when they lay out that whole enchilada baby, it’s just time to eat, you might have a little bit of pong and back and forth, but not very much, but those that are spending an hour Going back and forth from people willing to walk out – and I was great they sucked at gaining information.
It’s all about the information.

Remember good salespeople write to what to say what great was practiced.
What to ask, and I’m gon na keep this video brief.
So, over the next couple of weeks, everything I put out will be on closing techniques I’ll be going into specific objections.

I want to think about it.
You know shop around things of that nature and if you somebody, I don’t really feel like waiting on those available.
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Man treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself other than that.
I’m backing off the road for a minute, so I’m gon na be coming at y’all.
Again, Brian Maxwell, hey, listen from the top and bottom of our.

I said now much love, much respect to everybody out there.
That’s grounded in the game going to get it creating their own financial independence go get it go, get it other than that.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership over at our job.

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