How to Build Value BEFORE you Present an Automotive Offer!

So all right, so what we’re going to do is go through and you can hit me with some five okay.

So here’s what I’m going to do so before you go, get the vapors here’s! What I’m doing now! I would normally spin around on the side of you, I’m not going to do that, because the way this room setup and because this particular point there’s a practice but in real life.
I would spin around be part of me doing this together, while we’re stuff, I’m gon na stay nice on the camera.
So the first thing I’m going to do is not even have my figures we’re coming back from the demonstration driving I’m going to go.

Ask the desk real, quick, I’m just going to hit one second, you want water pop.
Let me go ahead and finish the paperwork up.
I’m gon na grab my power, water, coffee and then what I’m gon na do is go as my manager work or than just say I’ll, be right over in a second one series.

You’ve got ta pack today, so I’m gon na come back with no figures.
I’m gon na sit down and we’re gon na, say Jane in our situation here: names Jack, so Jane, so I’m going to say Jane before I can get the figures he’s up there.
He told me he’s kind of finalized and everything putting some figures in there.

I wanted to explain market-based pricing, so are you familiar with market-based pricing? No okay! No, whether they say yes or no, I’m gon na say the same thing: oh yeah, you’re right it is or no okay.
Well, let me explain what it is.

Is it’s third-party software that searches the marketplace the newer some new prices or use prices and compares those prices on that same type of vehicle? It’s software that you’re used to cuz it’s everywhere.
Now, in fact, when’s the last time you bought groceries.
Okay, so those apples, oranges produce you buy market based price, but they’re pretty soft or pull through meat chicken.

All that stuff tires.
My third-party software.
You see it everywhere: Amazon, hotel, those airlines are all using market based price.

The fact is most dealerships already using this.
However, our dealership took it a step further because really we’ve got leadership.
There’s something buys things too, and they just don’t think it’s a lot of climate or a good experience to have to go to a dealership and haggle haggle haggle to get that best price, but worst of all, is after you have and fought for your very best Price then you’ve got to sit and wonder.

Do I get a good deal, so that’s why they would dive in something called another 10 % price match, guarantee here’s what it does and here’s how it works if and after three days of purchase, if you would find that exact same vehicle of another dealership price List we’ll go ahead and give you back: 100 % of the catch difference, plus an extra ten percent.
So it’s a hundred and ten percent price match our customers love it because, just like you, you found this CRV that you love right.
So you found the right one right: color everything works on it, but then you have to consider and work this deal out with us and then you got to leave and go try to find the exact same car someplace else can work out.

Another view.
The reason they like it is because it really assures you to where you can’t really overpay for this vehicle, plus you just save so much time.
So if you want I’ll get that third-party software at some point, let me go to see what kind of figures he’s got for us right now: okay, okay, I’m gon na get up.

Now, I’m gon na come back now.
This typically is on a cheaper we’re.
Hopefully we don’t have this come on through Joe, but I’m gon na have a holder like this.

I have a fool like this: I’m not going to show this to him as soon as I do this.
What happens everything I say it was wondering with exactly everything I say goes when you’re out together, so come back with it folded up, yeah, so Jane before we go over everything I wanted to just make sure I covered everything on this day up on some of The things that you get with this vehicle you mentioned from Honda – you mentioned the factory warranty, so I wanted to go ahead and touch on that.
You were asking me if it was still a three year: 36,000 mile warranty, that’s the full warranty for three years.

Thirty-Six also with that, I don’t know if I mentioned it, you may already know, but it’s a five-year or 60,000 mile power, train warranty and then lastly, you’ve got the roadside assistance, so you currently use roadside assistance at all.

No, I do not okay.
What is that so we’re going to say the assistance? Is this if you have a mechanical breakdown anywhere, really whether it’s in your driveway or whether it’s a hundred miles away from their home but they’ll do is they’ll pay to use? Call this roadside assistance number they’ll tow the vehicle to the nearest facility.

It’s in overnight, they’ll, give you a rental.
If you left your keys in your car, we’ll give you a lock out service right out of gas, always embarrassing, but they’ll give you some gas happens.
If you get a flat tire with your 100 miles away or in your front, driveway they’ll go ahead and they’ll come out and they’ll go ahead.

Yours Farrah! Also, if something crazy would happen, you said you guys move down the floor of these baseball games or these tournaments a couple of times a year.
So, if you’re a half way down there and the car breaks down, what you can do is call your website assistance.
We’re excited systems it’s over to the nearest kind of facility and then what they’ll do it’s going to be in their own right, though, obviously give you a rental car, also, if it’s going to be in their safe for two nights, they’ll reimburse you up to $ 100, a night for incidentals, because you’re obviously probably like a hotel, possibly maybe go out to get something to eat, get some go see a movie or something like that.

So, though, we’re gon na go shoot a couple hundred dollars, so that’s what they call trip interruption.
So that’s from the factory.
Those are things that you get from the factory, those things that you get from Wujiang, that’s exclusive to us.

It’s called as a jet promise.
Now the blue jet promise has several elements to it, but there’s three elements that are important to you, such a percentage.
So the first element we touched on it’s the heathering 10 % price.

The second one is $ 1,000 loyalty bonus or you can even look at like it’s a rebate.
So if, in the next say four years, if you have your vehicle for the next four years service at her Lexus store or at our hottest or at our high in the store, you have all the service down there.
If you decide you want to trade that vehicle, or at least another vehicle they’ll, give you $ 1,000 towards the purchase or the lease of another Lexus, so the other one you say like well, I try to make it real, but my example will stay with Honda.

So the last thing to is the first service is on us: it’s not free, it costs something, but it is on us you’re gon na get an oil change and you’re going to get the first tire rotation and we’ll do a free inspection.
So again, those are exclusive to the Lujack store.

So I just wanted to make sure that I covered those okay, so you got the warranty got those now, let’s look at the opportunity.

So let’s go through this, so the 2019 Honda CRV there was the original price.
It discounted over two thousand dollars like we said it’s been pretty discounted, so now it’s down to just a little over 33 for now for your vehicle based on miles condition, market demand your make and model of that vehicle.
They’re gon na really like it they’re going to give you $ 8,000 now do something for me: real, quick, okay.

So the great state of Iowa allows you to be able to get a four hundred dollar tax credit or save $ 400, because when you purchase an Iowa, they tax you on this amount here, as opposed to this amount here.
So that’s really.
That’s like for $ 100 bills, stay in your pocket rather than go into the states.

So that’s real money.
Your effective trade is really more like eighty four hundred dollars so continuing on.

There’s your balance, plus the tax license.

We figured the payoff into the payments, so we’ve got three payment opportunities for you.
The first one is a 48 month, but what we did here, we borrow something from the mortgage industry.
It revert something from the mortgage industry here and that about 10-15 years ago a mortgage rates dropped people flocked to the mortgage lenders to lower their hands because they know that their rates well, the interesting part is only probably about 70 % of all of them.

Lord, the rates would only probably see 70 % of them.
Actually, I should take that back 30 % of I’m probably only for weaker payments, the other okay, you like variables, they’ve been a banker that showed them the value of saving money on interest.
By going a shorter term, he in some cases or she was able to save about a hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars.

I cannot save you two hundred thousand dollars on this purchase and interest charges.
However, we can’t save you so money.
In fact that ended up with about eleven twelve hundred dollars in savings versus this one here, the other things it does for you by going the shorter term is it allows you to be able to train quicker.

It increases your trade cycles, yeah equity, more equity in the vehicle as well and again, like we said you save money on interest over here, is a sixty six monthly program.
We call this the flexible payments we’re real this year.

We know not.

Everybody wants to make that higher payment, so we’ve got this one over here and again, it’s a flexible payment in that it’s a lower amount of money going out each month.
However, it works similar to here, where you can still save vendors money turns out.
If, for instance, you get a bonus at work, you get a tax return money just have some money that you want to save and put off to the side to pay that down.

You can do that that will go ahead and what were the interest amount is what their realities are.
That’s on simple interest, so the same interest about each monthly goes out.

Okay, over here is what we deem my business manager deems this the best of all times, because you’re able to still get that lower payment over here, you’re able to .

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